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  1. I have been suffering from a nasty flu that has left me consumptive, bed ridden, and feverish. I clicked on the video. The thing affected me so much I didn’t cough the entire 3 minutes. I think I even lost consciousness for a period of time.
  2. Maybe they handed out Schlitz’s in the dugout to get them into softball mode?
  3. Brooks is gonna need some luck to get out of this inning.
  4. And he looked more like the Blue Jays Aaron Sanchez.
  5. My wife is making me go see Shakespeare now. I am being disingenuous since these summertime, amateur, outdoors, productions are very fun. And well, this year's Orioles are not.
  6. On the radio Brob is thinking about concussions after Chirinos took that hit.
  7. Rene Gonzales in the radio booth! And Jace leaves the building!
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