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  1. Three Run Homer

    Can the Orioles win 21 more games this season

    It's really sobering to think that winning two games a week consistently would be a major achievement for this team.
  2. Three Run Homer

    It might be a while before we see Mullins with the O's.

    I'm not sure if teams in danger of losing 100 games call up are allowed to call up players to use as pinch runners and defensive replacements.
  3. Three Run Homer

    26 Stranded runners in the last two games.

    Orioles are hitting .216 with RISP, which is 28th in MLB. Then again, they are hitting .227 overall, which is 29th in MLB! Trey Mancini is hitting .089 (4 for 45) with RISP. Might be a good idea to get him out of the middle of the lineup for now.
  4. Three Run Homer

    Does anybody REALLY care any more?

    To borrow from Elvis Costello: I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused. There was a point early in the season (maybe it was when we were 4-6) when I agonized over every loss and celebrated every win, like in previous seasons. Now when I tune in, I don't care much about wins or losses. I'm looking for a spark from younger players like Cisco and Mancini, and I'm morbidly curious about how bad Chris Davis' season can get. That's it. I'll get more interested once some more young players come up.
  5. Our best prospects going into the season (Mountcastle, Hays, Harvey) have been injured and/or ineffective, so this is not surprising. Some other guys have stepped up, and if they keep it up all year you might see them in an end-of-season top 100.
  6. Three Run Homer

    The next 6 weeks - trades better be coming

    I agree. Angelos was willing to trade Ponson, BJ Surhoff, Charles Johnson and others during the dark ages. He approved the Bedard trade. His track record is that he doesn't like to sell when his team is still on the fringes of contention, which is probably why he nixed the Britton trade last year. This year the O's are definitely not in contention. I think we will see multiple trades. Hopefully he will let Dan instead of Brady do the negotiating.
  7. Three Run Homer

    Is Chris Davis turning in the worst season in MLB history?

    The season is lost competitively, but by keeping Davis in the lineup, Buck is sending a message that the allocation of playing time depends only on salaries and loyalty, not on performance. I think that message is harmful to team morale and contributes to a lackadaisical attitude among the young players who need to have a fire lit under their butts, like Trey Mancini, Jonathan Schoop and Chance Sisco. I don't care if the O's win a single game for the rest of the season, but I want their young players to play better. I also want DJ Stewart or Ryan Mountcastle to have the opportunity to get playing time later in the season. Chris Davis is blocking those players.
  8. Three Run Homer

    Is Chris Davis turning in the worst season in MLB history?

    If his season ended today, he would have the worst OPS+ of any first baseman in baseball history with at least 205 PA in a single season. His quest for new depths of ignominy is one of the only reasons to keep paying attention to the O's.
  9. Three Run Homer

    Is Chris Davis turning in the worst season in MLB history?

    I think he's lost a lot of bat speed, to the point where he can't hit even an average major league fastball, and to compensate he's cheating/guessing on every pitch. He sees a lot of called strike threes down the middle of the plate because he predetermines that certain pitches are going to be a ball and that he won't swing, and he doesn't have the bat speed to adjust once his guess proves to be wrong. Unfortunately this is not something that adderal or hypnotherapy can fix. This is not just a slump; this is who Chris Davis is now, and the aging process does not run in reverse. This used to happen to most players in their early 30s; only the most physically gifted players could continue playing at a high level into their late 30s. During the steroid era, players were able to maintain their physical skills into their mid-to-late 30s. Now we have returned to the natural pattern of player aging.
  10. Three Run Homer

    Is Chris Davis turning in the worst season in MLB history?

    I think that anyone who does not understand that Buck Showalter is too loyal to underperforming veterans is obtuse. Chris Davis is still in the lineup for the same reason that Chris Tillman spent almost all of last year in the starting rotation. He was a good player once...Buck likes his guys and he sticks by his guys. Sometimes players stop being able to perform because their physical skills deteriorate. Buck is the last person on the planet who thought that Chris Tillman could still turn things around, and he will be the last person on the planet who thinks that Chris Davis could still turn things around.
  11. Three Run Homer

    Is Chris Davis turning in the worst season in MLB history?

    They O's may be stuck with him on the roster because Peter Angelos refuses to recognize a sunk cost, but that doesn't mean he has to play. If Buck can bury Hyun Soo Kim at the end of the bench, why can't he do the same with Chris Davis? He will stop getting regular playing time when the Orioles have a new manager, and not before that.
  12. Three Run Homer

    2018 3rd Rd (87) Blaine Knight - RHP-Arkansas

    Good value pick; hopefully they can use the money they save on picks 1 and 2 to sign this guy. A number 3 starter would be an excellent return on a 3rd round pick and it sounds like there is potential for more velocity.
  13. Three Run Homer

    Grateful for the (rare) win but Im amazed...

    In addition to the struggles of Mancini, Schoop and Davis, we've had a big dropoff at catcher and RF. Last year at catcher we had the Good Caleb and above average offense from Wellington Castillo. This year we've had Bad Caleb, Even Worse Andy and a struggling Chance Sisco. In right field, we've gone from a pretty good Seth Smith and the pretty good version of Craig Gentry to the "What the Hell Is This Guy Doing in the Majors" Gentry and "When Can We Option Him" Santander.
  14. Three Run Homer

    2018 MLB Draft Discussion

    You're right, my bad. I was confusing the 2016 draft with the 2015 (DJ Stewart) draft, which I think was a reaction to how badly the O's were hurting for decent corner bats that season.
  15. Three Run Homer

    2018 MLB Draft Discussion

    Sometimes it seems that the O's use their drafts to fight the last war. In 2015, the O's missed the playoffs partly because they had horrible production from their corner OFs, so in the next draft they focused on bats. In 2017 the O's missed the playoffs because they had bad starting pitching, so this year they are focusing on pitchers.