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  1. O's have traded for Konner Wade

    That's uh... some sense of humor they have there.
  2. Ya gotta have organizational depth. Hopefully, he's not needed for anything more than that. Under .700 OPS in the PCL last year... that's pretty bad, but he has had some decent minor league performances. 5th OFer type?
  3. 2017 #14 Prospect Jomar Reyes - 3B

    My thought on Reyes - we'll know what kind of prospect he is by what kind of shape he comes to camp in. At this point in his maturity, it's about how hard he's willing to work at his craft.
  4. Replacements for Flaherty

    Except he wouldn't be in the Flaherty role. He'd be a super-utility player in the Ben Zobrist mold.
  5. I love it!!! Quote of the month.
  6. 2017 #15 Prospect Adam Hall - SS

    This was my favorite pick in the last draft (based entirely on what I read), because it sounds like he has a legit chance to become an excellent all-around SS. Ya take a shot at a SS like that - something the O's haven't done (and maybe havent had the opportunity to do so) in the draft - not counting Machado since he was such an obvious phenom.
  7. 2017 #11 Prospect Tanner Scott - LHP

    I'm one of those people. With the quality of hitters dramatically better in the majors - particularly in batting eye and the ability to work pitchers with control issues - I just don't see it working out for Scott. People are tantalized because he's a lefty who's hit 100 MPH, but you can't survive in the majors walking that many people, imo. He's young enough so that there's hope for him to improve the command, but at this point - I'm not excited. I really hope he proves me wrong - much like Felipe Rivero proved the Nats wrong.
  8. Could John Hart be our GM in waiting?

    Apart is a good word choice there. Hart was convincing playing the part of being totally shocked by the actions of the GM he hired after... the entire professional baseball world knew what Coppy was doing. MLB bought it and cleared him long before they came out with the punishments. This was reported before the World Series. People actually praised him for not micro-managing. Uggg. Plech. So, at this point, I'd call him an over-the-hill empty teflon-coated suit who neglected doing the bare minimum of his job. No way in hell I'd want him in the O's organization.
  9. They should be taking a long-term view for the team and the player. He shouldn't be thrust into the high presure majors with having nothing close to even high minors experience. Build his arm endurance up slowly and gradually. You really can't/shouldn't do that on the major league level where winning comes first, because development - physical, mental, and emotional - should come first for him. And a good point was made that the O's would be using up a year of service that they otherwise wouldn't if they put him in the majors. That shouldn't be the primary reason to keep him in the minors, but it's a strong secondary reason. And it might not be just 1 year - he might need 2 years in the minors - we don't know now.
  10. Replacements for Flaherty

    I assumed you were joking - now hoping you were joking.
  11. Replacements for Flaherty

    I could actually see Beckham being used that way. And Caleb at 3rd... hmmrm... it might be entertaining to see opponents try for infield doubles.
  12. Replacements for Flaherty

    With the lack of speed on this team, it'd be nice if the utility infielder could at least pinch-run - and I don't mean to steal bases. Hardy runs like a catcher at this point.
  13. The Braves were naughty and got caught!

    Well, it would be awkward if he showed up at a game.
  14. Braves new world up for grabs

    Still, I'm expecting several more Konnor (spelled correctly this time) Wade type deals coming up. And there's really no need to trade for these type guys, imo.
  15. Braves new world up for grabs

    You're probably right. It starts at the top, and Dan's hands were probably tied in a lot of things.