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  1. I think he is just a placeholder. I believe our management wants the prospects to play well at all levels before coming up and then Rickard will no longer be needed.
  2. No. Just the way it looks to the "naked eye"
  3. Not NL just to AL, to AL East, specifically pitching for the Os against NY and BOS 19 times a year
  4. For several reasons, I think, going from the NL to pitching for us in the AL East adds about a run to your ERA
  5. I was wondering if he needed a 60 day DL stint to ease back into it.
  6. If so, is there a better time to trade him than now?
  7. Where does he fit? OF? DH? 1B? Trade bait? Will he be here when we are in the playoffs again?
  8. That is the reality of the situation. We have perhaps the least talented team in baseball right now. I was kinda hoping to win 2 games out of this first 9. We have four down already. Our pitching is REALLY REALLY BAD! Sadly, there are no young guys knocking the door down to get up here. Someone has to pitch the 1,458 innings (if we play no extras). We will give up a lot of runs. Hopefully, our offense can put a few up themselves and we can hang with some teams like we have done. This year is about player development and seeing who is a part of the organization long term. (which is why we need to move Davis and Trumbo off the team). So forget about the wins and losses (but enjoy the wins when we do) and watch the guys play ball. Also, I love ribbing Yankee fans whenever we have beat them or come close with things like "You guys must really suck if we beat your. We're the worst team in baseball and you almost lost to us. How bad are your Yankees this season"
  9. No, not necessarily a baseball talk thread, but just an observation that I wondered was true of others. When supporting my O's, I like to deck out in orange. I know the O's sell a lot of black and white O's gear, but give me my orange. It's a color that stands out and gets the attention of others. No matter how bad they are, they have my support.
  10. He looked like Cy Young at the beginning of last year
  11. I'm okay with that for now. Anything to take Davis off the field.
  12. Davis needed from last season to be taken aside and told to only work on bunting against the shift. Then tell him until he can do it, he can't start. Let him do that ALL the time. When he can accomplish that feat then put him in the lineup and let him do it till they play him honest. Sadly, it might be too late for that. I think it's mental and he's gone. Give Mullins more starts. So what if he fails? We need to see if he has a future with us. I say the same thing for Martin. At least keep up the defense.
  13. Walk the leadoff batter down one. Still play the shift against Davis. He still can't bunt. Swings and ball four and then strikes out. ZERO hits for the season. Why is he playing?
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