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  2. This isn't true, at least not this year. Opposing hitters are batting .331/.412/.483/.895 against Miley the first time through the lineup. In fact Miley has had his most success the third time through the lineup (.214/.313/.327/.639). That's probably because he often doesn't even get to face the lineup a third time unless he's pitching well that day. So I don't think Miley is well-suited for relief.
  3. They were just being helpful and giving Britton more of a chance to showcase himself for a trade.
  4. I don't see any indication that the Rockies "covet him so bad."
  5. Very good observation here. With two outs, opposing hitters are batting .310/.442/.563/1.006 with nine home runs against Miley. Far worse than his stats with zero outs (.289/.351/.452/.803, 4 HR) and one out (.297/.366/.373/.739, 2 HR).
  6. I don't think that comparison works at all. Cabrera's problem (well, one of them) is that he was incapable of throwing strikes. His career walk rate was 5.2. Gausman's is nearly half that (2.8). Gausman also strikes out more batters (8.2 K rate to Cabrera's 6.8). And by ERA+, Gausman has already put up three seasons better than any season Cabrera put up. Jake Arrieta might be a valid comparison for Gausman, but Daniel Cabrera isn't.
  7. The Orioles aren't going to trade three of their veterans and get only one minor league player in return. Not going to happen. I know Honeywell is pretty highly touted, but it's just not realistic.
  8. Is there any precedent in baseball history of three veterans being traded for a single prospect? I'm struggling to think of one, and this one doesn't work either. The Rays don't need a catcher -- they have Ramos. I also don't think they'd be interested in someone with as poor pitch-framing numbers as Castillo.
  9. Posted one minute ago in another thread...
  10. Good SP is at a premium. Tillman has a 7.90 ERA, a 2.143 WHIP and looks like a shell of his former self. He's also making $10 million. Of pitchers with at least 40 IP this year, he has the third-worst ERA, better only than Bartolo Colon (who got DFA'd) and Tom Koehler (who got sent to the minors). Tillman has zero trade value. In fact, I'd say he has negative trade value -- the Orioles would have to package him with a prospect to get a team to take him off their hands. Similar to how the Orioles sold off their draft picks to get teams to take Matusz and Webb's contracts, except Tillman is making far more money than those guys did.
  11. You can't say "I'm realistic" and "the Orioles can trade Tillman to a contender" in the same paragraph.
  12. I'm not sure Tejada is long for the Orioles.
  13. Why? Chances are he'll be back with the Orioles at some point this season.
  14. Yes, he's back with the team. He was in the bullpen yesterday and will be today.