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  1. LA2

    A lot of player movement coming

    On top of his resounding success as a pitching coach and advocate, e.g. TIllman and Wright.
  2. LA2

    Documentary Film on “The Blade”

    Some seasons the Blade even got a few votes for AL MVP, though always far behind Blair, Brooks, Frank, Boog, Grich, and pitchers like Mike Cuellar.
  3. LA2

    Chowda vs Crab Cakes - June 13th

    Brady can be their advance scout.
  4. LA2

    What do we think of Dylan Bundy?

    Same predicament the Mets are in.
  5. LA2

    What do we think of Dylan Bundy?

    That reminds me it's been quite a while since the notorious Frobby jinx has been invoked!
  6. Can't imagine Buck was planning to sit Davis down with those stats vs. Sanchez. He must be so lacking in confidence and so depressed he's afraid of batting at all--it's just too humiliating for him to bear.
  7. LA2

    Orioles Claim Snelten

    Wind-up is like a left-handed Dick Hall. It'd be nice if he were nearly that good. Hall had extraordinary control and hit well for a pitcher (was a converted OF'er)--even remember him PH'ing once in a long while for the O's.
  8. LA2

    The turning point of this collape

    The O's started the next season 22W-10L.
  9. Nice interviews. Actual conversation.
  10. LA2

    Anybody heading to the games at Citi Field?

    Yeah, I was living in Queens at the time and would take the subway's 7 train to the park. There's not much right around the stadium--it just doesn't have the hostile, tasteless, sleazy crap around it that Yankee Stadium does (altho the cops assigned to the stadium area are unusually friendly). The first time I went to Citifield was the 2013 ASG and I must admit that a reason it's won a place in my heart is one of the first things I saw upon entering was big banners of Adam, J.J. Hardy, and Davis (when he was still Crush) because they were in the starting lineup. (Manny and Tillman were also on the roster.) I was wearing O's stuff and got treated much better than the guy sitting nearby with a Jeter jersey on, although it was also the game that so much homage was deservedly paid to Mariano Rivera.
  11. LA2

    Anybody heading to the games at Citi Field?

    Aesthetically, the stadium is unimpressive, but the sightlines out to the field are very good, even for the inexpensive seats. Unlike Yankee Stadium, there's a good variety of reasonably-priced cuisines and beers. And Mets fans are a lot nicer to talk with than Y's fans. So in all respects, including dealing with Queens instead of a trashy neighborhood at night in the Bronx, I'd rather be at Citifield than Yankee Stadium when the O's come to NY.
  12. LA2

    Did Jones throw Davis under the bus?

    "Hopefully C.D. (Chris Davis) comes up and drives everyone in."--Doesn't sound hostile toward Davis at all. "We haven’t hit well with men in scoring position."--I take AJ's "we" here literally, that is, I think it refers to several spots in the lineup, not just Davis's.
  13. LA2

    Is this rock bottom?

    And were good enough to have gone deeper. It just didn't go our way.
  14. LA2

    19 games under

    And then they'd have to suspend or fire him. He and Billy Martin and Alvin Dark--another generation whose time has passed, despite all the wins they brought.
  15. LA2

    Is this rock bottom?

    Jacoby Ellsbury owed over $21 million / year out through 2020 with a $5 million buyout in 2021 is another good example.