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  1. So if he turned down a slot offer, he would have to either accept it, negotiate anew or go to CC for a year or full time school right? He would not have been a free agent then.
  2. We have to showcase Beef, however.....
  3. Very "do-able", as Cumberbundy says, (sic) "B E L E I V E "! Why Not?
  4. As we Terp Nation fans used to scream at Lefty's teams, "Amen"!
  5. You gotta stop staying at "Motel 6"! ;-) Use your AARP card - oh wait....
  6. Hey hey rooting against your "home" team? 18 more tonight!
  7. Are you saying Ryan has a weak noodle? ;-)
  8. Buck: "At some point Zach’s going to get more into that mix, obviously. If Brad hadn’t had two days off and hadn’t pitched just once since the break ... Brad needed to get back out there. He was strong, almost too strong. I came into the game hoping this would be a good opportunity to pitch him back-to-back with the long layover from the day game to the night game. He’s done that down below. It’s not like he’s never done it. But Zach is close to doing what he’s done for us in the past.”
  9. Kasie at the bat? Looking "Stropish" and some serious leggings!
  10. My question is how did Kasie do? Anybody there to see it?