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  1. MLBTR: AL Notes

    CD or Trumbo need to be part of a mega-deal (that is, including Britton and Machado) that brings back real ToR starters or SP prospects. The type of deal MacPhail showed better skill at pulling off than Duquette, but I'd be glad to see that change.
  2. MLBTR: AL Notes

    Except there isn't much reason to believe that Zimmerman, Kennedy, or Bailey would actually improve the O's rotation. The Tigers still have Cabrera at first and the Reds Votto. If the Royals lose Hosmer, would they actually consider Davis? His contract is more onerous than Kennedy's. We ought to be able to make Trumbo part of a deal for a better pitcher.
  3. Lord I needed that

    I developed an early taste for chopped liver on a poppy seed bagel! (My mom worked at a Jewish hospital.)
  4. Smith did pretty much what he's done his whole career (2017: .258/.340/.774 vs. Career: .261 / .344 / .790) but it was disproportionately beneficial to have him playing RF rather than Trumbo, who seemed to only get worse this year (personal impression, haven't looked at the defensive stats).
  5. The O's Prayer

    Unfortunately, ex-Yankees have written or been the subject of most of the good baseball books. So it doesn't really reduce the range of evil temptations.
  6. Girardi: "Buck, hold my beer"

    Is "Buck, hold my beer?" an actual quote from something?
  7. Should practice it with great determination during this offseason.
  8. vs. D-RAYS, 9/22

    The point was that the Orioles have won a good number of games that Ubaldo pitched poorly in.
  9. vs. D-RAYS, 9/22

    The Orioles are 12 W 12 L in the games Ubaldo has started.
  10. I wish Kubatko had found some way to recognize Schoop's defensive and "team morale" contributions. Harder to quantify than the Hunter-like series of hits stats in the article, but that's what sports writers are for.
  11. The Defense Thread, 2017

    I missed the Crush E, but yes the Schoop flub was another moment when I audibly moaned and pulled the visor down over my eyes. A man behind me yelled out, "Hey, Brooks Robinson!" After driving a rickety mini-RV packed to the gills with belongings 1300 miles to escape Irma, I was really thirsting for Oriole solace and instead they've only given me more anguish. I'd enjoy seeing what our best kids can do, just wish some of them were SPs.
  12. The Defense Thread, 2017

    I was in a Brooklyn bar last night and pulled my O's batting helmet down over my eyes when Trumbo failed to come in and catch a flyball that fell in for a late-inning hit. I give him credit though for not freaking out about getting close to the wall earlier in the game when going back to catch a long fly. Routine catch, but I was expecting him to make it difficult.
  13. O's dodge a bullet and stay in it

    It's over. Time to see what the prospects can do--and if they get us into the postseason, then it will be truly magic, their magic. Too bad none of the prospects are starting pitchers.
  14. (Almost) All Things Manny Machado....

    I do blame Thorne for wrapping the game up when we were down by only one run in the 9th inning, allocating the pitching W, L, and S. While sitting next to Palmer.
  15. O's trade for Hellickson

    Most of our starting pitchers are actually just motivation assistants deployed to angrify Oriole hitters into peak performance.