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  1. That's certainly better than I think he'll do. But I don't have any particular methodology other than my basic belief that pitchers can't hit.
  2. Orioles Sign Ryan O'Rourke

    Why do minor league signings "add to the despair"? Every team makes these kinds of signings, as most of us realize. The Orioles never claimed this was a big move. They never said, "Perfect, we've got O'Rourke in the fold. Now we can pack it in for the winter." No big-name free agents have signed anywhere. The only signings happening right now are minor league guys. There's going to be plenty more to come, for the Orioles and every other team.
  3. Do any of these MiL FA pitchers appeal to you?

    Purke signed with the Mets today. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/mets-matt-purke-signs-with-mets/
  4. MLBTR: AL Notes

    No, lefty relief certainly wouldn't be my priority. A lefty specialist is kind of a useless luxury to have until you have an actual solid starting rotation. Of course, if a good deal on a lefty reliever falls into your lap, you might as well take it. But the Orioles have much bigger problems to address.
  5. MLBTR: AL Notes

    Not on the Opening Day roster, no. Maybe a call-up later in the season if he fares well in the minors.
  6. MLBTR: AL Notes

    The article doesn't say anything about them wanting five lefty relievers on the roster. I'd guess three at most -- Britton, Bleier, and a specialist type (Hart or a FA signing).
  7. In Japan, yes, but we all know the talent level in that league isn't quite the same caliber as MLB. I'm very skeptical that he could hold up as a good two-way player in the majors. The season is longer, the players are better, and it's just very tough to stay sharp both as a pitcher and a hitter. There's a reason nobody has really done it since Babe Ruth. Again, though, I'd love to see it happen. Preferably not for the Yankees.
  8. This is great stuff, Steve. I'm moving it to the main forum so it'll get more looks.
  9. Time will tell, I guess. I'd be very surprised if Otani ends up as both a starting pitcher and a DH. It's extremely hard for any pitcher to hit well enough to be a contributor in the lineup, much less at DH, where the offensive standards are so much higher. The best-hitting pitcher in the majors right now is probably Madison Bumgarner, and he'd never cut it as a regular DH. But hey, I'd like to see it happen. It'd be fascinating to watch. And maybe it means I'd also have a shot with Gadot.
  10. And I want a date with Gal Gadot. Neither is going to happen. Otani is going to be signed as a pitcher, not a DH. If Otani wants at-bats in the majors, he needs to sign with an NL team.
  11. Who's your favorite President?

    I don't think Lincoln applies here. I'm pretty sure his death wasn't related to contamination.
  12. Mancini is a ROY finalist

    So...how about that Trey Mancini, huh?
  13. Phillies raid the O’s front office once again

    Ugh, this is exactly what I was talking about earlier. People are just reading the misleading headline "Phillies Targeting Chris Tillman" and are assuming it means the Phillies are actually pursuing him, when that's not what the story says at all. This is how false rumors get started.
  14. Phillies raid the O’s front office once again

    That's a misleading headline. There's nothing in the article that suggests the Phillies are actually targeting Chris Tillman. It's just a writer saying, "I think the Phillies should target Chris Tillman." Kind of like when a writer said, "Maybe the Phillies would be interested in Buck Showalter" and everyone took that to mean the Phillies were going after him.
  15. The O's Prayer

    You literally called it "depressing" that people were rooting against the Yankees/Sox and told them to stop watching and read a book. If that's not telling people how to be a fan, what is?