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  1. Ruzious

    vs. YANKEES, 9/22

    Speaking of which, it's torture to watch the O's lose another like that. .
  2. Ruzious

    vs. YANKEES, 9/22

    Fry nibbled well against Stanton.
  3. Ruzious

    vs. YANKEES, 9/22

    On the glass half-full side, Castro, Scott, and Givens combined for 5 shutout innings, just 1 hit, no walks, and 4 K's.
  4. Ruzious

    vs. YANKEES, 9/22

    Why are they forcing Givens to pitch multiple innings?
  5. Ruzious

    vs. YANKEES, 9/22

    Our vets Jones and Davis fighting it out for which could care less in situations where they could have easily been the hero.
  6. Ruzious

    vs. YANKEES, 9/22

    It's an insult to us fans and everyone who works for the Orioles to keep putting Davis in the lineup. 3 SO's in 4 at bats today.
  7. Ruzious

    vs. YANKEES, 9/22

    Nice at bat by Adam, but by now, i think everyone in the stands knew that he was going to end up striking out on an outside slider.
  8. Ruzious

    Who’s in your MiL top 20?

    But Hader actually put up phenominal numbers BEFORE anyone paid any attention to him as a prospect.
  9. Ruzious

    Who’s in your MiL top 20?

    College WS to... low A Ball. Grenier can't even hit... even a little bit. And Knight looks like a skinny HS sophomore who bags your groceries and turns out to be 22.
  10. Ruzious

    Who’s in your MiL top 20?

    I don't know when mlb.com last adjusted their ratings, but Grenier at 9 and Knight at 10 over guys like Akin, McKenna, Kremer, and Hanifee? Hall at just 26 means it's been at least a month since they made adjustments for players already on the list.
  11. Ruzious

    How do we say goodbye to Buck and Adam?

    I think that's a cool way to do it - and in a few years, have a pre-game appreciation ceremony.
  12. I inferred from his comments that he expected to play everyday in CF, but he never actually said that. So yeah, maybe I assumed something that wasn't the case.
  13. How about we agree to say that he made a very foolish decision against the wishes of the organization we root for, but he earned the right to make it? He made the decision so he could play CF everyday - with the (questionable at best) thought that that would keep up his value in getting a contract next year - as if teams can't tell by watching him and looking at his defensive stats that he can't play adequate CF. Instead, he was moved off of CF, hasn't played every day, and loses almost every day. Instead, he could have been giving Philly a boost they needed to make the playoffs and boosted his value that way. I can't imagine this is the way he wanted things to work out, but frankly - it was very predictable, and it's hard (for me anyway) to understand how he didn't see that. Maybe that shoudn't bother me, but it does, and it tarnishes my view of him - though I certainly appreciate his body of work with the O's.
  14. Ruzious

    2018 Atlanta Braves

    Yeah, first get in the playoffs. And if they had a bunch of guys who can go 3 innings, that would be an approach that could work, but most of those guys they use rarely go more than an inning.
  15. Ruzious

    Grayson Rodriguez 2018

    Sounds like GrayRod perhaps has the kind of upside that DL Hall has? It'll be interesting to see if the O's take the approach the Braves did with their top HS pitching prospects and aggressively promote them next year if they perform real well.