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  1. I wrote up a recap of the All-Star Game for those interested: https://www.baltimorebaseball.com/2019/06/19/frederick-keys-standouts-spark-comeback-win-carolina-league-star-classic/#comment-22808
  2. It ended up being a brilliant bit of distraction, allowing Villar to take off for third while the Sox casually tossed the ball back to the pitcher. Who says Chris Davis doesn't contribute anything?
  3. I've certainly seen Rickard make mental mistakes, like throwing to the wrong base/missing the cutoff man on a fly ball. Those things happen, as frustrating as it is to watch as a fan. The mental mistakes aren't just going to magically disappear by swapping out some of the current bad players for some other bad players. The best solution for cutting down on the sloppy play is, as Hyde implied by the "inventory" comment, gradually replacing the bad players with good ones. That's what the Mike Elias regime is working on doing. But it takes time, and it's not going to happen instantly. You can't just bench or get rid of every player the moment that he makes a sloppy play. The O's don't have the depth to replace all of them.
  4. Nothing was done? You're in the Orioles' clubhouse now? You're privy to private conversations between Hyde and his players? Your whole line of argument in this thread is beyond silly for about a dozen reasons. Here's a few of them. 1. You seem shocked when the Orioles make sloppy plays. I hate to break it to you, but...the Orioles have lots of bad players. Bad players make bad, and often sloppy, plays. The talent level just isn't there. 2. You seem to think that verbally criticizing players, in public or behind closed doors, has no meaning and cannot possibly have an effect. That's certainly not true. 3. You advocate for Hyde to send players to the minors, even though, a.) that's not his decision, and b.) some of the players you mention are out of options or cannot be sent down without their permission. 4. You think that the most appropriate "punishment" for a player is to be publicly humiliated and pulled from a game in progress. How often does any manager pull a player in the middle of a game for making a sloppy play? 5. You think the O's can just get rid of all the players who make sloppy plays and replace them with someone else. As if the replacements, fresh up from the minors or the waiver wire, wouldn't also make mistakes. You'd run out of players pretty quick.
  5. I think you're misinterpreting the stats. Givens is not 13-for-28 as a closer in his career. He's only been the closer since last Aug. 1. He went 8-for-9 in save opportunities last year, which is quite good. This year, he's 4-for-7 (which, yes, is terrible). So all told, he's 12-for-16 since becoming the ninth inning guy. The other "blown saves" you mention from past years were not ninth inning closing situations. They happened earlier in games -- sometimes as early as the sixth inning. Those weren't true save opportunities, because Givens never would've been given a chance to finish the game and get the save.
  6. Take a look for yourself: https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/gl.fcgi?id=meansjo01&t=p&year=2019
  7. FYI, this isn't the game thread Let's keep this thread about Stewart.
  8. My interpretation of that scene is that Brienne was intentionally exaggerating (well, basically lying) in order to save Jaime's reputation.
  9. You gotta know how to catch, you gotta know how to throw...
  10. Tyrion mentioned Davos being the greatest smuggler in the world, so I think his favor was to ask Davos to smuggle him the key for Jaime's chains. Where Davos got the key from, I don't know.
  11. Yeah, that's one of the main points of the article. The O's don't have a lot of good All-Star options.
  12. PaulFolk

    Keegan Akin 2019

    So, how about that Keegan Akin?
  13. Correct. Tonight's rainout will be made up as part of a doubleheader Aug. 12. And the O's have a doubleheader against the Rays on July 13, as OFFNY mentioned.
  14. Trezza is correct. Last night was Castro's sixth straight scoreless appearance. Here is his game log: https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/gl.fcgi?id=castrmi01&t=p&year=2019 Inherited runners do not factor into whether an outing is scoreless or not. Castro himself has not been charged with any runs in those six games. In the game before that, though, he gave up four runs.
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