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  1. Icemancth

    MLB 13: The Show

    Any good rosters that anybody has found yet. Didnt want to start my franchise until i had a decent update or roster. Thanks.
  2. Icemancth

    Football Gambling Thread

    So where does everyone bet?
  3. Icemancth

    The official "who to start" thread?

    Matt Ryan vs. Carolina or Matt Hasselbeck at San fran??
  4. I am looking into getting a new cellphone and was wondering if anybody had any feedback or suggestions. I have been looking at the iPhone, and Blackberry. I was wondering what everyone thought. Thanks.
  5. Icemancth

    Howard Stern show discussion

    How about the Rosie O'Donnell interview? I didn't think I would ever see her in studio. I thought it was a pretty good interview.
  6. Icemancth

    Who in MD has the best....

    Beer? (microbrewery or selection of beer in general) I love Red Brick Station.
  7. Icemancth

    Tea or Coffee?

    Do you drink tea or coffee and why?
  8. Icemancth

    How many shows do you watch regularly?

    Also married, which will explain some of these: Big Bang Theory How I Met Your Mother Chuck Heroes Worst Week Biggest Loser Ghost Hunters My Name is Earl The Office Grey's Anatomy ER Desperate Houswives Brothers and Sisters 24 Lost
  9. Icemancth

    Madden '09

    I have a PS2 and a Wii. Which system should I get Madden for?
  10. Icemancth

    A few things......

    Just read this on ESPN..Hopefully AM is on the phone. Left-handed reliever Ron Mahay could be on the verge of heading to the Phillies. According to clubs that have been speaking with the Royals, they've been having extensive conversations with the Phillies about a trade that would send Mahay to Philadelphia for shortstop prospect Jason Donald, a member of the U.S. Olympic baseball team. It's believed that as many as 10 teams have contacted the Royals about Mahay, who is signed for next year at $4 million. Most of them have come away with the impression that the Royals aren't motivated to trade him. But in Donald, the Phillies have a commodity for which Kansas City has been searching aggressively. So the fit appears better with the Phillies than with any of the other teams on the Royals' list.