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  1. Tx Oriole

    A lot of player movement coming

    Thanks for the info.
  2. Tx Oriole

    A lot of player movement coming

    Would Kevin G help them?
  3. Tx Oriole

    A lot of player movement coming

    I wonder what the FO came up with for the reason Davis is sitting? Doesn't the players union get into this?
  4. Tx Oriole

    Fangraphs: Buck Showalter on the changing game

    His hands are dirty but Angelos's hands a lot dirtier.
  5. Tx Oriole

    What happens to Rasmus tomorrow?

    The O's FO is just plain nuts.
  6. Tx Oriole

    vs. NATIONALS, 6/20

    Well let's hope Cashner pitches a good game.
  7. Tx Oriole

    Manny surprises a huge fan

    That's very nice of Manny. Good for you Manny.
  8. Tx Oriole

    Jim Duquette

    I think the main problem has been Angelos. He is the one that is not letting DD get into the international market. But there is a lot of blame to go around.
  9. Tx Oriole

    Jim Duquette

    Put it this way. I was on the receiving end of being fired. The company could have fired me the beginning of the day instead of waiting till 5:00. Don't work me all day then fire my ass. So yes I know business. 28 years of state service. I just think there should be a little consideration for the one being fired. IMO
  10. Tx Oriole

    Jim Duquette

    Failure to get into the international market is on Angelos.
  11. Tx Oriole

    Jim Duquette

    Only the strong survive.
  12. Tx Oriole

    Jim Duquette

    Because of the way Angelos treated them. I wouldn't work for that old man.
  13. Tx Oriole

    Jim Duquette

    Yes business is business. A cold ass way of doing things. But that's the way it is. Unfortunately.
  14. Tx Oriole

    Jim Duquette

    It seems pretty durn close to me.
  15. Tx Oriole

    Jim Duquette

    I don't think so. Who on earth would work in this kind of atmosphere?