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  1. Bahama O's Fan

    Elias vs. Duquette

    Specifically their philosophy for building a team. While here, Dan made it clear that he wanted the club to be competitive short term while drafting and developing well. Didn't turn out that way but that's what he said. Elias comes from Houston that had several terrible years followed by really good ones. Are we to assume short term failure on the MLB level for long term success?
  2. Bahama O's Fan


    I am curious to see what his job title will be, if any.
  3. Bahama O's Fan

    Random Drug Test

    And we wouldn't have to pay Davis right?
  4. Bahama O's Fan

    Random Drug Test

    Can we pump Davis full of steroids and have him tested?
  5. Bahama O's Fan

    MLBTR: Non-Tender List

    What is Schoop's market? Who would give him a multi year deal?
  6. Bahama O's Fan

    An Early Look at the 2019 Draft

    I don't follow amateur baseball, but with everything I've read, is there any reason not to take Bobby Witt Jr. with the first overall pick?
  7. Bahama O's Fan

    New Head-Who You Want?

    I'm meaning the top person who gets final say over everything. Hires, roster, etc...
  8. Bahama O's Fan

    New Head-Who You Want?

    No matter what title they give the person the Angelos brothers hire to run the baseball side of the Orioles (VP, President, GM, etc...), the question is who do you want? Out of all of the candidates out there, who do you think would do the best job to rebuild the team back to a winning franchise if given the opportunity?
  9. Bahama O's Fan

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Is there a deadline on this?
  10. Bahama O's Fan

    O's need to a plan for SS this season

    Whoever is the cheapest but best fielding SS we can get. Sure up the infield defense for any younger pitchers that we might have up.
  11. Bahama O's Fan

    Lord I needed that

    You got it
  12. Bahama O's Fan

    Lord I needed that

    My second favourite team won last night (whoever is playing the Yankees)
  13. Bahama O's Fan

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    For some reason only football matters. Like football players don't stand for national anthem but basketball players do. Why? If the NBA makes them, why is it not a big deal but a big deal if the NFL does?
  14. Bahama O's Fan

    The Dan Duquette Appreciation Thread

    Most people thought we were a joke for hiring Dan. Most everyone said no one wanted the job so he took it because he was desperate. We were told that he was horrible, the game had passed him by, etc... It actual was a dark day for some when Dan was hired. He made us relative again. We won in the short term and also for most of the time he was here we were a winning team. He made mistakes, of course, so does every GM. But overall, the work was good given the parameters that he had to work with.
  15. Bahama O's Fan

    The Dan Duquette Appreciation Thread

    Go back and look at threads when we were looking for GM's before Dan took the job. No one believed the playoffs were possible.