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  1. I literally say "jeet" once a day.
  2. I know they will want to stall his service clock but waiting until 2022 is, as Corn said, a disservice to the player. If he's ready and barring injury, 2021 seems likely, and it'll give time to instill him as the team leader he's made out to be and shape that clubhouse before the youngest prospects are ready in '22/'23.
  3. Best thing so far tonight is when I just went to the concourse and Sara Perlman was 5 feet from me and made eye contact. Everything else has been forgettable
  4. Quality right there
  5. One of the people with the loud cowbell is two seats from me.
  6. You all probably can't see it but he does that even if it's a grounder to 2B.
  7. I'll be there tonight representing.
  8. Yup. And in the last series Jim Hunter and Mike Bordick went on and on about changing how they pronounce it: San-tan-d'air
  9. Agreed. Hopefully KC didn't screw us by signing Witt Jr. at full slot. We need every player we draft.
  10. Yikes. I should know the answer but alas, I do not, but what are the penalties for going over our allocated draft budget? I can't see how we can sign AR and even 6 or 6 others with what we have. Especially if Henderson wants over slot.
  11. It feels like Villar does this once a game.
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