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  1. I read recently (sorry, can't recall where) that for Rule 5 guys, history shows those who return to AAA the following year just don't pan out. I wonder why? Is it psychological (like Vespi, disappointment)? Or those sent back are just the ones with not enough talent to stick? Which brings me to Santander, who seems to have fallen off the radar. Is he no longer a prospect, or is there still hope?
  2. Jim Traber says hi. (Okay, maybe that was 4-6 games). And Jake Fox. (Yeah, I know--spring training doesn't count).
  3. Cool. Just curious, do you see much parallel between chess and say, the moves of MLB managing or general managing?
  4. now

    New manager

    Basically a crucial hero of Astroball.
  5. Yup, that pretty well sums it up for amateurs at any sport, compared to real players/pros. I first realized that as a novice golfer. Anybody can hit a great shot once in a while. But consistently...? That's the difference. And I guess the same goes for differentiating players even at the highest levels.
  6. Fun thread! Little League: cup of coffee, couldn't hit the hard stuff. Sandlot: Loved neighborhood pickup games for fun. Adult: softball tournaments, pumped from a long HR, came up with sacks full and wind blowing and poor right fielder, so overswung and tapped weakly to first. Claim to fame: friend of mine, Ron Guidry lookalike, shared once that he struck out Barry Bonds three times Ina high school game. But quit baseball.
  7. Right... only took seven years for that trio to bring us a WS. Patience!* (Let's see, 2025: Kremer, Diaz, Tate, Encarnacion, Carmona, Ortiz, Bannon...) * Gotta give them credit for coming close in '77, '79, '80, and '82, though!
  8. I went to a lot of home games in those days, and kept track: they won eighty percent of them.
  9. Of course F.Robby, hands down. Glenn Davis, I'm sorry to say, had me projecting 50 dingers in Balt. Sort of like Earl Williams coming off 33 HRs in the NL. (Sigh). After Frank, I would go with Alomar, especially following his postseason success with Toronto--the only team I could follow on TV in those days from my home in the BC wilderness. For that matter, Jimmy Key was big too. P.S. Reggie Jackson, anyone?
  10. Fascinating, to see how things have changed in the game in respect to the aging curve. I have long thought it wiser to bring up pitchers younger, not only because of peaking early (25-26 in the chart you posted earlier, thru 2013; I suspect it's younger now, five years later) but to take advantage of them before their arms fall off. Now the batters have shown they're better earlier too. Play the kids!
  11. now

    2018 Orioles Top Prospect List

    Okay, that's a helpful (and hopeful) perspective, thanks! Also, agree on Kremer...
  12. now

    2018 Orioles Top Prospect List

    @Tony-OH, I'm wondering, how many solid major leaguers we can expect from the top ten... based on your experience from past years' top tens?
  13. now

    The Orioles Are Hiring

    Wow. One person can do all that? Amazing, if they can find such a person.
  14. now

    Congratulations to Luke: Twins!

    Me 3! And I had wanted to suggest, @Luke-OH , that you apply for team Elias instead!