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  1. Nope. I'm guessing he'll be here until the All-Star break at least. Actually, in the poll, I selected he'd make it until next offseason.
  2. If Mike Wright is coming into a game, it better ALREADY be a dumpster fire.
  3. Hopefully, the new regime will do a better job to develop pitching. I can't see how they could be worse.
  4. I think the issue is that if this guy gets flustered every time he gets knocked around, he's likely not going to last. He could have looked at the success he's had over those 10 scoreless innings and just shake off a bad outing. It doesn't sound like he's maturing in that regard.
  5. I can see Martin starting and Jackson as a super-utility guy to start.
  6. The points about his composure lead me to believe he wouldn't be such a great reliever. Maybe a mop-up type of guy, but definitely not someone you'd want in an important role. Perhaps in a reliever role, he can focus on only a couple of pitches and make himself valuable. I just don't see it. I just think it's time to cut bait with him. He might catch on with another organization and thrive. I don't think it's going to happen here. He may just be one of those "change of scenery" guys.
  7. Love the article. Like others have said, I truly appreciate Elias' candor. He knows we don't have the infrastructure ready to make a splash in the International market. I'm just glad he's admitting it and not beating around the bush about it.
  8. One of my favorite Orioles ever. I love the way he played the game, and to me, was the beginning of the turnaround of this franchise which led to the 2012-2016 success. Thank you, Mr. Jones. You will rightly have a position in the Orioles HOF. My hope is that after you are done with your baseball career that you will consider returning to the Orioles in some capacity. You are a great ambassador of the sport.
  9. Entering this thread very, very late. Davis looked like last year's version yesterday at the plate. I know it's spring training, but I think this guy is toast.
  10. Sorry to hear this. I've always liked Kevin and continue to root for him, even though he's on another team. Hope it's nothing too serious.
  11. I just don't understand why these guys feel the need to bash their old teams. He was revered by the fans here, warts and all.
  12. Yup. Maybe Iglesias has no desire to come here.
  13. I think he can and will move some of these players, but Bundy and Givens will still have value next year...as will Cobb if he's performing well. All three of those guys don't become free agents until after 2021 and could bring in more value because of that.
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