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  1. Honestly surprised we're not trying to bundle Ubaldo or Miley with Britton.
  2. Handing rotation spots to Ubaldo and Miley bothers me more because you basically knew the outcome in advance.
  3. 4 base runners and no outs yet .. quite the start. Peacock, Derek Fisher and something else from Houston would be appealing.
  4. Doesn't look like Dbacks gave up much for JD.
  5. Extending Jones is such a blatantly bad idea but that's exactly the type of thing we've been doing lately.
  6. Was at the game yesterday to see Chris Davis. Asked Mountcastle how much Davis can bench and he said "a million." Anyway, Mountcastle has a nice swing and was crushing the ball but could definitely stand to gain 10-15 pounds of muscle. Definitely looks legit though.
  7. Whoever gives you the best three young studs, trade him there.
  8. Just disgusting.
  9. .283 OBP this year. .305 last year.
  10. I mean why sign Fister when you can keep trotting Jimenez out there.
  11. Can't imagine him being back next year. How much of the pitching regression McDowell and how much is Castillo?
  12. Henderson Alvarez having a showcase on Friday. Hasn't pitched since early 2015. Would kick the tires there.
  13. He sucks but he'd instantly be our second or third best starter, sadly. Rather this than send something to Atlanta to pay 3x the cost for Dickey.
  14. Could totally see us trading for RA Dickey and acting like we fixed our pitching problems.
  15. Mancini is a keeper. At least there's that.