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  1. Maryland at Michigan

    Possible tournament killing game. Turgeon could be outcoached by some High School coaches. I really feel bad for guys like Huerter and Cowan, they deserve better. Maryland does not maximize their point production during their runs (they should've been up 20+ in the first half as pathetic as Michigan was playing) and the total opposite is true when our opponent goes on their run. We hemorrhage points. Happens every game. Stop collapsing and leaving guys wide freaking open from three. It's just utterly hopeless.
  2. Ravens Realiity or Fantasy? Flacco For Eli?

    So the Titans not only make the playoffs but win a game and they fire their head coach to (likely) hire Josh McDaniels. Ravens miss playoffs 4 out of past 5 seasons but Harbaugh is untouchable because he's BFFs with Bisciotti.
  3. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Granted he's one dimensional, but Lamb had a .938 OPS against righties last year and .898 the year before. Would like to get him and limit him to righties.
  4. Maryland at Ohio State

    A Turgeon trademark: leave wide open looks from three on the defensive side and heave up ugly threes on the offensive side.
  5. Maryland at Ohio State

    Does it matter when your coach can't coach?
  6. Make Harbaugh Resign and Allow Him To Go To Detroit

    Feels like we're stuck with Harbaugh until we have like a 3 win season, which should be impending with our league worst Harbaugh/Flacco/Mornhinweg trio of sucktitude staying together. Our passing game was inept all season but hey let's not change a thing. Bisciotti would rather have his BFF around than actually go to the playoffs.
  7. MGon Signs with ChiSox

    Dear God at not topping 1/4.67 when you have 3 rotation spots to fill.
  8. Don Martindale Promoted to Defensive Coordinator

    Hard to get excited over this move. Not sure why you wouldn't pay whatever it takes to get someone proven like Pagano back here or someone killing it. Martindale promotion seems like a standard Harbaugh hire i.e. going for safe over someone more qualified who might be a threat to his job.
  9. It's really bizarre, isn't it? He also went from San Diego and Miami to Texas. He should've gotten pounded last year and yet had one of his better seasons. Pitching coach in Texas did something? Looking at his game log last year, it's extremely clean besides a few 5 run outings, couple understandable rough games against Houston.
  10. Cashner update

    Overpaid garbage arm is exactly the type of pitcher DD drools over .. so Cashner would be my bet for who we wind up with.
  11. If I'm Schoop I want mid 20 mill per. I'm sure he's got Machado chirping in his ear telling him he's worth a ton.
  12. Maryland at Michigan State

    Seems pretty hopeless to be honest. All you need to know about Turgeon is he has never beaten a major conference team in the tourney. Take away Melo and I doubt he ever makes the tourney here. Just gets outcoached by virtually every remotely decent coach we face. Can't develop bigs, or really anyone, to save his life. How is Ceko still a non factor? Guy just doesn't inspire confidence.
  13. Maryland at Michigan State

    MSU looks like a pro team. Must be nice to be a fan of an elite program.
  14. Maryland at Michigan State

    Have a few bucks on Maryland. Not expecting a win but we usually hang with MSU. Best game of the season thus far. Huerter shooting out of his mind.
  15. Ivan Bender Out for the Season

    Probably explains why he's 2 for 16 from three.