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  1. I find it helpful to treat out-of-character SSS performances as though they never happened at all.
  2. I've heard that several European nations are considering breaking up into warring nation-states just because of that transaction.
  3. Why, because Mullins is slumping for two weeks and Jackson is 7-for-14 or something in AAA? You know that last year in AA at 24 Jackson hit .251/.356/.447 for an .804 OPS. One of his teammates was 21-year-old Yusniel Diaz, who out-hit him by 100 points of OPS. Last year in AA at 23 Mullins hit .313/.362/.512, good for an .875 OPS. Then in AAA Norfolk, of the notoriously poor hitting environment, he OPS'd .771, or just a few points shy of what Jackson hit in a normal hitting environment in AA. Overall, Mullins is more than a year younger and has a .757 OPS. Jackson has a .752 OPS. Jackson's primary selling point in this theoretical trade seems to be performance over the last 18 days.
  4. I loved it when the Marlins' AAA affiliate was in Edmonton. By Google Maps that's a 45 hour drive without stops. You can imagine the talk about shuffling the roster. "Hey, we need a 5th starter who's not gassed on Thursday. Where's Fred Smith? 3066 miles from here, skip. Best case he's a 2-stop flight, through customs, and 17 hours from Miami. I guess Thursday is a bullpen day..." Edit: So I was curious. I pulled up Kayak, and this Sunday you can get a one-way, one-stop flight from Edmonton to Miami for $260 on Air Canada (via Toronto) that leaves at 11pm and gets into Miami at 11 am. Not exactly the 45 minute hop from BWI to Norfolk, but maybe workable in most cases.
  5. I'm just arguing for the sake of it now, but in career games 196-216 (the end of the '58 season) Brooks went 5-for-43 with no extra base hits to cap off a season with a .597 OPS.
  6. They didn't record caught stealing in the deadball era, but I think a lot of players from then would have been worse than Menke. I get the idea that baserunning we'd call stupid and crazy was rather commonplace.
  7. You tend to get called up when you're ready. Or at least when you're the best thing available. You still have to adjust to high level pitching.
  8. The '85-88 Orioles had a very impressive list of free agent signings, if you just look at their careers prior to 1984.
  9. I had forgotten that in 2012 Trout led the league with 49 steals, and was only caught five times. How many people have led the league in SB and OPS just once each? Cobb, Trout, Mays, and the rest of the list can't be that long.
  10. I guess Chase Utley is done now? If so he retired 154-for-176 stealing, or 87%. Alexi Casilla is 80-for-91. Eric Davis was 84% for his career, and in 1986 he had Alexi Casilla's career - 80-for-91. In '87 he was 50-for-56 and in '88 he was 35-for-38. Tim Raines averaged 47 steals and 8 caught per 600 PAs across his whole career. In '85-86 he was 140-for-158. In 1994 Brady was 31-for-32.
  11. Because post-season series MVPs and goats are basically just random? Did you know Tito Landrum had less than 100 PAs as an Oriole?
  12. I'm sure he just started eatin' more vegetables and throwin' the old medicine ball around. That was after the testing started and everyone was 100% clean. Didn't Hank Aaron and Willie Mays get released at 24 and lead the league in everything at 40? Happens all the time... or am I mis-remembering?
  13. If they send him down I hope they ask him to stop batting right-handed. He has eight hits in 64 PAs right-handed. It would simplify his life if he only had to get out of a slump from the side he can actually hit from.
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