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  1. PaulFolk

    Yankees May Sign Pitcher Patrick Corbin Today

    Corbin did not sign with the Yankees. He signed with the Nationals today, for six years, $140 million.
  2. PaulFolk

    Where would Richie Martin fit on the O's top 30?

    Right, which is why it's inaccurate to say "the A's rate him a 50." We have no idea how the A's rate him internally.
  3. PaulFolk

    Where would Richie Martin fit on the O's top 30?

    Wait, do you think the MLB.com prospects reports are written by the teams themselves? Of course they aren't.
  4. PaulFolk

    Show Mike your support by going to FanFest

    Please don't spread misinformation. Britton and Davis did not "skip out." Britton literally wasn't cleared to get on a plane because he'd just had Achilles surgery. And Davis and his wife had just had twins.
  5. PaulFolk


    Is this accurate? I would think you could continue to add and subtract from your roster from now until the Rule 5 draft on Dec. 13. If the Orioles, say, released three players tomorrow, that would give them three additional openings for the Rule 5 draft. Not that they would make use them all, of course.
  6. PaulFolk


    The non-tendered players are free agents. They are free to sign with any team. Not all of them will want to sign with the Orioles.
  7. PaulFolk


    Torreyes is eligible for arbitration, and the Orioles probably aren't interested in paying him ~$1 million when they could find a similar utility man for cheap. Heck, the Cubs non-tendered Torreyes two days after they got him from the Yankees.
  8. Here it is: https://www.mlb.com/news/duquette--named-executive-vp-of-baseball-operations/c-25933842 There's no mention in there of Duquette having full autonomy and being free to make all decisions.
  9. Regardless, the precedent has been set. Bordick is in, so Hardy pretty much has to be in. And I'd vote for him either way.
  10. I very much disagree on this. Hardy was certainly a fan favorite, even after he stopped being productive (don't forget the "J! J! Hardy!" chants every time he batted). And he was absolutely a clubhouse leader. It seems like every week we'd see an interview with an infielder or a young player talking about how important Hardy was in mentoring them. Plenty of Orioles talked about how he had all the makings of a future manager. I also think you're selling him short in calling him a "solid" defender. He was quite a bit better than solid for most of his career. He won three Gold Gloves as an Oriole, and they were all deserving. Hardy is a stone-cold lock for the Orioles HOF. What possible argument is there against Hardy when Mike Bordick is in the Orioles HOF?
  11. PaulFolk

    Today's Game HOF nominees

    Six, actually. Joe Carter is also on the ballot.
  12. PaulFolk

    Fall and Winter Leagues

    Wright played for the Tides in 2004, when the Orioles were affiliated with Ottawa.
  13. PaulFolk

    Let the 40 man roster moves begin!

    How do you feel Hart was mismanaged? He faced more lefties than righties last year, and lefties still hit .333 with a .948 OPS against him. At this point Hart isn't even a LOOGY. He's a LNOGY (left-handed no-out guy).
  14. PaulFolk

    Offseason Trade Candidate - Dylan Bundy

    At that point Trumbo would be two months away from his contract expiring. Why would they bother?
  15. That is absolute insanity, and a perfect example of why your argument is so flawed. If you think anybody who knows baseball would make the same choice, you don't know baseball.