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  1. His performance is probably to his potential at his age. Father time is catching up with him defensively. He should probably be a corner outfielder at this point.
  2. I agree with you on Joseph. His performance does not correlate to job security. Non performance is probably more due to a lack of ability.
  3. But they are not likely to be DFA'd. And they can't be free agents. Mancini and Schoop could be sent down. But in Schoop's case that is not likely because there is no replacement. Mancini could be sent down and if he does not improve he might be as Stewart, Yaz and Mullins are ready. So I think you are right about Mancini. His job security is getting thinner and thinner.
  4. Job Security - Offense Its appears that for the most part the O's veteran players that are are free agency or are working on one year contract are playing better that O's player that have some job security. Playing to their potential - Manny, Jones, Valencia, Gentry (Gentry had a bad April but has a high OBP in May and June. He has never been a power threat) Players not playing to their potential - Davis, Schoop, Mancini, Trumbo I am not counting rookies. Injury players - Beckham and Rasmus just aren't capable of doing the job physical Alvarez is not playing to his potential and does not have job security
  5. wildcard

    Could the leader we desperately need already be here?

    Oh, stop it. I shouldn't have to state what you already know. From 2012-2016 they won more games then any team in the AL. The won the division in 2014 and went to the playoff 3 times. So something good was built. Over Peter's tenure he has not been a good owner as far a wins go. But he did two things that are notable. 1) He made a shrew move to get control for MASN when the MLB forced at team into Washington. Without that move the O's don't have the resources to compete in the AL EAST. 2) He hired the right people to win from 2012-2016. And we do have to give him credit for allowing MacPhail to collect talent. Even though MacPhail could not finish the job. I am not defending Peter overall impact of the franchise but to say he didn't build anything is just not true.
  6. wildcard

    Could the leader we desperately need already be here?

    It doesn't look like it will be one guy the does the rebuild. Its June 16th. In the next 6 weeks they have to trade Manny, Britton, Jones, Brach and Valencia. Duquette may make and receive the calls but Peter through his sons probably have to approve any deal. Brady will have input. There is really no time for much change in the decision chain right now. After the deadline anything can happen. But I think Peter is still in the loop on any decisions that are made. John and Lou just carry out his wishes. Who knows what happens with Buck. Dan does not seem to be a position to have his contract extended. Brady does not want the GM job.
  7. wildcard

    Keegan Akin 2018

    I have to wonder why he is not in Norfolk already.
  8. wildcard

    Corban Joseph

    Corban has one option left.
  9. wildcard

    Corban Joseph

    The call up of Corban will require the O's to make space on the 40 man roster. I see Roch is reporting that Snelten is being DFA'd.
  10. wildcard

    Could the leader we desperately need already be here?

    But has anything changed? Is Peter still calling the shots on staying out of the international market? Does he have to approve every trade? I am just not sure that the talk of John and Lou being more involved means any change to the way the O's are run if Peter still makes the big decisions.
  11. wildcard

    Britton is key

    Maybe ownership has decided to let the new GM deal with the contracts that go passed the end of the season. Duquette may just deal with trading the O's FAs.
  12. wildcard

    Moves for Friday

    Of Course, Yacabonis pitching last night for the Tides means he is not being promoted to the O's. Sounds like Ramirez may stay. That may mean that Cashner will not make his next start.
  13. wildcard

    Britton is key

    From Roch: So probably no O'Day, Cashner or Gausman at the deadline. Maybe in the off season.
  14. wildcard

    Could the leader we desperately need already be here?

    I think the question of whether Peter is still calling the shots for his sons is an important one. Its a little hard for me to believe that Peter will let go of what he has built even to his sons.
  15. wildcard

    Orioles Mount Rushmores

    If Raffy was on Mount Rushmore would he be shaking his finger and wearing ear plugs?