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  1. Is Tillman Done?

    Forgetting the fact that I posted that 8 months ago, before the All Star Break, it was hyperbole to illustrate how down I was on Tillman.
  2. Short rants.

    I made out well on my refund, too. I meant that the money I get paid out for my vacation days will get taxed like crazy. If what I got taxed on a bonus late last year is any indication I'll lose at least 45% of the money to the government. Sure, it's still a nice chunk of change and some of it will come back to me when I do taxes in 2019, but it still bites.
  3. Short rants.

    Ugh! Have to cash in all of my vacation time because another company bought us, and they won't let me take my 350 hours with me. And I just know I'm going to be taxed out the rear end.
  4. Dan talking "offers and physicals" with a RF target

    It's the manager's job to decide that.
  5. Why Did the Oriole Cross the Road?

    Despite having months to prepare for the trip across the street, it waited until the last minute to find a bargain basement pair of shoes to wear to cross, but the shoes' laces came untied once it started to cross and it tripped and fell and was smashed by a semi. The Oriole's family claimed the shoes didn't have enough time to be broken in ahead of time, so that's why the laces failed.
  6. O's acquire Steve Pearce for Jonah Heim

    I saw this thread and immediately asked "Are you fudging kidding me?". Only I didn't say "fudging." Thank goodness it turned out to be a false alarm.
  7. Orioles extend offers to bring back coaching staff

    Or, even better, doing to the pitcher what Hulk did to Loki in The Avengers. That's what *I* wanted to do most of the time.
  8. Favorite Netflix Originals

    Stranger Things Bojack Horseman Jessica Jones Ozark
  9. O's vs Jay Buhner's former squad - 8/16/17

    This seems to happen a lot.
  10. O's vs Jay Buhner's former squad - 8/16/17

  11. vs Athletics, 8/13

    Happened again. I switch to the game and the other team scores 5 runs and takes the lead.
  12. vs. RANGERS, 7/28

    The hell was that?
  13. vs Cubs 7/16

    I'm beginning to think I'm the problem. It seems like every time I've turned on the game the last few weeks the opposing club has started scoring runs, almost like they were waiting for me.