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  1. And in a baseball context, when you hear terms like "grit" and "scrappiness," they're usually applied to David Eckstein-type of players who aren't as physically gifted as other players but are always hustling, getting their uniform dirty, being a pest on the basepaths, etc. That description doesn't fit Trumbo at all. He's a 6-foot-4 slugger who crushes monster homeruns. He's not some scrappy overachiever who's overcoming physical limitations.
  2. I agree. It's just a bad analogy, even if it has no race-based undertones. A better analogy would be that Trumbo is boring, while Bautista is demonstrative. Trumbo seems to have no discernible personality either on or off the field, while Bautista is constantly trying to pick fights, show up other teams, etc. I prefer Trumbo's boringness to Bautista's tiresome antics, and I'm sure the Orioles do, too. So why didn't Duquette just say it that way? Why bring up nonsense about "grit" and "working class"?
  3. The DL isn't just a place where you can stash extra players that don't fit your roster, sending them there willy-nilly. Tavarez, for one, isn't injured. Santander, if he is injured, probably won't just be activated and DL'ed on a whim every few weeks. Imagine the Orioles just had a series of transactions that looked like this: Orioles place Aneury Tavarez on disabled list; activate Anthony Santander Orioles place Anthony Santander on disabled list; activate Aneury Tavarez Orioles place Aneury Tavarez on disabled list; activate Anthony Santander Orioles place Anthony Santander on disabled list; activate Aneury Tavarez ad nauseam... I'm pretty sure that would be a red flag to MLB that the Orioles were trying to game the system.
  4. They do have to clear waivers first. If they pass through, then you can try to trade for their rights from the original team. I don't know if either one would pass through waivers, especially Santander, given his upside. Some noncontending team would probably be willing to carry him all year. Even if Santander does clear waivers, I don't see why the Indians would trade him for Drake.
  5. The funny thing is that it basically did happen in a regular spring training game -- it was an exhibition against the Diamondbacks. Of course, Joe Girardi still had to complain about it, saying that the injury happened because he was playing out of position (second base instead of shortstop).
  6. So it's just a prediction, not news?
  7. For whom? I don't see anything about Price having TJ.
  8. Ranked way too high, in my opinion. It was a complete slog of a game until the very end. Is that really the best game in OPACY history other than 2131 and the Delmon Double? Ahead of the OPACY debut, the Andino walkoff, the Cal Statue night, the 2014 clincher, and several playoff wins (just to name a few)?
  9. I think so. He might have a chance to break camp with the team if they go with 11 pitchers (since they don't need a fifth starter until April 15), but I don't see a role for Mancini on the team as currently constructed. I think he'll spend at least the first few weeks trying to learn to play outfield at Norfolk.
  10. Let's make sure this discussion stays on baseball. Thanks.
  11. I think the Indians will be watching closely and will call foul on any shenanigans. They have a vested interest in the Orioles not holding onto Santander. It's going to be tough to game the DL in an Ubaldo-stepping-in-a-pothole kind of way.
  12. You can't just keep him on the DL until September if he's healthy enough to be activated in July (or sooner). There are limits to who can be on the DL and for how long.
  13. Sean Coyle was the one who hit the game-tying HR, not Gentry.
  14. I'm not offended -- I'm just saying it's wrong. It makes assumptions that we're in no position to make, as people who generally don't face discrimination for our ethnicity. It'd be like if I told an astronaut what it's like to be in outer space. If you or I lived our lives as a racial minority for a month, I think we'd have a very different perspective on what's offensive and what isn't. And I do feel it's disrespectful to tell someone they're being a professional victim, when clearly -- in at least one case -- they were blatantly being targeted because of their race. It could certainly be true that none of the other incidents were race-related, but again, we weren't in those situations and we don't have the kind of context (both in those specific situations and in life in general) that LA2 has. The fact is, he was clearly the victim of at least one racial incident at Camden Yards, and that really sucks. I don't blame him if that has marred his opinion of attending a game in Baltimore. This isn't a perfect analogy, but if you went to a game and some drunken idiot threw up on you or made inappropriate comments about your wife, that experience would probably stick with you. It doesn't mean you would never go to a game again, or that you would think all Orioles fans are terrible, but you might at least have that memory in the back of your mind when you go to your next game. I think that might be part of LA2's thought process here, though I don't want to speak for him.
  15. If the Orioles could've traded Christian Walker for either Tavarez or Santander, they would've done it every day of the week and twice on Sundays. There's no incentive for either the Red Sox or Indians to make that trade, particularly the Indians.