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  1. No, not yet.
  2. FA pitchers are not signing with the O's. They have the choice not to pitch in Camden Yards.
  3. In the OP I pointed out the 6 things I think need to be done prior to the July 31 trade deadline. If the O's did those things that would be a very agressive approach. In reality the O's will probably not accomplish those 6 items in that timeframe. I would see where the O's are after executing those items. Who did they get back for Britton? Is Manny staying or going. And if he goes who do the O's get back. Are Buck and Dan extending. These are keys to the future. Once those items are known then Davis is really on off season issue on whether the stays or goes. With Trumbo numbers being what they are does any one want him? And does Jones want to stay? i think that depend on what happens with the item mentioned above. There are a lot of issues that need to be thought through. The first group IMO are the ones I mentioned. Mostly because of the value that Britton and Manny can bring back with two pennant races left to go through. The other O's players in this group are free agents after the season. So the time to act on them is now if the O's want to get anything at all for them.
  4. But the way it works is that even though every player is available for the right price, the team that has players they would prefer to keep makes the asking price so high that no team would pay it.
  5. The O's are 13-27 since May 10th. If the keep losing at this rate they will be more than 5 games out probably in the next 10 days. Certainly by the All-Star break. In the last 5 years they have not been in this situation. They may be buyers today but they will probably be sellers in the near future. And the O's have been seller before. In 2011 they sold Koji Uehara to the Ranger for Chris Davis and Tommy Hunter at the trade deadline.
  6. The red Sox have announced the Fister is starting for them on Sunday according to their website.
  7. Don't think so. His contract status is a lot like Bourn's was with the O's. Signed to a minor league contract with the agreement that if he made the majors he would make a major league salary. He was put on released waivers from AAA which means he never made it to the majors; He was put on minor league waivers. Boston claimed him so they can agree to send him to AAA if his contract allows or they can add him to the major league roster. That is the way I understand it.
  8. If the O's don't fix their starting pitching they won't have to worry about their hitting. Tillman did pretty well for years with the O's. They didn't draft him but they developed him.
  9. Yes, I am selfish. I want to see Kevin win 20 games one year of the O's instead of teamX. Get him a pitching coach that can get what is inside him to become reality. It worked for Arrieta. Adair and others didn't do him any favors. The Cubs did. Is time the O's found a coach that can help Kevn reach his potential.
  10. Kevin had the command to go 8-6, 3.10. with 92 strikeouts in 93.2 innings and a 1.26 WHIP in the 2nd half last year. The talent is in there. Somehow the O's need to find a way to consistently get it out.
  11. Very hard to trade for someone that has more potential than Gausman. Yes, Kevin is responsible for his own development. But you could say the same thing about Arrieta. In Arrieta case he took off when the Cubs told him to do it his way. I have no idea what advice Kevin is getting and how much of it he is following. I expect him to be a big winner sooner or later.
  12. I will not go there yet. The O's have about 75m coming off the books which is reload money. That is in addition to what they get back from trades. The 75m includes the salaries of Hardy, Jimenez, Miley, Tillman, Britton, Kim, Flaherty, Jackson, Nuno, and Gentry. It does not include what happens with Manny and Castillo.
  13. Got to move starting pitching to the top of any plan.
  14. Trade him an he turns into Arrieta for someone else. He has ability. The O's need to find a pitching coach that can get Gausman to pitch like he did in the 2nd half of 2016.
  15. And they will be pretty soon with this starting staff.