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  1. This may be the only way for the Orioles to get out from under Chris Davis' contract, so I'm all for it.
  2. Three Run Homer

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    Don't forget Jace Peterson! 😲
  3. Three Run Homer

    Are You Happy

    I voted no. I was excited to see that we had traded Gausman and Schoop because I thought it makes sense to rebuild from the ground up and I thought we would get back some good propsects. That could still be the outcome, but I'm more than underwhelmed by what we got back. In my opinion, Dillon Tate, Yusniel Diaz and Dean Kremer are better prospects than any of the players we got today.
  4. Three Run Homer

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    I'd love to see the O's sign VVM, but did they have to make this trade to make that happen? They already had more slot money than anyone else to throw around. Getting $2.5 million more in bonus money seems like overkill. Encarnacion seems to have the highest ceiling of the guys we got, but a 13/100 K/BB ratio in the Sally League is a major red flag for me. How many players have succeeded in the major leagues who had such an awful approach at this stage of their careers? It's hard enough to project guys who have great numbers in the minors--lots of them never pan out. Aren't the odds even longer when you try to project guys who have major warts in their track record? Not impressed by either of today's trades. Very disappointing after the excellent returns we got for Manny and Zach. Why make a trade just to make a trade?
  5. Three Run Homer

    Grade the Schoop Deal

    I gave it a D. I would like someone to explain why Ortiz is considered a top prospect when he has a 3.77 ERA in his third season at AA. I'm old enough to remember when we had a supposedly great pitching prospect named Chris Fussell in the late 1990s. Everyone on the O's talked about how great his stuff was, but he never had great results in the minor leagues, and he never amounted to anything in the majors either. At some point results matter. If Ortiz' stuff is so great, why can't he dominate in his third season at AA? Carmona is another case when the scouting reports say one thing and the numbers say another. A good prospect shouldn't be hitting .236 in the Pioneer League.
  6. Three Run Homer

    Orioles Deal Gausman/O'Day to Braves - Schoop to Brewers

    Who are we going to spend all this money on? It's not going to take that kind of money to sign VVM, and most of the other top international prospects are already signed, aren't they?
  7. Three Run Homer

    Orioles Deal Gausman/O'Day to Braves - Schoop to Brewers

    My initial impression is that I don't like any of the players we got in either of these trades. Luis Ortiz was a first round pick a few years ago but he is mediocre in his third try at the Southern League. Jonathan Villar is filler. Jean Carmona is young but he is struggling to hit in the Pioneer League. Brett Cumberland was a second round pick a couple of years ago but can't hit .250 in the low minors. Jean Encarnacion has a 13/100 BB/K ratio in the low minors. Brett Zimmerman is a former fifth round pick; good K/IP and ERA at A/AA but lots of walks. Evan Phillips looks like a major league ready bullpen guy, so that's fine. I don't think any of these guys deserve to be in our top 10. Maybe Ortiz, on stuff/reputation alone, but the results are not there and results matter. I was very impressed by what DD was able to bring back for Machado and Britton. These trades just seem like salary dumps or making moves for the sake of making moves. If the value wasn't there, they shouldn't have pulled the trigger. I think we got fleeced, big time.
  8. Three Run Homer

    Brewers- It's On

    I was surprised by this at first, but Happ is a pure rental and he's not having a great season.
  9. Three Run Homer

    The Curious Case of Hunter Harvey

    Don't deal with the devil, son. You'll regret it.
  10. Three Run Homer

    Rebuild: Keep One

    Might as well keep Mancini and Sisco and hope they can improve. It's pretty sobering to realize that the Orioles don't have anyone in their entire organization right now who has the upside of being a superstar. Yusniel Diaz is probably our top prospect, and his upside is that he'll be the next Nick Markakis, which is a good thing, but you can't contend if your best player is Nick Markakis. We'll get some bites at that apple in the next few years when we will get multiple top 5 overall picks.
  11. Three Run Homer

    Zach Britton Appreciation Thread

    My favorite Zach Britton memory is from Game 3 of the 2014 ALDS. The O's entered the 9th with a 2-0 lead. Britton uncharacteristically gave up back to back doubles to Victor and J.D. Martinez, leaving the Tigers down 2-1 with a man on 2nd and nobody out. After a strikeout, Buck intentionally walked Nick Castellanos, going against the unwritten rule of never putting the winning run on base. Britton rewarded the strategy by getting Hernan Perez to hit into a game ending double play. That was Britton at his best--he was such a ground ball machine that Buck assumed that he'd be able to get a GIDP.
  12. Three Run Homer

    How do you rate the return on the Britton trade?

    I think Tate has more upside than Moran. I don't know what else the Astros offered, of course.
  13. Three Run Homer

    TT: A quick look at three pitchers acquired for Britton

    I like the trade. Tate is now our best pitching prospect in the high minors, in my opinion. Carroll is as promising as any reliever in our system. If this is Dan Duquette's final season with the organization, he is leaving behind a solid legacy of building blocks for the future.
  14. Three Run Homer

    Britton Trade Expectations

    Just based on their stats, there's nothing about Albert Abreu or Chance Adams that would pique my interest.