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  1. That is one of the more impressive home runs you’ll ever see from a RHB in the minors. Low, offspeed, 0-2. It was in the middle of the plate but otherwise was a good pitch. Very few hitters anywhere can hit that pitch out, let alone 440 feet. Most just roll over on it. He was clearly looking for that pitch and was able to smoke it despite it being ankle to shin high. Damn.
  2. They actually pulled Rodriguez after 5 IP and 10 Ks. He is the 2nd Orioles prospect to have 10 Ks through 5 IP tonight. Dean Kremer did it too.
  3. Grayson Rodriguez has a no hitter through 6 innings and Rutschman won the game with a walk off. Plus Montcastle has a few hits.. Good night for the prospects.
  4. Mancini doesn’t get to another one that was catchable.
  5. 76 home runs and a 760 lifetime OPS but still had a negative war. Must have been a helluva defender.
  6. Rutchman just hit a walk off single to win the game for Aberdeen. Went 2-3 with a walk and sac fly tonight.
  7. Mr. Brooks is no more.
  8. That is one of the longest home runs I’ve ever seen at Camden Yards. Wow
  9. Sanchez is pretty awful too from what I see.
  10. Actually, it was belt high but right on the inside corner. Unfortunately, on the inside corner is a TERRIBLE place to throw the ball to Altuve. His bat is so fast and swing so good that that can crush that pitch and keep it fair easily.
  11. Wow, this is some kind of ugly.
  12. Brooks has pretty decent stuff, but that slider that Bregman hit was a dump truck. Just awful.
  13. Great effort by Wilkerson, but a good CF catches that too.
  14. Brooks is a great example of why stuff isn’t good enough at the ML level. His stuff is pretty good overall, but he just has no command at all. Wild in the strike zone.
  15. They have just got to get Mancini out of the outfield. He is atrocious. Love the guy, but I could have caught the first ball this inning and there is no way Reddick should have been able to tag up.
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