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  1. PaulFolk

    Its Mullins time...

    Three guys who had 15+ year careers? Let's not put too much pressure on the kid. Also, Rondell White wasn't all that similar to Grissom or Devon White. I don't see how Mullins could remind you of all three.
  2. PaulFolk

    Machado Trade Expectations

    That's been working so well this season...
  3. PaulFolk

    Machado Trade Expectations

  4. PaulFolk

    vs. RANGERS, 7/15

    It was challenged. The out call was upheld.
  5. PaulFolk

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I think you're going to be disappointed if you're expecting five players in return for Manny. When's the last time a single player was dealt for five prospects at the trade deadline? I know Bedard and Tejada were each traded for five guys, but those weren't deadline deals, and each still had two full seasons left on their contracts.
  6. PaulFolk

    1988 v. 2018 W/L Tracker

    The Orioles played them in Baltimore from May 8-10 and won two out of three. The next series is Aug. 31-Sept. 2 in Kansas City.
  7. PaulFolk

    Who’s your 2018 back-up team?

    Mariners. They currently have the longest postseason drought in baseball (and maybe the longest in all professional sports?). It'd be nice for their fans to finally get to see them make the playoffs. They've got some likable players, including Nelson Cruz. Plus they have a very 2012 Orioles type of magic about them. They've been ridiculously good in one-run games and extra-inning games.
  8. PaulFolk

    5 Orioles prospects poised for a breakout in 2018.

    Muckenhirn is at Bowie. His last three appearances have come with the Baysox.
  9. PaulFolk

    Could the Orioles Move Out of Baltimore in 2024?

    In the last 40 years?
  10. PaulFolk

    vs. MARINERS, 6/27

    It's halfway through the first year of a four-year contract. It's nowhere close to running its course.
  11. PaulFolk

    vs. MARINERS, 6/25

  12. PaulFolk

    Jon Ham (2018 31st round pick) should retire now!

    All this AND he starred in Mad Men? This guy really is impressive.
  13. PaulFolk

    2018 Trade Deadline

    Possibly, but right now we have no idea how the trade deadline is going to shake out and what other roster effects that will have. Maybe Trumbo will be traded (doubtful, but possible). Maybe Manny will be traded sooner rather than later and Beckham will move back to SS. For now, it's worth hanging onto Valencia as depth and perhaps as a trade piece down the road. I agree the O's wouldn't get much for him in a trade, but I wouldn't just release him.
  14. PaulFolk

    2018 Trade Deadline

    Believe it or not, Valencia is the Orioles' second best hitter this season. Granted, that probably says more about the team than about him, but he's had value to the club. If you can trade him, sure, do it. But if not, you might as well keep him around. He may not be a part of the future, but you still need to have some competent hitters in the lineup in the meantime.