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  1. Aren't those guys known as crafty left-handers, like Moyer?
  2. panick

    GrayRod 2019

    The only way Palmer pitched in the World Series at 19 was if he played for the Dodgers or the Twins. In 1966, he became the youngest pitcher to ever throw a complete game shutout in the Series. That was 9 days before he turned 21.
  3. That's OK. You have my respect for posting on the site at 4:30 AM.
  4. It says Baumann gave up 2 runs over 5 scoreless innings. I'm confused.
  5. Maybe you should keep quiet about these guys. If they stay under the radar there would be more of a chance the O's could pick them. ☺️
  6. panick

    Rylan Bannon 2019

    How tall is the "midget" who plays 2B for the Astros?
  7. No panic, but definitely no Atomic.
  8. panick

    Rylan Bannon 2019

    I hope he's not going to be another DH type The O's have too many of those already.
  9. Maybe Mason Williams was signed to entertain the players with his guitar. Classical Gas is a tough song to play, but Williams put it on the charts.
  10. How will moving the mound back affect pitchers' arms?
  11. Thanks for posting this, Weams. While there don't appear to be any potential All-Stars and there a lot of "ifs" for some players, it makes me feel like there are more potentially competent players in the O's system than I previously thought. Maybe we can start getting the All-Stars in the next two years in the drafts and international signings.
  12. Gee, imagine how atomic will be complaining if the O's trade Bundy, Cobb and Cashner before the trade deadline. Can someone explain to me how to put a poster on 'Ignore"?
  13. I'm not familiar with all the metrics used today. What is the RF/9?
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