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  1. Well, that's interesting. So the DeWitt's saved our franchise twice!! 1) Bill Sr. delivering F. Robby in 1965-66, and 2) Bill Jr. chipping in with PA to keep the club in B'more in '93.
  2. You lost me with CL - Givens
  3. Sure, much appreciated. Vespi's line wasn't too shabby either!
  4. Delmarva's Vespi got the "win," but here's the rest of the Delmarva pitching line: Rodriguez, G. 3 IP, 0 H, 6 SO Vespi 2 IP, 1 H, 5 SO Garcia, R. 4 IP, 2 H, 5 SO
  5. Value is necessary, but not sufficient, sez the ole philosopher.
  6. Ouch, that's 8 guys to be dropped from the haul of 15 suspects from last year's "purge." So what's left? Diaz, Kremer for Machado. Rogers for Britton. Phillips, Zimmerman for Gausman. Villar for Schoop. "Meh" is right. Or as my dear old dad would say, "Bupkees." On the brighter side, maybe one true star (Kremer?) emerges from that cast of still-hopefuls.
  7. Same. I turned it off at 7-5, checked later and went damn, have to catch the replay. I wonder if there's a formula (for "Expected Runs" or something) so you could calculate the odds against the O's scoring three to win, with these batters due up: Peterson .254 Martin .191 Sisco .220 Davis .180 Ruiz .244 Had the same thought about testing mettle, with Ruiz shining pretty brightly against his old team.
  8. Right, no dinger on his first AB, but he fouled off a bunch of pitches and took a walk.
  9. If I was a GM and Elias came to me with interest in one of my young players, I'd say, very interesting, thanks but now I think we'll keep him.
  10. But-- we still need two good catchers. Sisco is more of the question mark, or a third option.
  11. True. And spending all this time (last 20 games) in .500 territory, you could almost hear this motto starting to apply: the "Refuse to Lose" Orioles.
  12. Best sign of hope not far off is the pitching--quantity and quality--at AA and below. And their dramatic improvement under the new regime. Plus, San-tan-dare! 😀
  13. Not only batted .559, but produced, in 32 games: 17 2B, 9 3B, 11 HR, 69 R, 75 RBI, 28 SB X5 = 160 games: 85 2B, 45 3B, 55 HR, 345 R, 375 RBI, 140 SB Yowza!
  14. Finally the record is straight and we can put the blame where we knew it belonged all along: on the warehouse. Thus ensued the inevitable self-destruct, the year-long crash and burn, and the long-awaited blowup.
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