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  1. A few thoughts. Britton, if healthy, to the Nationals seems like a perfect fit. Even though starting pitching is our greatest need, we must focus on best prospect available. Britton for Victor Robles and a good pitching prospect like Fedde works for me. However, I would also be okay with taking Robles and just a good bullpen arm like Koda Glover. One strategy I think is possible with Machado is a two pronged approach. We should be playing the Yankees and Boston off against each other. Both will be in the playoffs. Both have holes at 3B. It will not only help the team that gets Machado but it will hurt the team that doesn't get him. I would try to create a competition bidding war between the two teams. I would also try to tie in Chris Davis to a Machado trade which, of course could hurt the haul coming back. However, either team can use him at 1B/DH for this year again, assuming he gets back healthy and in time. The main target on in the Yankees farm system would be Gleyber Torres (yes I know he just had TJ surgery) with a pitching prospect like Chance Adams involved. The main target on the Red Sox would be Rafael Devers with a pitching prospect involved as well. The Orioles future team in 2019 might be something like this. 1B Mancini 2B Schoop or Mountcastle SS Gleyber Torres or ???? 3B Schoop or Devers C Sisco LF Robles CF Mullins RF Hays DH Santander (Trumbo dumped) Pitching Bundy and a lot of question marks which is what we have now.
  2. Heinrich was released by the D backs and resigned which should tell us something about that pick. Agree on Torres, Curran, Ferguson, and Echevarria. I would also add Jean Carrilo, Ruben Garcia, and Willie Rios to the list. Wasn't Myers a fairly high pick last year?
  3. Hays with maybe Ring taking his spot in Frederick. Adam Brett Walker could be a qiuick promotion. I'm hoping that's about it.
  4. I agree with everything you said in the OP. Rodriguez throws strikes. If he doesn't get a chance this year, he'd be stupid to ever resign with the O's. Faulkner, Fry, and Magnifico were all a fruitless exercise although Kipper still has some shelf life.
  5. The Orioles most likely had an idea what Hall's number was when they drafted him. They must sign him even if it means not signing some over slots after round 10. They knew this when they picked him but the overslots might be a fall back position just in case or if they get Hall at their number.
  6. Come on. You know Roy's predictions are always dead on.
  7. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. The Orioles will hold onto their core players including Machado and Britton, try to add to the starting pitching in the off season and take one more try next year. Miley, Jimenez, Tillman, Smith, Castillo (maybe) off the books. Arbitration raises for Machado and Schoop (Britton gets a minimal raise in this system). The O's would have 3 open spots in their rotation and about 15M to fix it. That's assuming Bundy and Gausman are in the rotation. After the 2018 season, Machado, Britton, and Jones are free agents. Most of our best prospects will be in AA or AAA next year. In other words, it would take a miracle to fix this rotation going into next year but remember 2012 when Miguel Gonzalez came out of nowhere, Chen came cheaply from the Japanese League, and Tillman finally emerged as a ML pitcher. That would be akin to Hunter Harvey coming back healthy and being ready to contribute in 2018 and two other surprises.
  8. If they really think his performance is being affected by the skin problem, it's ridiculous that they wouldn't have DL'd him and let it heal and prefer to get the mediocre Arrieata they've been getting. This theory about needing him out there is pretty stupid in a division that no one is going to run away with. Kind of reminds me of the Orioles letting Davis play when not full healed from the oblique injury two years ago and then using it as an excuse after the year was over. Why trot a guy out there for an entire sub par year then spend an extra month getting him right and getting his best peformance for a shorter time period?
  9. It depends on his bat and how bad his throwing is. If he bats .270 with 5 home runs and a .700 ish OPS and the league is taking advantage of him on the base paths, I don't think he lasts very long as a starting catcher in this league or at this level.
  10. Not about to give too much credit to a guy staked to a 9-1 lead and couldn't finish the 6th.
  11. I think you have the wrong guy. I remember when he was drafted there was some question if he would actually stick at 3B. From Baseball America's pre-draft scouting report: Dosch has average speed and solid arm strength, but he may have to move off third base in pro ball because he lacks agility and struggles to throw from different angles. A shift to left field or first base will make it even more important that he produce more power.
  12. There was an article where Akin mentioned the position of his push off foot on the rubber being a minor adjustment that made a big difference.
  13. When they aquired Norris he had a ERA + of 103 for the season. Miley, at the time of the trade was +81. Duquette does have a penchant for buying high on players. He bought into Ubaldo's great last two months with Cleveland even though he sucked most of his time there. He bought into Travis Snider's second half with Pittsburgh. He trade for Parra when most expected him to regress after a hot first half.
  14. Whether you liked the trade or not at the time, I don't think it was a slam dunk terrible trade. The Cubs overpaid for Aroldis Chapman, didn't they? An overpay isn't always a bad trade. Now overpaying for Bud Norris trying to make the playoffs with a mediocre team and getting a closer to help you win the WS are two different things.
  15. You can enjoy the slow descent (or maybe not so slow) into mediocrity or take a chance on something better.