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  1. Nobody is giving us anything worthwhile for Cashner so it's a moot point. He's got a 10 million dollar option based on innings so we'd probably just trade him anywhere for a bag of balls.
  2. Still can't believe he signed for peanuts and we had no interest. I just can't with the Rule 5 thing anymore. It doesn't work. It's the same story every year.
  3. Been doing IF the past few months. First several days are pretty brutal but your body should adapt after like a week or so. Eat my first meal around 12 and dinner around 6. You're really just skipping breakfast and then not snacking after dinner. Stack in lower carbs and any cardio and fat starts to melts off. Could also eat a small meal/snack in between .. you really just want that 16-18 hour fasting window (and you're asleep for most of it).
  4. You talking about Victor Victor Mesa that everyone was circle jerking about? He has a .578 OPS in A ball this year.
  5. Zach Davies with a 1.54 ERA in 46 innings. Regression incoming but he's been very solid for Brewcrew.
  6. They got a better return for Archer than we got for Machado, Britton, Gausman, and Schoop combined.
  7. This is actually a critical point. A good number of Lamar's throws will be under duress plus his general inaccuracy so good hands/adjusting to poor throws are essential from his receivers. Watching Boykin's tape, he doesn't look as fast as 4.40 and he doesn't seem to get much separation but really they needed another possession receiver type to go with Snead with Brown being the deep threat. Hopefully Brown is wasted like John Brown, but even if you don't fully maximize him, his presence alone is necessary to keep safeties honest.
  8. Yeah, he's been 89-90 for most of his career. Hard to believe this guy hung around a 4 ERA the past three years, looks like he's throwing batting practice out there.
  9. Yep, total shame not to have moved Givens last deadline. Give away Gausman for a lot of nothing, keep Bundy and Givens.
  10. Villar sustained this level in 2016 and Macini in his rookie year put up an .826 OPS. So while Mancini by default will regress, he can still be productive and Villar has done what he's doing before. Between those two and Dwight Smith and Nunez, you've got four guys who should give you around .320 OBP and 15+ homers.
  11. Advanced analytics = swing the bat against (and crappy pitchers helps)
  12. Credit to Bradley on that ridiculous catch.
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