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  1. Now is the time: Extend Chris Tillman.

    Has there ever been a veteran starter who had a season this bad who just bounced back to his old self the next season? When I was looking for comparable seasons to Tillman in BB-ref, it looked to me like most of these guys are just plain done. Steve Blass didn't bounce back after 1973. Hideo Nomo didn't bounce back after 2004. Jim DeShaies didn't bounce back after 1994. Some young guys like Roy Halladay did eventually bounce back. I think the worst thing the O's could do this offseason would be to give Tillman a guaranteed contract and count on him for the rotation next year. A minor league contract and a spring training invite are find, but they need to have five or six guys who are better options than Tillman lined up.
  2. I Cannot Believe The Way This Team Has Folded.

    One theory being floated by some talk-show callers is that Trumbo got mad about being pied after a game winning hit, and clubhouse chemistry has not been the same since. Buck mentioned something about several players being affected over the last couple of weeks by whatever illness kept Manny out of the lineup last night. My own theory is that the team got discouraged when Duquette couldn't acquire Miguel Gonzalez or any other back-end starters to replace Tillman/Jimenez before September 1. They got a couple of really bad starting performances shortly thereafter and I think the offense just threw in the towel.
  3. .500+ record, or no. 13 overall draft pick?

    If they get to .500 because they play Sisco and Hays and Santander and they all tear the cover off the ball, I'm fine with moving down in the draft. If they get to .500 because they bench the kids and Mark Trumbo and Chris Davis hit a few home runs to salvage their season statistics, then I will not be particularly happy about it.
  4. Are we a bad team masquerading as a mediocre one?

    Frobby, do you think that Fangraphs' defensive numbers are reasonable based on the eyeball test? Are Trey Mancini and Adam Jones really that bad in the outfield, for instance? Going forward, the O's do have the opportunity to improve their outfield defense from within without sacrificing much offense, if they can find a way to trade Mark Trumbo for a bad contract so that Mancini can move to DH. If Adam's outfield defense has really deteriorated that much, the O's may need to make a tough call when his contract expires and hope that Cedric Mullins can continue to develop.
  5. Time for Buck nd Dan to go

    Overall I'd say Buck and Dan saved this franchise. The O's were terrible for 14 straight years. Since they arrived we've made the playoffs 3 times in 6 years. They have made mistakes and I don't hesitate to criticize them when I think they are making a mistake, but I'm wrong in my judgments as often as I am right (I thought the Beckham trade was a mistake, for instance). I hope the O's can keep both of them.
  6. TT: Is this really the worst season of your fandom?

    Last night's loss crushed any lingering interest I had in this team--I probably will not watch them again until next spring. Nevertheless, this season has been nowhere near as bad as the dark age seasons of 1998-2011. I remember when we had Deivi Cruz and Jay Payton in the starting lineup. I remember when we kept running Russ Ortiz out to the mound even though he was getting hammered every time. I remember wave after wave of pitching prospects compiling impressive numbers in the minors and then failing or getting hurt in the majors--Matt Riley, Hayden Penn, Garrett Olson, Adam Loewen. I hope the franchise keeps Dan and Buck. We could do a lot worse. We HAVE done a lot worse.
  7. Trading Gausman at the low point of his value makes no sense. Keep him and hope he gets better. I like the idea of giving Castro a shot next year, but that leaves two bona fide major league starters to sign, and some AAA depth. Miley, Jimenez and Tillman should not get anything more than a minor league contract from this team.
  8. Austin Hays

    Rumor is that Seth Smith is hitting .260. However, nobody has actually ever seen him get a hit.
  9. Whatever else you want to say about this team, you cannot say that it lacks Oriole Magic. The Orioles are 12-2 in extra inning games, best in the majors. They are 20-15 in one run games, one of the best markes in the majors. Entering today they had a 7-63 record when trailing after 8 innings, meaning that they had won 10 percent of games when trailing after 8 innings. The league average is 5 percent, and no other recent Oriole team has come close to winning 10 percent of the time when trailing after 8 innings. So this team does all of the heroic things that a magical team should--it wins close games, it wins in extra innings, it wins coming from behind (sometimes way behind), it wins on walk off home runs and walk off singles. But overall the team is barely over .500, mostly because the starting pitching is terrible and puts the team in too many desperate situations early in games. Oriole Magic is fun to watch but I'd prefer to watch a team that was less magical and less mediocre.
  10. Kevin Gausman 2017

    I'm at work so I haven't seen any of the game. Was he throwing lots of center cut fastballs and hanging breaking balls, or were they hitting good pitches?
  11. Ryan Mountcastle in 2017

    If he can play 3B his value would be considerably higher, both inside and outside the organization. The O's may have an opening at 3B in the near future, while they have a log jam of players at corner outfield going forward. Nobody would expect him to excel at 3B right away, but if the scouts feel he has the physical tools to eventually be adequate at the position given enough reps, why not give him the chance to work at it?
  12. Austin Hays

    I think Duquette looked at what Rhys Hoskins and Cody Bellinger have done this season and figured that Hays might be able to do something similar--come into the league and start raking immediately. Ordinarily I might have said that the O's should save their 40 man roster spot until next Spring, but if you have a chance at the playoffs, you need to push your chips in, and I think that Hays is an improvement over Rickard/Gentry in RF. If he mashes, it could make the difference between making the playoffs and not. The O's starting pitching is terrible, and Austin Hays can't change that. But it is possible to win games with terrible starting pitching, if your hitters can bludgeon the baseball enough. I don't think any team has ever won a World Series just by out-pummeling the other team, but there's a first time for everything.
  13. Hope we don't get swept..

    Roy has the highest reverse jinx percentage in the majors this season. If ever we needed Roy to come through in the clutch, now's the time.
  14. Updates on Hunter Harvey

    2 runs in 3 IP? There goes the legend of Hunter Harvey, starting to unravel. We should have traded him last week when we had the chance.
  15. Dylan Bundy 2017

    Not too surprising that he tired in the 4th inning today, given that he threw 116 pitches in his last start and was on normal rest. He should bounce back for his next start. Of course, this would have been a nice game to have him at his best for.