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  1. O's have traded for Konner Wade

    Wade can now be picked up in the rule five draft. The Orioles cannot protect him. Interesting trade by Dan.
  2. O's interested in Tyler Chatwood

    Dan absolutely has to sign this guy. He is the perfect free agent pitcher for the Orioles. There is no way in the world that he can be worse than Miley or Ubaldo. Put a good defense behind him and watch him take off. Dan better be agressive as far as improving the pitching staff. Pay the man Dan! 3/30.
  3. The Orioles only need one decent starting pitcher in a Zach Britton deal. I don't feel like that is asking for to much. The Dodgers have lots of starting pitching for example.
  4. I think Zach's trade value is higher than most of you realize especially if two teams start a bidding war. All the Orioles need is a decent starting pitcher. If a team offers the Orioles a decent starting pitcher then you absolutely have to trade him. The Orioles can prove to teams that Zach is healthy by showing them Zach's medical records.
  5. The Future

    The future looks bright if you ask me. The Orioles should be able to add another good young player since they have the #11 pick.
  6. Dan doesn't want to pay big money for a closer. Jim Johnson is a perfect example. The Orioles could pay Zach's 2018 contract and still finish in last place. Zach Britton is still a very good closer. However, the Orioles would actually have a better 2018 team if they could improve their rotation by trading him. I absolutely love Zach Britton but I hope that Dan trades him this off season. The Orioles simply have to many holes to fill.
  7. I would like to see the Orioles sign some starters that are capable of pitching more than 5 to 6 innings. I hate seeing the bullpen always coming in during the 5th or 6th inning. It drives me absolutely nuts. Imagine how much worse the Orioles would be if they didn't have a good bullpen?
  8. Should the Orioles sign Andrew Cashner and Jason Vargas?

    I personally hope the Orioles can do better than these two guys. It is going to be an very interesting off season. Buckle up boys!
  9. Should the Orioles sign Andrew Cashner and Jason Vargas? Would these guys be an upgrade for the Orioles? The Orioles beat writers seem to think that the Orioles will make a serious attempt to sign both of these guys. Thoughts?
  10. Phillies raid the O’s front office once again

    The Phillies can have Tillman if they really want him. I don't ever want to see him in an Orioles uniform ever again. That ship has sailed. It is time for the Orioles to aquire better starting pitchers.
  11. Is it safe to say that Roger Mcdowell will be the Orioles pitching coach in 2018? If the Orioles were going to fire him, they should have done it by now. Roger didn't have much talent to work with so I am perfectly fine with the Orioles bringing him back. The Orioles cannot continue to play musical pitching coaches. They simply need better starting pitching. Buck publicly endorsed Roger during the season. Therefore, I have to believe that Buck likes Roger as his pitching coach. Thoughts?
  12. Astros Should Give Orioles What They Want for Britton

    It is just absolutely ridiculous to call or imply that Zach Britton is damaged goods. His career is far from over. He also still has the potential to be the best closer in baseball. I would rather have Britton than a guy like Chapman.
  13. Astros Should Give Orioles What They Want for Britton

    All you guys want to do is bitch and moan about every single Orioles player. Do you enjoy taking time out of your day to complain about every single Orioles player? Zach Britton would have pitched better than the Astros closer. Brad Brach would have pitched better than the Astros closer. The Astros relievers have been not been very good in the playoffs. It has been the Astros starters that have saved their bullpen. Their have been several Astro starters that have come out of the pen for them. Zach Britton is still a very good closer and he will prove that in 2018. You guys are just always way to negative.
  14. Astros Should Give Orioles What They Want for Britton

    The Astros would have won the world series by now if they had Britton closing games. Zach Britton is not damaged goods. Stop trying to imply that guys. The Orioles are lucky to have him.
  15. Manager Movement

    I wonder who will be the new manager of the Nats. They were dumb to let Baker go in my opinion. Who wants to manage a team that shows no loyalty to their manager?