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  1. Well if you are satisfied that Williams is not a defensive downgrade then your #2 becomes the issue. Who gets DFA'd to get him on the roster. I guess Wright is the most vulnerable candidate.
  2. I see your point but I am not sure that is the way Elias is looking at it. Elias appears to put a high value on defense. He is playing Martin at SS over Villar SS/Alberto 2B. He picked two defensive catcher over Sisco who might hit better. Mullins currently has a 3.00 Range Factor. That ranks him 4th in the MLB according ESPN. I know it is not the best measure of defense but it the only one that allows me to look a the majors and the minors. Mullins over the past couple of years as been be 2.76-3.14 in RF in the majors and minors. Williams is 2.28-2-59. What does that different mean to Elias? Elias may feel that his offense is good enough at 4.40 runs per game. That the teams biggest problem is run prevention and that the best defense he can get helps the team more than the slightly better offense. Note: Hays RF over the passed few years in CF is 2.68-2.89 with much better offense.
  3. From what Roch reported this morning it appears that Cobb will be added to the roster in the 2nd game and be the 26th man. He will obviously stay on the roster after the game and someone else will be sent down. Its unclear what is happening with Kline but he might be coming to Baltimore to be on the taxi squad in case he is needed for th 2nd game. Barring injury to someone on the the O's roster it seems likely that Kline will return to Norfolk after today's games.
  4. I believe you are right that Hays does not have the range that Mullins has but his combination of defensive and offensive abilities should be an upgrade to Mullins. I do not believe that Williams has the range that Mullins has and his offense will not be enough of an upgrade to offset the lose of defensive range. This is what I believe and it can certainly be debated. I would be interested to see anyone show evidence to the contrary.
  5. However this is a team based on improved defense. The O's have no one currently available that has the range that Mullins has. Rickard, though as good defender in the corners does not have Mullins range. I believe Elias/Hyde continues to play Mullins is center until Hays is ready for promotion because their approach is to lead with a strong defense.
  6. Ramirez is not going to start. He will be in the pen.
  7. I think Mullins' defense in center keeps him in the majors until Hays is ready. The O's don't have another everyday CFer unless they find one on the waiver wire.
  8. I am guessing Ramirez for the 26th man.
  9. SAT: Game 1 Straily, Game 2 Cobb Sunday: Bundy Monday: Hess Tuesday: Cashner Wed: Means
  10. Oh, so you think they should call up Stewart to be equally bad?
  11. Lefty swinging Stewart coming up and playing mostly against lefties makes little sense to me. i would think he has to show he can hit right-handers better before he is re-called.
  12. That would be out of character for Elias in 2019.
  13. I think Cashner is pitching pretty well. Fastball 92-94 and he can reach back for 95. Good breaking pitches. His biggest problem is too many pitches per inning. However he is 3-0 in 4 April starts with a 3.38 ERA. I'll take that for the rest for the season. Or at least until he is traded in July.
  14. I know if he is released he can make his own deal but I doubt his contract falls far enough that Elias would consider him. His current deal is a 3M base and 300K per start. That could add up to 11M. Elias is more a 1M guy or least.
  15. I don't think Stewart is earning a call up if we look at his splits. Vs Lefties 455/625/818/1443 in 11 at bats Vs Righties 184/295/368/664 in 38 at bats You can say SSS until we look at last season at Norfolk Vs Lefties 264/377/406/783 in 106 at bats Vs Righties 225/311/381/692 in 315 at bats He is a lefty batter. Right now if the O's add a position player I think it Stevie Wilkerson.
  16. Sucre knows the American League hitters. He was with Tampa and Seattle. Severino was in the NL. That is why I think Sucre has been getting more PT.
  17. So it looks like Cobb activated; Castro sent down. Sounds like they will keep Hess in the rotation. They could really use a fresh arm in the pen. Nothing for sure but I think they may promote Ramirez and option Lucas. But if the game is rained out tonight that may not happen. JMG.
  18. Hyde may have found a spot where Wright can do OK. Mop up guy. He has allowed 1 run in the last 5.2 innings he has pitched. No pressure situations. Why would they keep someone like that? Injuries. They need to keep has many pitchers in the organization as they can so they can get through the season. He may go at some point just because Cobb, Bleier and Karns are all better pitchers and will need spots some time in the future.
  19. You are right. He has a 4th option through 2019. A player may be eligible for a fourth option year if he has been optioned in three seasons but does not yet have five full seasons of professional experience. A full season is defined as being on an active pro roster for at least 90 days in a season. The 90-day requirement means short-season leagues (New-York Penn, Northwest, Pioneer, Appalachian, Gulf Coast, Arizona Rookie, Dominican and Venezuelan Summer Leagues) do not count as full seasons for the purposes of determining eligibility for a fourth option. ( Castro first spent 90 days in a season in 2015 so five seasons include 2019)
  20. Optioning a player is not giving up on him. He has to stay down 10 days. Take a breather. Make some adjustments and come back and try again. This will probably happen to young players all season.
  21. Lucas has an option left. They do not have to DFA Lucas to send him down.
  22. I think it does. Means and Phillips have been pitching well. They should not be sent down.
  23. You are right. I just checked. Castro was optioned and has stayed in the minors for 20 days three times. 2015, 2016, 2017. I stand corrected. I thought he had an option left. That makes sending him down too hard to do. He throws too hard and has been good enough in past seasons to make it through waivers. So for my part I will have to re-think who could/should be sent down.
  24. From Roch: Outfielder Austin Hays is making nice progress in his recovery from a sprained left thumb. I’ve heard that he’s no longer wearing a split and is in a hitting progression. http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/04/what-cobbs-return-means-for-the-rotation-and-other-notes.html
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