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  1. Vargas to the Mets :(

    Not upset about this. Cashner has a better arm and better stuff than Vargas.
  2. Cashner signing

    If Cashner pitches to last year's FIP (4.61) for the next 2 years and stays healthy, he's worth the money. There's also the possibility that he's better than his peripheral stats indicate. It's not like he lost a lot of velocity on his fastball last year. I'd rather have Arietta or Cobb but I'm ok with Cashner being part of the five man rotation.
  3. Where is the starter market? Where are the O's?

    I'm sure whatever move the O's make, some of us will think it is shtoopid.
  4. We Couldn't Match for Colon?

    Chris Tillman has a better chance than Bartolo Colon of pitching well this season. Not that Chris Tillman has a very good chance.
  5. Orioles Lifers Anonymous

    What I want is for the O's to pick a direction. If they want to make a push for this year, then they need to pony up the money to sign two frontline starting pitchers--pitchers who are as good as or better than Bundy and Gausman (Cobb/Lynn/Darvish/Arietta). If they aren't willing to spend what it takes to make this team competitive in 2018, then they need to go all in on rebuilding, which means trading Machado, Jones, and Brach, and at least shopping younger established players like Schoop who have limited years left of team control. I would also shop Mancini, only because the O's have a lot of good hitters with defensive limitations in their farm system. I would be content to see Cortes, Castro and Mesa in the opening rotation (Harvey needs more time in the minors IMO), as long as the O's are firmly committed to rebuilding. But if they open the season with rule V picks or bargain basement/mediocre free agents in the rotation AND with Machado, Jones and Brach still on the team, then that would mean that they had chosen the muddled middle of hoping to contend without committing sufficient resources, which is unlikely to work out in the short term or the long term.
  6. Manny Machado Appreciation Thread

    I cherish the fact that I was at this game and got to see this legendary play.
  7. Don't overlook an orchid while looking for a rose

    I think the headline of this article is misleading. I don't think the author is trying to argue that AM is a minor adjustment away from being an ace--more like he could be much more effective with a minor adjustment.
  8. Duquette says he wants to stay

    I don't understand Dan or Buck's status. Both of them have been here a while, and both had a substantial track record before coming here. Peter Angelos has had plenty of time to evaluate them. Either extend them, fire them or have them announce their intent to retire after this season if that is their preference. Why the uncertainty?
  9. State of Overall Fandom

    I think the Terps are looking pretty good for next season...all of their best players are freshmen or sophomores, Justin Jackson and Bruno Fernando will have a chance to get healthy over the offseason, and they have some good recruits. Sorry I can't be more optimistic about the O's or Ravens!
  10. Adam Jones Speaking out on Twitter.

    If the O's are willing to spend the resources (including re-signing Machado) to stay in contention for the next few years, then it would be great to keep AJ, preferably as a corner OF. But if 2018 is the last roundup for this group of players, to be followed by a few years in the wilderness, then there isn't much point in resigning him, and he would probably be happier playing on a contending team.
  11. Decision Checklist for the Orioles

    Occam's Razor tells me that this is what's happening: Ownership has told Dan that he cannot trade Adam Jones or Manny Machado, and also that cannot sign any starting pitcher for more than three years, or any starting pitcher with questionable medicals. Dan's job is to try to build the best starting rotation he can to contend in 2018 given those constraints. In other words, we are heading for 4th place and for Manny leaving for a draft pick. We'll probably resign Adam Jones, since Angelos loves old, overpaid players.
  12. How long before the O's convert Brad Brach to a starter?

    It's not news to the O's that Brach has 3 good pitches. They must have concluded that Brach lacks the stamina to maintain his stuff for 5+ innings. Maybe some organizations would look at Brach and contemplate giving him the chance to start, but since we have never heard a peep from the Orioles about trying this, it's evident that they will not.
  13. SP Openings Across MLB

    You don't think that they would contend if they signed Arietta, Darvish and Cobb to go with Gausman and Bundy?
  14. Slow Offseason around MLB

    Pirates are committed to rebuilding with their trades of Cole and McCutchen. They haven't gotten blue chip prospects back, but they have gotten some controllable assets that are likely to contribute at the major league level at a low cost for several seasons. It's not necessarily the direction that the O's should go in, but it is a direction. Currently the O's do not seem to have one.
  15. MGon Signs with ChiSox

    I would be content with this rotation, if the O's made a serious commitment to rebuilding and traded Manny and Adam.