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  1. nevadaO

    vs. D-RAYS, 5/11

  2. nevadaO

    vs. ROYALS, 5/10

    "May" be??
  3. nevadaO

    vs. ROYALS, 5/10

    Now if mgmt will wake up and cut some loose threads we'd be much better off.
  4. nevadaO

    vs. ROYALS, 5/10

    It's insane. It'd be like someone all of a sudden forgetting how to write and when they try they write on the desk instead of the paper. This has GOT to be it for Tillman. Glad the 100 people that are there to watch the game are cheering the way they are.
  5. nevadaO

    vs. ROYALS, 5/10

  6. nevadaO

    vs. ROYALS, 5/10

    How is he this broken? Even Daniel Cabrera threw a strike every so often...
  7. nevadaO

    vs. ROYALS, 5/10

    Even Gary sounds irritated having to call Tillman's outings.
  8. nevadaO

    vs. ROYALS, 5/10

    At this rate...
  9. nevadaO

    vs. ROYALS, 5/10

    "Cy Young" Tillman
  10. nevadaO

    2017/2018 Stanley cup Playoffs Thread

    Hoping the Capitals can send the Penguins home tonight.
  11. Hoping he pulls through. Scary stuff.
  12. nevadaO

    vs. D-RAYS, 4/25

    We should run more this game with how much trouble Ramos is having with Faria's splitter.
  13. nevadaO

    vs. D-RAYS, 4/25

    The wall with the assist.
  14. nevadaO

    vs. D-RAYS, 4/25

    Cobb off to a great start...