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  1. Just thinking out loud here, but any thought to the potential of Harvey transitioning down the same path as Andrew Miller? Miller flamed out as a starter due to ineffectiveness and injuries. Harvey has been effective as a starter but can't stay healthy. Obviously the book isn't closed, yet, on Harvey as a starter, but it was a thought that crossed my mind the other day.
  2. I'd make the argument they're the biggest underachieving team in the history of the franchise, and if they aren't top's they're at least top 3. Hilariously, if the '96 team hadn't made the playoffs I'd be making the exact same argument for them.
  3. About the only thing that went right for him that season was the pitching staff finished second in the league in ERA. Than again, with a staff consisting of Mike Mussina, Kevin Brown, Scott Erickson, Ben McDonald, and Jamie Moyer (not his best season though), how much if any could be attributed to Regan is highly debatable.
  4. Why? Straily was terrible, nobody disputes that. But, what had Yefry done to merit calling getting rid of him Elias's "worst and most inexplicable move?" His ERA near 6 last season and ERA over 6 this season? The fact that the Orioles were his third organization, and the Pirates now his fourth? The two moves were not tied to each other. Yefry showed absolutely no merit of being a major leaguer in a low pressure situation on the worst team in baseball the last two seasons, and nothing Straily did or didn't do changes that.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if Regan wrote the book on TTTP, and seeing how the ball looks coming out of the hand.
  6. This is where a lot of my harshness towards almost everyone involved with the abomination last year comes from, it's that in my view they quit well before the sell-off. You had a team with a bunch of to be free agents, a GM and manager who were nearing the end of their contracts, and a bunch of veterans who underachieved the last two months of the previous season. In my book, they mailed it in before the season even started, and at every single moment where a sense of urgency to get better or play better should've reared its head, it never did. That is on every single person involved. I'm not surprised the team is as bad as it is this year, nothing about it made me think I should have higher expectations, so if they're bad it was to be expected but anything above that and I'm pleasantly surprised. There is no reason that team last year should have ever, EVER, been as bad as it was right from the word go.
  7. Even the pitcher couldn't believe he gave up a home run to Richie Martin based on his reaction. Not to take anything away from him because he's the last person I'd have expected to have tied it up, even having watched it happen live.
  8. It's possible it could be. But, to Means credit he's got a K/9 rate Brad Bergesen only wished he could have reached, and it's not terribly far off what he put up in the minors.
  9. https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/bs-xpm-1997-05-04-1997124156-story.html Haven't found anything to that end, just that the union thought he could have gotten more money when he resigned prior to '97.
  10. Plus they extended Markakis. Lol, that's two days in a row where people forgot about the existence of Nick Markakis.
  11. They kept Mussina the first time. He was a free agent after the '97 season and he resigned for three years at way below market value, so much so I think the player's union criticized him for it.
  12. Or a watered down version of the same thing if Rutschman becomes a good, maybe even great player, but Witt does a little better. If Rutschman comes up and delivers a meaningful level, that really should be enough for people not to sit around crying because they still want more and just can't be happy with what they've got.
  13. Jeffrey Hammonds, Brian Roberts, Nick Markakis (who seemed to get overlooked in most of the subsequent comments), Matt Wieters, Brian Matusz, Manny Machado, Dylan Bundy, Kevin Gausman. I'm not saying they all ended up being outstanding picks or what everyone hoped they would be (Hammonds, Wieters, Matusz), but they all made the show and made an impact at varying points. There are others two you could extend the conversation to who at least got to the big leagues like Adam Loewen, Larry Bigbie, etc. Frankly I'd argue that in terms of perceived ineptitude, people are most likely basing it off the 1998-2001 specifically period where picks just didn't work out, they had a ton of picks and they didn't work out (1999), or the pick just made no damn sense (Chris Smith), followed by the 2004-2006 period with the Wade Townsend debacle and the everlasting butt hurtness over Billy Rowell.
  14. It's the age old tendency that some people of believing they should or are deserving of more than what they've got instead of being realistic and appreciating what they have. People were either led to believe or were of the opinion that Wieters should be this all-time great at the position, never mind that he has been a perfectly serviceable regular at a position that is not easy to get that. Doesn't matter to some, he was supposed to be Johnny Bench, so everything else is irrelevant. It's a sad way of going about being a fan, but unfortunately it's what fan bases do.
  15. He did himself and the team no service last year with his 4.85 ERA and 1.769 WHIP by the time of the trade. Nobody was going to give up much of anything for a guys putting that together entering free agency. I always liked the guy and would take him back on a one year cheap deal, but slot money was about the only thing they could have gotten for him given how poorly he'd done. Now why the Braves didn't want him back, no idea.
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