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  1. I missed the last inning. Did Sucre provide demonstrative encouragement and critiques of his own pitches?
  2. Three outs seem so far away.
  3. An out would be handy about now.
  4. Apparently the O's book on McCann is that he is vulnerable to pitches thrown down the pipe.
  5. Well, at least Scott is throwing strikes.
  6. Our Fry has better stats than their Fry.
  7. That wasn't a bad pitch (compared to the two strike ones he was throwing to McCann).
  8. The third horrible pitch from Hess finally gets tattooed.
  9. My grandma was always dusting balls. People were afraid of her. I was one of the few people she seemed to like.
  10. Those don't seem to be as big as the ones I remember my grandmother having.
  11. I am still trying to wrap my head conceptually around that.
  12. Banuelos has fired up a craving for the buñuelos my grandma used to make .
  13. Cody had a big game in the finale of the festive April series between the Dodgers and Brewers. First he robbed Yelich of a home run in the 8th, then hit a game winning home run himself in the 9th on a two out, 1-2 pitch form Josh Hader. Hader, by the way, didn't have a great series.
  14. The insurance company can argue he isn’t a hitter anymore either.
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