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  1. Do you not understand that there is a substantive difference between a .950 OPS player and a .550 OPS player?
  2. I remember going on a work trip for a week or so when my oldest was about a year old, my wife was pregnant with #2 and not enjoying it, and we were working on buying land for a house. All the political capital was gone. For a good while.
  3. Hint: that was just an example of the headaches of spending half the year living out of a suitcase. Even a gold-encrusted one.
  4. It's probably two years or more before we really care if the Orioles' outfield is optimized for contention. That defensive outfield is ugly, but it's not like that's the thing keeping them from 88 wins in '20. Things like this have a tendency to work themselves out.
  5. I think it's a possibility they'll be competitive in two years, but far from certain.
  6. I'm not saying it's breaking rocks on a chain gang, but once you already have many millions in the bank your perspective might change. The coaches generally don't have giant nest eggs, nor the background to go out and get lucrative jobs outside of baseball. And maybe a few of them actually like the 1000-person queue of bitter, tired, sick people at passport control at the airport every time they come back from Toronto.
  7. Even a team with ridiculous payroll constraints like the Rays doesn't develop all their talent. They acquire a good bit from other sources. No team just promotes their own minor leaguers and fully fills out the roster that way. No matter how things go the 2022 Orioles roster will be at least half made up of players not currently in the organization.
  8. All sources of information are flawed. That's why I rely solely on witchcraft.
  9. Needs to make some adjustments at the plate? Searching for an analogy here... Like saying you need to tweak some things under the hood of your Honda Fit, otherwise it'll never compete in the Indy 500. Like saying the Hindenburg needed to make a few adjustments to lightning protection and flammability. Like how John Hickenlooper needed to make a couple adjustments to his presidential campaign to win it all in 2020. If the Earthworm Burger Truck just made a few adjustments to the menu they'd be overflowing with business.
  10. They're on pace for about 329. Which would be 27% more than the previous record. That's pretty astounding, not many records in a 140-year-old organization get broken by almost 30%. That would be like someone having 340 hits or 95 homers in a season. On the other side of the ball, you know that about half the teams in the majors this year are already, with five or six weeks to go, in the top 300 homer hitting teams of all time? #300 is currently 186 homers. 24 teams are on pace to be in the top 300 of all time. There have been 2925 major league team-seasons, so about 80% of the 2019 MLB teams are in the top 10% of all time in homers.
  11. Have to have something to fill the bookshelf they built at the dentist's office in 1995.
  12. I've worked on a military base for over 25 years and I know a lot of guys who got out of the Navy and immediately grew their hair down past their shoulders and kept it there. They didn't really like people telling them how they should look. It's America after all.
  13. Which is but a small fraction of even baseball history. One of the lessons of the 1970s is that if you tell folks they have to look like a Marine for too long they'll end up looking like Ross Grimsley.
  14. Old parks used to have "hit sign, win suit" and even OPACY had something like that involving the Maryland Lottery for a while. The O's should bring that back, but all the signs would be 75' or 100' past the fence.
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