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  1. Diehard_O's_Fan

    Orioles Sign Alicides Escobar to MiL Deal

    This seems like a good pick up if you ask me. I could be wrong though. I didn't realize that he was available.
  2. Diehard_O's_Fan

    Roch: Caleb will not be back, "guaranteed"

    I love Caleb but I am glad that the Orioles moved on from him.
  3. Diehard_O's_Fan

    Roch: Minor League and Player Development Staff

    Hey TonyOH and LukeOH! How does this year's staff compare to last year's staff? Did Mike make very many changes?
  4. Diehard_O's_Fan

    Roch: Minor League and Player Development Staff

    I will be eager to see how many of these guys Mike let's go after the season is over. They basically have nine months to prove themselves to Mike and Sig.
  5. Diehard_O's_Fan

    Zach Britton is changing his name!

    Who cares about Zack Britton. He is a hated Yankee now in my opinion.
  6. Diehard_O's_Fan

    Orioles sign Nate Karns

    I have faith in Mike and Sig. I got to believe that Nate is going to help the Orioles this year rather than spend most of his time on the DL.
  7. Diehard_O's_Fan

    Orioles sign Nate Karns

    I don't think Mike and Sig would have signed him if he wasn't healthy. Come on guys. They are very busy people and wouldn't waste there time signing a guy who wasn't healthy.
  8. Diehard_O's_Fan

    Orioles sign Nate Karns

    Let's hope he can stay healthy. There is absolutely no harm in signing this guy though. Low risk high reward type signing if you ask me.
  9. Diehard_O's_Fan

    Orioles sign Nate Karns

    Is Nate healthy? I hope Mike and Sig did lots of research on him.
  10. I don't know about you but I am very eager to see what Mike and Sig are going to do about Hunter Harvey. Should they convert him to a reliever? Would it be harder on his body to pitch every two or three days rather than pitching once every five days? I am not smart enough to know what Mike and Sig should do. What are your thoughts?
  11. Diehard_O's_Fan

    MLB and Union talk major rule changes

    Since the Orioles are hoping to rebuild their team through the draft, wouldn't the proposed draft changes absolutely kill them?
  12. Diehard_O's_Fan

    The three most intriguing pitchers in camp

    The Orioles need Cobb, Bundy and Hess to step up. If those guys can step up, the Orioles will have a decent starting rotation.
  13. Diehard_O's_Fan

    MLB and Union talk major rule changes

    I absolutely love the thought of having a DH in the National League. That sure would make inter league play more fair for American League teams. It is also a safety thing when you have a pitcher batting for the first time in a year. There have been countless pitchers that have got hurt during inter league play.
  14. Diehard_O's_Fan

    MLB and Union talk major rule changes

    I don't see why lowering the mound is even being talked about. Just leave the mound alone. Can you imagine how much the game will change if a reliever has to pitch to a minimum of three batters? Talk about a major change.
  15. Diehard_O's_Fan

    MLB and Union talk major rule changes

    Would lowering the mound help the hitters or pitchers? The draft changes would certainly affect the Orioles in a negative way. I like the thought of adding a 26 man to the roster. I also like the September rule changes http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/25935056/mlb-players-discussing-rule-changes-alter-game