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  1. My personal top 50 Orioles prospects for 2018

    And the system gets criticised for lack of pitching prospects at higher levels - rightfully so - but there's a plethora of pitching depth in the top 20 - mostly at Frederick and Delmarva - even after trading a quality pitching prospect last season for a starting major league infielder. I'm particularly interested to see how #9 and #11 (Wells and Lowther) translate to higher levels.
  2. O's Pitching Puzzle - Rule 5 and Options Edition

    I agree it's a legitimate possibility with the O's, but I also think it makes no sense. He's too good to send to the minors. I think the O's have a gem there and should let him shine - as a starter. Maybe he has a rough outing or 2 early on, but so what?
  3. What was our record in games Hays started?

    Yeah, too many syllables and Boomboom references. Also, I'd rather have better defense than Mancini.
  4. What was our record in games Hays started?

    Aha, proof! Of what, I have no idea. But it's definitely possible proof of something.
  5. Your level of apathy level for the 2018 season

    That's what it's come down to. The O's are the first team in ML history where the most interesting acquisitions are Rule 5 players. Scary part... I think I'm ok with that - at least if the alternative is over-paid 30 plus year olds on multi year deals.
  6. Cashner signing

    But but but.... ABC also stands for Anyone But Cashner. GHE - Glass Half Empty.
  7. Cashner signing

    Solid if you're goal is to do just slightly better than last year - and it's very possible that is the goal. At least it's just 16 mil total and the 10 mil more isn't likely. Looks like he's the most out of shape O since Matt Albers. Hey Brady, we got a live one for ya. See what you can do. O's for 2018 = zzzzzzzzz.
  8. TT: Could the Orioles be Prepping to be Sold?

    Or could it be that nobody knows who's in charge? Our GM and Manager are both lame ducks, and I wonder if Brady Anderson's presence confuses them as to what the chain of command is and what their authority is. And for all we know, we may have a senile owner who's sending enough mixed signals to confuse the entire front office.
  9. I actually do want to see as many young arms as makes sense because... the O's have very little chance of reaching the post-season. I want to see them use the Rule 5 guys rather than used up old veterans. When you say all-in on 2018, to me that means paying some high-priced veteran free agents to fill out the rotation - and I don't want to do that.
  10. Seems crazy that they haven't even talked to these guys. Britton certainly deserves at least a discussion even if they don't want him back - and I don't even think they should re-sign him. But sheesh - show the man some respect - he's earned it.
  11. Ryan Flaherty Appreciation Thread

    Decent major league utility man but a better guy who was really a pleasure to watch. I'll never forget the competitiveness when he went up against Chapman absolutely refusing to be intimidated. He's an Oriole - always will be in my book.
  12. In on Lynn?

    He's a proven MOR starter and should have 4 more good years in him. Seems like exactly the kind of pitcher the O's should go after in free agency.
  13. Is it possible DD has traded two Cy Youngs?

    Where did that come from? Miley's only strength has been that he IS good at staying healthy. I think it's very obvious that ERod is a big-time talent when healthy - and he's just 24 going on 25 years old. And despite the criticisms has actually pitched well when healthy with a career 8.6 SO/9 ratio and 1.29 WHIP. There aren't a lot of young lefty starters in the majors that throw as hard and have the same quality of repertoire. Miley... sucks. He had a 1.729 WHIP last season. He and Ubaldo had arguably the worst command in the majors.
  14. Is it possible DD has traded two Cy Youngs?

    Actually, if he stays healthy, I think ERod has the best chance of any ex-O to win a Cy Young.
  15. Moves to Make You Feel Positive About THIS Season

    Sign Schoop long-term.