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  1. He only threw 17 pitches, why'd they take him out?
  2. Just watched this for the first time last night on Netflix and it was surprisingly good. It's a 2014 documentary about the Portland Mavericks, a defunct Class A independent team in the Northwestern League that was started by Bing Russell, the father of actor Kurt Russell. It's a fascinating look at one man's effort to challenge Baseball's power structure in order to bring back independent baseball. At the time that Bing started this venture, there were no independent teams in existence. Bing proved that independent teams could survive and even thrive. The movie is a David and Goliath type story where the Mavericks are not only a scrappy bunch of castoffs but end up having the winningest record in the league while shattering minor league attendance records.
  3. Great review of Christopher Phillip's book "Scouting and Scoring: How We Know What We Know About Baseball" by Louis Menand in April's New Yorker. Phillips explains why both "Scouting" and "Scoring" share certain attributes and why that's important. He includes a remarkably prescient quote from Herny Chadwick, a 19th century sports reporter in Brooklyn, who became obsessed with scorekeeping "not just because it was a way to memorialize games but because he thought that data science could explain why games are won or lost." In time, Chadwick wrote in 1868 "the game will be brought down almost to a mathematical calculation of results from given causes." Phillips goes on to point out that "the stats revolution" was driven as much by gambling as it was by love of the game. For anyone interested in diving deeper into the age-old debate of "stats vs scouts" this is a must read. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2019/04/08/what-baseball-teaches-us-about-measuring-talent?fbclid=IwAR2_6qs37AqI0W7Vi83XlKRaUDNGm6qS9sWDIsiXTXqPT2zmGAzK45Xizto
  4. There are much better "stat guys" on here than me... but a cursory look at his record in the minors shows that in 622 innings pitched hitters put up a .275 batting average against him... also he allowed almost 10 hits per 9 innings pitched. Those aren't horrible numbers but they're not top tier prospect numbers either. His record in the minors suggests he's pitching better than should be expected. It doesn't mean that he won't continue to pitch well... it just means that the probability of him continuing this performance level is not high.
  5. There's a strict no politics rule on the board and clearly Paul.
  6. Can you believe how mild this winter was? We hardly had any snow to speak of. I'm surprised by that as well as Cashner's so/w ratio.
  7. Really nice interview. Glad to see him focus on the team win today first and then move on to thanking his teammates and coaching staff for all their support.
  8. What are his splits this year? 😂 I kid, I kid.
  9. You're right... it's not you. It's everybody else. 🙄
  10. I think Reitz was juicing that year. I can't prove it, but what else could explain it?
  11. I'll take it! It's like 119% better than his current performance. 😉
  12. Since Trey Mancini is off to a good start, and in the absence of any of our veteran arms putting up trade worthy early numbers, what do we do with Trey Mancini? Does he become trade bait or do we keep him?
  13. That's a pretty spot on description of what I saw tonight... and if I recall correctly, his fastball was consistently sitting on 94 but he seemed to struggle with locating the slider. I didn't see a changeup but that doesn't mean he didn't throw a couple. Thanks for this Luke!
  14. Nice results tonight... but does he have a third pitch? All I saw him throw was 4 seam fastballs and sliders.
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