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  1. wildcard

    The heir apparent O's owner

    The more I read about the Ilitch trust the more interesting it gets. As part on Mike Ilitch's estate planning he placed the team and his other holding into a family trust. Once that was done the team was owned by the trust. So when he died there was no change of ownership. The trust continues as the owner of the Tigers. As far as I can tell there was no vote by the MLB owners on the transfer of ownership because there was no transfer on ownership at Mike Ilitch's death. So if Peter puts the Orioles into a family trust the O's will be owned by the trust. When Peter passed there will be no change of ownership. And there should be no vote required by the MLB owners. All this avoids estate taxes because there is not selling of the team. Since estate planning and the development of a trust is a private matter the O's could already be in a trust and it would not be public knowledge.
  2. wildcard

    The heir apparent O's owner

    But does it set a precedent?
  3. wildcard

    The heir apparent O's owner

    The Detroit Tigers are owned by a trust that is the name of the Ilitch Family. The wife gets a steady income and the Tigers are run by the CEO and President which in the son.
  4. wildcard

    The heir apparent O's owner

    Maybe the Detroit Tigers are a good model for the transfer of the team to a trust. Good article: http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20170218/NEWS/170219847/who-owns-the-tigers-family-plan-is-a-matter-of-trust
  5. wildcard

    Now that the dust has settled

    Its been tried. Tampa tried to make Beckham a UIF. He didn't want to do it. It failed. I don't see how a poor defensive player moving around the infield is going to help the team.
  6. wildcard

    The heir apparent O's owner

    I think Peter owns at least 51% of the Orioles so the minority owners don't have much say. MASN is probably a separate entity. His law firm is also a different entity. His investment are probably separate. He is worth 2.1B according to Wikipedia. Don't know how accurate that is. I think Peter could leave controlling interest to his wife to avoid estate taxes but stipulate that that sons run different entities of the businesses. That is compete speculation on my part. Getting MLB to approve the transfer under the terms in Peter's will may be dicey. But his law firm could be in the middle of that approval.
  7. wildcard

    Now that the dust has settled

    Its hard to know what will happen next year without Buck being an Oriole. It look like the O's have at least two 100 loss seasons after this year. I don't see Buck sticking around for that. It will be his choice to leave no matter what he says to keep moral up during the season. 1) I seriously doubt the O's eat Davis contract this off season or next year. 2) Beckham had a hot month with the bat last season but fell back in September. I think the odds are he is non tendered but the jury is still out. His defense at SS has been wholly unacceptable. 3) I think Mancini stays in LF until Hays, Diaz or McKenna push him out. I guess they could play Trumbo in right and let Mancini DH with Rickard in left. The O's have to hope that Hays and Diaz turn into major leaguers. 4) I pretty much agree on the catching except to say that Sisco is 23 and still has two years to prove he is a major leaguer. 5) Who is the GM this off season? Duquette will not get more than a one year extension if he gets that. I could see John Angelos turning to Brady and Brian Graham to run the rebuild. Its will be someone cheap. 6) No matter who it is ownership's decision is to run the payroll into the dirt. Cashner, Cobb, Trumbo, Givens all gone as soon they can find a deal they like. It doesn't even have to be a good deal if the Gausman deal is the model. Whether that is this off season or July or sometime later. I don't think Bundy is safe either. 7) Looks to me like tearing it to the ground means a 5 year rebuild to contention.
  8. wildcard

    Dan to Roch: Possible September Call Ups

    I agree its questionable that they can move Cobb. Trumbo and Cashner this off season but they will try. The O's will be glad to go with Bundy and a bunch of rookies(if they keep Bundy) There will be a lot of shuttling with Norfolk. Look at all the young pitchers the O's will be trying out next season. Starters: (11) Bundy, Cobb, Cashner, Ramirez, Hess, Yacabonis, Means, Harvey, Tate, Rogers, Ortiz Relievers:(13) Givens, Castro, Scott, Wright, Bleier, Meisinger, Fry, Araujo, Kline, Luis Gonzalez, Carroll, Phillips, Flaa
  9. wildcard

    Our Guys Have Been Horrible For Other Teams.

    If Gausman keep his 2.77 ERA and 1.08 WHIP the rest on the year Braves fans will be very happy.
  10. wildcard

    Dan to Roch: Possible September Call Ups

    90-100m? Doubt it. I think they try to trade anyone that is make money this off season. Cobb, Cashner, Givens , Trumbo if they can find a buyer. The Gausman/O'Day salary dump signaled to me that they are going as low as they can get.
  11. wildcard

    Dan to Roch: Possible September Call Ups

    It will be interesting to see how much Villar plays SS the reason of the season. I think we will see him there pretty often especially after Wilkerson is activated.
  12. wildcard

    Dan to Roch: Possible September Call Ups

    The O's 40 man roster is at 38. Other space could be made by DFAing any of the following players: Gilmartin, Hart, Marinez, Susac, Vielma, Gentry
  13. wildcard

    The heir apparent O's owner

    I can list who the investor were. I don't know the current status: Tom Clancy's wife, Wanda King, Harvey Meyerhoff, David Bernstein, Edward Brush, Barry Levinson, Roger Blunt, Pam Shiver, William Beatson, Alfred Tyler II, George Stamas, James Riepe, John Laporta, Wayne Gioiose Sr, Jack Dunn IV
  14. wildcard

    The heir apparent O's owner

    Georgia K Angelos. (76) Peter's wife. Please tell me why she does not inherit the O's? Of course Peter's will would have to state that she inherits but there would be no inheirtance tax. Her boys can run the team. https://www.mylife.com/georgia-angelos/georgiakangelos Why do I not read anything about her being the owner if Peter passes?
  15. wildcard

    To Mountcastle or to not Mountcastle...

    Probably Villar. With Wilkerson or Valera playing 2B. I doubt the O's spend much to bring in a SS from FA. O's will probably put Givens, Cobb, Cashner and Trumbo on the trade market this winter to see what they can get back. They may find a SS there.