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  1. That's the way I feel. I'm finally giving the Ys a break because of how they are rebuilding mainly with prospects and a lot of the long-time nemeses or extremely overpaid FAs are gone, except for Sabathia, who is near the end and hit rock-bottom in a Baltimore hotel anyway.
  2. You've nicely teed up a one-liner that no one's going to make!
  3. It also activates the appealing myth of baseball as something handed down from one's father(land). Even one of the early S. Korean feature-length baseball manga ("manhwa" in Korean) bases its narrative on this. The young "natural" is trained in the wilds by his father, who had mysteriously withdrawn from Korean baseball at an early age. The teenager is discovered by scouts who bring him to Seoul, where the country bumpkin suffers all sorts of humiliations until the big game where his pitching defeats the "USA" team in the 9th inning. But it's also a story of reconnecting with one's mother(land). In the audience to watch is the phenom's mother who left the family and moved to another country while he was still a young child. Spotting her in the audience is what inspires him to regain his strength and unleash unbelievably fast pitches. I think these types of mythic filiations, honored and deepened every four years, actually enrich baseball. BTW that manhwa was made about 30 years ago.
  4. Personally, I liked the smoothly realigning twist he made as he neared where he perfectly projected the ball would cross the fence. The intense crowd and fence made it better for me than all the diving horizontal-glides and catches after long runs near but not over the fence I've seen him make. Also, has been mentioned, there's an extra oomph from seeing a young Oriole launch the moonshot into a great Oriole's super-glove.
  5. Near the end of the GIF, a fan with a black Orioles cap (with the "ornithologically correct bird") on enters from the right side of the frame. I'm sure he got lots of high-fives!
  6. Nice! Most momentous catch ever made in McCovey Cove.
  7. Zoilo Versalles' MVP season (1965) Carlos May, mainstay of the White Sox outfield, twice an All-Star (1969-75) Max Alvis, Jerry Adair, Aurelio Rodriguez.
  8. I remember the Toronto media confirming it. Jones looked ready to fight. Made me proud.
  9. Your experience and mine have been very different. Without knowing you, I cannot speculate as to why that is. Let me clarify that I do believe that such behavior is true of only the tiniest, most ignorant or immature fraction of Oriole fandom. Overwhelmingly, I feel truly welcomed at the park, but it only takes a few brief incidents to make me doubt the whole experience. Let me give an example from my last visit to OPACY. I was taking my girlfriend, a Korean, to her first Oriole game, the Hyun Soo Kim T-Shirt Night. While we waited in line at Boog's BBQ I filled her in on his Oriole accomplishments and what a humble man he's always been (later, after returning to NY I showed her the amusing lite beer ads he did, which I think convey how affable he is). When it was our turn, I told Boog, as I have before, that I actually saw him play left field and he joked back as before that I don't look that old, but added this time that he was only out there because back then Jim Gentile was still the first baseman. I took a photo of Boog and Woomi together and he signed her newly bought cap, which she now proudly wears to her current project in Seoul, where she's stuck because for some unknown reason her visa application keeps getting suspended. About midway through the game we went out to Legends Park and began to take more photos. Woomi loves the videos of Earl Weaver she's seen and wanted me to take a photo of her standing next to his statue. A group of three young white guys--probably between 16 and 20 years old--walked into the path of the photo shot and I motioned politely for them to step aside. One of them gave me the finger and yelled "***kin' Chink!" He then had to run for his life as I chased him halfway around the ground floor of the stadium until I lost him in the crowd. A young white Oriole staffer rushed up and asked me what had happened and apologized. A middle-aged white souvenir vendor said she had seen what happened and then muttered, "I hope they grab him. It's unacceptable." Another white fan came up and handed me my keys, which he had seen fall out of my bag as I tried to whip through the crowd. To these helpful individuals, I expressed my gratitude. Comically, according to my girlfriend, who had tried to follow but couldn't find me, the name-caller ended up trying to catch his breath right next to where she was standing. He must have either run the entire circle of the stadium or doubled back. I guess he didn't realize she was the Chink who had been with me. She socked him in the arm and he began running again. How ironic that this happened on a night when most of the crowd was wearing T-shirts printed in Hangeul (the Korean writing system), something that Woomi photographed both with pride (in her nation) and gratitude (to the Orioles and the USA). I hope that begins to answer your skeptical "Seriously?" As for "any other MLB ballpark," I haven't been to that many, and never for more than one visit, except for Chavez Ravine (3-4 times because I once lived in L.A.), Citifield (twice) and Yankee Stadium (both the old and new ones, for a total of about 7-8 times). In the heated atmosphere of the playoffs against the Yankees, cheering in the cheaper seats, perhaps it's not surprising that an Asian wearing Orioles gear hears taunts of "Mr. Miyagi," etc. almost every time he walks up the long aisle to the concession stands or rest room. It could even be taken as friendly except that, at the end of the game (the one in which Adam Jones played a Jeter flyball into a triple and Ibanez's homers off of Jim Johnson and Matusz wasted Miguel Gonzalez's great start), another fan in O's gear and I needed a police escort out of the stadium because of all the plastic beer bottles being thrown at us. Racist name-calling hasn't happened at any of the other stadiums I've been to (aside from Chavez Ravine and Citifield, these include Seattle, the old Homerdome in Minneapolis, Anaheim, Fenway, and Marlins Park). Finally, let me make a confession. I got emotional and exaggerated when I said explicit name-calling happens *every* time I go to OPACY. But it feels like it. Why? The name-calling leads me to interpret other behavior I see which is less in my face, like when a group of strangers at another table in Dempsey's Brew Pub gives me such an unbroken long glare that when one of their friends returns to the table he looks over at me to see what's going on. I trust my own gut feeling that what I want to say right then is "I've been an O's fan longer than any of you. Stop acting like I just landed from Mars or crawled off a sinking boat." Or "I'm not just here to watch Wei-yin Chen, I've been at this for such a long time you should realize I am your brother, not an alien." It means a lot to me that Kim is an Oriole (as a teenager, I used to fantasize about becoming the first Oriole of Asian descent--I once called up Lenny Sakata and congratulated him), but that doesn't mean I want him to get any extra consideration because of his ethnicity. I just hope he is treated fairly when it comes to deciding whether he deserves an important role on the team that I have been devoted to since 1965. I have enough experience to make up my own mind as to whether that actually turns out to be the case.
  10. If the Orioles dump Kim that's the end of my more than 50 years of following the O's. Between that and being called a Chink every time I go to the stadium I've had it.
  11. MASN listed Bleier as one of the Ys going to the World Baseball games. I thought we got him from the Ys a while ago. Did we give him back?
  12. I agree. Love Adam's flying catch. Oriole baseball is back! So glad for the return to normalcy.
  13. That would be a huge boost to the O's offense. Really hope it happens, but I've seen little sign of it the last few years. Maybe someone can finally make him do it.
  14. We've seen half-swing homers and broken-bat homers by Davis. Let's see if he can bunt one too!