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  1. Chavez Ravine

    Rich Dubroff: Joe Angel not returning.

    My take is that Joe said he wanted to retire and the O's said OK. Sort of like when that dinner guest says "I really should be going" and you say "let me find your coat" instead of "wait there is this scotch I have been meaning to open". No one seems to be pissed about it. I'm not pissed about it. We don't seem to have an organizational sentimentality for radio play by play guys.
  2. Chavez Ravine

    Hyde puts his own stamp on spring training

    If folks feel the need to fiddle with perfection there is always this:
  3. Chavez Ravine

    Rich Dubroff: Joe Angel not returning.

    I listened to Joe call most of last season. I was expecting this. He didn't seem to be having much fun....even during the times he wasn't broadcasting with Hunter. Still, I suspect you need to get pushed out the door of this kind of gig even if you are old and can't suffer fools.
  4. Chavez Ravine

    Your Cash is No Good at Tropicana Field

    One step away from them only allowing bets in bitcoin at the Jai alai.
  5. Chavez Ravine

    Yolbert Sanchez (Cuban defector)

    I wonder if the federal investigation is making some folks forget about handshakes they may or may not have had with some other folks. There is a related discussion at the end of this thread: http://forum.orioleshangout.com/forums/index.php?/topic/33631-waste-of-international-bounty-new-gm-discuss/&do=findComment&comment=2412923 Here is the Sports Illustrated article that broke the news back in October. https://www.si.com/mlb/2018/10/02/fbi-investigation-mlb-atlanta-braves-los-angeles-dodgers?utm_source=si.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social-share-article&utm_content=20190123
  6. Chavez Ravine

    Yolbert Sanchez (Cuban defector)

    The FBI has the same question.
  7. Chavez Ravine

    Anyone Following Manny?

    This article from 2015 is perhaps a bit behind the times of the shifting dynamics of player salaries, but it offers some explanations for why expensive long-term deals have stuck around despite a longish history of ugly disasters. https://www.bostonglobe.com/magazine/2015/04/01/are-long-baseball-contracts-worth/lJNSnCmD8VjSvO9YQLb0zH/story.html Things like total financial value/amortization: Paying for some distantly later middling performance years to get a few mega superstar years now (as has been mentioned) And irrational exuberance:
  8. Print the 2023 playoff tickets!
  9. Chavez Ravine

    You're next

    I often wonder what would happen if there was no domestic draft, no international slotting, and no price controls on professional players....i.e. a free market for labor. The cynic in me thinks one result would be a lot more high school (and junior high school) coaches driving around in fancy cars. But beyond that, I am not sure what the result would be. A far diminished minor league system? A greater share of the profits going to players and more equitably spread around? Or more concentration in young superstars?
  10. I keep saying that the robotic Kershaw (or whoever the pitcher you are facing that day/inning) is coming!
  11. Chavez Ravine

    You're next

    Some good discussion on that point---and the broader phenomenon of teams doing better risk management--- in this article: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/good-mlb-teams-oppose-income-inequality/ Team Payroll Name WAR Salary Share of payroll Phillies $95.3m J. Arrieta 2.0 $30.0m 31.5% Dbacks 131.6 Z. Greinke 3.5 34.0 25.8 Reds 101.3 J. Votto 3.5 25.0 24.7 Tigers 125.3 M. Cabrera 0.7 30.0 24.0 Padres 94.0 E. Hosmer -0.1 21.0 22.3 Brewers 91.0 R. Braun 1.3 20.0 22.0 Angels 166.6 M. Trout 9.8 34.1 20.5 Mets 150.6 Y. Cespedes 0.9 29.0 19.3 Dodgers 187.3 C. Kershaw 3.5 35.5 19.0 White Sox 71.2 J. Abreu 1.2 13.0 18.3 Braves 118.2 F. Freeman 5.2 21.4 18.1 Twins 128.7 J. Mauer 1.0 23.0 17.9 Mariners 157.9 F. Hernandez 0.3 26.9 17.0 Royals 123.2 A. Gordon 1.6 20.0 16.4 Rockies 137.0 I. Desmond -0.7 22.0 16.1 Athletics 66.0 K. Davis 2.6 10.5 15.9 Cubs 182.4 J. Heyward 2.0 28.1 15.4 Yankees 166.1 G. Stanton 4.2 25.0 15.1 Rangers 133.1 C. Hamels 2.0 22.5 15.0 Orioles 148.6 C. Davis -3.1 21.2 14.2 Blue Jays 162.0 J. Donaldson 1.3 23.0 14.2 Indians 134.9 E. Encarnación 1.0 18.7 13.8 Rays 76.4 W. Ramos 2.4 10.5 13.8 Marlins 99.5 M. Prado -0.5 13.5 13.6 Red Sox 233.8 D. Price 2.7 30.0 12.8 Cardinals 159.7 Y. Molina 2.2 20.0 12.5 Astros 160.4 J. Verlander 6.8 20.0 12.5 Nationals 180.8 M. Scherzer 7.2 22.1 12.2 Pirates 86.3 F. Cervelli 3.3 10.5 12.2 Giants 200.5 B. Posey 2.0 22.7 11.1 Salaries include only money paid by the current team and not any money paid for a player as part of a trade. Sources: Cot’s Baseball Contracts, FanGraphs
  12. Chavez Ravine

    WaPo: Spin Rates and Buy In

    Ahh, Dead or Alive.....that brings back fond memories of dancing with girls in college.
  13. Chavez Ravine

    WaPo: Spin Rates and Buy In

    To counterbalance the insightful analysis, as well as the pithy and actually funny GIFs/memes in this thread, I offer this.
  14. Chavez Ravine

    Anyone Following Manny?

    I suspect that fan (and perhaps management) expectations are different for a high priced free agent than they are for a low cost home grown talent. If you buy an expensive sports car off the dealer lot with money you will notice when it is gone, you irrationally want the whole package: hustle, love of all animals, clubhouse relationship counselor skills, suave but humble, talkative but contemplative, a guy you would want your daughter to date. Oddly, as I grow older I have become less interested in hustle. I often cry out "You are going to pull a hammy dong that!??" when a guy busts it down the line on a routine ground out in a 7-3 game in June. I also have decided to just accept players as they are and not fret about what I think they could be if they just stopped being idiots. If I wanted to do that, I would become a Little League Coach 😄
  15. Chavez Ravine

    Cuban Baseball Deal to be Vetoed

    I am probably too cynical for my own good, but I could see a November dinner conversation revolving around how MLB would look unfavorably on any efforts to move the Rays to Portland as long as Rubio bit his tongue (despite his deeply held positions) on a small matter of mutual interest.