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  1. Ya, but the Mariners really messed him up by not making him spend an entire season at each level of the minors.
  2. I trust Elias, but the only reasoning I can see to not draft Rutschman at 1-1 is if you think Witt is going to be the next Arod, and reach for that possible jackpot rather than go with the safe pick. Saving $$$ on the #1 by going with a cheaper guy who’s less of a sure thing to maybe get a slightly better guy at the #40 (or whatever it is) slot strikes me as overthinking things by an order of magnitude.
  3. The last couple weeks it appears that opposing teams have decided to pitch around Rutschman as much as possible. He's taking the walks, which is keeping his OB% sky high, but as a consequence his other offensive numbers have plateaued.
  4. Orioles now with the worst record in MLB. Looks like back to back 1-1 drafts are a real possibility.
  5. Martin stays. He's the best defensive player on the team. Now, if only he'd learn to choke up on the bat a little bit.....
  6. Right now? Wilkerson or Ruiz. Both are showing a better eye at the plate than Villar these days.
  7. At what point does Villar get moved out of the top spot? His OB% is pretty bad, and it’s even worse when he leads off an inning.
  8. Ruiz is a guy I’m really rooting for. He’s got a sweet stroke, a good eye for the strike zone, and he’s holding his own defensively. After a miserable first month he appears to have made some adjustments at the plate, batting .288 /.352 /.413 over the last thirty days and .313 /.389 /.500 over the last fifteen. SSS applies of course. Up to now RR has been platooned with Alberto at 3rd, but I’d like to see him get more ABs against lefties as I think he’d hold his own at this point. With his OB% skills I’d also expect him to get moved up in the lineup at some point, maybe swapping with the cooled off Smith Jr. for a bit.
  9. ShoelesJoe

    DJ Stewart 2019

    Who do you drop when you bring Stewart up? Rickard? That leaves Wilkerson as the only viable CF on the team (assuming you believe he is a viable CF). Smith? Mancini? Not happening right now. The only way I see DJ joining the Orioles is if we deal away a corner outfielder already on the team.
  10. Rutschman's OBP now up to .582 after a walkathon weekend. He's got more walks in 49 games this year than Posey did in 68 games his Junior season. Not sure how much opposing teams pitched around Buster when he played for Florida State 11 years ago, but they're definitely doing so to Rutschman this season. Wonder what his stats would look like if they actually had to pitch to him.
  11. That isn't my quote. You're absolutely correct, sorry about that. Unfortunately I can't figure a way to edit the post to fix that error.
  12. Aiken was injured when the Astros drafted him, something nobody was aware of until he failed his physical afterwards. Elias has made some mistakes with his draft selections over the years, but the Aiken pick wasn't one of them. Note -- above quote was from a post by WalkWithElias, not Can_of_Corn.
  13. 42-120 5-33 vs the Red Sox and Yankees.
  14. ShoelesJoe


    Fox was a 28 year old journeyman w/o a position in his sixth major league season who’d never been anything other than a mediocrity at the plate. Santander is a 24 year old rookie switch hitting outfielder who has at times crushed it in the minors. Maybe Santander has a future, maybe he doesn’t. But by the time Jake Fox tore up spring training his future was past, and everybody knew it.
  15. Why would you put Mancini in the OF while DHing Stewart? Not saying DJ's any great shakes out there, but he's got to be better than Mancini.
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