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  1. Alas no, but it did spawn his famous rant about the people participating having no clue about what goes into running a ball club. Which sadly, terrible as he has been, he was sort of kind of right.
  2. I wouldn't be opposed, but Bowie is only 2.5 GB with double digit games to go. Norfolk isn't in the race at all so I'm not sure how valuable less than two weeks would be for him.
  3. Anyone else look at the one picture and think that was blood flowing down the drain? As in Harvey either got busted open or they were pouring blood on him? I see from the one picture it's obviously not, but that's not what my eyes first saw.
  4. Well a "petition" would be about as powerful and consequential as his little walkout stunt way back when.
  5. Considering Brian Roberts was the first positional player drafted by the Orioles to make the All Star game since Cal, and John Means of all people was the first starting pitcher to make the All Star game since Mussina, this doesn't come as terribly surprising. The drafting challenges aren't exclusive to the 1st round obviously, it encompasses the entire draft.
  6. The way that one to Correa was grooved right down the middle? Next one will probably hit the upper deck or the warehouse. It was that bad and indefensible.
  7. I've never been more thankful to not have to watch baseball as I am in knowing the Orioles don't play the Yankees again until next season after today.
  8. People keep bringing up the state of the city and how dangerous and unsafe it is, and while this city deserves it's fair share of criticism and ridicule, it's beyond overkill. Sporting franchises, including baseball, live and some have thrived in cities that are just as troubled as Baltimore. Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, several others have built new stadiums and arenas, most in downtown areas, and they've had their own host of problems past and present. If you want to pile on Baltimore City you're entitled to do so, but lets stop with the argument that because the city is so unsafe it means the Orioles could potentially move.
  9. Also no Brady, Randy Milligan, or Steve Finley. I suppose you could add Schilling to the last but he wasn't much of a contributor.
  10. I'm pleading complete obliviousness with this post, but can somebody explain the basis for the Lew Ford jokes that pop up from time to time? I clearly must have missed the origins.
  11. Youth, youth, and youth, with some inexperience. I want to see Sisco, Santander, and Stewart playing everyday or close to it. We need to see what we've got in all aspects, offensively and defensively.
  12. Our odds of having our first .500 months or better of baseball since August 2017 are non-existent with that guy starting.
  13. Nobody likes losing, that's without debate, and let's be realistic you're going to lose more in full tear down rebuild mode. But, I'd argue what's far worse is playing the middle ground and just padding to lose slightly less and win slightly more. Almost half of my life has been spent watching the Orioles utilize this strategy, and it never has and never will work.
  14. Do something besides hit for singles? Don't get me wrong I like the guy, I want him to do well, and I'll be honest the some times traditionalist in me likes seeing a "sexy" batting average. But, his game is built predominantly around one thing barring some sudden walk spree, XBH or HR binge.
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