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  1. I don't think we see Mountcastle or Diaz this season but I think there is a good chance to see Hays. They would have to keep him in the minors for 49 days in 2020 to get a extra year. If he gets healthy and is hitting after 49 days into this season I think he could be promoted.
  2. Any bets on whether he gets through waivers?
  3. Its service time. If you don't see the comparison that is fine. I do.
  4. After hitting for an OPS of 1.010 at AA/AAA in 2013, Luhnow sent Springer to AAA for 13 games in 2014 before calling him up. He was ranked as the 37th best prospect in baseball pre 2013 and the 18th best pre 2014 and he did make the majors until the Astros could control for almost 7 years.
  5. I don't think we will see Mountcastle in the majors until 16 days into the 2020 season.
  6. Its taken a while but with the help of Enjoy Terror I think I have come to terms with the Ynoa not Ramirez move. Two points: 1) Elias is big on players fully developing in the minors. 2) Elias is likely to trade veteran players in July. So here is what I think the motivation is for the Elias moves: Ramirez currently has 17 starts at AAA over 2 years. His ERA in those starts are 3.24. This is after he went 15-3 with a 3.47 ERA at AA. I think Elias sees him as a starter at the major league level in the near future. Probably after he gets 24 or 25 starts at AAA and completes his development. Ynoa has 49 starts at AAA. He probably has developed as much as he can there. And although he was not pitching as well as Ramirez at AAA he was best choice in terms of development when they decided to DFA Wright. I think Elias fully expects to try to trade his veteran starters in July. Cobb, Cashner and Straily could all go. Elias will need replacements. Bundy (26), Means (26), Hess (25) may remain. Ramirez (25) and Ynoa (26) may fill those rotation spots. So maybe at least the move for Ynoa and the non move of Ramirez were not so stupid. What was stupid was it took a while for me to understand. If in deed I do.
  7. If he passed through waiver and goes to Norfolk and the figure out how to make him better, then maybe. But I doubt they can improve him.
  8. Ramirez is not a young starter. He is 25. Ynoa and Means are 26. One year shouldn't make that much difference. I guess saying they want to keep Ramirez starting each 5 days as some merit. But not if they are trying to win.
  9. So back to the original statement. Why would the O's call up what you term as a "Org Filler" who is not pitching well instead of Ramirez who is pitching well?
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