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  1. Diehard_O's_Fan

    Time to give the Angelos boys some credit

    The Angelos boys deserve some major credit and kudos right now if you ask me. They made a major decision and a very good one if you ask me. After the decision that they just made, I hope MLB does not force the Angelos family to sell the team. I have been an Orioles fan since 1996. I believe hiring Mike Elias is the best decision the Orioles have made while I have been a fan.
  2. The Angelos boys sure deserve alot of props and kudos right now. Most of you guys were worried that Brady would be the GM. Brady is going to be lucky to have a job when it is all said and done.
  3. Diehard_O's_Fan

    Joe Espada Future Orioles Manager?

    If Mike Elias takes the job, Joe Espada is a strong rumored candidate to be the Orioles next manager. What does everyone think of this? What do we know about this guy?
  4. When are the owner's meetings done? Hopefully they get done soon so the Orioles can make the announcement.
  5. Diehard_O's_Fan

    Ron Johnson

    Ron seemed to have a very good relationship with Buck. Therefore, I am not surprised that Ron is not coming back. Best of luck to you Ron.
  6. Diehard_O's_Fan

    Ron Johnson

  7. Diehard_O's_Fan

    Ron Johnson

    Thank you Warehouse Chatter. I appreciate it.
  8. Diehard_O's_Fan

    Ron Johnson

    Can you please provide a link?
  9. Now that the news has broke that Buck won't be returning, is it safe to say that Dan will be returning? I realize that the Orioles have not publicly announced yet that Buck is not returning. However, wouldn't the media have announced today that Dan is not returning when they broke the news about Buck? Thoughts?
  10. Diehard_O's_Fan

    Top Manager Candidates

    If the Orioles want a former Oriole as manager then I hope they go with Billy Ripken. I believe he would be a better choice than Mike Bordick.
  11. Diehard_O's_Fan

    Top Manager Candidates

    I believe Mike announced that he was not returning as the Angels manager.
  12. Diehard_O's_Fan

    Top Manager Candidates

    The Angels and Jays are also looking for a manager.
  13. Diehard_O's_Fan

    The Buck Showalter Appreciation Thread

    I love Buck and will be always be grateful for all that he did for the Orioles. He was definitely the best Oriole manager while I have been an Orioles fan. No question about that.
  14. Diehard_O's_Fan

    Buck Showalter will not be back with the team in any capacity

    Don't you find being fired embarrassing? The Orioles were extremely loyal to Buck and he should be grateful. Buck even said it himself that the Orioles have treated him very well.
  15. Diehard_O's_Fan

    Buck Showalter will not be back with the team in any capacity

    You have to give the Orioles props for making this decision. I realize that most MLB teams would have let him go during the season. However, the Orioles ultimately did what they needed to do. Buck should be grateful that he had the whole season to manage the team.