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  1. Opening Day tickets are available

    I got two upper reserve seats. It's the only time of the year I'll pay that much for tickets if it's not playoffs. Only been to one other Opening Day so I'm excited!
  2. UMBC vs VA NCAA Tournery

    As a UMBC alumni and staff member, words can't begin to describe the euphoria that I, and I'm sure many others are feeling. Just getting into the tournament in the fashion they did on a last second 3 in the conference title game was enough. Just having a lead at any point on UVA was enough, then having the game tied at the half. But, never could I have seen the events of Friday night happening. Never could I have imagined that the first team to do the borderline unthinkable of beating a #1 seed as a #16 seed would be my school. But, it's something that I'll gladly cherish forever.
  3. Is Lincecum a Hall of Famer?

    I'd have made a far greater argument for Bret Saberhagen before even considering Lincecum. Saberhagen's 1984-1991 period accumulated 40.8 WAR, 69% of his career WAR. Even setting aside injuries, he has been mostly awful even in the years where he has started over 30 games since 2011. If you were letting in guys based on short but productive peaks, the ballot would be filled to the brim with candidates.
  4. Why do I feel like people still hold on to this idea based on that one game from 2014 where Brach pitched four innings to save the rotation after an awful starting performance. This game, right here: https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/PIT/PIT201405210.shtml Brach hasn't pitched 3 or more innings since 2014. I like Brach as much as the next guy, and I like having him in our bullpen. But nothing about him says he can suddenly, at 31 years old, go from being a reliably average to above average reliever at worst, really good reliever at best, to something even resembling a passable starting pitcher, which he hasn't done in his professional career even at the minor league level.
  5. Ravens and playoff contenders

    All depends on seeding. If the Chiefs finish #3 and the Ravens #6, we play them. If the Chiefs play #4 and the Ravens #5, we play them. Either way, both would be in KC.
  6. Flacco v.

    But, but, he doesn't show any fire on the sidelines! He's not animated and acting like a tool because something didn't go his way! Arguments I've never understood.
  7. 2017 Week 14: Ravens @ Steelers

    An absolutely demoralizing loss, one that I really, really wish I hadn't stayed up to watch until the end. The total numbers at the end of the season might lead you to believe this is a good defense, but at the end of the day they aren't. Great QB's exploit this defense, injuries or no injuries, and the bottom line is they haven't beaten a top tier QB since last season, the same one they lost to last night. Even if by some miracle they make the playoffs, the most you can hope for is a wild card win against Jacksonville or KC, because they're going to get slaughtered against Brady or Ben in the divisional. But frankly, and maybe it's just the bitterness and tiredness of last night, right now I wouldn't even put it past them to lose to the Browns. I really hope I'm wrong, but nothing would surprise me at this point.
  8. Chance Sisco called up.

    Definitely didn't see that coming, but congrats to Chance! Probably doesn't stand to play much with the O's still chasing a playoff spot and a two headed attack in Castillo and Joseph. But, hopefully he makes the best of the opportunities he does get. Trey Mancini didn't play much in similar circumstances last year, but boy did he make an impact and a name for himself when he did. Hopefully Sisco can do the same.
  9. Schoop and Mancini

    A Yankee hasn't won the MVP award since 2007, and it's not like there haven't been reputable candidates for the award during that time period. The list of winners has included two guys from Detroit, one from Texas, Toronto, and Minnesota. Voters may get it wrong, but they also know how to get it right some years too. Altuve may not play in a major market like New York, not that Houston is some backwoods small market, but the Astros are the best team in the league and he's one of the biggest reasons why. Chances are quite good he will win.
  10. Schoop and Mancini

    They should and will be in the voting, Mancini should be top 5, Schoop might get top 5 but who's to say. But under no circumstances will they or do they deserve to win their awards. Slump or not, Judge is ahead of Trey in almost every impactful stat and has played pretty much every day, and as a much as I love Schoop, he's not even close to the best second baseman in the league. Altuve should win the award, Trout being in the mix after and who probably would've been front runner had he not gotten hurt.
  11. Tillman is a crucial game to start a crucial series...

    I was there last night, and as much as I've liked Chris Tillman, it was just horrible to watch. There always was a sense of impending chaos with Tillman whenever he pitched, he'd start the game off shaky and you'd think there's no way he'll make it through three innings, then he'd end up going 6-7. But, he just doesn't have anything. I just don't believe that he isn't hurt, and if he is in fact healthy, the prior injury either zapped him of his physical abilities or is still effecting him mentally because he has absolutely no clue where he's throwing the ball. I'd take him back on a one year deal to reestablish himself, but they need to shut him down, it's just utterly sad.
  12. Id be happy to win one in Boston, but we probably won't

    Since 2011, the Orioles record against Boston: 8-10 13-5 11-8 11-8 11-8 8-11 10-6 (with 3 games to play) Names and talent may change, on both teams, but one thing is certain, the O's clearly don't have a problem staying competitive against Boston. Spare me who we missed and who isn't there any more; by the end of the season the Orioles may not make it to the playoffs, but it won't be on account of how we did against Boston.
  13. Pretty much this. They had already come back in Game 1 to take it to extras after Tillman had a bad start, and came back the next day when Norris had an even worse start. The fact of the matter is that the team couldn't hit that series, and when it looked like they were going to the Royals literally caught everything like the game was being played in zero gravity. The persistent failure of the Orioles in the postseason since 2012 has been their offense comes up short, and that series was no exception. Their flaws get magnified because they start swinging for the fences trying to make something happen. I don't care how much fire you've got in your got, or outward emotion you're trying to show, or if you respond to stupid taunts from stupid opponents, you're not winning when you can't hit. When the highest OPS in the series is by Ryan freaking Flaherty, followed by Adam Jones at less than .800, the same Adam Jones that I and many others have raked over coals for coming up short in the playoffs, you're not winning the series, and you'll be lucky to win more than a game, period. If you're going to crucify Buck for that series, go right ahead, but you'd be wrong. Why don't you instead crucify Steve Pearce, or Nelson Cruz, or even my eternal man crush Nick Markakis for coming up completely short that entire series. Nothing Buck could have done was going to change the outcome of that series, and even if Wieters, Davis, and Machado had been there, I'm not convinced the results would have been different. They went up against the wrong team at the wrong time in the wrong year, and guess what, that's baseball.
  14. It's about the only way he'll get into the Hall. Buck isn't getting in otherwise, unless the team somehow wins a WS in the next two years, and even then I can't see it.
  15. DJ Stewart 2017

    Because of course the second Stewart struggles in the slightest he has to show up with his tired and worn out gimmick that lost relevancy the moment it started.