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  1. Whether or not he's the player rep, with the players currently rattling sabers over the fact that veteran free agents are not getting paid like they used to, Davis would be a total and complete pariah in the game if he walked away from even a penny.
  2. Love to dissect super small sample size performances.
  3. I agree, make them go in through a visitor's gate, too. This is definitely one of those European football-inspired ideas I can get behind.
  4. TGO

    Straily DFA'd

    Olson's beard is another giveaway. Has to be pre-Angelos so it's 1992. In fact it's May 3, 1992.
  5. Dumpster fire dot gif
  6. Looking at the Statcast link Tony posted, Strailly's a good example of how spin rate isn't everything. He's above average in fastball and curveball spin rates but whatever "it" is, he doesn't have it.
  7. Talk of Villar having a NTC appears to be based on a joke by OFFNY.
  8. But with more time perhaps he can be a Cesar Izturis. 😁
  9. Wait, what? I heard about sleeping in the truck (and I think I also heard in the clubhouse at one point) but he did what in the field?
  10. These are small sample sizes, especially to be comparing year to year, but he's decreased his O-Swing% and increased his launch angle (that looks to date back to last year but he didn't get a lot of runway to work with). Hard to believe "don't swing at balls" isn't a more popular change in hitting approach. 😁
  11. Is it possible this guy is....good?
  12. He was a sophomore last year. Now he's not. He has no leverage.
  13. My guess is that not only will Watson be underslot but they likely think they can improve his swing at least marginally, if not overhaul it entirely.
  14. I feel like the reporter interviewing guys who are in the studio is trying to make them cry. You're no Roy Firestone, lady!
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