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  1. Would bet teams like Oakland and Tampa have strong analytics departments. It makes a huge difference. Knowing how to pitch batters better, knowing how to hit pitchers better, pitch sequencing .. You don't go, what, 90 games below .500 over a year and a half on simply inferior talent. There was more going on. I actually credit Britton for speaking up here, 90% of guys would've given generic answers.
  2. Finisher

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    It's probably more for the brother. Dude is a massive attention whore though, so there's that.
  3. Finisher

    Duquette is expected to be fired

    Brady is BFFs with the Angelos boys. The harm now is that nobody with options is going to want to come here, knowing you have Brady lurking in the shadows on top of having to compete with Yankees and Red Sox.
  4. Finisher

    Could starter Miles Mikolas help the O's?

    Buck and Roger would've ruined him.
  5. Finisher

    Crasnick on DD, Buck, and the Angelos'

    Angelos boys are BFFs with Brady so they're probably waiting to hear his opinion and what he wants to do.
  6. Finisher

    Assume that Duquette stays...

    Imagine if Angelos got out of the way and let Gillick rebuild the way he wanted. Probably would've had multiple Championships with the core we had and Gillick's talent evaluation.
  7. Finisher

    Reminder, doubleheader today

    Their C lineup - backups to backups and ball boys - would probably spank us.
  8. Finisher

    Per Nightengale: Dan Stays, Buck Goes.

    Players would fall asleep with Bordick manager. Also way too forgiving. Billy Ripken I have thought about. Seems like he could be really good or really bad, but he'd definitely bring high energy and fire.
  9. Finisher

    Would you non-tender Dylan Bundy?

    Guys who didn't look like major league pitchers with us or who we deemed not good enough: Wade Miley: 2.32 ERA this year Edwin Jackson: 3.18 ERA Gausman with Braves: 2.80 ERA (4.40 with Orioles) Brach with Braves: 1.23 ERA (4.85 with Orioles) Richard Rodriguez: 2.39 ERA Chaz Roe: 3.51 ERA Which pitching coach we hire may be as important, if not more, than manager.
  10. Finisher

    Would you non-tender Tim Beckham?

    It was moronic to trade a young arm for Beckham last year in the first place. The love affair with low OBP, poor defensive players with some pop needs to end. Question for me is do you keep him mainly in the hope someone trades something not awful for him at the deadline? I don't know that there's a team dumb enough to trade for Beckham outside of the warehouse. I know we're not spending money but someone like Jose Iglesias would be worth it imo just for the defensive boost for our young pitchers and the sanity of the handful of fans still watching.
  11. And now we finally know the real reason Jones stayed.
  12. Finisher

    On the record: What I want is...

    Bright young mind from top organization like Astros, Dodgers. Person responsible for churning out talent in Tampa. DD lost me on Gallardo, Jimenez. Flushing TOR arms down the toilet. Minors are still a wasteland of blue chip talent. Hire coaches who actually help players.
  13. Finisher

    Top Manager Candidates

    Jim Thome BJ Surhoff Anyone who will hire a pitching coach who can actually help pitchers.
  14. Finisher

    Per Nightengale: Dan Stays, Buck Goes.

    Really can't stand the way Brady is written about. Like he's some wunderkind baseball savant. Had roles in Hardy/O'Day/Trumbo extensions. Backed Buck on bringing back Tillman. Point man in signing Cashner. Pretty incredible DD is going to survive the past two seasons.