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  1. Nobody talking about Santander going 3 for 3 with a single, triple, and a HR? Unfortunately Hyde has him down in the lineup so he's probably only got one more AB to go for the cycle.
  2. Haven’t seen any recent reports on what Gunner is doing down in Sarasota, but unless he’s tearing it up does he really belong at #7? I know he’s young, but until he starts facing some real pitching up north isn’t his projection simply hopes and prayers?
  3. Stupid question: Ten of these pitchers were assigned to Aberdeen? Am I reading that correctly? I see on their MiLB page that the IronBirds appear to have 41 players that are currently active. Is this normal for that level of the minor leagues? I'd always assumed that minor league teams had about the same number of roster spots as the big league team. Has there been any thought to splitting the Aberdeen roster, and adding another affiliate in order to get guys more playing time? Learn something new every day.
  4. ShoelesJoe

    DL Hall 2019

    Really? You mean his curve is normally better than what he showed today? Because I saw one that kind of just spun there, but the other three or four were real knee benders.
  5. ShoelesJoe

    DL Hall 2019

    First time seeing Hall pitch, and I was surprised at how tight his delivery was. With all the walks I was expecting more of a wild arms and legs coming at the batter kind of windup. But his body was very controlled and contained. The upper ‘90s fastball, plus the killer curve and change makes me very excited about this kid’s future.
  6. ShoelesJoe

    DL Hall 2019

    Very nice inning by Hall in the Futures Game.
  7. This. Santander has been surprisingly good in RF so far, and if he can move over to CF without embarrassing himself he can be a much more valuable player going forward.
  8. I don't understand the org pushing Mountcastle into LF, as we appear to be stacked with corner outfielders in the major and minor leagues as it is. Between Diaz, Stewart, Smith, and Santander (not to mention three out of the first seven of our 2019 draft picks being college outfielders) do we really need to add Mountcastle to the OF mix? Even if you assume Smith's offensive production isn't sustainable we still don't have enough roster spots for the guys that look like they're going to be average or better than average for the near future. At least RM had a clear path to the majors as a first baseman / DH, even if it meant sticking him at a less valuable defensive position.
  9. If Nunez offers almost zero value at DH then he’s offering even less as a poor fielding third baseman. At least Ruiz provides very good defense at third. How about DFAing Nunez and then put Hanser Alberto at DH? I know HA is mashing lefties at the plate, but in the field he’s a bull in a china shop.
  10. Ya, I fixed my post after I saw the correction. It feels like Santander gets a double every night so the 1.100 OPS didn’t look outrageous.
  11. While Santander’s offensive numbers have been fine so far, it’s his defense that has been the most pleasant surprise. What he lacks in speed and physical prowess he makes up for with great instincts. I’d expect opposing teams to start scouting his tendencies at the plate, which should bring that OPS down a notch or two. But I think the glove will play as long as he’s out there.
  12. Did Cortes ever hit 93 MPH when he was with us?
  13. Second prize is a set of steak knives.
  14. Given how Buck managed against the Yankees (thinking primarily about Jeter’s last home game in NY), I doubt he ever fully left them behind.
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