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  1. wildcard


    What I saw today was the stark difference between Buck and Brandon. Buck always seem comfortable in the manager's role. He should be. It was his third ML gig. Brandon seems very, very grateful for the opportunity. He speaks well. Sound like he will give it his all. He will be on the same page as the GM. Mike Elias is much smoother than Dan Duquette. Buck is much smoother than Brandon. Listening to Brandon it hit me how far the O's have to go. I knew it but the interview made it real. I think Brandon will do well in being patient, teaching, managing the young players and keeping in step with the front office and the analytics department. I look forward to seeing who his coaches will be. And how the team comes together in ST.
  2. wildcard

    Will the Orioles be better in 2019 than 2018?

    After the O's win the 2024 World Series I hope we can look back and say that the 2019 O's system had DL Hall Grayson Rodriguez, Austin Hays, Yusneil Diaz, Dean Kremer, Ryan McKenna and Zach Pop on it with the same amount of positive meaning.
  3. Hays and Diaz should be ready in the next year. Reddick would block them at an expensive price. It does not look like a match even if the Astros would take Trumbo (which probably will not with him coming off a down year.) JMO. The outfielder the O's are looking for probably comes much cheaper.
  4. I still think Elias is in payroll cutting mode. I can't see him acquiring Reddick.
  5. wildcard

    Will the Orioles be better in 2019 than 2018?

    If the O's are 10 games back in the Wild Card race by July (which they probably will be) I expect a sell off. Cobb, Cashner, Villar, Givens Trumbo and Bleier all gone. They could lose a lot the last two months. So I would say the record may be close to the same but they will be more interesting to follow with the young players that will be joining the team. Hays, Diaz, Kremer, Akin, Kline, Mountcastle.
  6. I have looked at his day to day results. I see your point(s). You seem to be right. Hitting the wall was ugly but probably not the cause of his offensive problem in the 1st half.
  7. wildcard

    A few roster thoughts

    Mullins hit 264/319/432/751 vs righties; 156/296/156/457 vs lefties. He is a platoon candidate.
  8. Where did I say that the injury didn't affect his offense? A player hits a wall its tends to affect his whole game. Don't confuse the fact the Mancini kept playing with whether its affect his game. Mancini was hitting to a 771 OPS on April 20th. In May his OPS was 597.
  9. You know better than than that. We both have watched Adam play on one leg. Hit on one leg and it did effect his range but it didn't keep him from going out there day after day.
  10. I thought we were talking about defensive range. Hitting is one thing. Defense is another.
  11. Take a look at this and think how long this would affect you. April 20, 2018. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/news/trey-mancini-day-to-day-with-injured-knee/c-273130894 If this does not happen in 2019 maybe he can be better.
  12. wildcard

    Top Five

    Frank and Brooks are 1 and 2 for me. The argument is in which order.
  13. I can agree with all this but the last line. There is a lot wrong wth Fangraphs. Just like there was in 2014 with Jones and Markakis.
  14. I have made no comment on Statcast. I sighted something I found in Fangraphs. I said "what am I missing". You guys pointed out that UZR does not reflect Mancini defense. OK. I can agree with that. UZR is still worthless.
  15. Yes and so far this thread shows the same thing. UZR and advance defensive stats suck. I remember in 2014 Jones and Markakis were playing well in CF and RF but the advance stats almost always said they played like dodo. It was the defensive stats that were dodo. Now in this thread what you guys are really telling me is that Fangraphs takes a bunch of data and spits out UZR numbers that does not reflect what Mancini is doing on the field. Just another pile from for Fangraphs.