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  1. Decent, but they did the best they could do at this point. They had multiple teams bidding against each other. Getting one top 50 type prospect was good/decent. You can paint a rosy picture but there is always a decent chance that we get nothing of consequence from the trade. There is strength in numbers and our system is a long way away from being a strength. The more prospects you get, the better chance you have of getting lucky. Pretty laughable how the Orioles demanded two ML ready or near ready starting pitchers before the season started. Good to see they just decided to get the best package that apparently was available. Now, let's hope Britton has upped his value enough to get something decent as well. Not expecting anything of significance for Jones, Brach, etc.
  2. LF or 1B. With the glut of outfielders and the fact that Mountcastle is an IF, I would guess his future is 1B with the O's. From what I have read and from what I saw in ST, I think there is no way he is anything but a way below average 3B in the majors. I don't think he's a legit 3B in almost every way. Range and arm both below average.
  3. RZNJ

    International Reviews: Baltimore Orioles

    They made 3 pretty big signings after Fred Ferreira was hired. They signed Jomar Reyes and a 1B whose name escapes me. Reyes was a 350K signing and the other kid was pretty high too. They they signed Ofelky Peralta a year or two later to another 300K or so contract. I don't recall any signings close to that since then. I have a hard time remembering anything over 100K since then although I do believe there was at least one. As in all things there is strength in numbers. Just look a the Amateur draft. A 350K signing is akin to a 4th or 5th round draft pick. How many of those work out? A 1M signing bonus is like a 2nd round pick? How many of them work out? Of course, if you never have a 2nd round pick, your chances of them working out is ZERO. Just compare the international draft to the Orioles not drafting until the 11th round every year in the amateur draft. Sure, we might find a Cedric Mullins once in awhile. Once upon a time the Orioles signed Dennis Martinez from Nicaragua and a bunch of players from Aruba. They never really were a player in the Dominican or Venezuela (except for ERod). The Orioles aren't racist but it's a little like the teams who were the last to sign the best players from the Negro Leagues. Good luck! They are ignoring a major talent pool. Thanks Peter. You reap what you sow and we don't sow anything in the Dominican.
  4. It certainly seems like a tradeoff but I give him the benefit of the doubt that he is trying to make some adjustments and hopefully and find the happy medium where he can control the strike zone and hit for power. Baby steps.
  5. RZNJ

    Pedro Araujo makes the major league roster

    April 6 - Against the Yankees in Yankee Stadium - 2 IP 0 runs and gets the win in extra innings. He pitched the 12th and 13th innings in a tie game and got the win when the O's scored 4 in the top of the 14th.
  6. I give Davis the rest of the year, maybe sitting him against LHP's to see if he has anything left. It makes no sense to keep him on the team going forward at this rate. The 133M or whatever is already spent. He gets it unless we can negotiate a buyout. Let's assume there is no middle ground. We screwed up. You don't compound the screwup by playing a hole in the lineup just because he has a big contract. At the end of the season, if not sooner, assuming Davis doesn't figure it out, you release him. Maybe some of it is mental and he goes to the minors for some other team and figures something out. Doubtful but possible. I get the feeling that he is toast or at the very least will never be a good hitter for the Orioles again. You have to cut your losses at some point. Let him play the rest of the season and see if he can help us get that first pick in the 2019 draft. Half joking!
  7. How many hitting coaches and pitching coaches do you have to go through before you realize it's not the coaches.
  8. Don't Don't recall anyone calling him a "special" hitter. When someone outside of the organization talks about him in such glowing terms, I'll take notice. Great to see the improved K:BB numbers in a SSS.
  9. RZNJ

    A Trade to Consider

    Is Caleb a ML quality catcher anymore? He doesn't throw as well as he once did and if he doesn't hit you are left with the intangibles. I'd like to see what Susac can do. He's not exactly a kid.
  10. RZNJ

    PED Suspensions Coming

    MLB would like everyone to think the drug testing system works. It doesn't. It only gets lucky sometimes. Cano, most likely has been beating the system for years. He loses 12M and his fans will applaud him when he returns. 12M only reflects how much he's already made by beating the system for so long. I can hardly blame him. Arod never failed a test. Nelson Cruz has never failed a test. Almost all of the Biogenesis guys never failed a test. The rewards are great and the risk is minimal. And the punishment for getting unlucky or being stupid is well worth the risk.
  11. RZNJ

    James Teague

    Wonder if he talked about retiring before the season and the organization gave him so much time in ST to get him excited about his future in baseball? It's odd that a guy with his draft status and very limited resume got so much opportunity this past spring.
  12. RZNJ

    International Reviews: Baltimore Orioles

    Peter Angelos didn't want to offend Fidel Castro by signing the initial Cuban free agents. The man moves to the beat of a different drum. He doesn't believe in the Latin free agent process. His ideas, principles, and beliefs have strangled his own baseball team. He wasn't cut out to be a sports team owner. Not one that wins, anyway.
  13. RZNJ

    International Reviews: Baltimore Orioles

    It's like passing on the first 3 rounds of the draft every year.
  14. RZNJ

    Michael Baumann 2018

    Peluffo and especially Peralta never had great success at Delmarva. If Peralta is being "forced" to throw strikes at Frederick, it's not working. I'd rather see him build innings and confidence at Delmarva. Demote Peluffo and Peralta. Promote Lowther and Bauman. Next I would promote Bishop who will need to command better at the next level.
  15. RZNJ

    Zach Muckenhirn 2018

    I follow everyone but he's fringy if converted to relief in low A ball. Was a 89-92 guy as a starter from what I've read. Nothing special.