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  1. How will moving the mound back affect pitchers' arms?
  2. Thanks for posting this, Weams. While there don't appear to be any potential All-Stars and there a lot of "ifs" for some players, it makes me feel like there are more potentially competent players in the O's system than I previously thought. Maybe we can start getting the All-Stars in the next two years in the drafts and international signings.
  3. Gee, imagine how atomic will be complaining if the O's trade Bundy, Cobb and Cashner before the trade deadline. Can someone explain to me how to put a poster on 'Ignore"?
  4. I'm not familiar with all the metrics used today. What is the RF/9?
  5. Let him find another team. It's time for the O's to move forward. Having Jones on the team does nothing to move forward. There is supposed to be a rebuild going on and Jones would just delay it. It's bad enough that the O's are still stuck with Davis and Trumbo. This year should be about finding players that can help the O's in the future. Jones is not one of them and it would be stupid to sign him just so he can have a proper good-bye.
  6. What is the difference between these? Does everyone in the batting order have to be a homerun hitter? I keep seeing that some of the O's prospects and some of the guys available in the draft are not power hitters. The O's have gone through several years with the majority of homeruns being solo. Wouldn't they have been better off with some guys who could get on base ahead of the power hitters? Especially guys who have some speed that might be able to score from first on a double?
  7. When talking about the pick of Stewart, Duquette said he reminded him of the other fat, Red Sox half-player. I thought that was very odd that the O's picked a projected DH in the first round. That's probably one reason why the O's farm system has been so poor.
  8. If a veteran catcher was such a big help to pitchers, I wonder how many home runs Bundy would have given up without Joseph behind the plate. 😮 I think the O's should play the catchers they have now, if for no other reason than to see if either can even be a back-up in the future. Some of you are acting like getting a veteran catcher is the key for the O's to make the playoffs. I thought this team was in a rebuild. It's likely that there will be an all-rookie OF, a Rule 5 guy at SS, a questionable 3B, maybe a rookie at 2B(if Villar is traded like some of you want), and Davis at 1B(for money reasons I don't know if management will have the guts to keep him on the bench). This season seems to be one for tryouts at certain positions, so why not include catcher? If neither Sisco or Wynns prove they are worth being starting catchers by draft time, then the decision of who to take with the first pick is very easy.
  9. What I remember most about Trembley was how he talked about respecting the game. Then he put Tejada, who had a broken wrist, in the lineup just so Tejada could extend his consecutive game played streak. I would vote no for Trembley.
  10. Maybe I misunderstood that song. Was it about a girl named Brickhouse?
  11. I'm not familiar with the analytics side of baseball people are talking about, but do analytics play a role in the evaluation of draft prospects? If so, is Rajsich an analytics guy? I remember reading on this board after last year's draft that Rajsich was upset that he was directed to draft Grener(because it was a position of need?) instead of the player he thought should have been picked. If analytics are used to evaluate draft prospects and Rajsich doesn't agree with the analytical results for players, who will make the call as to which players get drafted?
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