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  1. Ruzious

    Zac Lowther

    And it could be said that Lach should get no flack with his lack of ability to match Zac. But I wouldn't.
  2. Ruzious

    Zac Lowther

    That's a pretty good excuse.
  3. Ruzious

    Zac Lowther

    Alex Wells is even more like Lowther than he is to his twin brother, Lachlan Wells. Lachlan's fallen behind Alex and has had a disappointing season in High A ball. I think Lachlan was expected to be the better of the twins a couple of years ago. .
  4. Watching the videos of him, he looks more like 25 than 16. It's not just his size; it's his presence. What a great natural power swing. If they think he can keep his weight down, I'd assume he's in the discussion for the #1 pick. Then again, what do I know - I am no scout.
  5. "Also said Davis needs to make some adjustments at plate and knows it" Apparently, it takes at least 2 full seasons for Davis to make these adjustments that he knows he needs to make... I just don't buy that he's made a reasonable effort. On the times that he actually makes solid contact, there are too many times he's hit right into the shift.
  6. Chris Davis may be relevant to the conversation once Stewart is making more than two one hundredths of what Davis is making.
  7. With Hanser knocking balls over the fence, my biggest concern is this making Brady Anderson think it's time for him to make a comeback.
  8. Hey, if he can get through this and be productive next season - which I think is a reasonable expectation, I see him as being a fan favorite. There's clearly no question about his effort out in the field, and he has some ability - being a former 1st rounder who had a very good season in AAA. .
  9. That's fair. Agreed on his position being 2nd base. And maybe I just see him at his worst at SS, but he seems to fall asleep at times and doesn't know what to do when they're in shifts - simple things like when to cover 2nd base. With the O's pitching woes, they can't afford those kinds of mistakes. At this point in his career, I don't expect improvement.
  10. He's been like this throughout his career - and he also makes more than his share of mistakes when playing SS. He's a risk-taker, but he also just makes foolish plays too often to play for a lot of teams.
  11. That's an eye-opener and pretty much says it all about his role going forward - assuming good health. .
  12. I think another issue was that he was always a guy who wanted to go max effort on every fastball, and that's problematic for a starter.
  13. Most folks said high effort was the problem with his old windup - which was a very simple windup that relied almost completely on his arm to do all the work. Now, he's able to use his legs more, and the strain on his arm is less, and I think everyone's comfortable with his delivery. But with his injury history and having so few innings pitched over the last several years, it just makes sense to go with him out of the pen.
  14. Part of the reason Santander has an advantage is because he's already going through some of the period of adjustment he'll need to get through. Everyone's seen he has a weakness with low and inside pitches. We may see if he overcomes that in the remainder of the season. Some of the others haven't been given that opportunity, so we don't have information on them that might otherwise be helpful.
  15. I second this motion. All those in favor say aye... yayayayay. If need be, we''ll start a GoFundMe page for the O's to buy out Davis. Ayayayayay.
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