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  1. Considering how young and/or precarious the O's pitching talent is and will be, it's not a good idea to sacrifice any D behind the plate for Sisco's bat even if it improves. It might be easier for the O's to develop or find a good defensive centerfielder who can also hit better than Mullins. Likewise at shortstop (altho I haven't given up on Martin yet). That way the O's lineup could carry a weak-hitting C.
  2. When I first joined the OH so long ago, Frobby was the worst O's jinxer I'd ever witnessed, but it hasn't been like that for a while. (Might have had something to do with how bad the O's were back then and how often he posted. 🤔)
  3. I hope the fans give Nelson and Schoop nice ovations tomorrow. Wonder if Hyde will stick with this lineup tomorrow. Playing Rickard's hot bat is a good opportunity to give Cedric a break from the pressure of his plummeting BA. (Alternatively, today's rain-out might be considered the break.)
  4. Regardless of whether Stewart is a left-handed or right-handed hitter, his stats show he hits southpaws well and that is what Mullins is weak at. Rickard also hits lefties well. Smith/Mullins/Stewart vs. RHP, with Davis at first and Mancini DHing. Smith/Rickard/Stewart vs. LHP, with Mancini at first and either Ruiz or Alberto at DH (Ruiz, in limited MLB sample size, has a reverse split). Have to see whether Stewart is worth keeping!
  5. LA2

    Joey Rickard

    Rickard's career stats versus his former organization are stellar--much better than against any other team that he has close to or over 100 ABs against. O's should figure out some way (hypnotism?) to make him think he's always playing against the Rays. (BTW I think there is precedent for players using hypnotism.)
  6. Late-inning defensive replacement who scores the winning run in extras. 5 hits in his last 13 ABs with a bomb and a walk. BA up over .100 now. Time to go out on top haha.
  7. Setting the record for hitless PAs in a row does strange things to one's mind, especially if one is paid stupendous millions for it.
  8. Is Flores an experienced third-base coach?
  9. Imagine the joy of success (no matter how temporary it may be) after the demise of the horrible streak and so much humiliation in the media.
  10. Rickard cd get back over .200 with a clutch hit here.
  11. Just saying there's no consequences if he misses, unlike hunting game. And iguanas are probably pretty easy to hit. There are players that are said to have slingshot arms.
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