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  1. ShaneDawg85

    PressBox: D.J. Stewart Thinks He Could Help

    Rick Dempsey has said a lot of things over the years in the moment that eventually proved to be hyperbole at best or flat out wrong, i.e. the incredible defense and effect of Wellington Castillo. However, considering the utter apparent lack of leadership anyone on this team has shown on the team this year, I'll take comments like that and hope they grow over time.
  2. ShaneDawg85

    Will Chris Davis make it to 502 PA?

    There are endless things to hate about this season, Davis batting leadoff to start the season for a few games was one of the most baffling and dumbfounding things Buck could have done. In retrospect, it kind of represented what was to come for the season.
  3. 11 games to go, it's certainly a mathematical possibility. The Braves magic number to eliminate the Phillies is 7 and they're 5.5 games up. I'd imagine Nick gets some rest once the Braves clinch a spot/division, so if it he hasn't done it by then it probably won't happen.
  4. ShaneDawg85

    Joseph for the second time calls out the team

    I get people criticizing Joseph's performance, but there's nothing out of the ordinary from his usual track record on display. He can do some things offensively from time to time, but you already know he's not much of a hitter the majority of the time. What I don't get is people criticizing him for speaking up and calling attention to the fact that next to nobody on the team has publicly spoken up and spoken the truth that this season is an unmitigated disaster and the guys should be ashamed of themselves. Just the fact that somebody, anybody, in any capacity is showing emotion and pissed off about this dumpster fire of a season is something that should be celebrated and is frankly long overdue. We deserve an explanation, we deserve accountability, and we deserve honesty.
  5. ShaneDawg85

    Week 2 vs Cincinnati Thursday Night Game

    When he wins a playoff game, not a Super Bowl, just a game, then maybe you can seriously try to make that argument. Statistically better yes, but statistics aren't always the story, and if I needed a QB to win me a game in the big moment, Andy Dalton hasn't done that since the Rose Bowl.
  6. ShaneDawg85

    How are the A’s as good as they are?

    They seem to be good for doing this kind of stuff every couple of years. Khris Davis is basically doing what Chris Davis used to do when he could hit anything. Treinen has been lights out at the end of games, along with a pretty good supporting cast in the pen. Mostly score runs, and mostly don't give them up, pretty good recipe for success. I'll believe in them in the playoffs when I see it though.
  7. ShaneDawg85

    Managers available

    I have to question this statement, because in every previous instance Buck has been there at the beginning. The teams were constructed and built in his image to a large extent. Never has he been in a situation where he's having to start over because the team that he helped construct failed and in such a spectacular way. That alone lends strong credence to the argument he should go.
  8. ShaneDawg85

    Predict the Date of Loss #100

    It's really astounding that in the 14 years of losing, not once did they reach 100 losses. I'm honestly still amazed that the 2001 team didn't do it, because until this season I'd have classified them as the absolute worst team in my lifetime that I can remember (I was three years old in 1988). Since 100 losses seems to run in 30 year cycles, in 2048 I know what I'll have to look forward to.
  9. ShaneDawg85

    Trey Mancini is going to trend up

    I was thinking the same thing. Tim Salmon was one of the most criminally underappreciated players in the time he played. I get the argument Roy was trying to make, part of the bigger picture but not the focal point, but Tim Salmon was a terrible analogy. If Trey Mancini magically turns it on and starts looking like Tim Salmon, you either lock him up for years to come or trade him at peak value and bring in a haul.
  10. You could run down the reasons why the offense has been so horrible this year and are on pace to have the worst single season output by the team in a 162 game season since 1988, but one of the biggest culprits has been generating some offense at the top of the batting order. Batting 1st 2018: .639 OPS, 11 Different Hitters; Most AB's: Mancini (209/.720 OPS) 2017: .724 OPS, 9 Different Hitters; Seth Smith (212/.780 OPS) 2016: .737 OPS, 8 Different Hitters; Adam Jones (450/.791 OPS) 2015: .813 OPS, 7 Different Hitters; Manny Machado (447/.877 OPS) It's been a downward trend, and while guys like Jones or Machado weren't meant for the leadoff spot over the course of the long haul then or now, getting consistent productivity out of the leadoff spot has been a problem and one of the 2,131 reasons the offense is where it is right now. Looking at the internal options, it's hard to see where the productivity next year is going to come. Best bet is Villar based on his skill set and past productivity, but he's only 17 games in here and we're still looking to see what we've got. Mancini has been the "best" of the bunch this year, but his strikeout propensity doesn't make him prime leadoff material. Nunez has the OBP going, but he's only got 25 games to his credit and didn't profile as a high on-base guy in the minors. Mullins has the speed and so far so good out of the leadoff spot, here's hoping he keeps it up the rest of the way. The O's have a lot of positions of need and questions to answer, and who is batting first is one of them.
  11. ShaneDawg85

    Thoughts on McCutchen in the rebuild?

    So we substitute one outfielder with an eroding skill set for another who while at one time in his respective career was superior to the aforementioned outfielder we already have, also now has an eroding skill set and has been degrading in quality for some time. Not to mention, veteran presence is such a 2002-2011 Orioles phrase that I'm honestly starting to have terrible flashbacks. Marty Cordova, Jeff Conine part II, Miguel Tejada part II, Kevin Millar, a lot of these types of moves while short term investments were sold on the idea of having a veteran presence around a supposedly rebuilding team. Provided there aren't any moves, guys like Cashner, Cobb, Givens, and others already fill that bill. If McCutchen, Jones, or anyone for that matter aren't a legitimate upgrade in terms of offense or defense, intangibles aren't going to make a whole lot of difference.
  12. No, he's not. Manny Machado was the kind of player you can build your franchise around. A guy averaging between 4-5 wins each year, you can build around that. A guy whose done that once in his entire career when nothing else in his career so far has looked like that, that's not someone you build around. I like Schoop, but 2017 is the only season where has truly looked like one of the best second basemen in the game, and even when he is hitting, he's still not the best. Schoop must still be stupefied by the trade given his horrendous performance with the Brewers, and he's getting outperformed by the guy he was traded for.
  13. ShaneDawg85

    The Case For: Austin Wynns

    Rick Dempsey has at varying points in time loved pretty much every catcher the O's have had the last few years, even when they didn't necessarily deserve it. Not to knock the guy too bad, he obviously knows catching the way Bordick does defense up the middle, but he loved Wellington Castillo last season, especially early on, when several aspects of his game were questionable.
  14. ShaneDawg85

    Can you name the playoff Orioles of 2012-2016

    I'd been wracking my brain trying to think of his name all day, but Endy Chavez played in four playoff games for the O's in 2012. He got only 1 at bat and was mostly a defensive replacement.
  15. ShaneDawg85

    Grade the Schoop Deal

    The hope he looks like the 2017 or even 2016 version of Schoop if nothing else I guess.