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  1. Chavez Ravine

    Chris Hoiles' feat was just equalled

    Why exactly did Hoiles retire in 1999? Wikipedia says degenerative hip and back injuries, which sounds nasty. But he had a 0.833 OPS in 1998. Seems like that's enough to eek out a season or two pinch hitting/Dhing. Could he really not play at all? My memory is fuzzy.
  2. Chavez Ravine

    Dodgers Activating Bullpen Mode

    If the Dodgers were really thinking outside the box, they would put kershaw in the bullpen. The fastball might stay a bit fresher in October. This move is more a "@$#!$@$! Jansen might be done for the year!!????!?!?!" type of move than a chess move made over a snifter of brandy.
  3. Trey, thinking Jones was still out there, wandered in front of him making Mullins flinch in fear of his life.
  4. If the question is whether Mullins is a good MLB center fielder, take the average opinion of this thread this time next year. Perhaps subtracting out the posts that include 😍 and 😡 emoticons.
  5. Chavez Ravine

    "GM" & Manager: What are your wishes?

    As much as ignoring the conventional international talent pipeline has hurt us, I am dubious about our prospects going forward even if we go "all in". It seems to me that the rule changes have only worked to solidify the "shadow state" advantage big money spenders have. The hard "spending" cap just squeezes the money elsewhere---ironically even more away from the players. The current smart money strategy seems to be to identify a group of 14 year old kids that might make it. Then cultivate relationships with the people who influence them in various ways, so that when they actually are a top 16 year old prospect some future July 2 they pick your 2.5 million offer over the other 29 other team's 2.5 million offer. The only reason we come away "wining" that game is that we weren't playing it in the first place....and there are probably more than 30 kids worth offering 2.5 million to. I think there is some room for creative thinking here. Not so much because I think there is a better solution, but more so because I think if we just play the conventional game we are still going to get screwed.
  6. Teach this thing to bat. Then set up a "pitcher farm" in North Dakota. The pitchers who can get robo-Trout out get sent to Aberdeen.
  7. Chavez Ravine

    Has Cobb become our "ace"?

    So did we screw up Cobb or fix him?
  8. Stat wise, Nova might be a Gausman comp. They both have been good but inconsistent.
  9. The list of homegrown Yankee starting pitchers is probably more motley than the Orioles. Has there been an excellent one between Severino and Pettitte?
  10. Chavez Ravine

    vs. RED SOX, 8/11 (Game Two)

    The Tempest. Oh brave new world!
  11. Chavez Ravine

    vs. RED SOX, 8/11 (Game Two)

    I am probably a sad person for the fact that I am bummed my wife is making go see an outdoor Shakespeare play instead of watching the rest of this game.....
  12. Chavez Ravine

    vs. RED SOX, 8/11 (Game Two)

    That play didn't need speed (or "speed" in the MLB sense). It just needed an average level of baseball recognition of what was happening.
  13. Chavez Ravine

    vs. RED SOX, 8/11 (Game Two)

    Heck, Bordick was as incredulous as he can be.
  14. Chavez Ravine

    vs. RED SOX, 8/11 (Game Two)

    Someone mentioned trying Beckham in the outfield. How about at second? At least the nutty throws will be minimized.
  15. Chavez Ravine

    vs. RED SOX, 8/11 (Game Two)

    Can I hire Bordick to officiate my momentous life moments? Chavez Ravine! He had some injuries and chronic illness there at the end, but going out strong!!!!!! Friends and family definitely representing!