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  1. Why can't he learn to bunt against the shift? Is it that hard?
  2. Exactly my thought. Davis rides the bench.
  3. These have become so important for me. While we are not where we should be, we are definitely seeing some success in the lower levels and that is exciting.
  4. If we had above average pitching, would this team compete for a playoff spot? Is our offense good enough? Is the pitching the only thing holding us back?
  5. His WAR is worse because of how much he has played. I think we have to look at the guys that only came up for a game or two and couldn't hack it and was sent back down.
  6. Why not? Someone needs to pitch these innings. We're running out of arms.
  7. Anyone think Hyde will be candid in his postgame interview?
  8. Generally, if you were Hyde, what would you do different this season?
  9. I don't know if anyone has kept track of this but how many sub .200 hitters have been in our lineup this year? How many lineups have had at least one sub .200 hitter in it. If there's a record we have got to be close to breaking it right?
  10. Didn't Arizona win the series in 2001 with two 1s and two 4s and a five?
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