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  1. Maryland vs. Butler

    He might be a prospect, but he seems (in my opinion) to be a long way away from being a productive NBA player. He needs to add some weight and a little physicality to his game.
  2. I think it will be pretty hard to get a true "haul" for Britton. If we can get someone who is young and close to being like a #3/4 starter in the bigs and maybe a younger position player that would still need a lot of seasoning, we should think about doing it. I wouldn't mind one of their excess starters as being part of a deal, either. Britton is going to eat up a huge chunk of money this season.
  3. Orioles 2017 Top 30 Prospects

    I hope Sedlock's mechanical changes weren't due to TTTP issues.
  4. I agree with a lot of what you say. I think young guys around Manny, Schoop, and (unfortunately) Davis could work. The problem is you are putting way too much trust in young pitchers coming through our system. All of those guys definitely have the potential to provide some pitching depth. I just don't believe we have the development team in place to take advantage of that talent.
  5. I voted "Other". I think they may make, what they think, is a legitimate offer. I think Manny has no intention of signing and will be a free agent.
  6. I was just going to type something similar to this. We should have dealt Manny last offseason. If we had a much deeper farm system, I think we'd be OK with having a guy like Manny making the big money and building around him.
  7. 2017-18 Bullets/Wizards Thread

    I turned it off after the end of the 3rd QTR. I knew GS was going to pull it out. I'm surprised they didn't win by more.
  8. Buck interview from WBAL

    Though I don't agree with your tone, I do agree that the current regime has the chance to go "all in" for this season. I could see them taking the budding farm system to add a couple of players to the current team. I just think we have too many holes to plug for us to go "all in". I wouldn't be surprised to see this team win 85 games next year...but a repeat of this season is not out of the question. That said, I don't think our "core" competes with the Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs, Astros, etc. These teams have young, established players that will be around for quite a while. If the end goal is to win the World Series, we'll either need to have some major deals this offseason, or some serious bad luck from other teams. I don't think the Orioles are remotely close to competing with the better teams in baseball.
  9. Girardi: "Buck, hold my beer"

    I think Girardi is a fine manager. I'll be shocked if he isn't hired very soon. That being said, I definitely wouldn't want the Orioles to hire him. He would seem a good fit for the Nats.
  10. 2017-18 Bullets/Wizards Thread

    Wow...what a lousy effort against the Lakers...especially from big-mouth Gortat.
  11. Could The Orioles Sign RHP R.A. Dickey?

    Just goes to show you...it all starts on the bump. You got nothing on the bump...you get bumped.
  12. Where Can The Orioles Find A Left-Handed Starter?

    I don't care if we add a left-handed or right-handed starter. I just want quality starters.
  13. Deadspin Piece On The Terps

    I'd say mediocre is being generous. Of course, I think losing your first and second string QB will make a mediocre team look bad.
  14. Getting rid of Chris Davis

    If you could pull this one off, I'd be all for it. Not sure the Sox would entertain anything like this, though.