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  1. Lordy. I am going to go sit by myself for a while.
  2. The reptilian part of my brain has forgotten entirely about women and is now focused on BBQ.
  3. My wife is out with an “old high school friend” and she was supposed to be back by now with him. Most of me is happy they haven’t shown up yet, but the reptilian part of my brain is starting to communicate with the other parts.
  4. Sorry, I stoped reading after you said sandwich.
  5. A 95 mph fastball followed by a 85 mph changeup. Nice.
  6. Another Holy Smokes?! From Rizzs.
  7. A bald eagle just flew over my house with a fish in its talons. America, heck yeah!!
  8. It got a “Holy smokes!?” out of Rick Rizzs.
  9. I think it is for ship pilots.
  10. He may not be Eric Nadel, but Rick Rizzs is fun to listen to.
  11. Thanks man, but my wife is making me socialize in about an hour. In the meantime I am going throwback and listening to the radio..on an actual radio!? I have a beer in my hand and am sitting in my backyard. I have regressed into my grandpa. Well, except the phone. It is kinda fun.
  12. I get blacked out of these Seattle games. It doesn’t exactly prod me to pay for cable or travel over 200 miles to see a game.
  13. Here is a nice baseball bio of The Vulture, plus video of him throwing BP on his 80th birthday. https://metsinsider.mlblogs.com/celebrating-80-years-of-baseball-history-with-the-vulture-phil-regan-6e3debaac2c0
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