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  1. Sign him.

    P.S. Some team (s) will step up with a 10+ year contract with opt outs and perks that appeal to Manny's ego. The Orioles will counter with the same or more total money, a lot of it deferred, with no opt out and claim the good fight and principle. And sell that to the fans. Our owner t
  2. Sign him.

    Angelis steps up and overpays players that no one is is really competing for. There was no clear competition for Davis, Trump, Jimenez, and Gallardo, all bad contracts btw. Machado and his agent know that the open market will create the optimal contract. Peter Angelos strategy is to wait and then pay. Unfortunately, that works with players like Davis and Trumbo, not with a player like Machado. He gone but typical O's strategy will be to keep him and see where they are next July.
  3. We get Tim Beckham...and its a good pick up

    As I said at the time, it looked good on the surface. Of course, when Beckham is hitting over .500 and Myers is in short season ball (10Ks in 5 IP in his last start) it's pretty easy to call it a great trade. When Beckham is playing for another team or being mediocre for the Orioles in 3 years and Myers is a 21 year old great looking rookie pitcher, there could be a different perspective on the trade. As of right now, the pickups of Hellickson and Beckham make Duquette look like a genius. Too bad ownership forced him to blow 36M a year on Trumbo and Davis, who aren't even contributing to the team and will only be blocking better, younger players over the next 2+ years.
  4. Austin Hays 2017

    Can't remember a college draftee with a debut season like this since Matt Wieters. Pretty impressive season.
  5. We get Tim Beckham...and its a good pick up

    On the surface, getting a 27 year old starting ML SS with talent and 3 years of service time for a high risk (any 18 yo pitching prospect) seems like a smart move. There is just this gnawing feeling that Tampa is smarter than we are.
  6. POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    Its pretty easy to like a trade when the minor leaguer won't even pitch in the majors until Beckham is no longer an Oriole
  7. We get Tim Beckham...and its a good pick up

    So far, so good. The trade looks good from both sides. The problem is that an organization with one of the worst starting staffs in baseball continually trades young pitching. Seems like you can connect the dots.
  8. Frederick and Delmarva Rotations (2018)

    He hasn't had a full season in the rotation and he's only 19. It's just where he might start next season with a quick promotion if he starts out dominating. Guys like Sedlock, Harvey, and Wells don't figure to be at Frederick too long either. Dietz would be another quick promotion candidate at Delmarva.
  9. Frederick and Delmarva Rotations (2018)

    Frederick Harvey Sedlock Wells Lowther Peralta Delmarva Dietz Peluffo Fenter Bishop Hanifee
  10. Dream 2018 Lineup

    The Davis signing but even moreso the Trumbo signing block a lot of these guys whose best position is probably DH, like Mancini, Santander, and Stewart. Jones isn't going anywhere. You can dream of Mullins in LF and Hays in RF but with Trumbo and Davis both on the team, that's not happening. If the O's could move Trumbo and Davis (now we really are dreaming). LF Mullins 3B Machado 1B Mancini 2B Schoop DH Santander CF Jones RF Hays C Castillo/Joseph SS
  11. Ynoa and Aquino could be DFA'd but why would it be in September? There is not need to DFA anyone in order to call anyone up unless you think the O's are going to add a lot of non roster prospects to the 40 man in order to call them up. DFA's like this normally occur after the season is over and before the roster is set before the winter meetings.
  12. Kevin Gausman 2017

    Locating the fastball?
  13. POLL: Yay or nay on Hellickson trade?

    We gave up meh and got meh back. It's not worth a nay or a yey. It's one of the most unimportant trades of all time.
  14. Our owner thinks he's smarter than everyone else. There is a long list of odd things that this organization does that defies the norm in baseball.
  15. Sure. I said so in the first post. Trading for Miley and signing Ubaldo were bad moves. Bad moves that could have been overcome if Tillman and Gausman pitched anything close to the level they pitched at last year.