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  1. Yeah, he's been 89-90 for most of his career. Hard to believe this guy hung around a 4 ERA the past three years, looks like he's throwing batting practice out there.
  2. Yep, total shame not to have moved Givens last deadline. Give away Gausman for a lot of nothing, keep Bundy and Givens.
  3. Villar sustained this level in 2016 and Macini in his rookie year put up an .826 OPS. So while Mancini by default will regress, he can still be productive and Villar has done what he's doing before. Between those two and Dwight Smith and Nunez, you've got four guys who should give you around .320 OBP and 15+ homers.
  4. Advanced analytics = swing the bat against (and crappy pitchers helps)
  5. Credit to Bradley on that ridiculous catch.
  6. Lefty tonight. They'd literally be idiots to start him against lefties.
  7. Can't do worse than Castro.
  8. Couple things at play here: 1) Teams are tighter than ever with prospects. Maybe you get a couple fringe prospects for Mancini. There just aren't many DD type GMs out there giving away quality young arms. 2) There's a ridiculous glut of 1B hit first types across baseball at the moment. Just an absolute ton of these guys.
  9. Looked like he beat the throw? But lifted his foot.
  10. Castro always makes me so nervous.
  11. Didn't look like it to me. Though I think his knee did at the end.
  12. 575k is terrific. Don't think he's going to be anything more than a high 4 ERA guy with us but really stabilizes things.
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