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  1. Wow, I didn't realize: all the way out to 2031 with, beginning next year, salaries of 23+ to 27+ million. But he's only 26 and has never had an OPS+ of under 109 (this year's figure so far). Thought they wd have learned from the Ryan Howard et al experience.
  2. .264/.325/.472/.797/110+ incl. 4 homers in 80 PAs so far. Good for him!
  3. LA2

    Straily DFA'd

    That and the eyeball test (best curve in baseball probably) mean less risk. But we're in agreement: There's ways of looking past the noise to see the value underneath. it was there with Hill. And not with Strailly (to return to the thread topic), I'd wager.
  4. LA2

    Straily DFA'd

    Yes, and they had the evidence right under their noses. I count 5 very good starts (min. 5.67 innings, two or fewer earned runs allowed) among his 13 that year with the O's, including a 7-inning, 0 ER game. 29-years-old, premium curveball, two good seasons with the Cubs. Would a good number of teams have given up on him anyway because of how his last few games were stinkers? Yes. The Orioles were unfortunately among them.
  5. LA2

    Straily DFA'd

    Rolling the die is less daunting if the pitcher has come off good performances with two other teams the previous seasons. His salaries with the Dodgers have ranged from 6 million to the current 18.66 million. I think they believe their not-so-risky gamble paid off.
  6. LA2

    Straily DFA'd

    I'm honestly suggesting that the O's, like Cleveland, had no cure for whatever was ailing Rich Hill. They weren't good at it, just like they missed the cure and/or potential of too, too many other talented or accomplished pitchers, the extraordinarily long list of which has been reiterated on this website countless times.
  7. LA2

    Straily DFA'd

    Boston and the A's were smart enough to come back to him and get good, crucial performances from him. Boston ERAs: 0 (8 innings); 1.83; 1.55. Oakland: 2.25 during a 9-3 season. Hill would have helped us when we were still contenders.
  8. LA2

    Straily DFA'd

    The talking cure (Freud). Catharsis (Aristotle). Complaining (Pente, from which is derived the phrase "letting go of pent-up feelings/gripes").
  9. LA2

    Straily DFA'd

    He had had good seasons with the Cubs, was still young, and already had what was the probably the best curve in baseball. My point was that, unlike some teams, we're not good at rehabilitating talented pitchers that have hit a rough spot. It's no accident that he's become a mainstay of several top-level rotations since late 2015. Also, Hill's problems going six innings have nothing to do with his inflated stats during 14 games with the O's. Even during the last few stellar seasons, including four ERAs under 3.00, his average innings per stat are closer to five than to six. Nonetheless, there have been playoff series when he was the team's #2 starter.
  10. LA2

    Straily DFA'd

    That was nice to see. Had actually forgotten what his pitches looked like. The Rich Hill of his day, but as a closer. (Rich Hill--another one we gave up on too early, I guess because he has problems going 6 innings per start. Although to be fair it took him 4-5 seasons after being with us to right himself.) What I learned from this video is how well Olson hid the ball in his wind-up.
  11. LA2

    Straily DFA'd

    I think that's cool--was probably getting some aerial positioning shots from a drone.
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