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  1. Santander

    https://thebaltimorewire.com/2018/03/16/baltimore-orioles-roster-santander/ Santander the future of the O's
  2. Cobb only thread

    Give my vote for Cobb. It is very frustrating to hope and be let down.
  3. Lance Lynn Signs with the Twins (One-Year Deal)

    Because PA got burned by Ubaldo and Galliardo so he will never spend again. Also his fault by CD.
  4. NEED one of the Big Three Pitchers Left

    The O's desperately need a solid ace. It looks obvious money is more important than winning. It is the American Capitalism way.
  5. Worse contract-Hosmer or Davis

    CD ultimately cost us Manny. Very damaging signing for us O's fans.
  6. Vargas to the Mets :(

    I meant Lynn has never pitched in the AL.
  7. Vargas to the Mets :(

    We really need to sign Cobb. He is experienced in the AL East. Lynn has pitched in AL. We don't what Lynn can do?
  8. Cashner signing

  9. Does anyone think everything went downhill since DD was prevented the Blue Jay job? Is it possible DD revenge against PA. Why didn't PA fire him ASAP then?
  10. I love the Orioles no matter what

    I truly love the O's as well. I will never give up on them. But I am very disappointed with the lack of effort they done this offseason. If there was true effort I think there should be explanation to the fans. Doing nothing deserves explanation.
  11. Help me understand the Orioles brain trust

    Obviously the theme of the O's is Peter Angelos that has been the same old story for 20 years.
  12. In on Lynn?

    7 other teams also in on Lynn per MLBTraderumors.com. I we will not outbid those teams.
  13. Ryan Flaherty Appreciation Thread

    Phillies have a lot of EX Orioles front office personnel.
  14. Will Girardi replace Buck?

    I agree. Joe G would never put up with the O's nonsense. The only way it could be slightly possible would be to pay back the Yankees.