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  1. Is it Wilkerson? Or Mullins? Since that's what this thread is about and all.
  2. It's generally not a good idea to take out a pitcher when you have nobody warming in the bullpen.
  3. If Mike Elias can get a good young reliever or young position player in exchange for Andrew Freakin' Cashner, he should win Executive of the Year. Best case scenario is a Brad Brach situation, where the O's manage to find a team to take on Cashner's salary in exchange for international money or something.
  4. PaulFolk

    Joey Rickard

    Why are you citing only batting averages with no other context? How about some OPSes? How about walk/strikeout rate? Reciting minor league batting averages tells us very little about how well these guys are actually performing. There are plenty of stats that give us a better picture. For instance, Diaz's .258 average comes with a .361 OBP and .877 OPS. He's been hitting quite well. (Not that I think he's ready to get called up.)
  5. Do you have a source for this? The O's wouldn't have given him four years and $57 million if he had literally no other offers.
  6. PaulFolk

    2019 Boston Red Sox

    Not that I feel bad for them, but starting the season with an 11-game West Coast road trip is kind of brutal.
  7. Calling players or coaches "pieces of garbage" is not the kind of thing we do here. This is your final warning. Thanks.
  8. What he said. I think you'd get a cease-and-desist.
  9. Well, fortunately we have a front office that's smart enough not to put much stock in spring training performances. But if you must know, Mullins had four more extra-base hits than Jackson in ST, and three more walks. Jackson had a lot more singles.
  10. It's funny how Araujo's name gets more elaborately misspelled with each passing day. First Aruajo. Then Arajuo. Now Aruajuo. In a couple of months we're going to be asking, "How's ol' Auruajuao doing at Bowie?"
  11. I wouldn't assume this is the end of Jackson's Orioles career. They could make a trade with the Dodgers to get him back into the system, as they just did with Araujo.
  12. Straily last pitched on March 22, his fifth spring training start. He pitched 5.1 innings. https://www.mlb.com/gameday/nationals-vs-marlins/2019/03/22/567357#game_state=final,game_tab=box,game=567357
  13. Folks, please provide a source when posting breaking news. Thanks.
  14. Ruiz, probably. He played there a bit in the minors.
  15. Injured. He's supposed to be out of the splint in three weeks or so.
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