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  1. Roy, you are a great story teller. Great stuff. Thanks. Sounds corny but they don't make them like that anymore.
  2. RZNJ

    Bullpen guys

    David Lebron has both started and relieved at Frederick. Outstanding K numbers.
  3. RZNJ

    Drew Rom

    Sounds like he is 4-5 mph from being a stud.
  4. A haul? Please. We need to deal him while he has value, this year, and get the most we can for him whether it's a haul or not.
  5. I van only think that will only happen if Rutschman demands full slot and the O's go to plan B. Don't think that happens. Rutschman is a clear #1. Might have to pay slot if he plays hardball.
  6. A plus changeup can be the difference between mediocrity and success. Now, can Chris Holt teach David Hess the same thing? Yeah, it's not that simple.
  7. Overall, statistically, disappointing. No one in the upper levels looking close to ready. Hoping Harvey, Akin, and Lowther take huge steps forward as the year progresses. Kremer, coming back, should help.
  8. It's the new metric. If you looked stupid or incompetent on one play it invalidates the whole body of work.
  9. RZNJ

    Attendance 2019

    Haha. The good old days when top players made 100k. Guarantee you that attendance figures are way up over the good old days. Football has been considered the #1 sport since the 70's. Hasn't seemed to hurt too much. More money than ever. More people paying to watch than ever.
  10. I like Hess going forward as a starter a lot more than Ramirez or Ynoa and guessing Hyde feels the same. Not in danger of losing his spot tonight.
  11. Overall, great numbers. Last three starts, pitch counts have kept to about 15 innings. He's not as polished as Blaine Knight who probably is better off with the challenge of the next level. Peralta has never really had success before. Personally, I would let him have a little more before challenging him at a higher level.
  12. As a potential bullpen arm alone he probably gets protected. Even with conservative promotions he can get the month of August in Bowie if he performs. Another month in Delmarva. June and July in Frederick and see where he is at that point.
  13. RZNJ

    Hunter Harvey 2019

    Good to see. His last start had me worried. We need Harvey, Hall, and Rodriguez to stay healthy and then a surprise or two like Baumann.
  14. My memory says that he really didn't "earn" a promotion nor did he prove much previously in the SAL. He is throwing strikes so far but he hasn't been quite so sharp over his last 3-4 starts. His K rate has also come back down. Everyone wants to promote players so quickly. It won't hurt Peralta to spend another month or two in the SAL.
  15. Peralta has never really had any sustained success in the minors. I wouldn't be so quick to promote him. Let him continue to gain confidence and continue throwing strikes.
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