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  1. TGO

    Tillman DFA

    If Tillman wants to keep pitching, Norfolk is as good a place as any for him to be. And from our perspective I don't think we have 5 guys knocking on the door who need the innings at that level.
  2. TGO

    Schoop: Extend or Trade

    Trade now if you get a good offer but that seems unlikely. Look for a trade in the offseason but also make sure he works on his conditioning and defense. Explore an extension as well but ultimately I don't think I would pay what he likely would want.
  3. TGO

    25 Man. Who's up for Manny?

    As I said yesterday in the other thread, we do not have any open spots on the 40-man. Valera took Machado's spot. I think they activate and DFA Tillman and call up Nunez.
  4. TGO

    25 Man. Who's up for Manny?

    They could activate Tillman and release him and that would do the trick.
  5. TGO

    25 Man. Who's up for Manny?

    Yes, so the 25 man spot is open. The 40 man is full. In order to promote Nunez or Doesch we have to DFA someone on the 40 man roster.
  6. TGO

    25 Man. Who's up for Manny?

    Valera went on the 40 man (he was on LA's) so he took Manny's spot.
  7. TGO

    25 Man. Who's up for Manny?

    Could be. May be seeing if they can open a 40 man spot by trade of a pitcher in the next 24 hours. Unless Wilkerson, Vielma or Gentry are healthy and ready to come off the DL, the only options they have already on the 40 are catchers.
  8. TGO

    25 Man. Who's up for Manny?

    No move yet. Active roster is at 24, and that is with 13 pitchers. Valera was optioned to Norfolk.
  9. I rate the return as somewhere between Solid and Outstanding, but voted for Outstanding because I think the vote is skewing a little low. I know some of the rumored names were sexier but I think people got themselves hung up on players that may have never been available. And losing Machado stings, of course, but this is a pretty great return for a rental.
  10. There you go, pro scouts. I think that's an important clarification. We of course have many more amateur scouts. Most teams have fewer pro scouts than amateur scouts. But 3 pro scouts is still a very low number. I recall we moved some of our pro scouts to the amateur side a few years ago (and some of them may have left after that).
  11. TGO

    25 Man. Who's up for Manny?

    Logan Forsythe gets the roster spot (I am assuming we will be smart enough to take him back to get a better prospect haul but not smart enough to just release him afterwards).
  12. TGO

    The Colby Rasmus Appreciation Thread

    Who is Colby Rasmus?
  13. TGO

    My Baltimore Sun article from 2004

    Well, when we missed out on him we traded for Sosa instead.
  14. TGO

    Blow It Up

    The original post in this thread is looking pretty darn prescient, too.