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  1. Will you be going to Natinals park for the playoffs?
  2. The Sting of Losing Winnable Games

    Hart just one....
  3. Tanner Scott

    I had the slimmest of hope left but alas it hurts to know now! btw - post above was in jest as we perfect, blameless OH'ers so often do.
  4. FTFY Agreed but that first outing for Tanner Phenom will be a test. Garbage time or when "game is on the line" like last night when Buck kept him in "learning mode" close by.
  5. Tanner Scott

    Or a fledgling - whatevs....but I'm satisfied watching "Rocky" Bleier and Donnie trot out there.
  6. vs. RED SOX, 9/18

    Trumbo would have had it
  7. vs. RED SOX, 9/18

    Feet first slide!
  8. Poll coming? For me no, but I won't wish them to lose. In fact, third place seems so much better than last. So I guess yes then....
  9. Austin Hays

    The record is duly noted. It's pretty full with all of Can's predictions but we'll make room! SG has a separate library for his eruditions. Just kidding, of course, since I would never go out on a limb, but Hays has such a quick bat through the zone and ('qualifier' one of ) the strongest (and most accurate) arm (s) we have seen in a long time here in Oriole land. As TX O would say, IMO.
  10. POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    Trade bait? Roll with Garabez?? Mountcastle?? The kid from Canada?
  11. Lord I needed that

    But we did set the all time record for runs scored by one team against us in a season series - so there is that! You be the Judge.....
  12. Lord I needed that

    Nice finish and longed to see Zach vs Aaron but whatevs. Sanchez - see ya! No big hoopla from Caleb and Zach - just another day at the orifice! Austin with two knocks!
  13. vs. YANKEES, 9/17

    Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!
  14. vs. YANKEES, 9/17

    Nasty and filthy
  15. vs. YANKEES, 9/17

    Or Chase Headley