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  1. By the way, I don't like Buck anymore. It started with the Britton decision in the play-in game. My baseball novice girlfriend witnessed it with clearer eyes than mine.
  2. Ubaldo's great chance to move his ERA below 7.00!
  3. I think we can move this one over to the elegy side: "Buck ruined Kim."
  4. Oriole development and evaluation of starting pitchers stinks. This could not have escaped the notice of Duquette and Showalter. Why have they not demanded or instituted the changes that would solve such a huge problem? Or are they part of the problem?
  5. Rangers lineup not what it used to be!
  6. Little activity here means loss is foregone conclusion?
  7. We could carry one pitcher, as our number 5, with Miley's or Ubaldo's inconsistency, and still contend--but not both. I'd drop Miley even though he's our only southpaw. When Ubaldo is on it's really impressive. When Miley is, you wonder why.
  8. I like Wellington but his salary is 10x that of Caleb's. Wish he had another position he's good at. He served us well early in the season but he's worth dealing for the salary relief and the potentially good pitching he could net us.
  9. I want a lot more than that!
  10. He looked for real last night. So I'm hoping for a continued surge from him.
  11. Made Gallo look bad.
  12. Erhhh...
  13. Buck didn't pull any of the starting line-up!