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  1. Cobb only thread

    Who needs Cobb? I heard that Tillman is way ahead of where he was at this time last year.
  2. A day for optimism about our players

    Okay, you meant Mountcastle's bomb in the day game, I guess? Did anyone see Mountcastles throw to first base? Debbie downer thinks it looked like he had trouble reaching first base with his throw. Okay, all else looked good. Alex Wells was throwing 90-91 and looked very composed and hit his spots. He let the firsts two men on, then got two ground balls. His curve looked decent, he spotted his fastball pretty well, and got the last batter to roll over a changeup. Pretty good. Harvey looked very good once he started to get the curveball over. Santander looks to be in excellent shape and moving well. I'd love to see him get AB's early in the year but I don't see how that happens if Rasmus and Valencia platoon in right, which is the current writing on the wall. I did not see Akin pitch. Missed it. Bowman and Hannifee looked okay. I was actually most impressed with Harvey and Alex Wells.
  3. Most important player for 2018?

    Dylan Bundy has the best chance to be an ace or close to it. If he can become that it becomes huge. At the other end of the spectrum if he should go down, I think the ripple effect will be devastating.
  4. Most important player for 2018?

    Dylan Bundy.
  5. Firstbaseman Needed

    Mariners had two low cost guys go down. It's wishful thinking that they would take on Trumbo's contract but you never know. Pedro Alvarez would have made a ton of sense for them, and they for him.
  6. Even Money Wager on 2018 Tillman

    On paper, in this division, I see Toronto, Boston, and New York all significantly better. When you look at Toronto's rotation against ours, it's a no contest. Of course, we'll have to see who stays healthy and who doesn't and the games aren't played on paper. In my opinion, the Orioles start the season as the 4th best team, at best, in the division.
  7. Even Money Wager on 2018 Tillman

    Hey! I'll try to be optimistic but on paper, things don't look so good. You need a lot of things, that shouldn't be expected, to go right, just to be an 85 win team. On paper, I think this is a sub .500 team and if a few things go wrong it could be a lot worse. You have a rotation that consists of an ace who completed his first full season last year and was really mediocre on normal rest and was basically shut down at the end of the season when he wore down. Gausman is probably the best bet to both pitch 180-200 innings and be decent. The peripherals on Cashman suggest a big regression from what he did last season. Tillman was one of the worst pitchers in baseball last year and the only excuse from the team is that he didn't have his normal offseason routine. Meanwhile, he pitched into August and showed no signs of improvement. The #5 spot is up for grabs between a bunch of rule 5 guys and minor league guys who have proven to be medicore on the minor league level or awful at the ML level. We have basically no depth in the minors if things do go wrong. Hess, Wright are not realistic options that a good team would be counting on. Mesa pitched a partial season in AA last year. Cortes has never been a full time starter in the minors. Sure, some of these guys could be huge surprises. Anything is possible. An objective person (aka Debbie Downer) would say that things don't look very good.
  8. Even Money Wager on 2018 Tillman

    Bursitis? We still don't know the whole story. He sucked for a whole year and showed not one sign of coming around. 2017. It's a joke if he's the #4 starter heading into ST. This team is a couple injuries away from being a 96+ loss team. A huge gamble on Tillmans shoulder.
  9. My personal top 50 Orioles prospects for 2018

    Luke, your thoughts on Brandon Bonilla? He's old and he's barely pitched but 33 strikeouts in 18 innings is interesting, even at Aberdeen. Anything there?
  10. Luke's Top 50 Orioles Prospects!

    Really great having Luke on the site. He adds a lot and he's a great poster too. Thanks.
  11. Cashner signing

    Yep. I'm just betting it doesn't look like a bargain by June.
  12. Who Drops Off The 40 Man? (2018 Edition)

    Crichton, Asher, Vielma, Brugman. Lot's of easy choices. Kelly too. Crichton did not impress last year and RH minor league relievers are a dime a dozen.
  13. Cashner signing

    Remember the thread about what a bargain Trumbo was? Deja Vu all over again.
  14. Cashner update

    When you say it would be those two plus prospects you speak as though that's an actual offer. We don't know. You don't know. You guys are just making stuff up or repeating unsubstantiated rumors.