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  1. wildcard

    Fall and Winter Leagues

    Wilkerson needs to play. Glad he is out there. Its a good next step for McKenna. Cervanka might make the 40 man roster so he is interesting. I like Tyler Erwin. Hope he shows well. Jeff Flaa is right on the fringe of making the 40 man roster. What he does in Arizona could be valuable to that decision. I don't the the 0-7 record in the reflection of the O's players.
  2. wildcard

    Fangraphs Top 10

    Hays has the defensive skill to be a fourth outfielder. What does that even mean?
  3. wildcard

    'GM' Candidates and when

    If Houston is a model for a rebuild then it is worth taking note that Jeff Luhnow was hired as GM on December 7th. Take the time needed to get it right is the correct approach IMO.
  4. wildcard

    'GM' Candidates and when

    Hopefully the O's have better choices than Cherington and Ng. I would rather have Elias, Arnold, Sawdaye, Mcleod or Bloom over either of them.
  5. wildcard

    'GM' Candidates and when

    I don't like either one. Ng has never run a scouting organization nor a player development organization. She has not really been in an organization that did a rebuild for the ground up. The expertise that I have read about her doing in salary arbitration and analytics. She is analytical and well respected. But she is not as qualified as other possible candidates to lead the O's rebuild IMO Cherington made some very expensive missteps when is was the GM of the Red Sox. Signing Pablo Sandoval and Handley Ramirez does not look good in his resume. The O's can not afford those kind of mistakes. The Red Sox are one the richest teams in the MLB. The O's will not have those kind of resources. I do not see him as a fit for the O's rebuild.
  6. wildcard

    'GM' Candidates and when

    Giants would start him at 1M a year. I think he can living in SF for that.
  7. wildcard

    'GM' Candidates and when

    I would not be surprised if Elias goes to the Giants. They probably get first pick.
  8. wildcard

    'GM' Candidates and when

    Jeff Luhnow became GM on the Astros on Dec 7, 2011. The Astros lost 107 in 2012, 111 in 2013, 92 in 2014. Three years of losing big. Are you saying that the Astros made a mistake in hiring him when they were years away from winning.
  9. wildcard

    'GM' Candidates and when

  10. wildcard

    Top Manager Candidates

    I moved this to the GM thread. It does not belong here.
  11. wildcard

    'GM' Candidates and when

    One game away from interviewing Mike Elias and Matt Arnold for GM. Here is a little different perspective. Roch has been saying that the O's President has to be hired before the GM. Well, maybe. We certain don't want them at odds with each other. But I do think they have totally different jobs. The President should externally facing. Someone who has the respect of the MLB owners and the Commissioner's office. He does not have have to be young and vibrant . He has to be connected and respected. His main job is to inspired enough confidence that O's ownership team is headed in the right direction. So the Angelos brothers are approved as owners and so the the MASN dispute comes to a acceptable compromise . My candidate for the O's President is Joe Torre. He is respected by all of the MLB hierarchy. The GM or VP of Baseball Operation has an internally focus. His job with to building a winning organization from the ground up. Scouting, Player Development, Analytics and Field Management. He should be young, and experienced in all these fields, and from an organization that has done a rebuild recently. Both the Astros AGM Mike Elisa and the Brewers Matt Arnold would meet the criteria. One of these guys may be selected by the Giants has their GM. The Mets seem on a different path. They may want someone who was been a GM before or someone that is a little older to handle the New York press core and the pressures that go with a high profile job in that city. I would be happy with either of these candidates. I think they could do a good job of building a winner in Baltimore. If he Astros and Brewers fall out of the playoffs, maybe the O's interview process getting close to completion.
  12. New manager and coaches will see many guys for the first time in ST. Who do you think will impress them. Here are some thoughts. Diaz - with his overall game. Mountcastle - with this bat. Hays - with his arm, hustle and bat. Harvey - with is fastball and curve McKenna - with his speed and defense Kremer - With his fastball Carroll - with his fastball and slider Stewart - with his plate discipline Kline - with his fastball Pop - with his fastball and slider I am not saying any of these guys will make the team out of ST but I think they could impress. I think they all will be seen in ST.
  13. wildcard

    Top President Candidates?

    I think most young GMs with good scouting and player development skills would jump at the O's GM job under r the these conditions: 1) They are given the length of contract it takes to build from the ground up. 2) They have the freedom and money to build a strong farm system with the proper support from a staff their pick including scouting (with international) , player development, and analytics. 3) Access to ownership. Most confident GMs would think the can out influence anyone else with ownership given time and access. 4) This would give them a blank slate to build from like the Astros, Cubs and Phillies. A young strong candidate is looking for that kind of situation. 5) Being in the same division as the Yankees and Red Sox is not ideal but as long as the candidate has the time to build he would probably think he can have his/her team ready when the next down cycle for those teams happens.
  14. wildcard

    Top President Candidates?

    Hmm. Three well-run clubs. Which one is not well run.
  15. I guess its one thing if ownership told Dan to sign Tillman and a whole different thing if Buck or Brady told Dan to sign Tillman. The first is an order from ownership. The second is something that Dan might have been able to agree with or refuse to do.