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  1. I said this team reminds me of the 1986 team. They may have just peaked earlier than them.
  2. Well...he's been outrighted to Norfolk.
  3. I agree. Manny is the guy you would have wanted to give the big contract to, not Davis. I guess management saw the writing on the wall that Manny is gone.
  4. What do you make of all the noise Gortat is making about wanting out? I'd like to accommodate him and possibly find another big. I don't think Mahinmi is a starter, but if he's healthy, he should be able to play more minutes next season.
  5. Any chance that Mountcastle could be the third baseman of the future? I know Tony has said he doesn't see him sticking at shortstop, but could he convert to third?
  6. I still believe that we can trade Manny right now and contend, provided we make the RIGHT deal. We need to get some Major League talent back now that's in the higher levels of a team with a good farm system. The bigger question is, which team would be willing to deal for Manny?
  7.'ve convinced me. Let's trade for Duffy!
  8. Santana's on a roll right now, but he was pretty risky as well. The one thing I did like about him is that he didn't walk a lot of guys. I thought, with our defense, he would have been a pretty good fit. He pitched a great game tonight, but our hitters didn't adjust at all. They still continued to try to pull every outside pitch and couldn't catch on to the pattern of him throwing that first-pitch backup slider. I counted, and I think he threw it at one point to 11 of 12 batters, and they all took it.
  9. Aquino has also been recalled. I'm not sure why...but he has.
  10. I'm thinking that, like most things baseball related, this is all part of the ebb and flow of the season. We're going to have times when the starting pitching is bad. We'll go through stretches where the offense is bad. We'll have some time when the bullpen is bad. This stuff happens...even to good teams. The key is minimizing these down times and continuing to play well through the course of a season. The coaches can only do so much. Maybe I'm simplifying it too much, but I see them more as a "big brother" than someone looking to make major changes to the mechanics and/or approach of hitters/pitchers. It's more of a tweak here or tweak there that they are working on...not a completely new approach.
  11. What moves can you see this team making? Does Porter get a fat contract? If so, how does this affect their ability to acquire other players?
  12. I'm not a gloom and doomer, but I think you are right. If we don't see better starting pitching soon, we could pull a 1986 season very early.
  13. This is the scary part. There's not a starter on the horizon that looks able to step in right now.
  14. Both of the Martinez guys are good players. We pitch them horribly. It's not like they are hitting tough pitches. THey are hitting meatballs.