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  1. Pretty much this. They had already come back in Game 1 to take it to extras after Tillman had a bad start, and came back the next day when Norris had an even worse start. The fact of the matter is that the team couldn't hit that series, and when it looked like they were going to the Royals literally caught everything like the game was being played in zero gravity. The persistent failure of the Orioles in the postseason since 2012 has been their offense comes up short, and that series was no exception. Their flaws get magnified because they start swinging for the fences trying to make something happen. I don't care how much fire you've got in your got, or outward emotion you're trying to show, or if you respond to stupid taunts from stupid opponents, you're not winning when you can't hit. When the highest OPS in the series is by Ryan freaking Flaherty, followed by Adam Jones at less than .800, the same Adam Jones that I and many others have raked over coals for coming up short in the playoffs, you're not winning the series, and you'll be lucky to win more than a game, period. If you're going to crucify Buck for that series, go right ahead, but you'd be wrong. Why don't you instead crucify Steve Pearce, or Nelson Cruz, or even my eternal man crush Nick Markakis for coming up completely short that entire series. Nothing Buck could have done was going to change the outcome of that series, and even if Wieters, Davis, and Machado had been there, I'm not convinced the results would have been different. They went up against the wrong team at the wrong time in the wrong year, and guess what, that's baseball.
  2. It's about the only way he'll get into the Hall. Buck isn't getting in otherwise, unless the team somehow wins a WS in the next two years, and even then I can't see it.
  3. Because of course the second Stewart struggles in the slightest he has to show up with his tired and worn out gimmick that lost relevancy the moment it started.
  4. Pretty much how I look at it. That's not even factoring in his wretched postseason track record, which small sample size or not, definitely sullies my view of his overall production and track record, mainly because it encapsulates the things I've always despised about Adam's overall game.
  5. 2131. That moment, and more than that moment the basically year plus leading up to it, is more than anything that any Orioles current or future can hope to attain. Longevity doesn't always equate to greatest impact and fondest memory. Nothing against Adam, but if you ask the casual baseball fan over the age of 25 to name one memory they can call to about Camden yards, probably close to 9 times out of 10 they're going to say 2131. Hell, the Orioles had it listed unsurprisingly as the #1 moment in the stadiums history, and for good reason. Nothing against Adam, but I couldn't even give you a signature Adam Jones moment for the ages if my life depended on it. As for best, Frobby already showed it's a loaded discussion with many contenders.
  6. That's a hard one to quantify. He's up there for sure, in very rarefied air. He's probably been one of the most consistent over the course of his career during this era out of the other contenders. But there's so many ways to measure it: Popularity: It's still Cal and then everybody else. Best Single Season: Brady '96, Palmeiro '96 & 98, Tejada & Mora '04, Roberts '05, Davis '13, Machado '16. Much as I like Adam I can't really give you any one season of his that immediately jumps to mind over everything else. That's not a bad thing, it means he's been consistent, but he hasn't had that WOW season like these guys and others have had. Most Impact: Again debatable but in conversation with a slew of guys. Jones is definitely on the short list in the conversation, but I don't think it's a slam dunk, and there are other metrics that can probably be considered as well.
  7. Last night was yet another example of the arbitrariness of the quality start rule. Ubaldo gets left in a batter or two long, gives up a three run homer, quality start gone. Like the rest of the start never even happened. Going against a red hot offense he pitched as well as you could have possibly asked him. I understand trying to save the bullpen, but Buck has always had a nasty habit of leaving pitchers in a batter or two too long.
  8. Funny I seem to remember them asking if Boston and the Cubs were destined to meet in the World Series last year when both were tearing it up. They bet the wrong horse on that one.
  9. In what's essentially a four game series, I'm always happy and content with a split.
  10. I had to log-in just to rep this post. That mock Hunter quote is still making me laugh because of how I can hear him saying it.
  11. Yeah, I don't buy into this argument. They're starting off the year with one hell of a stretch against the entire division, and they've either won or split every series so far. A sweep is great, doesn't matter who it's against, but if you don't win the series you were never in position to sweep it in the first place. As has been the case every year they haven't made the playoffs since 2012, if this team doesn't make the playoffs this year it'll be because of what they didn't do in August and September, when it really matters.
  12. Just noticed that mine were credited back to my account yesterday.
  13. The result wasn't good, but in the moment the Trumbo HR in the WC Game was pure awesome. I was at trivia during the game and went to the bar area during half time, and as soon as the ball left the bat the place went insane. In the moment I was like we can win this thing. Didn't happen, but man was it sweet. As much as I don't find any use for him anymore, the Reimold walk off against Cleveland was amazing. I didn't think we had a shot that game going against Kluber with Vance Worley, but to beat a damn good team like that in that fashion and to do it in a sweep no less reinforced this team could hang with anybody.
  14. This team has just exuded resiliency all season long. They've never gotten neither too high or too low, no matter how bad things got. As for those who argue they're not really in the playoffs if they don't beat Toronto, I wipe my you know what with comments like that. In baseball it's all about just getting that opportunity, because anything can happen. Once again, the Orioles will be one of those teams.