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  1. Jensen to Bucs 4 year 42 million (22 guaranteed)

    This drives me nuts. Continually develop guys and wait 2-3 years for them to be quality starters. Second they finally develop and have a breakout year, they're gone. Doesn't help when you're always up against the cap and I guess some of these guys just want to wait for free agency but it really is infuriating watching the same scenario unfold over and over.
  2. Crabtree Visiting

    I want DJ Moore. We're still talking to Wallace apparently. Could see us bringing him back for another year at like 3.5. Doubt anyone gives him more than that. If we keep Wallace or sign another free agent WR we probably don't draft a WR in the early rounds which would be a mistake imo. Need to identify and commit to taking a stud like Moore. This is the reason Ozzie has literally never drafted a good receiver, he just never makes it a priority, and the couple times they do commit to taking a WR, it's a question mark guy.
  3. Cobb only thread

    Probably waiting for a starter to get invariably get injured.
  4. Jensen to Bucs 4 year 42 million (22 guaranteed)

    I feel much better about the Hurst deal after seeing what Jensen got.
  5. NCAA OH Bracket

    Maryland would've lost this game by 20.
  6. NCAA OH Bracket

    History in the making here. UVA ain't coming back if they go down by 20.
  7. Santander

    Brady bulked him up nice. Looks so scrawny in his baseball card on his baseball cube page, doesn't even look like the same person. http://www.thebaseballcube.com/players/profile.asp?ID=171720
  8. Astros Sign Jose Altuve 5 Years $151M.

    Boras must be livid. Altuve took a discount both in length and average per year.
  9. ... and a few hours later Altuve gets 30 million a year.
  10. Crabtree Visiting

    Crabtree’s had two seasons over 1000 yards and two other seasons around 900 yards. Also a TD machine in recent years. Funny, Crabtree had more yards in 2016 than Grant has in his four year career.
  11. Crabtree Visiting

    Pretty insane that Crabtree gets less than Grant (3/21). Really strong No 2 guy, maybe low end 1 if used properly. Still need to draft a young stud. Crabtree/Moore/Brown would be a massive upgrade.
  12. Manny and Harper will still get 10/300. This is a fluky offseason because the two biggest spenders in the Yankees and Dodgers aren't participating.
  13. Crabtree Visiting

    Funniest part of that is expecting Joe to making an effort. Really hope we don't goof on Crabtree. His agent has to know we're desperate.
  14. Ryan Grant is next

    "Ryan Grant's four-year, $29 million contract with the Ravens has been voided after he failed his physical, sending him back to free agency. Grant's deal — which included $14.5 million guaranteed — was widely criticized as an overpay, and this seems like an underhanded tactic by the Ravens to get out of it. It's extremely similar to what happened between the Raiders and Rodger Saffold in 2014. Suspiciously, the news came soon after it was reported the Ravens were interested in Michael Crabtree, who was released on Thursday. 27-year-old Grant, who has never posted more than 573 yards in a season, now heads back to a market where he could struggle to get even half the guaranteed money he had landed in Baltimore." http://www.rotoworld.com/headlines/nfl/374472/ryan-grants-deal-voided-headed-back-to-fa
  15. Trumbo out 3-4 weeks

    Nobody is wishing ill on anyone. We're just straight up a better team without him.