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  1. It's interesting that he didn't say that he was "not seeing the ball well," but that perhaps he's too selective.
  2. No, I hope not!
  3. Very good point about the relative difficulty of batting in the 9th. I would still maintain that, compounded with Hardy's overall poor performance, there's such a difference between his career .512 (501 PAs) and even the AL mean last year of .687 that pinch-hitting should be seriously considered when someone with Kim's skills is available.
  4. Two cornerstones of that were (i) reaping the benefits of MacPhail's great trades (Jones, Tillman, Hardy, Davis, Hunter) and (ii) the maturing of high picks we got when we were losers (Wieters, Machado, Matusz). Those trades and draft picks were absolutely necessary, although they needed Duquette's much better FA signings and mixed bag of roster-management tricks and Buck's new regime to make the O's an overperforming contender. Don't know if we can simulate (i) and (ii) without crashing and burning first.
  5. By the way, Kim has outstanding pinch-hitting, clutch, and high-leverage situation stats.
  6. This year, he has 2 singles in 16 at-bats in the 9th inning, incl. today. 1 RBI, 0 Runs, 6 Ks, 0 BBs. In fact, the 9th inning has been BY FAR Hardy's worst throughout his career: .512 OPS in 501 plate appearances. To show how big a drop-off there is, his best is a .791 OPS in 727 PAs in the 5th inning. A huge difference of 279 points! So I think there's no question that Kim would be a better choice in the 9th, provided there is someone to play shortstop.
  7. Superbee83 cited special conditions that should have motivated Manny to run harder.
  8. .510 vs RHP, .711 vs LHP. "Switch hitter" in name only.
  9. Bourn is 34 with long-declining stats--not the type of player one looks to if his running speed and range in the OF are supposedly why he is considered more valuable than Kim. After his initial burst with the O's last year (24 games, 55 PAs), he seemed to me to be the latest candidate to replicate the fall-off of such declining outfielders as De Aza, Snider, Young, Stubbs, and Lough the Orioles have struck out with. (I must say, we've paid a lot more than ever expected for letting Nick go.) I just don't think there's enough possible improvement over Kim or Rickard offered by Bourn to sacrifice either. If they do feel they can drop either one, I'd rather have another decent pitcher, not Bourn.
  10. Glad to see this.
  11. Last year, Ubaldo started out with 3 good games in his first 6 starts, then was even worse than he's been this year all the way *through July 8th*, after which he was DL'd with an ERA of 7.38 (currently 7.17). He came back with a 5-inning, one-run performance on July 28 and pitched remarkably well the rest of the season all the way up to Buck's stupid late-inning decisions in the tie-breaker game. He put in a good 2014. Unfortunately, Ubaldo's a bad bet for high-leverage relieving because of his wildness, first-inning problems, and what would probably be a poor inherited-runners stranded percentage. So he's a mop-up long reliever and spot starter. Considering how shaky the rest of the rotation is going to be, I think there'll be enough opportunities to justify keeping him until we see if he can pull off yet another post-ASB comeback (he's done it several times in his career). Or package him with Kim in a trade, one of my favorite players, but a wasted spot on our poorly constructed roster and someone who would become even more redundant if Buck insists on Bourn.
  12. Even 60 would be!
  13. GREAT situational hitting by Krush Davis GROUNDING out to the RIGHT SIDE so that Trumbo could MOVE ALL THE WAY TO THIRD BASE!!!!
  14. Mauer's career B.A. is .307 but it's been steadily decreasing since 2014. It wd be too bad if it ends up sub-.300. He's 34 and in his 14th MLB season.