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  1. I wanted Hart to be huge this year.
  2. His eyes got bigger than his fast twitch muscles.
  3. You ask so much.
  4. Beef!
  5. Manny should have walked as well.
  6. That might have been the best fastball Faria has thrown tonight.
  7. Viagra. When you need a lay up.
  8. We have this.
  9. Out!!
  10. Just like Miley!?! Lordy. Castro is getting squeezed a bit though.
  11. Like butter and cheese.
  12. I have always wanted jumpsuits, or maybe a herringbone suit.
  13. I hope.
  14. Even with Davis emmerging as the infield Heyward, the outfield is still populated with folks that really should by DH's. The problem gets worse if you assume Jones ages on schedule. We need at least one real defensive MLB outfielder I think.
  15. Look at that, that mediocre fastball didn't survive.