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  1. RZNJ

    Bundy is Broken

    I assumed he was talking about Mike Wright at the time.
  2. RZNJ

    Minor League Depth 2019

    Out of the guys you have pegged for Baltimore, Mullins is the only one I agree with. Valera has a chance but if Jace Peterson and Steve Wilkerson are around and Beckham and Villar both return, I think he'd be 50/50 at best. Agree with the Norfolk guys with the exception of Pop. Pop probably starts out next year as Bowie's closer. As for Bowie, I think Hall starts at Frederick. Bauman is 50/50 for me and I would not be surprised if he starts the year at Frederick. His ERA is at 4.00 and his control has been poor (35 walks in 75 IP). Hall probably starts at Fredrick and gets a mid season promotion if he does well. Sedlock is a long, long, longshot to be at Bowie. A miracle would have to happen. Most likely he'll be either struggling at Frederick or rehabbing from surgery. I actually think Grenier could start at Frederick next year. Not because he earned it or he should but because the O's will want to have Hall and Carmona at Delmarva and one or both of them playing SS. You seem pretty close on the Frecerick rotation with Hanifee, Hall, Bishop, and Dietz. Bonilla would be a huge shock to be in Fredrick's rotation. I did see that he pitched 3 innings at Delmarva the other day but he hasn't shown he can conistently get hitters out at that level yet.
  3. RZNJ

    Chris Davis Trade Possible in 2019-20?

    Agree to disagree. What do you consider getting his act together? He hasn't had an OPS over .800 in the last 3 years. Is his 2017 season, getting his act together when he had a negative WAR as well? The 92M is going to Davis one way or another. I don't see he need to hope that Davis gets back to being a .750 OPS player just so we can say we didn't get totally ripped off. Move on!
  4. RZNJ

    Chris Davis Trade Possible in 2019-20?

    Sorry. I don't see 600K as significant at even a 66M payroll.
  5. RZNJ

    Our Guys Have Been Horrible For Other Teams.

    Everyone talks about Britton's achilles but he's never been the same since the arm issues of 2017. It was nice of him to put together a few nice outings for us just before the trade deadline. 2014 - 23 walks 76 IP 2015- 14 walks 65 IP 2016 - 18 walks 67 IP 2017 - 18 walks 37 IP 2018 - 16 walks 23 IP
  6. RZNJ

    Chris Davis Trade Possible in 2019-20?

    Wake up and smell the coffee. Chris Davis was bad in 2017 and horrible in 2018. There is not team out there that will sign him to anything but a minor league contract with an invite to ST. My guess is that Davis would walk away from the game if the O's released him. His OPS has declined four years in a row and he's going to turn 33 next year. We aren't getting anything for him and unless he goes on the Nelson Cruz diet, he's never going to be a plus offensive player again. Giving him another year is just a foolish thing to do. He's already been bad for 2 years. His numbers have regressed significantly in virtually every offensive category for 4 straight years, coincidentally starting with his walk year when he need to put up big numbers to secure a once in a lifetime contract. The argument that cutting Davis is costing us money because we will have to pay someone else, most likely, the minimum of 600K to replace him is a laughable argument. There is no realistic or sensible reason to keep Davis beyond this season unless you believe in the boogeyman and are just scared.
  7. The Orioles historically bad season continues and the rebuild has begun. The deadline trades brought back depth but the Orioles are still below average talent wise in the minors and that's a bad sign for a team with tons of holes at the ML level. Still, we did improve the system's depth and the hope is that with a new emphasis on previously ignored markets and some high picks coming our way in the next year or two or three, that the O's can turn this thing around again. I have a few ideas which are far from earth shattering or even very creative. 1. Release Chris Davis after the season is over. He's a sunk cost. There is nothing positive that can be gained by having him continue his career with the Orioles. 2. Keep Tim Beckham and let him play SS next season. The much maligned Beckham has made a lot of errors this year but he has started to turn it around with the bat and he's shown that he can be an average SS defensively before. He won't cost a lot next year and there is the hope that a healthy Beckham can either 1) increase his trade value or 2) hold the SS position until there is a viable replacement. There is no viable replacement now. 3. Improve the outfield defense and live with the infield defense. Mullins will be an upgrade in CF. Diaz and Hays don't look to be opening day options for 2019 although both offer the best hope of offense and defense in the system. We may have to live with Joey Rickard in LF as a place holder and an unknown RF. Renato Nunez, although questionable defensively is a young player who can possibly make a name for himself at 3B while Beckham and Villar handle the other spots. I believe the best way to go at 1B is Trumbo who has shown that he hits better when playing the field and is probably a better defensive 1B than Mancini. The idea is for Trumbo to get off to a good start next year and be able to deal him at some point next summer 4. Trey Mancini should be the DH. Mancinie is not an outfielder and although he's passable at 1B, he's not that good there either. The bat has started to come around and we can see next year if 2018 was just a sophomore slump 5. It looks like Caleb Joseph and Austin Wynns will have to hold he fort for now. Wynns can actually throw out runners so he just needs to be passable with the bat. Sisco and Cervenka can share time at Norfolk next year as depth. By the way, Sisco has thrown out 4 of 30 runners at Norfolk but his bat is so questionable now that we might as well ride it out with him as a catcher and see if he can become the hitter he showed up until AA. 6. I am certainly not against trading Cobb or Cashner but someone has to pitch next year. Are teams buying into Cobb's turnaround late in the season. His contract is now 3 years and he has at least proven that he's healthy and able to make it through a whole season. If he finishes strong, we might be able to move him for something. Otherwise, I would just hold onto him, hope he stays healthy and productive, and look to deal him again next summer. 7. Dylan Bundy has starts where he pitches like an ace or at least the Orioles ace. Durabilty from start to start and in general seem to be the big question. Bundy enters year #4 with the O's next year. I have no illusions that Bundy will become a star but he's worth holding onto in the hopes that he turns the corner. Again, the hope is that he increases his trade value and then we sell when it is highest. I don't think the return right now justifies trading him. 8. Assuming Cobb, Cashner, and Bundy headline the rotation, the rest would seem to be a tossup between Yefry Ramirez, Josh Rogers, David Hess, Jimmy Yacabonis, etc. I prefer any two of these guys over a veteran retread. However, if there is a rebound candidate coming off an injury or any pitcher who could conceivable return something at the deadline, I'd have to consider a cheap FA pitcher. 9. The bullpen seems straight forward to me. Mychal Givens must be give the closers job with the hopes that he runs with it and increases his trade value for next summer. The talent is there. The others pitchers are young and inconsistent. Tanner Scott, Miguel Castro, and Mike Wright. Paul Fry and Richard Bleier looks to be pieces as well and I see Hess as a good option if he doesn't start. On the Farm, I envision a AAA rotation of Akin, Means, Kremer, Oritz, and Tate. My gut tells me that both Ortiz and Tate are eventually good bullpen options but not starters. We simply do not have many really good pitching prospects that will be ready in the next 2-3 years. Caroll and Phillips have command/control issues and need to iron those out at AAA. Hayes, Diaz, and Stewart form the AAA outfield with Mountcastle trying to buck the odds and stay at 3B. It is depressing to see the lack of prospects we'll have below the AAA level next year.
  8. RZNJ

