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  1. Jake Cave?

    The Jake Cave was what I called the closet I used as an aggression safe space every time I read a Jake Arrieta box score in 2015.
  2. Jake Arrieta to the Phillies - 3/75M

    Still pretty good for Theo not wanting you back and going with Yu “showtime” Darvish.
  3. Jake Arrieta to the Phillies - 3/75M

    That’s probably the part that took so long to negotiate.
  4. Starting Pitchers-Best Stat

    I suspect Buck’s issue was less with the TTP and more with the attitutude about not wanting to listen to anyone about it because he was obviously such an awesome pitcher and all the little minds around him couldn’t see it.
  5. Does Adam Jones Want to Stay Here Past 2018?

    Malignant gambino:
  6. Buck's comment today on Chris Tillman

    Reminds me of Bachelor Season 3 (?). I was mildly intrigued by the outcome, and somewhat ashamed that I was.
  7. Manny: “Thank God I wasn’t traded.”

    We are not exactly expertly run, but we aren't exactly lucky either. The Angels get Trout's future view and we get Manny's.
  8. A cynic might say they stopped playing in Latin America when they could no longer fill out their 40 man for 7K. But I agree with Connolly, being opposed on principal...and digging in no matter what...is very much PA's style. It is actually one of his better traits, I think.
  9. I am not sure if this is relevant to any of this, but I stumbled upon this NYT article from 1998 "breaking the news" that Latin America was a vast underutilized pool of inexpensive baseball talent. Baltimore gets noted twice as being at the front of the charge: https://nyti.ms/2BB5ADB
  10. Cashner signing

    Who needs starters? I am kinda excited about this season. Will throwing a revolving door of 3 inning dudes and AAAA relievers at the wall halfway stick?
  11. Do Long Term FA Contracts Ever Work Out?

    One thing I have wondered about while drinking beer: how does the length of the contract interact with the total value? For instance, if teams could only at most give out three year contracts, what would be the value of the contract Manny would get? Presumably without long-term deals total value would decrease because right now teams get to amortize the costs and also essentially use credit to buy near term performance.....which to my non-economist mind seems like it would tend to inflate how much teams are willing to shell out. But on the other hand, (luxury taxing aside), many teams don't seem to have near term cash flow issues. Free from the worry of accumulating underwater contracts, I could see the bidding on 3 unfettered prime Manny years getting intense.
  12. 2018 Tampa Bay D-Rays

    http://www.tampabay.com/news/business/Stuart-Sternberg-Tampa-s-Ybor-City-is-top-choice-for-next-Rays-ballpark_165326111 The Ybor Sea Gars?
  13. Os requesting offers on Machado

    My two cents is he is gone by the start of the season. Someone is going to think the brass ring is tantalizingly close, and cold hard reality is settling in on Birdland.