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  1. Getting rid of Chris Davis

    I'm sure I can't be the only one who wonders if you are offering speculation that he has some "disorder" or if you are making a statement that he indeed does have a disorder? Or is this a reference to his ADD? Are you suggesting that the alternative medicine to the Adderall is just not the same? So, please expand because I'm interested.
  2. Most interesting off season in a long time?

    Is Roch really buying into this? What is the true story? What is Tillman's normal offseason routine and what wasn't he able to do last year? This guy had since April of this year until September to get into pitching shape. His first appearance was on May 7. Why does Roch not state the obvious? Tillman was injured last September. The injury was still bothering him in December. He had his worst season by far and was a completely different pitcher than the year before. Is it too hard to put 2 and 2 together and come up with 4?
  3. Most interesting off season in a long time?

    I'm not ready to predict who will be added to the roster to protect them from getting picked in the Rule 5 but I will say this: 1. Hunter Harvey is a lock to be protected. A team would select him and try to stash him in their bullpen for a year. No doubt. There are teams like the Padres with nothing to lose by doing something like that. 2. Remember, the Orioles took Santander in the 2nd round last year. They took Tavarez in the 1st. The Orioles play the Rule 5 like almost no other team so when you talk about losing some our guys, remember that there aren't many teams out there who would do what the O's do. No other team considered taking Santander at all last year. Which leads me to this. 3. Rifaela is a nice prospect but isn't as highly regarded as Santander was. I think there is zero chance that he's selected. 4. Austin Wynns is a nice story but keep this in mind. The difference between Francisco Pena and Austin Wynns is probably very minute. You cold even argue that Pena is the better option. Francisco Pena was put on outright waivers multiple times last year and not one team claimed him. So while Wynns is a nice story and catching depth is a problem, why would you tie up a 40 man roster spot on Wynns when you can take a flier on someone like Pena or some other AAAA catchers out there? 5. David Hess. We are talking about a RHP with a pretty good arm whose stuff might play up in a relief role. That's the only way another team would take a flier on Hess. Their is an abundance of RHP's with a plus fastball in baseball. I rank the possibility of losing Hess as minimal and close to zero. However, if the Orioles have a lot of room on the 40 man they may determine that he's worth adding to take all risk out of the equation. 6. Steve Wilkerson. Using a 40 man roster spot for a 25 year old potential utility IF who hasn't played above AA. I don't see any reason for it. The Orioles did take a 25 year old Flaherty but Flaherty had put up a .900 OPS in AA and gotten over 100 AB's in AAA and had been a 1st round pick with some pedigree. And again, it was the Orioles who took him. Very doubtful anyone takes Wilkerson and even if they did, so what? 7. Wotherspoon - Hard throwing RHP reliever. I hate to say it, but guys like this are a dime a dozen. Wotherspoon just turned 26 and was good but not great in AAA as a releiver last year. Throw a dart against a board on it with 10 guys like Wotherspoon and you might hit a useful ML reliever. At the same time, you could do the same thing by checking the waiver wire. With Yacabonis and Crichton added to the 40 man already by being called up last year, is there any reason to clog up the 40 man roster with more run of the mill hard throwing RH relievers?
  4. I will keep expectations low but the bit about the slider is very encouraging. We'll see.
  5. Getting rid of Chris Davis

    We are stuck with Davis and Trumbo. We have to hope for a rebound from at least one of them and then hope to move them after that. The O's never move guys after a good year when value is up. By high, sell low. Here's what the O's need to do to start next year when odds will between slim and none for a realistic chance at the postseason. Santander has to be on the roster for 45 or whatever it is. That time should be used as an audtion. Bringing up Hays this year was another late run desperation move. It's always about now and never about the future. Starting his service clock was idiotic. Now, to remedy that mistake, it's best to start him in AAA while Santander gets his audtion and also make room for Trumbo and Davis to rebound next year. Hence, Mancini in LF, Santander in RF, Trumbo at DH, and Davis at 1B to start the season. When Santander's rule 5 time is up, you re-evaluate and go forward. Time should be given based on production rather than contract. If Trumbo can't rebound next year, the last year or more of his contract should be eaten instead of letting him rob time from Santander/Hays/Mancini. We are stuck with Davis. If Trumbo does rebound, you trade him as soon as you can get something for him.
  6. Orioles Roster Review: Replaceable Position Players

