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  1. In 1994, before the season was wiped out by the strike, the Rangers were leading the AL West with a 52-62 record. It would've been interesting to see how it would've played out.
  2. Say what? If somebody doesn't like your opinion, they have every right to reply to it and offer their own. That's kind of how message boards work.
  3. The awful superhero movies are from DC. Disney makes the good ones.
  4. Interesting for a small fraction of people, perhaps. But not remotely the reason why baseball attendance has declined.
  5. Source? This, on the surface, seems like complete nonsense, unless you have some studies to back it up. If you were to do a poll of why people don't like baseball, I'd guess less than 1 percent of folks would answer "There aren't enough hit batsmen" or "I need to see more petty squabbles between teams trying to injure each other." There's a litany of reasons why attendance is down. Those aren't on the list.
  6. You heard it here first: the failure to take Asher Wojciechowski out of an August game in the fifth inning is what made a 56-year fan finally give up on the Orioles.
  7. PaulFolk

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    A mid-game promotion?
  8. Definitely correct. Yordan Alvarez has never been in the Orioles' system. He was signed by the Dodgers as an IFA in June 26 and traded to the Astros that August.
  9. And not including the hits that he's given up, his hit count has been exceptional (zero hits).
  10. It's a three-plus hour game involving the second-worst team in baseball. Five minutes without play by play, to discuss the debut of a player who's crucially important to the future of the franchise, is a good use of time, IMO.
  11. What's preventing you from watching the game while the interviews are going on?
  12. You really can't stand to take five minutes out of a broadcast of a 34-69 team to talk about one of the most highly touted prospects in Orioles history?
  13. Cut the crap. Links to outside stories are always welcome here. Nobody is required to post a synopsis for your benefit.
  14. Grenier could still be at Frederick whenever Rutschman passes through.
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