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  1. Watching in the Horse Box the one NY bar that has the O's games on all the time. Very happy cheering w Eric from Pikesville.
  2. Not going to happen.
  3. I'm far from convinced that Gausman is unable to return to how well he pitched the second half of last season.
  4. Being able to throw harder in shorter appearances isn't going to solve his command problem. It might worsen it.
  5. The NESN crew also said it was a good opportunity to bean Manny because the Sox had a six-run lead at the time.
  6. Farrell is shameless. Barnes should be suspended--that could have been the end of Manny's career. The NESN broadcast crew was waiting for the retribution all yesterday. They're utterly convinced, I guess, that Manny deliberately injured Pedroia. They think Rodriguez tried on three different pitches to hit Manny today. I wonder if Barnes went after Manny's head because E-Rod had been "incompetent" and missed his legs. They also think that back-and-forth beaning between the O's and Sox is going to continue the rest of the season. None of this said with any doubt as to the validity of the beaning. Meanwhile, Pedroia watches on as if he's just a bystander.
  7. He was pitching injured. Once he recovered and benefited from White Sox tutelage, he became worth much more than his salary again. In 12.67 innings of playoff pitching with the Os (2014, 2016), he gave up 2 earned runs. He didn't let us down--poor Oriole relief pitching, fielding, and hitting let him down.
  8. Yes, sorry for the confusion. Haven't had my doses of caffeine yet!
  9. Of course, the tie-breaker game, if one really wants to call that the "playoffs." But obviously one more victory--among 162 games--would have gotten us into the wild card game.
  10. I think comparing what might have been if we had stood by Miguel vs. Tillman is not as instructive as comparing him to Yovanni Gallardo, although, to DD's credit, it does seem like we got a good return for YG when we realized our mistake and traded him. Or comparing him to Wright and Wilson. It's one of many decisions that could have been a factor in our near-miss for the playoffs last year. Only time will tell whether Aquino or Asher can help us to forget such blunders.
  11. That's true. Can't imagine Girardi letting it go by.
  12. Selsky did on the called K.
  13. You called it!
  14. I agree.
  15. Unfortunately the Red Sox announcers keep talking like they expect it. About 2 innings ago they said, "There's been no retribution taken for Machado's spiking of Dustin Pedoria last night--Not yet."