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  1. Ruzious

    Renato Nunez the likely Machado replacement

    It's amazing how people are in such a hurry to blame Beckham whenever possible. Nunez' deflection was the only problem with that play. It was not Beckham's fault. He was correctly moving to his right when the ball got past him.
  2. Ruzious

    Schoop: Extend or Trade

    He's started all of 14 games at 3B - nowhere near enough to make a determination if he can play there. He's not Manny Machado. Neither is anyone else.
  3. Ruzious

    Schoop: Extend or Trade

    None of the 3 choices. Let's first see if he rebounds this season and second see what our roster is at the end of the season and third see what kind of money he's looking for.
  4. Ruzious

    Dan Duquette -- any chance he stays?

    Right - why make him the spokesman for their supposed change in philosophies if he's not going to stick around to lead the implementation of said changes? I think he's stayin.
  5. Ruzious

    Machado to the Dodgers, 5-1 deal

    When Harold's wrong, he tends to double down on it. You can't pander to the least knowledgable fans - which is effectively what he suggested we should have done, and I commend the O's for not listening to pundits like Reynolds.
  6. Ruzious

    Britton Trade Expectations

    A couple more in the low minors to consider - 20 year old 6'6 lefty Kyle Muller - has had a little trouble in high A - and strongly built 20 year old 3rd baseman Juan Carlos Encarnacion.
  7. Ruzious

    Rylan Bannon

    So the O's are starting him out at Bowie - presumably at 2nd base - since Mountcastle plays 3rd. Let's see if he can get the SO rate a little lower while keeping the walk rate high... and if he can keep hitting with power. I think we might have a gem here - and people underrated him because he looks like an average under-sized player.
  8. Ruzious

    Britton Trade Expectations

    The O's could get Cruz but not Wentz or Touki, imo.
  9. Ruzious

    Manny could lead the Orioles in HRs.

    Next you'll tell us the O's are having a bad season. When you're as bad as the O's are this season, a lot of really awful stats will come up.
  10. Ruzious

    Britton Trade Expectations

    Waters was their 2nd round pick last year and is exceeding expectations - can't imagine the Braves would give him up for a Britton rental. Touki has issues with control, but still - too good a prospect for Britton, imo. If Atl offers either, take it yesterday.
  11. Ruzious

    Britton Trade Expectations

    What do you think of Britton for Max Fried of the Braves? Fried has seemed to be on the verge of making the Braves rotation but hasn't seemed quite ready. Otoh, he's a talented lefty who always seems to be high on their list of prospects. At 24 years old, if the Braves don't give him a full shot, he's going to lose value. That's why I'm thinking the Braves might do this even though Fried probably has more trade value.
  12. Ruzious

    TT: Orioles get Haul for Machado

    Maybe the scout's only seen him at 3B. Apparently, his arm is a bit off-target playing there. And some old-school scouts probably look at his height and don't realize being short doesn't mean he lacks power. Could also be that he was a bit of a late bloomer - I think it wasn't till his junior year in college that he really came on. Edit - Oh, I just saw where you had him as a sleeper pick - well done!
  13. I'm planning field trips to Bowie.
  14. Ruzious

    Which Positions Should We Be Targeting?

    A preference for pitching but any position is fine. Talent is always the most important factor.
  15. Ruzious

    Big time talk from Dan

    My feeling now is that Duq is part of the solution to the O's front office problems and should be given the keys to the car.