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  1. I think we've officially strayed off topic far enough.
  2. TT: Looking at the 25-man roster battles

    I think somehow this thread has conflated two different guys -- Santander and Almanzar -- into one hybrid called Salmanzar.
  3. Dan Connolly, for one, has stated several times this offseason that the Orioles haven't been interested in Cobb. Maybe that will change now that he's the only one left, but I doubt it.
  4. Seems self-explanatory. The Orioles haven't shown any interest in signing him.
  5. The Orioles haven't specifically said they're out on Cobb...because it's pretty much implied.
  6. Ramsus hasn't played since 3/2 (4 straight games)

    It may well be true that he won't play in the minors, but I don't remember him specifically saying this. Do you remember where you saw it?
  7. "Thorne and Palmer, then please rain in Balmer."
  8. Just to clarify, Valencia only gets $1.2 million if he's in the major leagues. If he goes to the minors, he'll get a minor league salary.
  9. Manny Machado and the Grand Slam

    Geez, what does a guy have to do to be considered a former Oriole in your mind? Nelson Cruz, in his one year with the team, was Orioles MVP, 7th in AL MVP voting, the MLB leader in home runs, an All-Star, and led a division-winning Orioles club. But sure, that doesn't count.
  10. Rule 5 r-e-s-p-e-c-t

    I wouldn't classify Castro as a lock at all. In fact, I'd be inclined to have him start the season in the minors. If the Orioles are serious about converting him to a starter, it'd be best to let him stretch out in the minors first, especially since he got a bit of a late start to camp with health issues. That would free up three bullpen spots, plus the fifth starter's spot. Potentially you could have four of those five bubble guys -- Wright, Ynoa, Cortes, Mesa, and Araujo -- make the OD roster.
  11. Who's the RH platoon in RF if Hays starts at AAA?

    Yep, pretty much. I'd prefer Gentry, but neither is particularly inspiring. Also I wouldn't want Hays for that role even if he were healthy. I'd rather have him playing every day at Norfolk than sitting on the bench 4 out of 5 games in the majors.
  12. How did you get all this from that one quote? From all reports, Beckham has been working hard at his defense with the Orioles. I don't mind the guy having confidence in himself. It certainly doesn't mean he's not putting in the work.
  13. Updates on Hunter Harvey

    The minors, no question. Get him some experience above Low-A. Let him get back in form after his injuries. What's the rush to bring Harvey to the majors right now? Sheer desperation? That's not a good philosophy. Not to mention you'd be starting his major league service clock early for no real reason.
  14. Let ME be Me

    Ah, thanks for clarifying. You're off the hook
  15. Updates on Hunter Harvey

    What precedent has been set for a pitcher with zero experience beyond Low-A ball jumping immediately to the major league team? When has that ever happened in recent memory? Schoop had made his way through every level of the system before he came to the majors, including 70 games at Triple-A. Machado had 109 games at Double-A before he was called up. Gausman spent two months at Double-A before he came up (and continued to be shuttled between the majors and minors for a while after that). Even Bundy had 11 games of experience at Double-A before he stuck in the majors for good, and he almost certainly would've started in the minors for more seasoning in 2016 if he hadn't been out of options. Again, Hunter Harvey has never played above Low-A. Not Norfolk. Not Bowie. Not even Frederick. And he's pitched in a grand total of 13 games in the last three seasons because of injuries. To suggest he's somehow ready to crack the Orioles' Opening Day roster, and contribute in the majors from day one this season, is crazy talk.