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  1. Our 2023 infield could be Henderson at 3B, Hall at 2B, Hernaiz at SS, Mountcastle at 1B - with Joseph Ortiz as the utiltiy man. My gut feeling is Hernaiz beats out Ortiz for a starting spot. Grenier and Carmona are in the mix - and Bannon and McCoy.
  2. Call me crazy but... I think the Yac might be successful as a starter. When I've seen him this year, his off-speed stuff looked dramatically better than last year.
  3. Ruzious

    Jack Zoellner 2019

    Notice they waited till the day they signed their 1st and 2nd round picks - in and obvious attempt to get the media to ignore cutting Zoellner.
  4. Agreed on all parts. I know a lot of people want to boo Manny, but I hope they change their minds. He was the biggest reason to watch the team most of his time here.
  5. Yup, a matter of team, but it's great that it didn't last longer, and he can get his pro career started. If I'm reading this kid right, he can't wait. I think he's going to make the O's look good - and that hasn't happened enough.
  6. Ruzious

    Adam Hall 2019

    “I think of Trea Turner when I see him because I missed on Turner. I missed on Turner because I thought he was too small. I didn’t really think his arm was going to play across the infield, and I underestimated how his speed plays his game up, and I think Hall is starting to turn into a similar type of player.” Gotta say, I think that sounds absurdly optimistic. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  7. Could be. "They" do say the grass is always grenier on... no, I won't go there.
  8. Draft Gunnar Henderson! Oh, we already did that? Well um, Bring up Gunnar Henderson! Quick, before he outgrows shortstop! Oh, it would be nice if they sign him first - minors detail.
  9. Ruzious

    Zac Lowther

    And I believe he did it with his eyes closed and 1 hand tied behind his back - just to make it somewhat challenging.
  10. Notice the defensive baseball IQ of the team seems much worse with Martin off the field. Villar is much better at 2B than SS, and Alberto is problematic at 2B. Not saying Martin is special in any way, but when he's not playing, we have a disasterous infied defense.
  11. So, our magic number is probably a ways away. I remember talking to some very casual O's fans at the beginning of the season who thought the team was good, and... it's amazing, but some people really didn't see this coming.
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