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  1. Anyone On Here With Close Connections To Ownership?

    Let's get back on subject, please. Thanks.
  2. Puzzle of the Week

    The letter E.
  3. Slow Offseason around MLB

    Timlin was not a SP.
  4. Os requesting offers on Machado

    It depends on the parameters of the deal. If the new team signs him to a $300+ million contract, the common refrain will be that it was out of the Orioles' price range anyway.
  5. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Yeah, this web site that is set up on blogspot and has 81 Twitter followers is probably not the best source of information.
  6. To answer the question in the thread title... the Orioles DON'T need starting pitching for Manny. At least, it shouldn't be a requirement in trade talks. Hypothetically, if a team offered three top-100 prospects for Manny, but all of them were position players, you'd absolutely have to take that deal. You can always make other trades to acquire pitching, using the prospects you just acquired or some of the guys currently in the organization (as clapdiddy mentioned earlier). I'm concerned that the Orioles are boxing themselves into a corner by insisting on two major league ready starting pitchers in a Manny trade. Not many organizations are willing or able to offer that exact package. The Orioles should just get the best talent they can in a Manny trade, regardless of how many pitchers it includes, and then find other ways to acquire pitching. I don't think Cashner and Vargas are the answer.
  7. So What is the Plan for Starting Pitching?

    I'd be shocked if the O's started the season with a 4-man rotation, unless they plan to have Bundy and Gausman making starts on three days' rest, which would be dumb.
  8. Great minds think alike! Which players/trades did you cover in your thread?
  9. Good guy Cole Hamels

    It's a team option, not a player option. If the Rangers don't want him back for 2019, they'll just decline it. Granted, it's a $6 million buyout, but that's not a crippling amount. The Rangers aren't going to dump Hamels just to get rid of his salary, especially when he's still a pretty good pitcher.
  10. Os requesting offers on Machado

    You mean "Machado about nothing." Come on, man, that one was all teed up for you!
  11. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I haven't seen any indication that this is the case. I think the Orioles are willing to listen on Machado, but I doubt they're actively shopping him.
  12. Stanton to the Yankees

    In fairness to Jeter (I can't believe I'm saying that), the Yankees didn't seem to be his first choice. They tried to trade with the Giants and Cardinals first, and reportedly had agreements in place for each, but Stanton wouldn't waive his no-trade clause.
  13. Os requesting offers on Machado

    The Cardinals released Rosenthal a few days ago, so the Orioles could sign him as a FA if they wanted. But I don't think they would pursue him, since he had TJ surgery and will miss the entire 2018 season.
  14. Stanton to the Yankees

    That's a bit harsh. The Marlins got Jorge Guzman and Jose Devers along with Castro. Those guys aren't top-5 prospects, but I wouldn't call them non-prospects. Guzman is 21 and Devers just turned 18.
  15. What Christmas song do you dislike the most?

    I can't stand "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus." I get it, it's supposed to be cute because the listener knows that Santa Claus is just the kid's father. But the kid doesn't know that! He thinks his mom is some hussy having an affair with Kris Kringle. It's gross.