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  1. The Delmarva Shorebirds are 12-2 and most of their starting pitchers have insanely good K/IP ratios, including Grayson Rodriguez. I'm spending more time on milb.com than mlb.com these days.
  2. I bet the insurance money wouldn't kick in if Davis was hurt while pitching.
  3. Moving the fences back wouldn't make the pitching better, of course, but it would probably help the O's win some more home games. This edition of the Orioles is a particularly bad fit for this ballpark--a lineup that has more speed than power and a pitching staff that gives up a lot of flyballs.
  4. I'm not ready to give up on Cedric Mullins yet, but I'd much rather see DJ Stewart playing for the O's than Joey Rickard.
  5. I don't see how we WON'T break that record. Camden Yards is a homer haven, they play 19 games against the Red Sox and 19 games against the Yankees, and their staff is full of mediocre-to-awful flyball-type pitchers.
  6. I agree on best offense. Defensively, are we better with Alberto at 2B and Villar at SS than with Villar at 2B and Martin at SS?
  7. True. He'll get one of those balls to fall in soon.
  8. If Richie Martin keeps hitting like he has so far, won't the O's wish they had kept Jackson? I don't understand why you would let an interesting prospect go like this when you have so many bad pitchers that you could cut loose.
  9. Now 0 for 14 with 8 strikeouts. But he can take heart from the fact that Scott Schebler (CIN) and Danny Palka (CHW) are 0-for-17, while Mikie Mahtook (DET) is 0-for-16.
  10. I hope we have some veteran pieces who are playing well enough to trade by midseason.
  11. Everything is more exciting if you put an exclamation point after it. I'm going to eat a hot dog!
  12. If we're going to take a flyer on an unsigned veteran pitcher I'd rather do it on someone who has more upside risk, like Ervin Santana or Clay Buchholz. If they work out, then you can flip them at the them at the deadline. Shields is a more reliable mediocre innings eater, but what's the point? He is what he is; he might help you win 65 games instead of 63. You can find minor league veteran types who can start games for you if you want to protect your real prospects (and we've already gotten some of those).
  13. The O's aren't going to contend in 2019, but that doesn't mean they should force-feed players like Hays and (I would argue) Cisco and Stewart, who haven't proven that they can hit AA and/or AAA pitching. I don't think it helps a player's long term development to throw him into the deep end of the pool when he's not ready to swim yet. I'm fine with Mullins and Nunez being everyday players in 2018, and we'd might as well give substantial playing time at 2B or SS to Ricky Martin and/or Drew Jackson, since they have to be on the MLB roster anyway. For C and corner OF, I'd sign some cheap free agents and then use them as trade bait if they play well and/or if some upper level prospects establish that they are ready for the majors.
  14. I'm pleased with this hire. They could have hired some retread like Ned Coletti--that's what many were predicting a month ago. Instead they took a chance on a young person from an outstanding organization who seems to have progressive ideas on how to run a club.
  15. I can defend trading useful players to get international slot money. I can defend not wanting to outbid the Marlins or the Rays considering what they wound up paying for VVM and Gaston. But I can't defend trading useful players to get international slot money, AND THEN not being willing to outbid the Marlins or the Rays to get VVM or Gaston. Why make international slot money a centerpiece of your trade deadline strategy if you weren't willing to spend that money to get international players? Just complete organizational incompetence.
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