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  1. Buck Showalter is smiling somewhere.
  2. I don't know if the "I fully trust" option is the right pick for me but I would definitely hear him out on the choice. It would also show that he has some cojones to make that pick. That's a career defining decision. Someone else said recently that you don't get fired for taking the consensus #1 guy and having him not work out. You pass on the same #1 guy and you'd better be right.
  3. I keep thinking of that homerun Nunez hit when he went back to back with Dwight Smith a few weeks ago. Y'all remember that? That ball was at his shoe tops and he annihilated it. It was some Vlad Sr. type stuff. I am not saying he is as good a hitter as Vlad, just saying the guy is capable of doing damage at the plate. As Tony said, he was arguably our second best hitter until 44 at bats ago. Yes, he needs to get out of this slump and start hitting better again, particularly since he has negative defensive value. But I'd give him a chance to work through the slump and see how he adjusts.
  4. He also concludes that 76% chance may be underrating our chances due to a couple of assumptions baked into ZiPS, which predicts us giving up 277 HR. Mainly, ZiPS anticipates that pitchers pitching so poorly will get replaced by others, mostly from the minors. Szymborski points out that there isn't exactly a cavalry on the way to save us. We're going to crush this record (258) and eclipse 300 easily. I think we'll come in quite a bit lower than 347 but 320 homers wouldn't surprise me at all.
  5. Wow, that is probably the worst defensive outfield in the majors by a large margin.
  6. That's a good idea. I wonder how many of those types of guys there are on other teams' AAA (or even AA) rosters right now.
  7. Eutaw and Lombard, yes. That is the site of the bar that Ruth supposedly bought his father with his 1915 World Series bonus check. Ruth Sr. died outside of that bar. There were multiple Ruth Sr. bars, though, and one was apparently roughly 20 feet into CF on the SS side of the diamond. This article covers all of this stuff pretty well. https://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/travel/ct-xpm-2014-02-11-sc-trav-0211-babe-ruth-baltimore-20140211-story.html
  8. Almost sounds like two bad teams had to play two games in one day.
  9. Didn't Ortiz end his season by getting hurt running from the mound to 1B on a grounder (the runner beat him)? He's in better shape now so I give him credit for that and it does take some guys a while to adjust to how something like that affects their mechanics. I wouldn't be surprised if the new front office has Tate doing exactly the opposite of what last year's front office had him doing since Elias and Mejdal don't seem to be fans of the two seamer in general.
  10. The 2014 Rangers and 2017 Mariners used 40 pitchers, which appears to be the record unless someone used more than that in 2018. https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/mariners/mariners-share-dubious-record-of-using-40-pitchers-here-is-how-it-happened/
  11. Last year, in the worst season any of us has ever seen, we used 30 pitchers. We should hit that mark easily.
  12. Yes but Davis has made his money and very likely will not get another contract after his current one. Using him for mop-up innings actually is perfect. I prefer using him to someone like Alberto who isn't getting paid a lot and needs to stay healthy and produce offensively and in the field to stay in the majors and earn his next contract.
  13. Never coached it in the majors. Not sure about minors or elsewhere.
  14. O's just announced a promotion for tomorrow night, a lucky fan chosen at random will get to pitch the 6th inning. Not too late to buy your tickets, folks.
  15. Morton was a guy throwing sinkers and splitters who transitioned to four seam fastballs and curveballs. Bundy is already a four seam fastball guy, his biggest problem is velocity and command of it. I guess he could improve his curve and throw it more (I think Luke has made this point).
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