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  1. oriolediehard

    How do you rate the return on the Britton trade?

    At least this person gets noticed from his comments, I get ignored on just about every intelligent comment I write. I am considering switching to the Red Sox and changing my name to Red Sox diehard. If O's fans don't treat all fans equally then why be one.
  2. oriolediehard

    Now that the dust has settled

    Who do you all think is going to be our new 2019 manager and 2019 GM? We need a new manager who is creative with young players. And a good GM who is good at finding scouts in all places including international drafting. This is our 1 chance to build our team the right way.
  3. oriolediehard

    Take this for what it's worth....

    Come move to Charlotte, NC
  4. oriolediehard

    Why is Caleb’s Joseph Playing?

    He is a big reason for the O's collapse. Amazing he brought us out of the dungeons and brought us back down there.
  5. oriolediehard

    Bruce Cunningham talks about the Orioles for 15 minutes

    The topic says about Cunningham not AJ. What the topic listed?
  6. oriolediehard

    Roch: Brach trade agreement in place

    Thats what they got
  7. oriolediehard

    Kudos From Ken

    I have to pay to read the article. Pretty rude.
  8. oriolediehard

    As we dismantle, the thing that worries me

    He would have done a lot more if PA didn't get in his way.
  9. oriolediehard

    Schoop won’t mope

    School looks like last year's version. We need to trade high, if not wait to next year's deadline. We need to trade him like last year's version. We need very high prospects for him. I think he will hit .280 before the year ends.
  10. oriolediehard

    The Athletic: Buck Showalter's Job No Longer Secure

    Showalter needs to go. He is not blameless for this season. We need to start to look for a new manager for 2019. Why can't we fire him now like the Cardinals fired Pat Matheny.
  11. The saddest day ever was the signing of Chris Davis, that decision was made to mean no more Machado. O's were all in on Chris Davis over Machado. Almost as sad as trading Eddie Murray and Frank Robinson.
  12. Who is he? I never heard of him, sorry.
  13. oriolediehard

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I hope the snag isn't PA nixed the deal because he wants Machado to play the rest of the year to put fans in the seats.