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  1. Drafting these 98mph throwing high schoolers should never happen again. At least not in the early rounds. All they're doing is ripping their arms to shreds to light up the gun. You draft them and five years later they're maybe throwing 90 after multiple arm issues. Bundy is exhibit A for this and Hunter Harvey is well on his way to becoming exhibit B. Hopefully our new braintrust concurs.
  2. vab

    Manny signs with Padres

    How long before he's out of there? I'd say less than 3 years.
  3. Not a whole lot a foul ground at Harbor Park. If it's deemed such a big problem just move the fences in.
  4. It's an interesting question and there's probably no set answer but I tend to think the sink or swim approach in the majors is the best idea overall. Every prospect is going to struggle to some degree in the majors, I don't care how ready they seem to be. Why not let them take their lumps in Baltimore? If you're going to be destroyed permanently by struggling in the majors at beginning of your career you probably just don't have the mental toughness to make it in the majors period.
  5. I'd go ahead and give Davis about a month or so next year. If no improvement - release him. You have to pay him regardless, no need to punish yourself further by keeping him in the lineup.
  6. The 2018 Baltimore Orioles - not only do we lose but we'll probably lose at losing. It doesn't get more inept than that.
  7. Barring a miracle tonight, the Orioles will go into tomorrow on the verge of being the most games under .500 (53) of any Orioles team ever (54-107 on the last day of the 1988 season). A loss tomorrow would also bring Buck Showalter's regular season record as Orioles manager to .500 (659-659). Mind-numbing.
  8. vab

    Bundy is Broken

    I don't know why clubs keep drafting these high school pitchers throwing high 90s. They're usually just tearing their arms up and they end up throwing high 80s like Bundy is now. I guess it's too tempting to buy that lottery ticket and hope you're getting the rare kid who maintains that kind of stuff but it's a very long shot.
  9. I wouldn't do that but he should be skipped the next time through.
  10. vab

    vs. METS, 8/15

    I live about 20-25 minutes away from Harbor Park. I'll pick Phillips up at the airport and take drop him off right there.
  11. vab

    vs. METS, 8/15

    Man, Bundy is really struggling. Is he headed for that huge scrap heap of can't miss Oriole pitching prospects?
  12. There's definitely something wrong with the drafting or development or, most likely, some combination of the two but they're just going to have to figure it out. They're not going to be able to trade for the true future aces. Teams just don't give them up so the only way a mid-market team like the Orioles is going to get them is to draft and develop them.
  13. If Cobb could put together a couple more good starts, maybe? Would have to pick-up some of the salary but that would be a great one to get some relief on.
  14. Let's just hope it's the worst. The only thing worse than losing is to lose at losing.
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