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  1. now

    Spring Training in Sarasota

    Cool! Did you learn anything from them (or they from you)? 😀
  2. Yeah, I guess I figured Roch mentioning Pearl Jam might be enough. Moving right along... 🏇
  3. Excuse the interruption (yeah I know spring training is excruciatingly slow) but isn't there a dedicated forum area for music discussion?
  4. now

    Your "Must-Read Classics" List

    Just discovered another brilliant one, actually discovered via Chuck Palahniuk's Stranger than Fiction (a great read in its own right): Amy Hempel. In the Carver minimalist tradition.
  5. I don't know about the funniest ever, but the most recent (though it was written in 1992) was Shampoo Planet, by Douglas Coupland, a great satire of millennials' habits of thought and speech. It was literally LOL on every page for me. Recommended by my daughter, born in 1984.
  6. now

    Currently Reading

    My first post on this area of the forums... good timing vis-a-vis the upgrading of the O's presence in the Dominican, as I'm halfway through a great and classic novel by Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa, about the Trujillo dictatorship ending with his assassination in 1961: The Feast of the Goat. I never knew much about the history of that country -- which Trujillo basically created (with US help) alongside the different cultural nation of Haiti. It's quite the eye-opener, at the same time all too familiar of the history of the region. The narrator structure is similar to Marlon James's excellent Jamaican thriller about the killing of Bob Marley, A Brief History of Seven Killings, in following the assassins; but where James delves into a dozen or so characters and voices, this plot alternates between the assassins and their backstory, Trujillo and his (on his last day alive), and the daughter of a state official years later in New York. My first exposure to Llosa and I'll be reading more; a true master. And after this I will have deeper appreciation for the culture and sad history of the homeland of many of our MLB stars, including hopefully a new batch of future Orioles.
  7. now

    Can Dean Kremer make the club this year?

    Great, let's hear your thoughts when you're done (or before!).
  8. now

    How good can the 2019 Orioles be?

    Hungry and eager to impress... anything is possible especially out of the gate.
  9. now

    Can Dean Kremer make the club this year?

    Yeah, they said 2 weeks already and 2 more to go, so likely he'll start slowly and progress gradually from that point, not full on. Maybe good to go by end of April?
  10. now

    Can Dean Kremer make the club this year?

    Agree on the bad news... but 2 more weeks puts him back in action at beginning of March, right?
  11. now

    Hyde: "I won't manage to the save stat"

    And here's the part of the quote that still, to my mind, prods that wound-that-won't-heal:
  12. now

    Hyde: "I won't manage to the save stat"

    Showalter is history. So just talking strategy, is the above what all managers do? I doubt it. The "closer" role is imbued with the psychology of the save, not necessarily the same as " highest leverage." I dunno, maybe those are two different job descriptions?
  13. now

    Hyde: "I won't manage to the save stat"

    Mistake or not... I would argue it wasn't about the stat, but aiming for the "higher leverage" situation; i.e., waiting for a lead to protect.
  14. now

    How good can the 2019 Orioles be?

    Replacement level is roughly 4-12, not 4-21
  15. Yeah he comes across as pretty honest and candid in today's quotes; hard to blame the guy. Like everyone is saying, throw everybody into the mix and see who comes out of fresh competition in front of fresh eyes (and data).