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  1. Ruzious

    Who is Mr. Oriole to you?

    Count me in for another Brooks vote. I mean... aside from being a HOFer, he's ALWAYS seemed like the world's most likable person. And then Jim Palmer and Frank Robinson. I include Frank even with his ties to other teams, because he was my hero growing up - him and Hank Aaron. I chose well back then.
  2. Ruzious

    Ryan McKenna - OF - 2018 #13 Prospect

    But being big doesn't equal being strong. Ozzie Albies is yet another example. He's maybe 5'8 and a bulked up 175. Early in his minor league career, he didn't hit any homers, but he built up his strength and hits for power. If he'd be more selective, he might be a legit great player - at 5'8 175. Did I mention he's maybe 5'8 175?
  3. Ruzious

    Ryan McKenna - OF - 2018 #13 Prospect

    Being fast in baseball is extremely important - regardless of base-stealing numbers. And it's obviously (imo) important not just on defense. I mean, we see it every game - the difference in preventing a DP, going from 1st to 3rd, 2nd to home, making an infielder rush a throw, successfully tagging up, being a bunting threat, and just being a base-stealing threat changes the pitcher and catcher approach and how big a whole the first baseman allows by holding the runner. And I'm sure I left out a bunch of other ways speed is helpful.
  4. Ruzious

    Born in Maryland

    None made it above AA from my HS - Robert E. Peary HS in Aspen Hill, MD. http://www.thebaseballcube.com/hs/profile.asp?ID=7163
  5. Ruzious

    Born in Maryland

    You mean AlKaline for battery power - the catcher/pitcher combo. Hey, I tried. Sometimes ya swing and miss.
  6. Ruzious

    Orioles 2017 Top 30 Prospects

    Sounds like organizational ineptitude. It's a small pair of moves, but they can't keep operating that way.
  7. Ruzious

    Will the Orioles be better in 2019 than 2018?

    And face it, the O's don't have an Amos Strunk in CF or a professional hitter like Wally Schang.
  8. Ruzious

    New Rankings with Rule 5 guys

    I don't get how Blaine Knight (22 years old) is ranked 10th while Dean Kremer (22) is ranked 16th, and Brenan Hanifee (20) is ranked 19th. Knight's skinny, but being skinny doesn't mean you're projectible. If he was 19, I'd understand ranking him high, but he's 22 and hasn't done anything other than get hit for 10 innings at Aberdeen.
  9. Ruzious

    Waste of International Bounty. New GM. Discuss.

    I guess the O's get an out, so to speak, because they changed GM's. And at least they got an asset - though not a big asset - this time.
  10. The O's will sign Brian Dozier in February (much to the dismay of many Hangouters) because he'll be available for peanuts, and they will trade him in early August. Hey, don't blame the messenger. Whoa, and stop throwing foreign objects at me. It's a prediction, not a recommendation.
  11. They're not failed prospects, but they're not good prospects. None of them sound like they're going to be legit starters in the majors. But they all have hit some in the minors and have talent defensively, so perhaps there is more reason for hope.
  12. Can't say I'm excited; we got 2 solid defensive infielders who probably can't hit MLB pitching. Adding them to Ruiz... well, maybe we get lucky and one of them exceeds expectations.
  13. Ruzious

    Luke’s 2018 Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    Diddier? Wow, I've been following him in the Braves system for a few years, and - while he seems very good defensively - he can't hit - at all. Seems like that would be a problem if a player can't hit in the minors.
  14. Ruzious


    What's the harm in paying a very modest sum to see what he can do in Spring Training? It's not like he'd be blocking anyone of substance.
  15. Ruzious

    2019 Winter Meetings

    I think it was a good lesson for Manny and could lead to him becoming an even better player. Players have changed to the point that there are more who don't routinely hustle anymore. Just look at Bryce Harper; he was the ultimate hustler when he came up to the bigs as a teenager. Now... he's basically the same as Manny - he routinely loafs on ground balls that look like outs. He's just smarter than Manny about what he says to the media. He apologized a couple of times after getting called out on it, but he still continued to do it.