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  1. Library of Congress: Early Baseball Photos

    Three years later... I might take Joe Morgan over all of them. Lajoie played in more primitive leagues, and Hornsby was a Hall of Fame level jerk who was undeniably great but got himself traded for very little multiple times because nobody could stand him. Collins was about as good a hitter as you can be with no homers. His career high was six, but he had a 141 OPS+. In 1914 the AL hit .248/.319/.323. Your average player was Cesar Izturis. Collins hit .344/.452/.452.
  2. Library of Congress: Early Baseball Photos

    Jimmy Sheckard. Came up as a teenager before the turn of the last century. Led the NL in steals with 77 for the Orioles in 1899. Had a very strange shape of his career, one of my favorites. Played 17 years in the majors and had: - Seasons where he hit .194 in 330 PAs, .231 in 496, and .354 in 609. - Stole 77 and 67 bases in his two best seasons. But at the age of 19 in over 100 games stole 8. And in between the 77 and 67 he had a year with 25. - Had seasons over 100 games with 37 walks, and 147 walks. At the age of 32 he just suddenly decided to double his walk rate. - Led the NL in homers with 9 in 1903 (also led the league in steals with 67). In 1904 he homered once in 143 games. - In 1901 he hit a league-leading 19 triples. In 1907 he had one triple. - In 1905 he scored 58 runs in a full year. In 1911 he scored 121. - In 1901 he had three sac hits. In 1906 he had 40, and in 1909 he had 46. He had several MVP-ish seasons, although there was no award for most of his career. Played on the dynastic 1906-08 Cubs that still hold all the records for wins in one, two, and three seasons, but didn't have any of his best years with them. And even though he had over 9000 PAs in 17 years, he played his last MLB game at 34.
  3. One of my goals in life is to maximize my gluten intake. Crusty, chewy bread now. Bread in the future! Bread forever!!!!
  4. If you think that current Oriole prices are too high to attend a game you're probably looking to minimize costs. That's why we've been discussing how you can actually go to a game for $20. $400 for a family of four is only realistic if you're treating it like a vacation or you have a lot of money to throw around. Face value of tickets 15 rows behind the plate are something like $55 or $60. You're going to spend almost $50 a person on top of that, at a four hour baseball game? I know I'm not doing that.
  5. Even when DC United still played at decrepit RFK you couldn't get in the door for less than ~$30 a head. Parking was something like $20. But you could get some good pupusas from the nice El Salvadorian ladies for $6. But now that they're moving to Audi Field I imagine you'll be lucky to get in the gate for $50 plus parking. It'll be a shame if the pupusa stand is gone. Or replaced by an artisanal free range pupusa stand for $17.
  6. There's than fan cost index some publication runs (or ran) that tracked ballpark expenses. I think they assumed each customer would buy a mid-range ticket, a hot dog, a beer, a hat, a pennant, a thing of ice cream, a program, pay for parking... they'd end up with a family of four spending $400 to go to a single game. It's absolutely ludicrous. I don't think my family of four has spent $400 on the last three games we went to combined.
  7. Could be, I don't know. $9 or 10M would help my argument, so let's go with that.
  8. I have a problem with publicly funded stadiums. But once they're built, what's "priced out of"? Do you set tickets to $5? Is there any level of pricing that every single person can afford? Do you give away 5000 tickets a night? Who gets those? Do you give transportation to the Maryland taxpayers who live in Washington County, or Ocean City? Surely not all people living 2-3 hours away can afford transportation to the stadium they helped fund.
  9. I think you can still get a hot dog and a bottle of water outside the stadium for like $3 or $4 and bring it in.
  10. I don't disagree that baseball is better when everyone can afford to go all the time. But shameful? The Orioles are a business, and they price the product to maximize revenues. As much as we like baseball, professional sports aren't a public recreation program. Even though we pay for the stadium and subsidize the billionaires. Everyone can be part of baseball. Just not Major League Baseball, although almost everyone can if they want to. If you can't afford a $20 outfield seat a few times a year I don't know what to tell you.
  11. There have been 11 players worth 25-30 wins through their age 24 season, including Machado and Harper. Here's the rest of their careers: Rk Player WAR/pos Age G PA R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB BA OBP SLG OPS 1 Hank Aaron 113.0 25-42 2566 10768 1678 2857 465 59 615 1803 1172 .302 .376 .558 .935 2 Eddie Collins 95.9 25-43 2266 9734 1503 2648 352 141 37 1047 1310 .334 .431 .428 .859 3 Rickey Henderson 82.7 25-44 2432 10455 1822 2352 408 41 262 902 1756 .275 .401 .424 .826 4 Frank Robinson 76.5 25-40 2073 8587 1328 2125 383 45 421 1363 1099 .292 .392 .531 .924 5 Albert Pujols 70.1 25-37 1946 8460 1223 2181 430 7 454 1414 947 .296 .378 .541 .919 6 Cal Ripken 67.6 25-40 2333 10028 1216 2434 455 25 323 1304 886 .271 .337 .436 .773 7 Joe DiMaggio 51.8 25-36 1182 5128 870 1423 246 82 224 979 591 .316 .399 .556 .956 8 Sherry Magee 32.0 25-34 1257 5097 670 1279 259 87 61 746 481 .292 .371 .433 .804 9 Cesar Cedeno 23.6 25-35 1186 4642 576 1161 241 32 96 536 401 .280 .344 .423 .767 The median is Albert Pujols at 70 wins. Multiply 70 by $8M per win and you get $560M. The list is seven HOFers, Sherry Magee who is better than any number of HOFers, and Cesar Cedeno. The top seven were HOFers just on their careers from age 25 on. I think there's more of a risk that MLB's TV money bursts than it is that Machado/Harper are worth $300M+ by today's economics.
  12. Then you can't afford to go to any sports. It's way cheaper to go to an O's game and sit in the upper deck and bring in your own food than to go to football, basketball, hockey, college sports, pro soccer. You can literally go to an O's game for $20, not counting transportation. Baseball will lower prices when they don't draw 30,000 a game and have multi-$billion TV deals.
  13. Was he ever a good line drive hitter? He had that one year in the minors where he hit .321, buoyed by hitting .360 for a month. But besides that his minor league average was like .265.
  14. MLB unhappy at Judge for recruiting Machado today on the field

    Loved: Doug DeCinces and Delucci. 'Luc had his family at a BaySox game once, and it was either his sister or girlfriend that was really hot. I'd put Brett Barberie in the like column. Didn't his mom play in the League of Their Own girls baseball league, or something like that? And how can you dislike Jeff Ballard? Why Not? He had an 18-win season with 50 strikeouts. That's unpossible! Definitely like Brad Pennington. Had a AA season where he walked like 140 in 120 innings. I had high hopes he'd be the new Dalkowski, but unfortunately he couldn't throw 115. Neither could Dalkowski, but I never saw him so we can pretend.
  15. How? That collapsed last time because the MLBs control all the good players. They were trying to pass off undrafted college kids and 35-year-olds who've been released by AA teams as major leaguers. Football got away with it because of 110 D-I teams, and no minor league system. There is always a pool of AAA talent in football that's freely available. After six weeks of practice 25% of the scabs were better than the guys sitting around on strike. In baseball you could practice for five years and they wouldn't approach being that good.