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  1. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    Has anyone mentioned the main problem the O's aren't right up there with the Red Sox are because C.Davis / Trumbo aren't hitting homers this year?
  2. Do you REALLY think we can go on a run?

    I think it is best to think about next year. If we do worse we can have a chance at better draft picks. It is very unlikely we have a chance for WC this year. The coffin was nailed today.
  3. vs. ANGELS, 8/19

    O's make outs the speed of light
  4. vs. ANGELS, 8/19

    A Yankee loss is almost as good as an O's win. I root for anybody to beat them.
  5. Serious question: would hypnosis help Chris Davis?

    Why did he stop Adderall? I thought he had an exemption for it from his doctor?
  6. Just tell me why Davis is batting clean up?

    CD should bat ninth. Let him work his way up the lineup. I think he should take some responsibility for the team due to the fact he got all that money. He is paid to hit and people saying hitting a baseball is hard for him is inexcusable. It is hard for you or me, but we don't get paid all that money either. He asked for all that money that he commited he can hit a baseball, so he owes the team and the fans to come through big in the clutch a lot and win some games in the 9th. If he asked for all that money there are no excuses.
  7. Connolly: Just swing the damn bat Davis!

    I feel the O's have been swindled by CD and his contract. He looks like he has no emotion. He doesn't look like he cares about the urgency of the situation of the game.
  8. O's vs Jay Buhner's former squad - 8/16/17

    Angelos is the one who signed CD not DD
  9. O's vs Jay Buhner's former squad - 8/16/17

    Why can't we all throw this at CD facebook page and let him have it.
  10. He's a NY Met today
  11. Is Miguel Gonzalez Returning To The Orioles?

    Horrible idea. I think Santander is going to real good. I remember people wanted to trade Mancini for a bag of beans and now the same with this guy. Please don't trade him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy Mancini wasn't traded that many wanted this spring. If we only had more patience with our prospects we would be a lot better.
  12. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/12

    The O's said here is 7 runs and no more and they need to hold it.
  13. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/11

    Lack of talent shows
  14. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/11

    Yay Brach....He knows how to give it away....
  15. vs. ANGELS, 8/09 (Rubber Match)

    Well wait until next year.