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  1. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    John Farrell from the Red Sox has been fired today. Is he a good replacement?
  2. 2017 Playoffs Thread

    Yankees lead 4 - 0 Drepressing start
  3. Right Now, I Hate Baseball.

    Not so good The Yankees lead 4 - 0
  4. Dan wants to reload, not rebuild

    What is this ridiculous comment by DD? “You know, this is the big leagues,” he said. “I don’t know who rebuilds in the American League East. In the American League East you reload, OK? And then you try to have as good a team as you can the next season as you did the past season. He said we had a good season this year, he said he will have as good as season next year as this year.
  5. vs. D-RAYS, 9/29

    Waiting for December to hope for changes
  6. vs. D-RAYS, 9/29

    The Rays has a better record than the O's
  7. vs. PIRATES, 9/26

    Those were the days. I miss them so much.
  8. What is everyone's idea for 2018?

    I wish the O's would eat most of the salary and trade Trumbo/CD. They are choking us. I wish we can somehow find some better pitching (I know it easier said than done). I think we should give Cedric Mullens a chance. Let S.Smith.Tillman, Flaherty, Ubaldo, Hardy, Alvarez, Miley, Hellickson, Gentry walk. Trade Richard for anything. Maybe O'Day too. I don't know about Britton who we won't get what we could've. It would be nice impossible task to sign Manny. The main major problem for everything is the owner.
  9. We should move to the NL East

    I wish. We have the hardest task to keep up with richest teams in baseball, MFY, R.Sox. We only have the Nats to compete with.
  10. .500+ record, or no. 13 overall draft pick?

    I want the number 13 pick. This season is over, let's get the best we can for the future. It is a no brainer to go for the best pick.
  11. vs. YANKEES, 9/16

    We can't blame Buck, the O's just lack the talent, blame goes to up above.
  12. vs. YANKEES, 9/16

    The O's are only one touchdown down. This is the 6th straight game against Yankees they allowed 7 runs or more, I did win one.
  13. vs. YANKEES, 9/15

    How about trading Trumbo, CD, /Alvarez for a bag of beans.
  14. vs. YANKEES, 9/15

    Maybe the O's pitching will improve this game giving up less the 13 runs and if they give up less than 7 runs it would be like a no hitter.
  15. vs. YANKEES, 9/15

    Happy to see Buck is using a little of the future, I guess better than nothing.