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  1. May have been said already but Cobb should be able to help the changeup for Gaus and Bundy.
  2. A Team Full of Machados

    All Bartolo Colons
  3. MLB The Show 18

    Mine is: cwjharris I mostly play offline/Franchise/RTTS. Favourite game by far, and they've made some great small changes this year that should make a huge difference!
  4. OOTP19 to add 3D animations this year

    Can't wait to see how it looks this year!
  5. If I hear Hunter on anything in any way whatsoever I switch it to the other teams broadcast or just mute it. I cannot stand his game calling. His HR call is exactly the same every time and it's awful. It's bad enough that he does the "THAT BALL IS GONE!" every single time but follows it up with the name of the player who hit it, as if we all are too stupid to know who was batting. Instead of letting us get excited and enjoy the moment even for a split second he has to keep talking and talking and talking. I don't mind Bordick, he's easy enough to ignore if I feel like it. Mind you I do not dislike the man himself, I just cringe when I hear his voice on the broadcast.
  6. Happy Birthday Mike "Weams"

    Happy birthday my friend!
  7. Orioles Lifers Anonymous

    Welcome back!
  8. EA Killing Battlefront II

    None of this surprises me. EA has been this way for a long while. It's unfortunate, but honestly they spend so much time on this stuff they neglect the actual game itself. MVP baseball was one of the best series I ever played, but those days are long, long gone.
  9. Vegas, NorCal fires

    This has been a hell of a 10 day span. The incident in Las Vegas affected dozens of people I know, especially since my wife used to work events like that for Mandalay Bay as an event manager. I won't delve into details in regards to numbers but there are numerous friends of ours who were there, a few of whom were hit. A few years ago we moved the family to NorCal to find better schools for the kids as they were at the ages where they were about to start. We lived on the East Bay of the SF Bay area up until August 15th, when we moved to Petaluma. Petaluma is about 15/20 minutes south of Santa Rosa where the devastation from the fires has been the most horrific. Great timing. I work at a casino in Rohnert Park, 7 miles south of Santa Rosa and in an area that is also affected by the fires. I have (at last count yesterday) 20+ employees in my department alone that have lost their homes. These fires are absolutely devastating and unfortunately not contained yet at all. Winds picked up last night and started more, smaller fires. I know there are a few of us on here who live in NorCal. For those that do please let us know that you're safe and if anyone is near me please let me know.
  10. Why was Ubaldo's forearm taped?

    We certainly wouldn't miss it...
  11. I'd imagine with the team slowing Bundy down that he'd be getting a couple starts in September once the rosters expand when they can bring up a long reliever.
  12. vs Athletics, 8/13

    It's freakin' bright and hot today
  13. vs Athletics, 8/13

    Manny caught that last out from the bottom of the 4th right in front of me
  14. vs Athletics, 8/13

    I'm here!