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  1. Call me sentimental, but I hope the O's keep Cashner and Bundy, unless they can get a top 100 type prospect (which seems unlikely). I'm OK with the O's being the worst team in baseball this season. I'm even OK with them flirting with being 2003 Tigers bad or 1962 Mets bad, but I don't want to see them play like the 1899 Cleveland Spiders in the second half, and I think there's a real possibility things could get that bad if the team trades one or two of its remaining viable major league starters. It's bad enough having to start guys like Rogers, Gilmartin, Yacabonis and Ynoa three games out of five--the O's are getting clobbered almost every time one of them has to start. Now imagine having guys like that starting four games out of five, or more.
  2. Our seventh round draft pick, Johnny Rizer, had a special night tonight in Aberdeen. He only went 1 for 5, but the hit was a home run off a rehabbing Noah Syndergaard. I wish him the best in the coming years, but even if he never makes the major leagues, he'll be able to tell his grandkids that he hit a home run off Thor.
  3. I think McCoy should be promoted to Norfolk as soon as the Eastern League ASG is over. Not like we have any great MI prospects at Norfolk blocking him, and he's already 24 years old if I recall correctly.
  4. Ok, thanks for the clarification on that. So, a follow up question: would you rather sign this guy for slot (assuming that's what he's holding out for), or let him go and take someone else in the 3rd round next year?
  5. It looks like the O's have about $1 million to play with even if they sign Watson for slot. Would that be enough to get Pedersen?
  6. Serious question: would you rather sign this guy, or have him turn us down and use the savings to sign Pedersen or Zmarziak?
  7. Signing Gunnar Henderson used up the cap savings from rounds 4-10, but we will likely see some cap savings from Rutschman that can be used for late round overslots. Would Zmarziak be our top priority in that case?
  8. This is great news, and I'm surprised that he signed before Rutschman. I figured that some of the savings from Rutschman's contract would go towards signing Henderson.
  9. I agree, at some point it will make sense to spend some money. In my opinion, the right time to spend money is when you've got a core of young talent in place and you need a few veteran pieces to push the team into the playoffs. It will probably take 3 years for the O's to get to that point even in the best case scenario, because right now the only nuggets the O's have at the major league level are Mancini, Means and (hopefully) Severino.
  10. I did some digging around BB-Ref this morning, looking at teams with the worst records since 1900. The worst run differential I could find was the 1932 Red Sox, who were outscored by 349 runs. Next were the 2003 Tigers, with -337, followed by the original Mets with -331. So the O's definitely have a shot at winding up with the worst run differential since 1900, and seem almost certain to eclipse last year's mark of --270. At least it's something else to keep track of this summer, along with the HR allowed record.
  11. My point was that Elias is giving fringe guys like Means and Wilkerson a chance to play, whether they are inside or outside the organization, instead of signing "proven" veterans so that we can have a higher payroll and finish a few games closer to 4th place. I would rather see fringe guys trying to prove themselves, until we have enough real young talent to be competitive.
  12. I think Elias has done an admirable job finding minor league free agents, fringe prospects and other waiver wire types (both outside and inside the organization) who deserve a shot at the majors. Hanser Alberto, Dwight Smith, Pedro Severino, Rio Ruiz, John Means, Steve Wilkerson, Shawn Armstrong and Richie Martin are all examples of free talent that Elias has found. Some of them will turn out to be nuggets, most of them will not, but I'd rather see them than sign some mediocre 32 year old to a 2-year $8 million contract.
  13. Update: with his 3 HR allowed last night, Dan is now tied for the lead league in HR allowed with Mike Leake at 22. He's making the most of his chances. If this is the end of the road for Dan, at least he's going out on top.
  14. I admit it...the first time I heard this, I immediately thought of Marcia Brady saying "Oh my nose!"
  15. Time to bring in Zach Efron as a motivational speaker!
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