    Chris Davis Trade Possible in 2019-20?

    The money is already spent. The only thing you get by keep Davis is to insure that you have a below replacement level player at 1B or wherever he is. Having him on the team also hurts team morale because everyone knows that the only reason he's on the team and even in the majors is because of the money owed to him. Davis is certainly entitled to the money and it seems as though he has no intentions of accepting a buyout from the O's. His recent interview seemed like he was detached from reality as he talked about the shift and hitting into bad luck early in the season. Hmmmm. By Chris. Enjoy the money, I would release him with the intention of playing Trumbo at 1B next year with Mancini at DH and some real outfielders in the outfield. Hopefully Trumbo has a big first half and can be moved for something.
  9. RZNJ

    To Mountcastle or to not Mountcastle...

    I can't think of one good reason to call up Mountcastle this year. And I haven't see one either.
  10. Good chance this kid is related to Jonatan Isenia who we also signed out of Curacao years ago. We used to have a guy by the name of Chu Halabi who was our point man in Arruba and signed a bunch of guys in that part of the world. I guess Maduro, who was one of his signings has kind of taken over. Halabi was instrumental in signing Ponson, Maduro, and Eugene Kingsale. Halabi moved on from the O's but I forget why.
  11. RZNJ

    40 man additions

    Thank you for motivating my first post in quite some time. Protecting Brian Gonzalez would be the new definition of insanity. As usual a lot of folks protecting players that are very replaceable by waiver claim types. We should have plenty of room though.
  12. Decent, but they did the best they could do at this point. They had multiple teams bidding against each other. Getting one top 50 type prospect was good/decent. You can paint a rosy picture but there is always a decent chance that we get nothing of consequence from the trade. There is strength in numbers and our system is a long way away from being a strength. The more prospects you get, the better chance you have of getting lucky. Pretty laughable how the Orioles demanded two ML ready or near ready starting pitchers before the season started. Good to see they just decided to get the best package that apparently was available. Now, let's hope Britton has upped his value enough to get something decent as well. Not expecting anything of significance for Jones, Brach, etc.
  13. LF or 1B. With the glut of outfielders and the fact that Mountcastle is an IF, I would guess his future is 1B with the O's. From what I have read and from what I saw in ST, I think there is no way he is anything but a way below average 3B in the majors. I don't think he's a legit 3B in almost every way. Range and arm both below average.
  14. RZNJ

    International Reviews: Baltimore Orioles

    They made 3 pretty big signings after Fred Ferreira was hired. They signed Jomar Reyes and a 1B whose name escapes me. Reyes was a 350K signing and the other kid was pretty high too. They they signed Ofelky Peralta a year or two later to another 300K or so contract. I don't recall any signings close to that since then. I have a hard time remembering anything over 100K since then although I do believe there was at least one. As in all things there is strength in numbers. Just look a the Amateur draft. A 350K signing is akin to a 4th or 5th round draft pick. How many of those work out? A 1M signing bonus is like a 2nd round pick? How many of them work out? Of course, if you never have a 2nd round pick, your chances of them working out is ZERO. Just compare the international draft to the Orioles not drafting until the 11th round every year in the amateur draft. Sure, we might find a Cedric Mullins once in awhile. Once upon a time the Orioles signed Dennis Martinez from Nicaragua and a bunch of players from Aruba. They never really were a player in the Dominican or Venezuela (except for ERod). The Orioles aren't racist but it's a little like the teams who were the last to sign the best players from the Negro Leagues. Good luck! They are ignoring a major talent pool. Thanks Peter. You reap what you sow and we don't sow anything in the Dominican.
  15. It certainly seems like a tradeoff but I give him the benefit of the doubt that he is trying to make some adjustments and hopefully and find the happy medium where he can control the strike zone and hit for power. Baby steps.