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  1. ShaneDawg85

    Nick's an All Star

    How do you factor in Trumbo's significant negative defensive WAR that season into the equation? Baseball Reference had Trumbo at -2.1 WAR that season and Nick at 0.3. While Trumbo's offense was significant that year, his defense was simply not good in any way shape or form save for outfield assists, and even though 2016 was a low year by Nick Markakis standards, he was always and still is one of the best in the game at turning assists. Not to mention that even for his declined range, Nick just knew how to play right field at Camden Yards, and wasn't afraid of hitting the wall.
  2. ShaneDawg85

    Nick's an All Star

    Sometimes a move can be the right decision, but the aftermath is the wrong one. Letting Nick go, while tough to do for many reasons, was the right call because of his neck and the length of the deal, the problem has been the O's have done absolutely nothing successful to replace him. The 2015 plethora of crap, Trumbo's defense, everything the last year and this year, the O's just haven't found a good way of replacing Nick by any means available. The same is likely going to be true of Manny. Trading him will be the right move for the course of the team, but production wise, I won't be shocked if they never truly replace him.
  3. ShaneDawg85

    1988 v. 2018 W/L Tracker

    Yeah, and the teams between the Orioles and the White Sox drafted such illustrious players as Tyler Houston, Roger Salkeld, Jeff Jackson, Donald Harris, and Paul Coleman. What exactly is the point of such comments? The Orioles got 13.8 WAR out of McDonald during his time here. I'd be ecstatic if Gausman or Bundy end up with that by the time they're gone.
  4. ShaneDawg85

    Chris Davis’ defense

    Makes me absolutely miss JJ Hardy. Say what you will about the decline in his offense, or how his range wasn't the best compared to other short stops especially over time, but the infield defense was never the same when Hardy wasn't at short. He was so darn fundamentally solid in every way that at a certain point, I think it rubbed off on the other guys.
  5. ShaneDawg85

    Is it time to promote Mullins and move Jones to RF?

    Time to promote, not quite yet. Barring an injury, Mullins is going to get called up before the end of the season regardless of how he does at Norfolk. Move Jones to right, yes, but it won't happen.
  6. ShaneDawg85

    Jerry Crasnick ESPN Article on the Orioles

    I literally face-palmed at the mere suggestion of Dempsey, Bordick, or Billy Ripken as managerial candidates. Even if their names were just thrown out or people are "spit balling" them as candidates, the idea of any of them in the dugout is at its best uninspiring to say the least, and at its worst, I'm struggling to find the word. Mostly this applies to Dempsey who I have an unabashed disdain for. I'd take Bordick on the staff if all parties involved wanted him there because the man knows defense and they can't possibly do worse.
  7. ShaneDawg85

    Orioles Sixers analogy

    Trying to legitimately upgrade your weakest area during the offseason doesn't scream a team is trying to tank to me. If this is team is tanking, they're a sorry bunch of tankers because they've been in a lot of games, even recently.
  8. It's astounding to me how bad Schoop has been this year. Injuries aside, he's looked more like he did as a rookie in 2014 than the MVO that he was last year. He's always been a boom or bust kind of hitter, but this year he has been almost nothing but bust. When he does get hold of one it's still a no doubter, but those have been few and far between. Not sure what the underlying issue has been this year, or if there even is just one, but regardless on a team of disappointments and rage inducing failures, he's been the biggest disappointment for me, by far.
  9. Who exactly is going to want him with three more seasons left on his contract? Even if we're to accept the late signing, no spring training, defense, rising gas prices and everything else under the sun might have had an impact on his performance, at the end of the day he isn't getting it done. Even if the O's kick in and eat most of the contract, I can't imagine anyone would push for Alex Cobb right now.
  10. ShaneDawg85

    2018 Andrew Cashner

    Nothing ever good comes from walking guys, especially with two outs. Other than that, he was pretty much fine. Cashner is what he is, a serviceable, back of the rotation major league starter. Nothing exceptional, but nothing downright horrible either. When your team can't score any runs though, he's not going to win you games whether he's exceptional or not.
  11. Paul Simon had a hit with "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover." In the Orioles case this year it'll be "50 Ways to Lose a Game."
  12. ShaneDawg85

    Could the leader we desperately need already be here?

    Best case scenario is a situation akin to what's happened with the Chicago Blackhawks. Father was viewed as financially prudent, borderline miserly, disengaged from his own fan base, ownership passes on to the son, who realizes the ways and errors of the father and goes about things in a different way. Granted, landing some baseball equivalents of Patrick Kane, Jonathan Towes, and Corey Crawford would help, but as far as a potential ownership transition from father to sons, that's a best case scenario.
  13. ShaneDawg85

    The Athletic: Buck Showalter's Job No Longer Secure

    Not sure how much I truly buy it, never even heard of the source, but I'm past the point where any past good will would save Buck. Appreciate all he's done, because it's a lot, but a fresh start is beyond needed. That said, I'm not behind bringing anyone from the outside unless you've decided Duquette will be the GM or you've got the replacement. At least when Buck was brought on Andy MacPhail had another year on his contract so it made a little more sense. But, bringing in an outside manager when you don't have your GM for next year, that'd be a very Orioles thing to do. If you're going to fire him, just make Russell or Dickerson the skipper for the rest of the season, roll with it and hope for the best, and figure out your long term strategy.
  14. ShaneDawg85

    Does anybody REALLY care any more?

    Simply put, I can't disengage enough to not care at all. I can not watch, be totally disinterested in going to the games, not wear the gear out of protest, but at the end of the day I still care, bad team or not.
  15. ShaneDawg85

    Kakes (Markakis) 2nd on OF All Star Voting in NL

    2014. Batted leadoff every game, hit homer as I can recall. To my ears, he got the loudest ovation of anyone not named Buck or Jones during player intro's before the ALDS.