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  1. LA2

    Frank Robinson has passed

    Adam would have been a good inheritor of the periwig. The pies were nice, but never punitive.
  2. LA2

    Frank Robinson has passed

    BTW re: the MacNally interview: There goes my legend of McNally needing to spend his winters selling used cars in Montana! My 1965 Yearbook had an instructional piece by McNally on how to throw a curveball. I tried and tried but it never worked.
  3. LA2

    Frank Robinson has passed

    What a fine tribute by Frank to Brooks and Earl--and the first interview of any significant length I've seen with one of my childhood heroes, Dave McNally. Thanks so much for posting this.
  4. LA2

    Britt Ghiroli Appreciation Thread

    I'm sorry, I found nothing special--though nothing unacceptable--in her writing or perceptions. Never evocative, never able to relate baseball in an interesting way to other aspects of life. It's been a long time since Baltimore baseball writing was interesting. -- From a capsule motel in Tokyo, my volume of Kafka's short fiction on a plywood shelf.
  5. LA2

    Duquette 2004 bribery case

    This absolutely confirms for me that the Chris Davis signing was not Duquette's idea.
  6. Stuff like that happens, but only you know it's going to be your last job in the pertinent field.
  7. Liriano was exactly the type of pitcher the Orioles lineup had had trouble with all season. Using him as a reliever was a great move by John Gibbons, a manager who had previously never impressed me. My guess is that Buck was playing for when Liriano wouldn't still be on the mound and the O's had a chance to score off a weak Jays pen. That was when Britton would be brought in--to outpitch the Jays pen. It's not what I would have done, what the other O's fans I watched the game with in the SRO O's bar in the East Village of NYC (The Horse Box) screaming for Britton to be brought in, or how the other managers used the back of their pens in the subsequent postseason games. I've always thought Francona, Maddon et al saw how Buck's decision turned out and decided right then and there to do the opposite, come what may.
  8. LA2

    Buck speaks

    I strongly disagree. I think you may not have watched Buck's management of the bullpen and smoke and mirrors starting rotations. The deft management of the roster in 2012. I'll always remember those.
  9. LA2

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    Harper's actually not bad at playing straight-man roles in commercials--he and Posey. Manny's agent should persuade him to do some image-improvement cameos on a show like "Sesame Street," if the producer would take him, which he/she shouldn't.
  10. LA2

    Travel in Vietnam

    I will!
  11. LA2

    Travel in Vietnam

    Thanks. I still don't know whether I have time to go, but I'm being guided to Hanoi by several people who've been there (as opposed to Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon) for its history, which they say is more prominent there because it is the capitol. Wish I cd afford a place like the Four Seasons! I actually find it rewarding to stay at guesthouses and AirBnB because you meet other interesting travelers and sometimes get to know the hosts more.
  12. LA2

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    At some point, some manager is going to have the guts to pull him from a game for such idiocy. It won't happen in the post-season, of course. But it has to be done. Even after he realized it wasn't a homer he didn't seem to run full-speed.
  13. LA2

    The Inevitable national outlet Chris Davis article.

    So on top of Davis's abysmal performance O's fans may have to listen to this type of palaver from him for up to four more years? What really annoys me is that there is no sense in what he says that *he* and Buck's defense of him have been a major reason twice now that Buck could not succeed: the suspension in 2014 and the historically bad 2018.
  14. LA2

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

  15. Yeah I haven't been keeping up on the related threads. No fun or reward in being the fan of a stupid team. I posted last year that I was going to call it quits in regard to following the O's closely if they dumped Kim and Adam left or retired. It might be one of the few promises I keep on this board. Watching Mullins, Villar, and Stewart at the end of the season was fun, but it's not enough.