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  1. stuff, command, demeanor, results Phillips > Gausman
  2. As I recall, the O's scouting "analytics" said the Dodgers were vulnerable to fastballs, so our pitchers just rode with that... even after Drabowski opened eyes blowing them away in game one.
  3. ... until now, is what I think we're seeing already. Multiple cases of, "we didn't see that kind of stuff from him before," and all-new pitch mixes. Not to mention a revival of the long-lost cutter.
  4. now

    Why Not?

    Exactly. Baseball is entertainment, after all. The last two games have been great entertainment and drama, even if the stakes aren't an expected playoff berth.
  5. now

    Joey Rickard

    I take it all back. Joey bats!
  6. now

    Why Not?

    overachieving > underachieving
  7. OMG what a bottom of the order, 6-9: Rickard Davis Severino Martin
  8. #metoo Cool the way Hyde says he'll test guys by throwing them into the fire. Good for Mike Wright--whom many here advocated for back end of the bullpen from the beginning. Viva la cutter! Good for a bunch of these young guys--Ruiz, Sucre, Jackson, Mullins, Martin, Yacabonis, Castro... and Hyde himself. Good reminder (as some savvy gamblers knew) that even bad teams can play a series even to the tiebreaker (even win 2 of 5, or 3 of 7). And good vindication of speed, defense, aggressive style, and creative bullpen use. Love it.
  9. Hardest thing to stomach is Joey Rickard batting fifth. But I guess that's just old-school wishful thinking about the five hole. He's our new Jake Fox.
  10. Hard to believe you wouldn't be a valuable resource for the Os to tap. But then, I guess your info would be proprietary and we wouldn't get to be privy to it!
  11. Didn't we try that for like 14 losing years? How about "Grow the bats, Buy the arms?" Here's why: - investment/inventory in growing bats less likely to fizzle from injuries - buy the arms once they are proven to be resilient I'm pretty sure Data would support the above bets.
  12. Gonna go with: Smith, Diaz, Mullins, Santander, Martin Castro, Phillips, Rogers, Carroll
  13. C'mon Roy, can't you get with the new program? 😇
  14. Did anyone else wince when reading the word cavalry? 😉
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