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  1. Does Adam Jones Want to Stay Here Past 2018?

    I have the feeling we are going to be VERY bad in 2019. It's a shame. I think, with the right moves over the last two offseasons, we could have been looking at a down year this year, with hope for 2019. AJ could have been the leader to keep around to provide stability. Looks like that ain't happening.
  2. Improving Team Via 3rd Baseman Acquisition

    Trade Machado to the Yankees for Andujar and others. Put Andujar at 3B, leave Beckham at SS. Then, move Mountcastle to 2B at Bowie and hope Schoop has a monster season where he can be dealt at the deadline for pitching. I wouldn't object to moving Schoop now and signing Neil Walker to play second for a one year + option if Mountcastle doesn't cut it at second. Easy-peasy!
  3. Manny: “Thank God I wasn’t traded.”

    I'm guessing if they would've offered the 10/350, it would probably not been enough. I think Machado wants a bigger market than Baltimore.
  4. I would be for this trade, but I'd doubt the Cubs would do it unless you are throwing in a pretty good prospect. We would have control over both of those guys through 2021.
  5. I like this idea as well, but someone pointed out to me that those two players (Mesa/Cortes) would need to pass through waivers.
  6. Cashner signing

    I can see that argument, but I hope the Orioles look more at the big picture. I'd rather throw money at another "innings-eater" than trade Givens at this point.
  7. Cashner signing

    Would have to be Brach. 4 years of Givens> 2 years of McHugh.
  8. It was crazy to think they were going to get 2 MLB-ready starters for Machado, anyway. I'd just like to see us get the best package possible, regardless of position.
  9. Cashner signing

    As reluctant as I was about Cashner, I have to agree with you. If Cashner is a viable #3, I have no problem with us bringing Tillman back in the fold, preferably on a MiLB deal.
  10. Cashner signing

    Is Cashner hurt?
  11. Cashner signing

    Now, if we could pull one off with Mr. Machado...
  12. Call the date. Time and player.

    Are you talking 2018 or 2019?