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  1. Severino gets the start with Davis in 6 hole and Nunez as DH
  2. Got to add to the banter here - Paul F is all bidness with the errors and general mediocre to poor Oriole play.
  3. Disgusting scenes of peeps eating ice cream and slobbering all over themselves
  4. Brought back fond memories of John Lucas, former Terp and NBA'er.
  5. Fielded it well and spun 180 to unleash his perfect throw. Now the vaunted SS Martin airmails it toward first. Not looking good. SSS
  6. Anyone else not seeing that much in Jackson? He hits ok but his fielding leaves a lot to be desired in the IF from the few times I've seen him. And his OF play also is pretty mediocre. He has a good arm. @Luke-OH ?
  7. Robertson wanted no part of Ryan Mountcastle!
  8. Nunez got a nice "cookie" from Robertson - hanging breaking ball. Hoping Ryan can get some dead red and park it.
  9. Was that a Sean Rodriguez sighting? Not shown yet on box score. Oh yes it is at SS
  10. For those who have not been to the Phillies ST home in Clearwater, it is an outstanding place to watch a game. The tiki bar in left field is awesome and players come out there after they are done to mingle. It is packed with fans until two hours after game. Photo from 7 years ago.
  11. The Kingery dilemma? Should we pony up for Hays? Nice long fly to left but Bostick lost it in the sun and off the fence for a 3B'er.
  12. Luis Gonzalez is a hard-throwing LH (up to 95 mph CH 86)). Ryan McKenna showed a nice arm in RF there fielding the hit by Herrera. Bad pickoff move though. Past first and Herrera advances.
  13. Just to clarify - I'm not a hater. I knew Ryan Z when he was a pup playing 3B for the Nats. I had partial season tix and saw them at RFK, like I had seen the former Nats before them. I was in DC when Ted Williams was manager for the Nats years back. It's cool to latch on to a winner so I'm not hating on you either. The new Nats have run their organization well and made some good decisions but haven't reached their final glory yet. Perhaps this year? But "Natitude"? No
  14. No I hadn't read the Trezza note above yours and thought it was still in limbo. It looks like Chance will be sent down. I'm sorry to hear that. We don't need any dang Natitude! I was also mocking your post today about Phillips - he was just optioned - lol.
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