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  1. 4 Orioles in BA Eastern League top 20 prospects

    I was heartened by his big game in the 2nd to last game of the playoffs - single, double and homer. No doubt he had a very bad streak there and the injuries were a problem, but the minors are for learning, and I'm sticking with what I said last year. And his defense increases his prospect value over guys like Stewart. I like Stewart ok, but imo Mullins is simply a better prospect. Fwiw, I said that last year, and I haven't changed.
  2. 4 Orioles in BA Eastern League top 20 prospects

    Sounds good - though I'd put Mullins higher. Does Mountcastle count as an Eastern League prospect or a Carolina Leaguer?
  3. Will you be disappointed of we don't trade Britton?

    Yes, but he was eligible last year and got 11.4 mil. The arbitration process often ends up increasing contracts even after down years. He's gonna get paid whether or not he ends up in arbitration with the O's winning.
  4. Because the Nats have a championship contending roster and have the organizational depth to continue that even without Harper, and the O's don't begin to, Mr. Angelos.
  5. Orioles Have No Plans of Shopping Machado

    I think you're being too nice to Angelos. How could he possibly think the O's could be a championship team next season? Is he going to dump the entire farm system to get a pitching staff? Uh oh, I shouldn't give him any ideas. This is a team with a minus 70 run differencial - 50 worse than Tampa Bay - who's just a half game ahead of the O's. There are just too many teams better than the O's that they'd have to climb over for there to be even a slight chance. To be blunt, he'd have to be a fool. Just compare the O's roster to the Nats'.
  6. Trade Zack Britton?

    Yeah, I prefer my stem cells with fries and honey mustard on the side.
  7. Trade Zack Britton?

    If he's non-tendered, I see zero incentive for him to return. I think he'll be tendered.
  8. What do you think is Mancini's ceiling?

    I think what you see is what you'll get - good enough offensively and defensively to stick at either LF or 1B. I like that he hit better on the road than at home - shows he wasn't just relying on Camden Yards. But I don't expect a star. He's not what Markakis was when he entered MLB, but he's a good solid player.
  9. 5 Orioles prospects poised for a breakout in 2018.

    Gotta like how he finished the season. Here's the splits on his OPS: May .524 June .553 July .824 August .837 (and hit 4 of his 7 homers)
  10. Trade Zack Britton?

    I doubt they'd pay any reliever the kind of money it would take. If he re-builds his value, I think vab is right, and they trade him at the deadline if they can get one good prospect.
  11. They have no intention of even shopping him, and it's highly doubtful that they'll sign him. Sorry, but I just don't see how a team in the O's situation can justify intentionally putting themselves in this situation. It's a very different situation with the Nats and Harper. Their talent is top 3 in the majors, and they have Eaton coming back as well as the top OF prospect in baseball - and their 2nd best prospect is a RFer. They can afford to end up losing Harper for a pick. The O's can't. Not even close. Some of us will be sick watching Machado next year knowing he's a lame duck.
  12. Luis Matos? Not Chris Richard - he came from another organization - like Gibbons. The O's had a bunch of those types of players like Bigbie - who's bats were just a little slow to excel in the majors.
  13. Tanner Scott

    From Ruzious: "My 15 year old nephew could hit Donnie Hart's average fastball."
  14. Tanner Scott

    Hart's got an 85 MPH fastball and nothing else particularly good. I don't care if you throw sidearm, underarm, 360 reverse-toss, or behind the back; it's amazing he's done as well as he has.
  15. .500+ record, or no. 13 overall draft pick?

    And the O's 2016 6th round pick was traded for Beckham!