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  1. Tell me again why we didn't claim Verlander

    I have no idea. We should have done it then.
  2. Most interesting off season in a long time?

    That's exactly what I think
  3. Most interesting off season in a long time?

    I think it actually isn't going to be that interesting. Buck and Dan are going to lead on one year contracts. They will retool and not rebuild. Castillo will opt out. We will make a play for two or three pitchers. If there is a good deal, DD may get Angelos to up the salary and make one more run for it with basically the current cast, plus a few pitchers.
  4. 124 days until pitchers and catchers report

    Most important question, who are the pitchers?
  5. Right Now, I Hate Baseball.

    I hate it as long as the Yanks are in it.
  6. The O's Prayer

    Please Houston, take out these Yankees. I can't stand to watch them in the World Series.
  7. If Buck is going, we need to trade him to Philly, but they have to take on Davis' contract as well. But seriously, we should extend Buck or let him go now. If we are letting him go, then we need to make a decision on Dan. If we want him around for a longer time for a rebuild, then give him and extension or go ahead and let both of them go.
  8. Projected contracts for FA starters

    Those prices are unrealistically low, but anyway, I would like Cobb and Lynn, at least. Maybe Tillman as well.
  9. Should Austin Hays be Orioles 2018 Starting RF?

    Maybe not "give" it to him, but give him every opportunity to lose it in Spring Training, if that makes sense.
  10. The O's Prayer

    Sox out, now please the Yankees. I am worried about them.
  11. Projected Orioles Opening Day Payroll 2018

    I would bet if DD wants to go for it, he can get Angelos to add $50 million. Buy two starters at 20-25 million each.
  12. Arbitration salary projects for the O's from MLBTR

    The percentage increase for Machado is outstanding.
  13. The O's Prayer

    Lord, I know it's horrible not having the O's in the playoffs, but if you make sure the Sox and Yanks are taken out today, I think I can manage. Amen.
  14. Off Season News

    How bad was he this season?
  15. What will $40-50M get you?

    Two 25 million dollar pitchers. The rest fill with AAAA fodder.