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  1. Check out the tap pulls! ... and Faraway Eyes has always been one of my fave under the radar Jagger joys! I rode through Bakersfield a few years back and that song came into my head.
  2. If it hasn't improved, I don't want to hear it! ⚾
  3. @DocShorebird doing "Doc stuff" many years back. He is very approachable.
  4. bobmc

    They All Break

    Dellin Betances, right shoulder impingement - had MRI to confirm. Won't be ready for Opening Day and not thought to be serious, says Brian Cashman. Just heard this on MLBTV - game with Rays. Betances said he tried to rush back after birth of child and pushed through pain.
  5. bobmc

    Gio Gonzalez

    Tom Boswell on Gio:
  6. Been loving this site for many more years than I can remember - 😂. Being a Plus member is one of my bucket list entries that I cherish dearly! I'd love to see a count of Plus members appear somewhere just for grins. I also wonder if @Tx Oriole will pony up on his own or use the fixed income retiree excuse? At any rate, thanks for so much for so little! Keep on keeping on! bobmc
  7. We need Trezza to ask the tough questions! 😇
  8. Plus they have Drew Jackson taking up a spot. More time to evaluate his viability also and Nunez has no options.
  9. FYI on Saturday Ryan went DEEP off Blake Snell!
  10. More on Lenin Rodriguez including a video and the fact that he likes to accept free passes.
  11. I love board shorts and $40 + shipping (and colors) aren't too outrageous to earn a $5 draft of Fancy Clancy! I'm not sure when I make my hiatus to Baltimore but perhaps the week after the home season is complete (and Sliders is emptier) on way to OC, where it may be warm enough to actually use them! 👍
  12. Nice interview from Rich with a little different twist (to cherry pick): Q-You’ve made some new hires. Is this like building an expansion team? A-“It’s no mystery that we were the 30th best team in baseball last year. Our farm system is in the bottom tier of farm systems, so from that standpoint it is. The fact that there were zero analysts, from that standpoint, perhaps it’s a bit like an expansion team but unlike an expansion team, this is the Baltimore Orioles with a tremendous amount of past success and history, so I never feel like this is an expansion team. I feel like this is just a team that, for whatever reasons, hasn’t taken advantage of some of the best processes throughout baseball.” Q-The people you’re hiring now, are they young Sigs? A-“Hopefully, they’re young Sigs, but they’re more capable in some of the areas that I was weak at. They come from technical fields. It’s either computer science, statistics…many will have advanced master’s degrees in analytics, but also a baseball passion because these are the most in demand skills on this plant. There’s other industries that, frankly, will pay more than baseball, so we look for someone who’s internally motivated and inspired to work in baseball along with having those technical skills, but also people skills. You may be an analyst, but you’re also in change management. You’re asking experienced people to rethink and to change, and if you’re going to see success with that, you’re going to have to do it in a sensitive, socially mature way.” https://www.baltimorebaseball.com/2019/03/18/analytics-guru-sig-mejdal-discusses-role-orioles/
  13. O's Kristen Hudak and her Tigers counterpart today:
  14. You could wear a pair of these over there! https://www.sportsfanisland.com/collections/baltimore-orioles-2019-spring-collection/products/baltimore-orioles-mlb-mens-2017-diagonal-flag-board-shorts
  15. bobmc

    @ Tigers 3/18

    Dinner plans? I wonder how the Tigers feel about the "rebuild" when the worst team in baseball comes in and kicks your butt? SSS?
  16. Is the First Amendment not in play here? Is this a totalitarian state? Oops! Sorry - caffeine talking - but enough of the bs! You do not know any more than we do, just saying!
  17. Yes - that was my take away from ME. He was tough. He didn't do a DD dance around. He "acted" offended by the question.
  18. Irrelevant I say! ME would agree! 😇
  19. No excuses! You are a "well-seasoned" OH contributor. We expect more of you! No blaming spell check or word police!!!! 😍
  20. Wright, the former ECU standout, had this to say about his outing yesterday. Perhaps adrenaline will help? 😇 “Today sucks giving up three runs, giving up all those hits. It’s the second outing in a row I’ve given up a lot of hits and the last two outings have probably been two of the best I’ve felt, executing well. But just moving forward, the season’s about to start and there’s going to be a different mentality, a different adrenaline. The guys are going to have a lot more energy and it’s going to be a good thing rolling forward.” http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/03/wright-got-to-keep-the-ball-in-the-park.html
  21. FTFY 😇 http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/03/hyde-on-roster-cuts-wynns-update-and-more.html
  22. Are you clairvoyant? 👍
  23. Yes, and I think Bordy nailed it (and I translated what he actually said into Bordese), "the former Crusher got a cookie and he turned and burned on it!"
  24. Cedric with the back pocket out to show his disregard for the tobacco
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