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  1. Here is the dinger off Thor! Well you see him running the bases 😞 Thanks @cboemmeljr!
  2. Yessir - he's our roly poly bouncing bundle of joy. The world needs more him - irrespective of his negative WAR!
  3. Two unicorns and a SO to Manny upon his return. We had the lead at one point also! Yac K'd Manny in his first AB so there was that. (spoiler alert - negativity - Anyone else think that Manny might erupt with the K or remember him loping down the line when he popped out? No - ok - just me, I guess. Silver lining - keep it positive! 😇 Thanks for this!
  4. You and Adley Rutschman may have something in common then?
  5. True but how's his defensive rating? Oh wait .... do @interloper unicorns amount to anything other than a road to 2020 1/1?
  6. All hail Gunnar - or GUN on his bracelet. Presser at 10:30:
  7. If you look at the video above where he shuffles his feet, the 93 mph shows in the box.
  8. @interloper should announce his unicorn shortly and I'm betting on Hanser. Will Manny's big homer into the Padres bullpen earn plaudits also? Stay tuned. 😇
  9. @Luke-OH would remember and has probably been watching his progress lately.
  10. Yes but we all "ass-u-me-d" that Little Yaz would be called up last year to play in Beantown also. But I'm hoping on that scenario.
  11. True but he still drives a Civic so he's humble enough to accept your criticism. 😇 https://www.baltimorebaseball.com/2019/06/25/adley-rutschmans-career-will-begin-orioles-lower-levels/
  12. Yesterday Christian Walker went deep off Clayton Kershaw (and was pied by AJ to boot) for the third time in eight AB's. Who let this guy go again? ⚾ https://www.mlb.com/gameday/dodgers-vs-d-backs/2019/06/24/564869#game_state=final,lock_state=final,game_tab=videos,game=564869
  13. Illegitimate child! I was at Viera, FL when Matt hit his first pro homer in ST vs the Nats - an oppo taco! I also was in AZ at an AFL game when Bryce Harper hit his first pro homer - laced to right. But, I digress - tonight is gonna be a real good night - OH presence and Adley in BP!!!
  14. I liked that Mike also mentioned the need to catch for Latin American pitchers and learn how to adapt to the Spanish/English conversations.
  15. Elias said to see the facility there and for him to see each step of the way to Baltimore. But I get your humorous non emoticon take.
  16. I know but still you are so quick to hit the hot button! You need a webcam at work giving us the feed
  17. OH Hangout Night will draw 50 or so! ⚾
  18. Would you stop stirring the pot? 😇 I mean two spelling errors!
  19. He's ready for BP with bare feet! First metal bat and then switch to ash! #MaxBat
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