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  1. Bahama O's Fan

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    Guaranteed the top two spot now right?
  2. Bahama O's Fan

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    We got this secure yet?
  3. Bahama O's Fan

    Shortest Orioles Books, 2018 version

    "Winning World Series" by Buck Showalter
  4. Seriously, if Schoop is non-tendered and becomes a FA, do you try to get him back? If so, at what cost?
  5. Bahama O's Fan

    Jonathan Villar- Our new 2B?

    So while we seem to have been fleeced in the Gausman deal it appears we are getting back proper payment for the Parra deal of years ago. Just Villar for Schoop seems to have worked out in the short term.
  6. Bahama O's Fan

    You're in charge: What would you do with Chris Davis?

    For me Davis sits. Mancini is given first base next year to make or break. Chris can DH occasionally or fill in for an injury. I take Chris from Spring Training and tell him he has to bunt against the shift if he wants back off the bench. That's what he is to focus on and leave him alone till he gets that right.
  7. Bahama O's Fan

    Is there a roster move coming today? (8/31 Edition)

    Yeah, I figured so as well, but it would still be interesting to know who we tried to get.
  8. Bahama O's Fan

    Is there a roster move coming today? (8/31 Edition)

    I would love to know who were some of the players we were trying to claim. It would be interesting. I wonder if we should be looking at some of the players being put on waivers or DFA by teams adding players, like this guy: https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=bollin001rya&utm_campaign=Linker&utm_source=direct&utm_medium=linker He is being let go by the Yankees because of their trade for the Pirates SS yesterday
  9. Bahama O's Fan

    The "showdown" is coming

    I bet we kick their butts although that's not good for us long term.
  10. Bahama O's Fan

    Josh Rogers 2018

    Good to read that this season for a change.
  11. Bahama O's Fan

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    Is that our magic number? A combination of 27 losses and/or KC wins gets us the first overall pick?
  12. Bahama O's Fan

    Tracking Ex Oriole Thread

    I've always felt that these things make a big difference (not that the O's don't suck in starting pitching development). I wish there was some way to quantify it. How much of a difference?
  13. Bahama O's Fan

    New SP Tomorrow

    You know much else about him? I barely remember him as well.
  14. We have to HAVE TO have to draft and develop starting pitching well. You cannot have long term success without it.
  15. Bahama O's Fan

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    No but generally winning 3/4 of our trades is okay with me