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  1. Finisher

    Harold Baines.....Lee Smith in Hall of Fame

    Baines is one of the classiest and nicest players ever. I sincerely hope this is rewarding great character versus a total cheapening of standards. I mean, stats wise he wasn't even a borderline case. They've had all these years to break down stats and judge merits and compare players and then they let in a platoon DH?? LMAO. They need to disband that committee.
  2. Finisher

    Terps vs Purdue at Purdue

    Cowan is just too out of control too much of the time. I've never seen a coach squander as much talent as consistently as Turgeon. He just has no clue how to maximize talent, how to optimize player rotations .. there's zero game flow. So many awful possessions. Any legit coach will out coach Turgeon in their sleep. Other than Edwards, it was just a bunch of generic looking guys for Purdue (Wheeler had a good game but he isn't much).
  3. .274 OBP against righties last year and .241 the year before.
  4. Finisher

    Maryland vs Virginia

    LOL at that fan "BRUNO, tell your coach to run a play."
  5. Finisher

    Maryland vs Virginia

    It's like Turgeon tells his guys not to guard the three. This has been a chronic issue since he's been here.
  6. Finisher

    Josh Donaldson or Mike Moustakas?

    Seems like a crazy overpay for a guy who has been banged up a ton. I do like the notion of signing a couple relievers with the intention of flipping them.
  7. Finisher

    Maryland vs Marshall

    Maryland looks really good. Not sure why Bruno Fernando wasn't viewed as a first round pick. That seemed crazy to me. Guy looks pro ready, could see him being a top 5 pick. Cowan has improved. Most of the freshmen look promising. Again though it's an issue of how much does Turgeon's meh coaching hold us back.
  8. Finisher

    Mark DeRosa Could Be Our Next Manager - Speculating

    I think it's safe to assume he'll want someone similar to himself i.e. young, intelligent, well spoken, analytics minded.
  9. Finisher

    Week 8 @ Carolina

    Another year of our lives wasted because Bisciotti can't fire his BFF. Year after year after year they bypass taking stud playmakers in the draft. It's just an endless loop of mediocrity.
  10. Would bet teams like Oakland and Tampa have strong analytics departments. It makes a huge difference. Knowing how to pitch batters better, knowing how to hit pitchers better, pitch sequencing .. You don't go, what, 90 games below .500 over a year and a half on simply inferior talent. There was more going on. I actually credit Britton for speaking up here, 90% of guys would've given generic answers.
  11. Finisher

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    It's probably more for the brother. Dude is a massive attention whore though, so there's that.
  12. Finisher

    Duquette is expected to be fired

    Brady is BFFs with the Angelos boys. The harm now is that nobody with options is going to want to come here, knowing you have Brady lurking in the shadows on top of having to compete with Yankees and Red Sox.
  13. Finisher

    Could starter Miles Mikolas help the O's?

    Buck and Roger would've ruined him.
  14. Finisher

    Crasnick on DD, Buck, and the Angelos'

    Angelos boys are BFFs with Brady so they're probably waiting to hear his opinion and what he wants to do.