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  1. scarey1999

    Ryan McKenna 2018

    Billingsley was a pretty highly touted prep kid. Played on team USA 18 squad with Almora and a few other guys. I had him as a semi sleeper for us. Good speed and eye at the plate but not much development there yet.
  2. scarey1999

    Early Aberdeen Roster

    And a 70 grade outfield arm. Worst case if hitting doesn't work out after a few years, move him to the mound a la Givens.
  3. Sure. You’re right. Those exact quotes wouldn’t ever come up verbatim, obviously. But point remains that he was drafted earlier than expected, therefore you should expect some sort of discount. You really can’t argue against that, unless you just like to argue for the sake of argument. Lol. Would have been nice to see another $300-750k-ish in savings to throw at some later round HS draftees.
  4. Knight gave up a long bomb to right center field to South Carolina’s SS Tolbert on a perfectly straight, zero movement FB right down broadway. BTW, game is on ESPN2 for me down here in TX.
  5. I only watched peices of the game but he seemed to move well out there. He did misplay a ball (hard grounder/single to the left of the 2B toward the gap...he over ran it).  I didn’t hear the announcers make mention of anything related to why he wasn’t catching. You could definitely see his arm strength on display. Even on routine throws back into the infield, the ball had some zing on it. 
  6. He is playing RF again today vs Stetson. Made a really nice running catch toward the line bouncing up against the wall in foul territory.
  7. A little disappointing they only saved $75k. Would have liked to think if the FO had any negotiation skills, they could have inked him to 1-20 bonus money, since that’s where KLaw ranked him and he for sure was selected many picks early. Oh well. At least looks like they are not wasting time this year in getting these guys signed like they’ve done in recent years.
  8. Don't know much about him, but he's built more like Lamar Sparks who was also a pretty good HS pitcher. Scouts have Sparks rated as a 70 outfield arm so if this kid prfiles like Lamar, we should be happy. Ced would be pretty good too though.
  9. scarey1999

    2017 Arizona Fall League Thread

    I think a lot of folks hope they can move at least one of Crush or Trumbo this offseason. That would alleviate a lot of issues and possibly allow for a move like you suggest.
  10. scarey1999

    2017 Arizona Fall League Thread

    Probably because of Austin Hays.
  11. scarey1999

    Deadspin Piece On The Terps

    Injuries at key positions have obviously hurt. The defense lacks real playmakers. The offensive line, which many lauded coming into this season as potentially one of the best in the B1G, has been really bad for the most part. Let's wait and see what we have in 1-2 more years once Durkin's recruits all take hold. Edsall left a real mess for him to cleanup.
  12. scarey1999

    2017 Redskins

    Narrowly escaped with a win against San Fran yesterday. IMO, the refs helped keep them in the game and then helped us seal the deal with the pick call against Garcon on the final drive. Why is it that we have such trouble finishing off teams? We always seem to play down to the level of competition. Other than the Oakland game, when was the last time this team really put it to someone?
  13. scarey1999

    Mountcastle to continue transition to 3B in the AFL

    From Keith Law: Orioles infielder Ryan Mountcastle is here and has shown more of the hard contact that got him a quick promotion this summer to double-A at age 20. He's playing third base, and his arm is ... still an enigma. He's made throws that showed no arm strength, but he made a throw in his first game from the foul line to first base without a hop, which was at least average arm strength. If he does that regularly, he can play third base, and his bat should profile there. http://www.espn.com/blog/keith-law/insider/post?id=7725
  14. scarey1999

    50 Days Until Tip Off

    I’m usually very optimistic heading into the season, but this year I’m a bit concerned. Hopefully Cowan has improved. Wing play outside of Huerter is a big question mark as are the bigs. Fernando has potential but I’m not sure his offensive game is polished enough just yet to be a real contributor there this season.
  15. scarey1999

    2017 Arizona Fall League Thread

    No, I get that. I just stinks that certain players aren't given more priority when it comes to things like this. I feel like a prospect the caliber of RM should bear more weight than others, like Wilkerson for instance. If anything Steve should be DHing. We already know about his defensive value. It's at the plate that he'll have to prove himself a contributor.