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  1. Finally the record is straight and we can put the blame where we knew it belonged all along: on the warehouse. Thus ensued the inevitable self-destruct, the year-long crash and burn, and the long-awaited blowup.
  2. I have them all to choose from. Admire Moose Milligan's WAR approach but I'll just shoot from the hip (gut): IF: Brooks, Cal, Alomar, Powell OF: FRobby, Blair, Singleton DH: Nelson Cruz C Hoiles, Wieters SP: Palmer, Cuellar, McNally, Key, Barber RP: S.Miller, A.Miller, Olson, Britton, Johnson, Myers, Wilhelm, Richert Bench: Anderson, Grich, Baylor, Aparicio, Gentile
  3. I don't mean to diss that team, just to put into perspective how they won. IIRC they were consistently above expected wins, largely because of a great bullpen. And again without doing the stats, my perception is we're better than our record shows this year, again because of the abnormal bullpen. I liked that team that won lots, and I like this team that loses lots. (To be clear, I didn't much like last year's team that lost lots; tho that's relative because I always luv my O's). I do find Hyde's team entertaining, largely because of the novelty factor of the new and untested players (in contrast to decades of stopgap vets and overpriced retreads). In short, who cares (besides Roy and atomic) about the outcome of each meaningless game? It's the big-picture process, and the new blood, that makes it worth watching.
  4. I wouldn't say it's the worst team ever. More like a mediocre but interesting team which suffers mainly from some deplorable bullpen performances. In contrast, we're spoiled by a few recent years of a teasingly mediocre team of Duquette's making that overachieved due largely to a stellar bullpen.
  5. I've seen some hand-wringing over the lack of pitchers in the top picks. But seems we're already well stocked with pitching talent at AA and A... So a good time to grab some position players.
  6. Innocent question: how does 55/50/55/60/50 equate to only 50 overall?
  7. The guy he instantly reminded me of with that near-upper-deck shot on Friday is... Nelson Cruz.
  8. So yeah, that's baseball. Win a few, lose a few. Impossible to predict who will land in each camp!
  9. So what's up with Kremer these days, anyone know? Pitching fully healthy at least?
  10. Agree except for the last part. I really enjoyed watching this game--a replay but I didn't know the outcome... till they were down 5-1 and I cheated to see ahead to the top of the ninth and went back to see the rally Birds... that's entertainment! Kept watching knowing anything was possible. With Givens, even expected the result, by now. So he's unwatchable, but so what. I think the fans are in the same position as the players. As Hyde put it, "“I think for a normal team it’s really difficult, but for our team it seems like we continue to play well the next day..."
  11. I'll play it straight and say Dwight Smith Jr. Followed by Means and Severino. Heck, there's a lot of gratefulness to go around... right through the roster.
  12. True? I had thought some of the better prospects were at AA, whereas AAA is sometimes more for AAAA/career types. If that makes any sense...
  13. And he had three speeds: slow, slower, and slowest. All things of beauty.
  14. stuff, command, demeanor, results Phillips > Gausman
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