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  1. wildcard

    Orioles Sign Alicides Escobar to MiL Deal

    Jackson's arm and speed is plus. His fielding is above average. His bat is below average. Martin's arm and fielding are plus. Speed is above average. Hitting is below average.
  2. wildcard

    Orioles Sign Alicides Escobar to MiL Deal

    I am not penciling Escobar in as the starting SS. He will have to earn it in ST. And Martin also has competition from Jackson and Alberto. Its going to interesting.
  3. wildcard

    Orioles Sign Alicides Escobar to MiL Deal

    Escobar has lost a lot of range over the years. He is 32. Nice to have in camp but I think its hard for him to make the team as a starter. I will be interested to see if he has an out if he is sent to AAA.
  4. Tony, Love these chats. You look much more comfortable sitting instead of standing. I think Terry and you play off of each other very well. The two of you are much more interesting then the skype chats that you did before. I think being current is going to be important going forward. Not being current on Karns, Kremer's injury, Trumbo seems more likely to begin the season with the O's than a week ago and that the O's have said that they will keep as many pitchers starters as they can for now makes the chat feel a little dated. If there is a way to do the chat and make them more current that would be even better than they are now. Few content comments: 1) I agree with 90% of what you said. 2) I liked your point above Perez and Sucre being Elias guys. Who knows whether Sucre makes it to ST and when but I think you are right the Perez gets a little edge in the competition because Elias brought him in. 3) Bundy - Anyone is tradable for the right offer. But ideally I don't see Bundy being traded unless they are blown away in a trade in July. Cobb and Cashner, yes. Bundy they need someone to pitch the rest of the season. Trading three starters is a little much at one trade deadline. Bundy can be traded over the winter or next July. 4) Analytics is the current buzz. Cameras everywhere. Just didn't come across as strongly as I thought it could have. 5) Agree on Hay, Diaz and McKenna not starting their clocks early in the season. 6) JMO but Kline may win a spot in the pen in ST. He is 27 , talented and finally healthy.
  5. Thanks for the correction. The MLBTR article that I included with the OP didn't say it was a minor league contract.
  6. wildcard

    Interesting FAs

    No exactly.
  7. wildcard

    Interesting FAs

    Elias has made it pretty clear that the Astros are the model. There will not do everything that the Astros did but they will follow their approach a lot.
  8. wildcard

    Interesting FAs

    We know Jeff Luhnow kept George Springer in the minors until he had spent a full season at AA/AAA at age 25. And that is the model.
  9. wildcard

    Interesting FAs

    I agree with most of this. I could have written some of it. Stewart and Jones can't platoon because Jones would get about 200 at bats. Stewart is not a right fielder. He belongs in left whenever that position opens up. Jones would be in right because he is better there than Rickard, Stewart or Yaz there when considering offense and defense. Why is it important to be better. Because the O's want their pitching to be better. So some of the pitchers can be traded and some of them will get better for the O's. Jones helps do that. Especially with Mancini's limited range in left. They need more range and arm in right.
  10. wildcard

    Interesting FAs

    What young guys?
  11. wildcard

    Interesting FAs

    Good point. It getting late and he has to adapt to a corner outfield spot this spring.
  12. wildcard

    Interesting FAs

    Gentry signs. Adjustment made to OP. And Jones is silly out there. He should be in someones camp. Sign him 1/3m.
  13. wildcard

    Orioles Hangout Pilot Web TV show

  14. Go figure, https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/02/giants-sign-craig-gentry.html
  15. wildcard

    2080Baseball: Org Review

    There is significant risk with most prospects. There are no guarantees.