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  1. Maryland vs. Butler

    Bruno is very exciting. Between Bruno and a more developed Ceko we finally have an inside game.
  2. Maryland vs Stony Brook

    Yeah, this is a good question. Shame Brantley transferred. Remember a few years ago we had nothing behind Melo and just getting the ball up court was an issue when he'd take a breather. We're just not a good 3 point shooting team. Nickens and Wiley simply aren't good. Jackson gets in a good shooting grooves and Huerter is solid but I would try to force guys to either slash to the hoop or feed the bigs. Stick to high % shots. Fernando should definitely replace Bender in short order. I liked what I saw from the bigs but competition level wasn't great in this game so hard to tell. Definitely nice to see some aggression from a big though after Dodd.
  3. 50 Days Until Tip Off

    Found an online stream for this Stony Brook game. Looks like we have depth with bigs this year. Sean Obi is a big dude who actually seems competent. Ceko looking solid. Bruno Fernando with a slam on his first touch. Key to the season is productive big play and Cowan playing under control.
  4. Should the Orioles sign Andrew Cashner and Jason Vargas?

    Sorry, but that's laughable. All of baseball will be after the same few pitchers. Cobb will get 5/100 or around there. Lynn close to that. Arrieta and Darvish will get 25+ a year.
  5. Should the Orioles sign Andrew Cashner and Jason Vargas?

    Because Angelos refuses to pay the going rate for top of rotation arms.
  6. 2017 Week 8: Ravens vs Dolphins

    Suh is a straight up menace.
  7. 2017 Week 8: Ravens vs Dolphins

    Flacco got destroyed by that POS.
  8. R.A. Dickey?

    Dickey would be nice for the No. 5 spot. Isn't Buck very fond of him?
  9. Drafting offensive players for the last decade

    In 20+ drafts, Ozzie has drafted one decent receiver. Drafts since 08 have been lousy for offense, no doubt, and pretty substandard overall. One All Pro in that time and it's the overrated Mosley. I don't think it's a coincidence our drafts have fallen off since exactly the time Harbaugh got here and started exerting influence. We shy away from playmakers that tend to have a little baggage or question marks and go the "safe" route which translates to mediocre at best players for the most part.
  10. 2017 Week 7: Ravens @ Minnesota

    Cannot effing wait until we clean house and bring in coaches who can actually coach and draft some actual playmakers.
  11. 2017 Week 7: Ravens @ Minnesota

    Comically bad offense.
  12. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    So basically this would be like us signing Straily for 3/51. He's not worth that much imo but it's an interesting idea. Miami would need to eat some salary. Also don't like the idea of Prado wasting a roster spot. Straily faded pretty badly down the stretch this season (5.51 era post all star break).
  13. Is Joe Flacco?

    Someone like Josh McCown is constantly available for not much money and always puts up decent stats. Look what he's doing with no talent this year in NY. In 20+ drafts, Ozzie has drafted exactly one decent WR with us. I mean, how that is even possible .. it's hard to process. We basically need an entirely new receiving core next year.
  14. 2017 Week 6: Ravens vs. Bears

    Flacco passes over the middle. Literally a moron.
  15. 2017 Week 6: Ravens vs. Bears

    Howard ran out of bounds. LOL.