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  1. The bad weather continues for the O's

  2. The bad weather continues for the O's

    This weather is absolutely ridiculous. I am going to cut the Orioles some slack for their cold start. The Orioles need to beat up on the Tigers though and I know the players realize that.
  3. Detroit Series

    Going underground. Source?
  4. Detroit Series

    I would like to know what the plan is for David Hess. Will the Orioles option him before Tuesday's game? Is he going to replace Tillman in the rotation?
  5. Detroit Series

    I just noticed that the Tigers have had their last three games postponed. I wonder if that will help or hurt the Orioles. Who will all pitch in Detroit? Will the Orioles skip Tillman's turn in the rotation?
  6. Tomorrow's game officially postponed

    I agree 100% with you Roy. It is absolutely ridiculous how MLB players have to play in such terrible conditions. I hope they make major changes after this season.
  7. Tomorrow's game officially postponed

    Fantastic news! I wonder if the Orioles head to Detroit earlier now.
  8. The 2018 season is far from over

    Most of you guys act like the 2018 season is already over. The 2018 MLB season is far from over. I am not the least bit worried. The Orioles just need to beat up on the Tigers when they play them. If you cannot support the Orioles during this difficult time then please feel free to jump on the Astros or Redsox band wagon. Here is a list of some of the obstacles the Orioles have already faced this year: 1. One of the toughest schedules in baseball if not the toughest. 2. Chris Tillman and Mike Wright were both in the rotation as a result of Cobb not being ready. 3. The bullpen has had to pitch alot of innings. I would think they would be in the top five as far as innings pitched. 4. Manny Machado playing shortstop has weakened the whole infield. 5. Chris Davis. Enough said. 6. Schoop is now on the DL.
  9. Win or Lose, Bleier is tough as nails

    You have to give Dan lots of credit for picking up Bleier. That was definitely a great move on his part. I think Dan picked him up right before the 2017 season, right?
  10. Our 3B Defense is Atrocious!

    I agree. Manny hurt the team by wanting to play SS. I think it is fair to say that Manny will always be a better third baseman than a SS. Manny was the best third baseman in MLB. I absolutely cannot believe that he wanted to switch to SS. Why mess with success?
  11. Our 3B Defense is Atrocious!

    You can thank Manny Machado for this. If he was a team player, we would not be having this conversation. I can't wait until Manny is gone.
  12. Will the Orioles be able to play the Redsox today or tomorrow?

  13. Will the Orioles be able to play the Redsox today or tomorrow?

    There have been to many MLB games lately that were played that should not have been played. I don't want the Orioles to play if the weather is going to be horrible. That is not going to help the Orioles any.
  14. 42

    Is today Jackie Robinson day?
  15. Will the Orioles be able to play the Redsox today or tomorrow? I don't live on the east coast. We did get a small amount of snow here in Iowa.