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  1. I have said that I think the O's should hold out for two top 100 prospects for Mancini. Failing that I would keep him. No extension required at this time.
  2. Cashner could cost 5.85m for the last two months on 2019 if bonuses are considered.
  3. I'd actually enjoy see the Yanks/Sox/Rays/Jays if the O's were beaten them.
  4. Hey, the contender that wants him bad enough to pay him will probably to need to get everything they can from him.
  5. If Cashner pitches at least 20 starts and 175 innings and is traded on July 31st he will make 2.7m in salary his last two months and 3.15m in bonuses. That is 5.85m for two months of Cashner. I think the O's will have to send cash with him.
  6. Yes, better choice than Davis but we don't know how much it would have cost. Manny was never going to come cheap.
  7. I have no idea why you posted that in response to this post. I said bonuses not option year.
  8. Maybe a starting point but not the ending point. Rumors were that he and Harper where going to get 400m. Very hard for him to sign for less when two years back the Yankees where thought to want him.
  9. O's are going to have to throw in some cash to trade him. Its not only his salary. He can earn millions in bonuses if he stays healthy.
  10. I guess Manny still doesn't understand the business reality that the O's were never going to be able to afford 10/300.
  11. Wotherspoon may not be with the O's very long. I would think that Eshelman will get the call soon as a starter. He is not on the 40 man so someone has to go to make room. Wotherspoon or Gilmartion should be the candidates to be DFA'd. I think the O's just needed an arm that could pitch today and Eshelman just pitched a couple of days ago.
  12. Scott is 24. If you know how Scott will be in the future you are probably better at seeing the future than Mike Elias. O's management is not playing for today. They are playing for what players can become. Some will make it, Some will not. Scott has a chance to be good in the future if he can find his command. I am sure he is getting a lot of help from the coaches in the effort to establish him in major leagues.
  13. Scott and Kline were pitching on 4 hours sleep last night because of the travel to the west coast. I hope they are better next time out.
  14. Not the bottom yet. If Elias trades Cashner and Mancini it could get worse. And in Henderson goes to Auburn that may feel like its closer to the bottom.
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