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  1. Will Castillo opt out?

    It doesn't sound like Sisco is ready for the majors defensively. Teams will run on him. I think a Joseph/Wynns combo is a better way to go.
  2. Will Castillo opt out?

    He has a 7m player option for next year. He currently has a 781 OPS. The combination of his offensive production and his age next year (31) could make him the free agent catcher that is most likely to get the biggest contract. What do you think? Does he opt out? Should the O's try to keep him with an extension or a better contract?
  3. Duquette Future

    Using that logic you could say the O's didn't need Tillman or Chen. You could probably say they didn't need Manny. But why would you want to?
  4. Duquette Future

    Or maybe if Norris is not there the O's lose a lot more games. We will never know. But what we do know is the Norris played a big role on the best team the O's have had this century.
  5. Duquette Future

    We're fine.
  6. Duquette Future

    Never said he was the difference maker. He was an important starter. If he was replaced it would have cost something. Probably something the O's did not have.
  7. Duquette Future

    Who kidding who? Only need 18 more starts at a 3.65 ERA. The O's have no one like that right now. Its not that easy to come up with that and who has to be traded to get someone like that. Who knows if Gausman could have done 28 starts in the majors in 2014. Norris was valuable in 2014 and he helped the O's to their best season in 20 years. I don't agree with trying to minimizing that.
  8. Duquette Future

    Pay attention. Frobby said "He was admittedly pretty good in 2014, though I'm pretty confident we would have won the division without him." I want to know who would had replaced him. Gausman has not had that kind on season yet.
  9. Duquette Future

    Use what every you want. Norris was certainly better the Ubaldo in 2014. Norris had more starts, more innings, better WHIP and a lower average against then Gonzo. Norris was the O's #3 in 2014 based on results. Gausman has yet to have as good a season has Norris had in 2014.
  10. Duquette Future

    #6 starter don't win 15 games. Just by pitching well enough to win that many games he was at least a #3.
  11. Duquette Future

    Who do you think was going to replace the 15 wins that Norris had on the 2014 team. Which is the best team the O's have had in the last 20 years.
  12. Duquette Future

    What makes you think there is going to be a rebuild. I doubt 87 year old Peter wants a rebuild. He is a win now guy. Dan and Buck have both been win now guys for the last 6 years. The O's need to add some starting pitching. The are already talking about moving Castro to being a starter. They appear ready to trade Britton. Probably for starting pitching. Dan normally trades minor leaguers for major leaguers and he will probably add starting talent in that manner this off season. The O's have a pennant contending team at Bowie that will net them some majors leaguers led but Hayes. I don't see a rebuild. I see a reload ordered by Peter.
  13. Duquette Future

    I agree that they are not the same kind of people. And they probably do disagree on some things. But I don't think Buck wants to be a GM. He wants to win a World Series as a manager and go into the HOF IMO. In spite of what ever differences they have I think both understand that Dan's job working for Peter is not easy. And Buck knows that a lesser GM will not keep them winning. I think the question is does Dan want to the stay. And the answer revolves around how much Peter will pay him to stay.
  14. Duquette Future

    What makes you think there is not room for both of them. They had the most wins in the league from 2012-2016. They worked together well.
  15. Do you REALLY think we can go on a run?

    He is not doing that because they deserve it. He doing it to save the pen arms. There are only 7 guys in the pen. He can't go to them too often or they will break down.