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  1. panick

    Who do you think/hope will impress in ST?

    It would be nice if he could throw either of these pitches somewhere near the plate. I would hope that Akin can show he can do well against major league hitters.
  2. panick

    Top President Candidates?

    So Heyman reports that he hears that the O's have "definite interest" in Ng, but he doesn't mention for what role. He mentions that she has been a candidate for GM in the past. Do you think he is talking about the role of President for the O's? If he talking about GM of the O"s, does that mean the O's have reached an agreement with someone to be the O's president? If not, then that would mean either they are not going to hire a president, or that the president is not going to hire the GM.
  3. panick


    I assume that the O's know this about Mountcastle, so is he still expected to be a 3B? If not, what do you think the next position is for him to try? With arm and footwork issues, I don't see where he could play in the field. It's looking like he's going to be a DH for his whole career.
  4. So I'm out of line because you apparently are not comprehending what I have written? You will never be able to find one time when I even hinted that Anderson ever signed a free agent. Look at the last sentence in SteveA's response to my post. I was responding to that and said that Anderson doesn't have to do something like that to be interfering with someone else's responsibilities. In the article about Anderson and his growing influence with the O's, he was specifically mentioned by the prior pitching coach as a problem. Anderson having influence with Peter Angelos was a problem. I raised the question if anyone thought the Angelos' sons would make it clear to Anderson that he has certain responsibilities and is not to meddle in others. Since no one has answered my question, I guess it is sadly going to be more of the same with the Orioles.
  5. Apparently you did not read my question, but the bolded part of your post is another way of asking my question. I asked if anyone thinks that the Angelos' would make it clear to Anderson that he has a list of responsibilities and is not to be involved in matters not on his list. He doesn't have to go out 'own' his own and sign a free agent to be interfering with someone else's responsibilities.
  6. Do you think that the Angelos twins will rein in Anderson and make sure he only takes care of a rigid list of responsibilities? If they don't then who cares who gets hired to be the top executive.
  7. panick


    I've seen this said about him many times. Is this something that the O's would have tried to change during the season, or something he should work on over the winter? I have often wondered if players work with any coaches in the off-season to correct mechanical weaknesses. If not, do they have to wait until spring training to try to correct the issues?
  8. panick

    Assume that Duquette stays...

    If Duquette wasn't interested in the Toronto job, why didn't he just say 'no' to them and report that to Angelos? After Toronto's interest became public, I never read that Duquette had denied any interest in the job - only him saying that he had a job with the O's. If he had told anyone(especially Angelos) that he had no interest in the Toronto job then we wouldn't have been reading about negotiations about the compensation that Angelos wanted to let Duquette take the job. I have no problem with Duquette wanting to take another job(which I believe he did), but don't make it sound like he was not blame as to Angelos' reaction. I have not been a Duquette supporter from the start. I still have never gotten an answer on this board to a question I have had since his hiring, so I'll ask again. If he was such a competent GM, particularly in Boston, why was he out of MLB for ten years? It seems like the reason had to be more than just a personality issue. While I would rather see a new GM and manager engineer this rebuild, I don't think it matters who is in those positions if there is going to be decision-making interference by either the Angelos's and/or Anderson.
  9. panick

    Will Chris Davis make it to 502 PA?

    Anyone know why Palmer keeps saying that Davis is having trouble seeing the ball? Davis' decline has been getting worse for three years, so his eyesight is not getting better.
  10. panick

    Internal manager candidates

    Whoever has the guts to keep Davis away from the batter's box.
  11. I thought Mountcastle's problem was throwing. Is he a bad fielder too?
  12. panick

    Scouting & Player Development

    I stated in another thread that I was not aware that the O's had a player development staff. It was pointed out to me that there is indeed such a staff. Based on the results of the players' progress, I'd replace the development staff. I think the scouting(drafting) staff has done much better than the previous staff. I'd keep them. I think that Duquette and the development staff should get on the same page as far as the type of players the O's should have. For years Duquette has said he wanted players with higher OBP's, but the O's just seem to end up with players who want to hit home runs. I realize that patience at the plate might not be something that could be taught, but it takes too many solo homers to win games, especially with the pitching the O's have.
  13. panick

    Maple Bats

    So I guess Bonds breaking that those home run records was because of the bats, not what was making his head bigger. Didn't Roy Hobbs bone his bat?
  14. Maybe Zoellner works out with Bradybunch. Maybe Duquette was finally told he would not be back next year so that is why he made this ridiculous transaction.