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  1. TGO

    Hyde's Coaches

    DiSarcina and...Rick Dempsey? 😁
  2. TGO

    WaPo: Spin Rates and Buy In

    Luke, do you think the new regime will try anything different with Tanner Scott or basically just let him keep doing what he's doing and focus more on command and hitting spots? He threw 45% sliders this year, which is a lot, but he used it pretty conventionally (much more when ahead in the account, less when behind). I'm wondering if pitching backwards is something they might try with him. He has a great fastball, too, so I don't think there's really a wrong answer with him, but he should be a lot of fun to watch.
  3. TGO

    WaPo: Spin Rates and Buy In

    Tanner Scott's slider might be on this list next year.
  4. That would need to be a panel with Albert Belle and Eddie Murray included. Maybe they could bring in Ken Rosenthal for some role playing.
  5. TGO


    Attendance is going to suck this year. They could sign Bryce Harper and it wouldn't matter. That's not to say the business operations people shouldn't try to figure out ways to make attendance suck less, but it's just reality. Attendance in 2019 should be the last thing on the minds of the baseball operations people.
  6. TGO


    No argument here, but how much worse could we have been with, let's say hypothetically, Ramirez and Yacabonis each getting 10 more starts apiece?
  7. TGO


    There's a lot to quibble with here but this line about Gausman takes the cake. A 4.43 ERA is by no means an ace but look around our roster and the league and tell me who is going to throw 5.9 innings per start of 4.43 ERA ball. We had an opportunity at the end of last season for just about anyone to step up and replace Gausman. I don't know if you were watching (I wasn't, because blech, but I can look at the stats), but no one did. In fact, no one in our rotation was better than Gausman, including the guy we agreed to pay $57 million.
  8. TGO


    lol at "put some butts in the seats"
  9. TGO

    New Rankings with Rule 5 guys

    Took me a minute to realize you were talking about MLB Pipeline's list. I think Pipeline puts a little too much emphasis on draft pedigree, and Knight was an overslot 3rd rounder while Kremer was a mid teens guy. Look at Tate, Grenier and Harvey also. On the flip side, Akin's a 2nd rounder and has put up numbers, and they have him at 11. So all in all their list just doesn't make a lot of sense. They also have a 50 grade on everyone from #3 (Hall) to #13 (Martin) - that's a pretty big group.
  10. TGO

    Will the Orioles be better in 2019 than 2018?

    Literally just catch and throw the ball better...we were somewhere between the worst and third worst defense in the major leagues according to DRS and UZR.
  11. "." is just going to block our prospects and the idea that he will bring back prospects in a deadline trade is a joke. That's not even a baseball name. I guess it's better than Hayden Penn, though.
  12. One thing this will show you quite strikingly is if a pitcher changed his position on the rubber during the season. Look at David Hess' release point: https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/player-scroll?player_id=605276#release_points The summary says his release point is erratic but he very clearly moved from one side of the rubber to the other (though it may also say that because his curveball release point is significantly higher - bet the O's will have him work on that).
  13. One thing that jumped out at me is that the movement on most of his pitches is below average (I think the only exceptions were vertical drop on his breaking balls).
  14. TGO

    Rumors and News

    That's not really clear yet. Narvaez was one of if not their best hitter last year. They also just dumped Davidson and Garcia. Some think they were selling high on a good hitting season from Narvaez, who is terrible behind the plate.
  15. TGO

    Elias Progress Thread

    12/1 Elias calls Brady, goes to voicemail 12/2 Elias texts Brady 12/3 Brady texts Lou Angelos; Brady returns Mike's call 12/4 Elias and Brady meet for coffee, Brady orders kale juice