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  1. bobmc

    Blaine Knight 2019

    Rich Dubroff was there and got some quotes. Knight said: “I thought it was O.K.,” Knight said. “ I was really battling with a lot of stuff. Couldn’t get my body synched up. I had innings I was really on, and I had innings I had to just battle. You’re not going to have your best stuff every time you go out so you’re always going to be battling something. Just got to go out and limit damage and keep your team in the game. I did that, so I’m not too upset about it.” “The hitters are definitely better,” Knight said. “This reminds me more of college…The hitters have a little better approach. They’re a little more aggressive. More mistakes get hit. Nothing big. I’ve done it for three years in college, and I have to get used to facing those kinds of hitters again. Then, I’ll be all right.” Knight has walked four batters in 11 innings for Frederick. That’s as many as he walked in more than twice the innings in the South Atlantic League. “Their pitch selection is better,” Knight says of the hitters he’s now facing. “They give you a lot of swings in the Sally league that you won’t get here. They don’t chase a lot. I try to keep them off the plate. I try to keep them from squaring everything up. Hats off to those guys. They made me work for it. “
  2. His interview post game said as much - he said it shouldn't have been so hard - he stuck up his glove and snagged it. Pretty comical but he is hitting and sparking the offense!
  3. Stevie spiral goes deep to haul in this blast by Cargo
  4. bobmc

    2019 Toronto Blue Jays

    El tercer bambinazo para el hijojito!
  5. You "sensei"'s are so pure in your thought processes and we "grasshoppers" are only beginning our evolution, as it were. Thank you for the qualification. I humbly sip from my green tea and await further instructions. But, perhaps I should be practicing, practicing, practicing the gavel drop? Loved that one! 😍
  6. I was sort of watching and when Kipnis launched his second (his first two of the year, mind you,) my silver lining was turning off the action. But, I foolishly brought it up on Gameday to keep an eye out. For those that like long game times, this was also a (sic) sliver lining for them! Hopefully, @interloper doesn't report me for deviating from the "positiveness" here @LA2
  7. All stars are not perfect - they are mercurial! 😍
  8. This was also a silver lining when our masher was run over (but not injured) by big Hanser (the question) Alberto. Phew!
  9. bobmc

    2019 New York Yankees

    The Yanks were idle yesterday still enjoying their sweep of the lowly Orioles but John Daly, no less, was repping (and hopefully not ripping) with these pantaloons. He finished T114 while driving a cart around the NY environs yesterday. Will he wear NY Mets Amazin' regalia today? Stay tuned @OFFNY
  10. Useless? You are the point man for the "grammar police"! I take any constructive criticism very positively. And I pose to you, "is it not trendy to rediscover former talking points - like the "why not" phenomena?" If so, "positivism" is still in play here, and I add that the automated grammarian software employed by the OH did not tweak me with red underline. I rest my case and await your judgment, noble sensei! 😇
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