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  1. I voted for the top 5. I think those 5 could add something in the proper role. Of the remaining 5, I only see Crichton or Ynoa being yo-yo material between Norfolk and Baltimore.
  2. Austin Hays

    And just to add to this, we are likely stuck with him for the next two years. So, let's hope he returns to his normal output.
  3. Austin Hays

    I think both of these guys should be playing at least a few times a week right now. Rickard's participation would be pinch-running and possible late-inning defensive replacement at this point.
  4. What's up with Jones' glove

    Apparently, we do...even though it was a dumb signing. If you don't sign Davis, I have no problem with Trumbo. Both of these guys are roster-cloggers for the next two seasons.
  5. Ryan Mountcastle in 2017

    With the current philosophy in place, I don't see this kind of thing happening.
  6. Christian Walker (Former Oriole)

    I think some of this may be that he's in AAA for his 3rd consecutive year and the ball flies in the PCL.
  7. O's trade for Hellickson

    Is Mike Wright on the team? I think I'd rather see him pitch than either Tillman or Hellickson. I'd consider Ubaldo over either of those two as well.
  8. vs. YANKEES, 9/05

    The Yankees made some shrewd moves at the trade deadline last year. I wish we were smart enough to move Britton this past offseason.
  9. Craig Gentry Reactionary Thread

    I like Gentry as a 4th/5th outfielder. I am probably in the minority, but I think he is more valuable than Joey Rickard.
  10. What Trades Will the Orioles Make?

    I would really like to see us go after a lefty reliever as well as a starting pitcher. I doubt we do anything, though.
  11. vs. Mariners, 8/30 Day Game

    Hart got optioned yesterday, I believe.
  12. vs. Mariners, 8/30 Day Game

    Beef...I think he's for breakfast and lunch now.
  13. vs. Mariners, 8/30 Day Game

    I'm hoping that after Sept. 1, we don't see Tillman or Ubaldo starting again.
  14. vs. Mariners, 8/30 Day Game

    So, when are we trading for Gonzo?
  15. vs. Mariners, 8/30 Day Game

    If Davis could get on a tear, he could carry this team for a stretch. I don't see it happening, but would love to see him go nuts in September.