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  1. Dylan Bundy 2017

    "Orioles manager Buck Showalter said after Monday's game that he doesn't think Dylan Bundy needs to be shut down. Bundy was tagged for six runs over 4 1/3 innings Monday against the Red Sox and has now logged a career-high 169 2/3 innings this season. It's a big jump from the 109 2/3 innings he threw last year. Showalter admitted that fatigue might be setting in, but he doesn't see a reason to shut him down yet. "No, I don't think we're at that point yet," said Showalter. "Stuff's fine, he feels great between starts, he's getting extra days' rest. As long as we think it's beneficial for him and the club, then we'll continue down that path. But we're not at that point yet." We expect the Orioles to sing a different tune once they are officially eliminated from the Wild Card race." Reckless imo.
  2. 2017 Week 2: Ravens vs. Browns

    As if Woodhead won't just get hurt again immediately upon return. Guy is made of paper mache. Good fit for us but moronic signing in the sense he can't stay on the field. Calling up Jeremy Langford from the practice squad. Still bothers me that we didn't keep Mizzell when he was behind made of glass Woodhead and hard runners but JAGs West and Allen.
  3. So what's the rotation next year?

    How about we stop spending money on overpaid garbage arms and sign actual quality starting pitching. 1 Lynn or Cobb 2 Garcia or Chatwood (3.41 ERA away, 6.25 at Coors) 3 Bundy 4 Gausman 5 Cashner or Dickey In reality we'll sign said overpaid garbage arm like a Hellickson that nobody else wants and our rotation will be: 1 Bundy 2 Gausman 3 Hellickson type overpaid garbage arm 4 Castro 5 Random cheap scrub
  4. Ubaldo, Miley and Tillman this year are close to unwatchable for me. Yanks and Sox would've DFAed Ubaldo in year two of his deal. The Angelos Orioles are trotting him out there in a must win game in the middle of September. Could've had two rotations superior to the one we had this year from arms DD gave away for nothing.
  5. Ravens @ Bengals Week 1

    Defense is going to be fun to watch all season.
  6. Ravens @ Bengals Week 1

    West running with authority. Just keep eating clock. Cinci isn't scoring three TDs with under a quarter left when they get the ball back.
  7. Ravens @ Bengals Week 1

    Top five defense and bottom five offense.
  8. Ravens @ Bengals Week 1

    Should've had 3 points there, hope that doesn't cost us.
  9. Ravens @ Bengals Week 1

    West absolutely plowed into redzone.
  10. Ravens @ Bengals Week 1

    LMAO at our defense.
  11. Ravens @ Bengals Week 1

    Maclin looked slick there.
  12. Kaepernick-Gate is now a national story

    Absolutely brain dead of her to post that.
  13. vs. YANKEES, 9/05

    If you deliberately tried to assemble a rotation this godawful, I don't think it'd be possible.
  14. Roster Updates/Injuries 2017 Training Camp

    Yeah I hope we don't regret losing Mizzell. I have zero faith in West or Buck Allen. We just signed Alex Collins to practice squad, underwhelming pickup.
  15. @ #23 Texas, 9/2

    Offsides keeps them alive.