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  1. Finisher

    Now that the dust has settled

    Even if Beckham is passable in the outfield (doubt it), his bat isn't worth 5 million next year.
  2. Non tendering Beckham is easy because he's a butcher in the field and not worth the cost to be a utility guy. Nobody is taking Trumbo but if you eat half his salary .. ? Cashner for some non prospect to salary dump. No contract offer to Jones (good). Bundy Davis and cash for Chen and Prado. Would be gross but only way you rid yourself of Davis short of releasing (smarter to just eat his contract but if we sacrificed Gausman's value to eat O'Day's deal wouldn't put this out of the realm of possibility).
  3. Finisher

    Our Guys Have Been Horrible For Other Teams.

    He went 5+ giving up 1 run and the pen let in the other 2 runs. How are Ortiz and Tate looking?
  4. Finisher

    Chris Hoiles' feat was just equalled

    Had money on Scherzer/Nats so of course that happened.
  5. He was excellent that year but it's actually pretty surprising how average he was the rest of his career.
  6. Finisher

    Thoughts About Tonights 2nd Game With Boston

    Think he only appeared in one or two games with us. But yeah, yet another example of a guy who didn't look like a major leaguer with us who another team managed to help.
  7. Finisher

    Chris Davis

    Only chance I could kinda sorta see that working is if your buyout offer is so high, like 80% of his remaining salary, that it almost forces him to stop humiliating himself. When you factor in taxes and fees, that's barely over 10 million that he'd be "losing." Does he really want to be a laughingstock for the next four years over that amount? If he won't budge, would call Miami and tell them we'll take Chen and Prado for Davis and whatever cash difference. Throw in a prospect you're not sold on if need be. Both of these scenarios are probably long shots though. Hire a new hitting coach. See if anything changes going into next season. If it's more of the same, will just need to bite the bullet at that point.
  8. I didn't say they developed them, I said they have them. Their current teams obviously helped them. Cole and Morton have gone to the ace level and Verlander is having his best year in a decade. Let's just focus on the fact that Buck and company are effing horrendous with starting pitchers. We are historically bad and there's still discussion about Buck's fate. Seriously?
  9. Haven't had a true ace since the 90s. Indians and Astros have 3 or 4 of them each right now. Can anyone name another team that has gone even remotely as long without a legit TOR arm? It is preposterous to be so bad at this.
  10. Finisher

    vs. RED SOX, 8/11 (Game Two)

    Seriously. What a comforting voice.
  11. Finisher

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    So how do you explain Hellickson with a mid 3 era this year and Miley at 2.10? Yes SSS for both and their peripherals suck and they will regress BUT neither guy looked like a major league pitcher with us. This is a routine occurrence. It is fairly obvious Buck and his pitching coaches are not helping pitchers. Would've kept Gausman and hired a real pitching coach and replaced Buck with basically anyone. Pretty much guarantee he would've had more value.
  12. Goodbye Durkin (Turgeon can go as well). Absolutely pathetic and inexcusable. Hope the school is found liable.
  13. Finisher

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    "It appears Kevin Gausman has completely stopped throwing from the windup. Only took one start for the Braves to make the change" 8 innings, 1 run, 8 Ks
  14. Finisher

    Let's Beat the Red Sox (8/10)

    Have to non tender Beckham. Can't even use him as a utility guy with a glove that bad.
  15. Finisher

    Ravens vs. Rams on August 9th

    Jackson with a nice little TD scramble.