    Cal Ripken made 25 errors in his first full season at SS. Derek Jeter made 22. Tim Beckham has started 163 games at SS with 119 coming this year. I suspect that experience will hopefully play a part in his error totals going down like it does with most shortstops.
  7. Orioles Roster Review: Replaceable Position Players

    I guess it's nice that Flaherty is a LH hitter and the and the 3B/SS/2B are RH hitters but his .645 career OPS against RHP and whether his replacement is a RH hitter or not doesn't scare me a whole lot.
  8. Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    Buck has his faults but if he's lost anyone in the clubhouse then the problem lies within the clubhouse and not the managers's office. I don't put much stock in the "losing the clubhouse" thing at this point.
  9. Orioles Roster Review: Replaceable Position Players

    Is Hardy going to take Flaherty's job. He doesn't deserve to be a starter anywhere on this team and I doubt he would stick around for a utility role.
  10. Luis Sardinas

    Really? How many of our guys playing in the AFL have had success above AA or even had a full season of AA last year? It's essentially AA players playing against other AA players. Mountcastle is really a A+ player. Wilkerson had a half season in AA. I see Keegan Akin on the roster and he didn't even pitch in AA. Tanner Scott played all season in AA. Maybe our player inclusions are atypical but I guess I'd have to be shown that to think the AFL is really anything more than a glorified AA after season league with water downed pitching.
  11. BTW, the number of starters is irrelevant. When Dan Duquette talks about depth he is usually talking about the Gabriel Ynoa types. The Orioles need 2-3 more good ML average starters and they are not easy to come by. You have to sign 2-3 Jeremy Hellickson types and cross your fingers that they have a good year. A true ML average starter that can be counted on to be average will be out of their price range.
  12. Competition? For what? A pitcher who had a should injury coming of of last season and put up a minus 2.2 WAR? I guess it's possible that a team signs him to a league minimum type ML contract with incentives on games started. Something that is very easy for a team to walk away from. Still, I put the odd's on a minor league contract with a ST invite. I wait with curiosity to see if and what shows up on his MRI when he takes a physical for any of these clubs.
  13. The funniest part is how no one want to talk about his shoulder injury. Sure, he's 100% and it had nothing to do with his season. Sure, it only affected his offseason and the 7 month baseball season wasn't enough time to get into shape. Yep, I got it. Buck said it without saying it this morning. He doesn't want to make it public like the rest of the baseball industry doesn't suspect Tillman is damaged goods.
  14. Luis Sardinas

    The Orioles wanted to keep Santander because they see a "potential" regular player down the road. I believe the Orioles originally kept Flaherty because they though he was a "potential" regular player down the road. I find it very doubtful that there is a team out there that feels the need to keep a Steve Wilkerson type on their roster all year in the hopes that he is a potential regular. The AFL is great but offensive stats have to be taken with a grain of salt. Heck, I think Paul Carey once led the AFL in hitting. You ask "who is Paul Carey?" Exactly. You are looking at a lot of AA pitchers in this league. This is not the same as seeing what he can do in AAA.
  15. Luis Sardinas

    I don't think the O's should protect Wilkerson either. The chances of another team 1) drafting him and 2) keeping him for an entire season are between slim and none. Let's see what he can do next season. We are talking about a guy who played AA as a 25 year old and projects as a "potential" utility IF. Luis Sardinas is younger, and has ML experience, and it would be no big deal if we lost him so it makes no sense to protect Wilkerson. Goo seasons by 25 year old's in AA should be taken with a huge grain of salt. BTW, none of this disagrees with what you said. I am a big fan of your posts on the minor league side. Thanks.