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  1. I like your first one. Simple, easy and balance playing schedule. Seeding for playoffs is 1-4 or 1-6. Division winners and wildcards are out.
  2. Thoughts on Kevin Brown? I think he could hold down the 4th or 5th starter spot for this season. Would be a good influence on some of the younger pitchers. Sign him up!
  3. Maybe not in a playoff game but in games leading up to the playoffs fighting for the division or a wildcard spot.
  4. Favourite O's catcher is Hoiles, but that's probably because he was the catcher when I was really getting into watching baseball and the O's.
  5. If I was a team with playoff hopes, I would definitely be looking to trade something for him. To be able to do what he's doing WITH THIS TEAM, is pretty good right now.
  6. No, the losing years from 1998-2012 were worse. It was year after year of knowing we had no shot and no long term plan seeming to be implemented.
  7. Andrew Cashner? But seriously, if you believe you still "have it", what better place to prove it than playing for the O's, in Camden Yards, against the Yankees and Red Sox regularly. If you can pitch here, then you can pitch anywhere. Look at the many that have left here and knocked several runs off of their ERA.
  8. I think several have hit the nail on the head. In a vacuum, just this year, Straily has probably been worse, but overall, Davis is worse to have on the roster. 1. Far more expensive. Those resources could be used more effectively 2. Harder to cut ties with 3. Clogging up a spot that could be given to some of our youngsters this year or down the road 4. Someone has to pitch these innings when we are already down 6 or 7 runs. Might as well be Straily. We have plenty of people that could play 1B or DH.
  9. Might be true but it costs way more. If you are going to lose, lose cheap.
  10. They fought to try to come back in extras today
  11. I think it was a good idea to pick him up and try him out. Nothing lost by trying. Now I also think it's a good idea to let him go. We tried it, it failed, move on. You can overturn rocks but if you find a scorpion, put the rock back down.
  12. Does this mean he definitely pitches tonight?
  13. Can't watch. What did Davis do?
  14. So for about half the money we have a better team?
  15. I agree with a lot of people that are obviously close to my age, but for some reason I like Joe Orsulak in RF.
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