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  1. No excuse for Davis not even attempting to move the runners over with no outs - looking at strike 2 and strike 3. Pathetic! We're a minor league team.
  2. Ruzious

    GrayRod 2019

    I believe the correct response is Promote him 2 levels NOW!!!
  3. I grew up a Braves fan and still am. Gotta say, I'm a little uncomfortable about how cheaply these 2 signings were. Sounds funny to say that about a young guy guaranteeing himself $45 million, but my gut says he got taken advantage of.
  4. A friend of mine just revealed to me the real reason the O's keep playing Davis, and... it's brilliant. Chris Davis is a draw because... people come just to boo him. The O's know they're not going to draw fans by playing well this season, so Davis is the perfect antidope.
  5. Alberto's a breath of fresh air. And he moves very well in the field for someone who doesn't have an ideal build.
  6. Duvall was traded for a packet of junk. Simms is a failed righty, Wisler was released by the Reds, and Tucker was sent back to the Braves and failed to make their 40 man roster.
  7. It's the M&M guys night. And both should get another at bat tonight.
  8. How about another historic moment for tonight - a triple triple for Mullins?
  9. Sorry I missed this post. When he reaches 47, hopefully he gets a standing...
  10. Hitless in 44 straight at bats - goiong back to September 14th. He's close to the all-time record for position players.
  11. I stay sober by only drinking when he hits the ball.
  12. I don't know if I've seen worse. I admire the way Bundy competes, but I just don't think he can get the job done anymore. I hope I'm wrong, because there's probably nobody on the team that's easier to root for.
  13. The fact that we had to use Hanser in the bullpen this early in the season - in a 9 inning game - even with the team making moves to lengthen the pen - is an indication of the disasterous roster the O's have. It was weird - talking to a few Baltimorean business associates last week - they thought the team was just fine. I told them no - they're going to lose 110 plus games this year - they thought I was crazy.
  14. Ruzious

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    I think his range more than makes up for his arm - much like Al Bumbry. Can't disagree with the hitting issue at this point.
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