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  1. Machado on Judge "Tampering"

    I think this is silly. MLB doesn't think it's players of different teams don't talk with each other?
  2. A Team Full of Machados

    Can't beat that.
  3. A Team Full of Machados

    Yes that would be funny 😂.
  4. A Team Full of Machados

  5. A Team Full of Machados

    A team full of Manny's. That'd be like the Buggs Bunny cartoon. Buggs Bunny pitching. Buggs Bunny catching. Buggs Bunny OF. Great cartoon.
  6. Cobb only thread

    I agree with you Frobby.
  7. Cobb only thread

    Wish him success with the Nats. I liked him.
  8. Astros Sign Jose Altuve 5 Years $151M.

    That's what I thought.
  9. Astros Sign Jose Altuve 5 Years $151M.

    Screw Boras.
  10. Astros Sign Jose Altuve 5 Years $151M.

    I'd rather have Jose than CD.
  11. Astros Sign Jose Altuve 5 Years $151M.

    Astros have a much better owner and GM. Glad the Stros signed him. I get mad at Manny but it would be great if the O's could sign him.
  12. You are right. What I mean is I don't go to professional sports games. Minor league baseball is a lot of fun.
  13. I hope that never happens. Baseball is the greatest sport in the world.
  14. well I know I can't afford to go to games. I think it has gone way to far.