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  1. Finisher

    Orioles Sign Alicides Escobar to MiL Deal

    He had the second lowest OPS in the majors last year.
  2. Finisher

    Orioles sign Nate Karns

    Love it. He would've been my target. He has issues pitching a full season but when he's healthy he's pretty effective.
  3. Finisher

    Terps vs. Cornhuskers

    DVRed the game and just watched and rewatched that play a few times. Guy obviously flopped and then wrapped/locked Bruno's leg with his legs. That's why Bruno kinda freed his leg aggressively and why his other foot landed on the guy - and he clearly removed his foot pretty much immediately when it landed on top of defender's body, not like he stomped the guy. Funny how there was absolutely no mention of defender there wrapping Bruno's leg. LOL at Miles, fans and post game analysts acting like this was some over the top bad missed call. Losing their minds when we have endless horrendous calls go against us. Seriously, Nebraska defenders were all over our guys, ton of non calls which seems to be a trend.
  4. Finisher

    Terps vs Illinois @MSG

    Will just copy and paste what I wrote a week ago: "...seems whenever we get ranked or start feeling good is when there's a regression or dry spell." Classic Turgeon. No matter how much talent, they can never sustain a high level of play. Hopefully this is just a hiccup.
  5. Finisher

    Terps (#13) @ Michigan State (#6)

    I think it's mainly just that MSU is older and better coached. Bruno is a top 5-10 pick. Smith will be first round when he leaves. Have 3 or 4 other nice complimentary players. Give the Maryland players to Izzo and MSU guys to Turgeon .. would you really bet against Izzo winning?
  6. Finisher

    Harbaugh agrees to extension

    Find this notion hilarious. Lamar being a freak playmaker who scrambled for dear life and turned nothing into something repeatedly got them to the playoffs. We were headed to 7 wins with Flacco. Lamar was basically coach proof in those wins; teams didn't know how to defend him correctly. Now that teams have the blueprint on how to defend Lamar, let's see what happens.
  7. Finisher

    Harbaugh agrees to extension

    Gross. Doesn't help either side of the ball, lousy in game coach, negative influence in draft room. Can be outcoached by a kangaroo. Not winning meaningful football anytime soon.
  8. Finisher

    Elias' Brady comments (Connolly article)

    Wright is 100% here because of Brady.
  9. Finisher

    Terps ranked #19!

    Said it a couple games ago but I think this is Turgeon's most talented and deepest team. Having said that, seems whenever we get ranked or start feeling good is when there's a regression or dry spell. Hopefully the talent and cohesion of this team can sustain the high level of play.
  10. Buchholz made 16 starts last season, posting an ERA of 2.01 over 98 innings. 3.0 bWAR, a WHIP of 1.037 and an ERA+ of 215. Now, he has forearm issues which will keep his price tag down and maybe make him off limits for us but .. he's getting more than 1 million base. Good target though. Nate Karns is another guy with injury issues who pitches well when he's healthy.
  11. Finisher

    Maryland vs (#22) Indiana

    OF COURSE that dbag has to hit that three at the end of the game and kill my bet. Anyway, have to feel good about where we're at.
  12. Finisher

    Maryland vs (#22) Indiana

    Still find it absolutely mind blowing teams were lukewarm to Fernando when he kicked the NBA tires.
  13. Finisher

    Ravens promote Roman to Offensive Coordinator

    If I'm Bisciotti, I'm throwing money at Kubiak. I know we just gave the title to Roman, but Kubiak can be co-OC and call the plays. Roman can keep overseeing the run game, get a pay bump, whatever.
  14. Finisher

    Ravens promote Roman to Offensive Coordinator

    We should've never hired him in any capacity in the first place. Surprised Harbaugh hasn't hired the Philly waterboy to a meaningful position yet. Kubiak parting ways with Denver after .. hmmmmm.
  15. Finisher

    Ravens promote Roman to Offensive Coordinator

    I remember San Fran fans HATING Roman. Oh well, he should be better than Marty by default.