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  1. Kevin Gausman 2017

    Kevin could be a really good pitcher if he was just more consistent. He pitches like a number five starter in the first half of the season and a number two starter in the second half of the season. Is this just how Kevin is always going to be? I sure hope not. The jury is still out on Kevin if you ask me.
  2. Buck and Hardy deserve some credit

    Buck deserves alot of credit for how he has handled the J.J Hardy situation. After J.J came off the DL, Buck did not start him like most of us thought he would. J.J has also handled the situation extremely well. Instead of being upset, J.J has been helping Beckham as much as he can. J.J Hardy is an absolute team player and I would love to see him as our utility guy next year.
  3. TT: Is this really the worst season of your fandom?

    Thanks for your time Tony. I had not heard that as far as Dan losing some power and control after the Toronto situation. Isn't that breaking news? I have never heard anyone report that? Who gained the extra power and control that Dan lost? Has Buck been making some gm type moves without anyone knowing?
  4. How would you rather spend $300 mm?

    The Orioles are not going to give Manny 300 million. Maybe 200 million at most. Just a little bigger contract that what Davis got. The Orioles should sign him to a shorter term deal and let him test free agency again at age 29 or 30.
  5. TT: Is this really the worst season of your fandom?

    Hey Tony! Do you think the Orioles will fire Dan especially if they end up with a losing record? Any talk of moving Buck to the front office?
  6. The Orioles should not even consider bringing back Wade Miley. He has been absolutely terrible. I was wanting the Orioles to bring back Hellickson but now I am no longer sure. He has been absolutely awful as well. It really sucks how Bundy is the only good starting pitcher that we have. Kevin Gausman should be absolutely ashamed of himself. The Orioles were counting on him to succeed and he has been very disappointing. It is time to stop messing around. The Orioles cannot continue to rely on their bullpen to win games. You have to find some starters that can pitch atleast six or seven innings. It seems like most of our starters can only go five innings. That is absolutely pathetic.
  7. I don't know about you guys but I have serious doubts that the Orioles will actually bring in three new starters next season. The Orioles need to let Tillman go just like they did with Matt Wieters. Is there any chance at all of them bringing back Ubaldo or Miley? I sure hope not. Wade Miley has been a HUGE disappointment. I expected him to pitch better than he has. If I were the Orioles, I would seriously consider trading Gausman. You need to see if the Rockies will over pay for him. Kevin has been a huge disappointment as well. I can't wait to see Hunter Harvey. I am confident that he will be a better pitcher than Kevin. It is just a matter of health for him. What are your thoughts?
  8. Gentry fractured finger

    After tonight's game, the Orioles need another relieve. Probably Donnie Hart huh?
  9. Orioles Catchers, 2017 season

    I would be real temped to bring back beef. He is a good hitter and Buck said that his defense has improved. Do you think Beef will test free agency? If so, then he for sure won't be back.
  10. The Wildcard Race

    Andrew Albers also doesn't throw the ball very fast. We all know that the Orioles struggle with pitcher's like this. Tonight's game is absolutely huge like you said. Come on Orioles!
  11. O's lead the majors in runs since the All Star break

    Before the season started, I felt like the Orioles had a really good offense this year. I think the pitching was so bad in the first half that the Orioles hitters had no chance. It also helps that the weather has warmed up and the fly balls are going over the fence.
  12. Today is the biggest start of Gausman's career

    Maybe the second most important start then. It is absolutely critical that he steps up. The pitching matchup favors the Orioles today. We need to win baby! Buckle Up!
  13. Kevin Gausman has to step up today. We need him to absolutely dominate. It is the biggest start of his career if you ask me. The Orioles have to win today. The loss last night was absolutely devastating especially since we got beat by an ex Oriole.
  14. O's trade for Hellickson

    I agree with you 100% Roy. The Orioles have to bring Jeremy back.
  15. Bridwell Or Hellickson

    It is so frustrating how a guy like Parker goes to a new team and pitches well. Did Parker have very good minor league numbers? I could be wrong but I don't think he did. What's your take on Parker? As we all know, the Orioles have to stop getting rid of decent pitchers. It absolutely ticks me off that we lost last night. Absolutely ticks me off. Gausman better dominate today.