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  1. The Tigers announcers were saying all game that Tillman had no fastball and so was hardly throwing it. Maybe the Orioles were seeing the same thing (tho saying differently in public). Interesting coincidence that suddenly Cobb is reported close to signing, the day after Tillman's outing.
  2. Why not, an elite value and return similar to Chapman's?
  3. Aroldis Chapman sez hi.
  4. It's kind of a win-win-win situation if Manny has a great year at shortstop. The Orioles either ride with it to a playoff spot; or, if they're going nowhere at the deadline, trade their MVP candidate to a true contender in need of (or willing to spend for) the playoff edge Manny would represent. Manny gets to play for a winner; and Orioles finally get the two young stud starting pitchers they so desperately need.
  5. ... And Wright to the bullpen?
  6. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    Exactamente! Let's just move on from Flash.
  7. Rule 5 r-e-s-p-e-c-t

    I believe the most recent outings for Araujo and Mesa were also bouncebacks. Makes it interesting... but more critical in the case of Cortes -- because of the need for a starter, and also LH relief.
  8. Problem is, it doesn't even take much dumb luck to make the playoffs, with a third of the teams qualifying every year. We made it three years, when the odds say a random team will make it twice, anyway, over a given six-year period. So even this year, we have a sucker's chance. We're stuck in the old paradigm, but it's more like an NHL model now.
  9. Quite right... and quite likely, given DD's comments about going for it. Shame, since the playoffs itself is a further high-risk gamble. Guess we can see that early brutal schedule as a good litmus test early on. By the break they might still be in it... or 20 games out.
  10. White sox, f'rinstance? Worse than constant talk is great stretches of dead silence... Then a few inane monosyllables... And more dead air. Thorne is passable. Palmer is a treasure.
  11. TT: Looking at the 25-man roster battles

    Tony, what about Mullins? Any chance he gets a spot over Presley? And that brings up a broader question about pace of introducing rookies. Clubs like the Orioles, and Yankees of old, and others have had almost a policy of introducing 1-2 rookies a year. (Or does that only apply to perennial contenders?) Ifwe add Mullins to Hays, Santander, Cisco, Cortes, and Castro, that's as many as six 23-year-olds in serious competition for spots. (Or swap Castro who's not a rookie for one of the older candidates, like Wynns, who is). You already have three as "locks." How flexible do you think the Orioles brass is about the old school quota? Or maybe some mixing and matching is foreseeable in phases? 1. Cortes, Santander, Cisco/Wynns 2. Cortes, Castro, Cisco/Wynns, Hayes/Mullins, Scott 3. All above plus a taste of Harvey, Mountcastle? (Who knows? They could be rebuilding, right under our noses!)
  12. Hope he plays tape of that one in his sleep every night, now.
  13. That's no problem to the O's m.o. I don't think Beckham's going anywhere. And Valencia says he's not going to AAA. So I think jamalshw has it right. Edit: ... and, another option to sit CD as needed at first.
  14. Turns out Lance Lynn is hilarious

    Can you think of any examples? I'm not remembering that about him, except vaguely...
  15. Quick thoughts from Sarasota ...

    Wow, thx for the juicy inside dope. Cobb, sure... always need more good ones. Mancini, Mountcastle, Harvey, Beckham... good to hear. Hays, Rasmus, fine. Trumbo, Davis: I'll take one out of two! Wynns, Cisco, Joseph... tough juggling act. Adam, whatever. Santander, 60 not 44? whatever Givens closing, yes, gotta be better than Brach.