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  1. Pitching notwithstanding, this year's team is a hell of a lot more interesting to watch than last year's. It isn't much of a reason, but it's something.
  2. It's to the point now where I hate seeing players get singles or walks, given how much the team hits into double plays.
  3. The bullpen's been just as terrible, if not more so. We'd probably be in worse shape if we employed the opener approach.
  4. Most of the pitchers get me down, mainly because a good deal of them are supposed to be established major league pitchers - i.e. they don't apply to the whole "bad because the team is rebuilding" thing. It's freakin' ridiculous just how freakin' terrible they've been.
  5. I'd take Hunter over Dempsey and Davis any day of the week. Hell, I'd take Fran Drescher over them, too.
  6. Can't tell you how many times I've thought of that scene since the start of last season!
  7. Is there a rule against mercy killing?
  8. At the very least the team is doing well with scoring runs, something with which last year's team struggled mightily. As a result, the games have been a lot more enjoyable on that level. If the pitching ever starts to come around the team may actually be able to put together a decent season.
  9. If we can do this just 80 more times it'd make for a hell of a surprisingly good season.
  10. Sweet. A win would help ease the sting of just dropping $1600 on a new hot water heater.
  11. All we need is a double play and this thing's over...
  12. Guys on base? Yep, Mike Wright is not my first choice.
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