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  1. R.A. Dickey?

    He would not be my first choice. Looks like someone that the O's would settle for in February if they can't find better.
  2. I think the O's will protect Liranzo and maybe Crichton but if they need 40 man roster slots later in the off season they could be DFA'd. Wright is a big question mark to me. I think the O's will like to give him a chance in ST but he is on the bubble.
  3. I always have a problem with the answer to this question. I overestimate. So I want to hear from you. Here are some candidates: 1) Hunter Harvey - No brainer 2) Davis Hess - O's are desperate for starters and he was one of their best at AA. 3) Lucas Long - Swingman at Bowie has potential to be the same in the majors. 4) Austin Wynns - Pena just opted for minor league free agency making Wynns the third catcher in the O's organization if Castillo opts out 5) Steve Wilkerson - Utility man doing well in the AZ fall league. 6) Luis Gonzalez - This guy was not even on my radar. But in the AZ league he is pitching well and he is a lefty reliever with good stuff who had a good year at Frederick. He could get claimed. 7) John Means - Lefty starter at Bowie last year. Lefty starters are hard to come by. Two guys that I have had on my list but you guys have talked me out of are: Matt Wotherspoon - Who was effective at AAA last year but is not a hard throwing reliever. Acquired is international slot money. Ademar Rifaela - MVP of the Carolina League. But you are telling me that he would never last a whole year in the majors if picked. Here is what Steve Melewski has to say about it. http://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2017/10/os-list-of-rule-5-eligible-players-includes-pitcher-pat-connaughton.html So right now I am at 7. What do you think?
  4. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    Sign Addison Reed and Tommy Hunter than move Brach and Castro to starters.
  5. I think he begins next year at Norfolk. Depending on how he does he could gets some starts with the O's next year.
  6. Mike Maddux for pitching coach?

    Tampa's former pitching coach will probably be hired by Madden in Chicago. That is probably why Bosio was let go.
  7. I think the O's will keep Hess as a starter until he proves he can't be.
  8. I think there is a good chance to see Wynns in the majors at some point next year.
  9. Harvey probably begins the year in Frederick. If he pitches well he could move up to AA in a month. If he does well for the Baysox he could jump to the majors.
  10. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    In their prime Elvin could probably have been another David Winfield. And Bob as the fastest man alive would have made a great CFer.
  11. Wilkerson can help as the Utility Infielder

    The greatest need for a UIF is at SS. Beckham has never started more than 128 game at SS. And he is a high error shortstop projected to have over 20 errors and may many more. 2B and 3B has going to have players that play 150 games and maybe 160. So the UIF should be a SS that can be a defensive replacement for Beckham and also play a month as a starter at SS in case of injury to Beckham. Cost is also a consideration because the O's need to put as much money as they can into starting pitching. Hardy maybe a good option as far as defense if he wants the job. But his cost may be prohibitive if other teams offer him a decent salary. Flaherty is not the best SS but passable. His 1.8m salary of last year is a little high. Maybe there is someone else out there that may be better. I don't think the O's are going to spend a lot on a UIF.
  12. Dan Connolly: Orioles Must Be Willing To Make A Trade

    Well if his defense is as good as it was in the 2nd half for the whole year........would be better for the whole year. I see no reason his offense should decrease.
  13. Cots Contracts moves to subscription only

    I don't know for sure because I can't get in to the site far enough to figure it out. But my guess is that its for every thing in BP.
  14. Dan Connolly: Orioles Must Be Willing To Make A Trade

    He could be better next year. He could get over 600 at bats and with a years experience in the outfield be better defensively.
  15. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    That is what you expect but what do the Pirates expect? They get Marte back for the whole year. If they keep McCutchen then they are going for it. If they trade him they are not.IMO. Its nice that you are really high on Glasnow but until he does pitch well in the majors he is still an unproven player at that level. I kind of doubt the Pirates trade starting pitching to make room for him this off season. Maybe for other reasons but not to make room for Glasnow or Brault.