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  1. ShaneDawg85

    Will Hyde Bring Any Cubs Coaches/Free Agents With Him?

    I distinctly remember Tom Treblehorn being referred to as the "Human Windmill" repeatedly during his tenure at 3rd base.
  2. ShaneDawg85

    Harold Baines.....Lee Smith in Hall of Fame

    I've thought of the same exercise with the Orioles Hall of Fame, putting aside personal feelings towards specific players or homerism, but rescinding membership to lesser deserving candidates. It'd make for never ending discussions.
  3. ShaneDawg85

    Week 14 @ Kansas City

    I love CJ Mosley. I really do. But, he is awful in pass coverage. On both of those big plays, Mosley got beat in pass coverage. Weddle isn't great against the pass either, but why they would have him blitz and leave Mosley to cover, after already giving up the big play earlier, was baffling. He's not Ray Lewis, stop thinking that he can cover all corners of the field. It seems like every single time he drops into coverage something bad is going to happen.
  4. ShaneDawg85

    Week 14 @ Kansas City

    If that was "scolding," I'd hate to imagine what a real talk down would have looked like. Looked like a very civil, organized conversation between two veterans and a rookie, something that I'm sure several people would argue they haven't seen this season.
  5. ShaneDawg85

    Harold Baines.....Lee Smith in Hall of Fame

    Totally spurious reasoning, but part of me sits here thinking that Harold Baines getting in does wonders in the future for players like Nick Markakis. Similar WAR, less homers but will be in the ballpark on hits, better defensive player, quiet and unassuming but never rumored to be a malcontent or a cheater. I don't think Markakis will get into the Hall, and as much as I love the man he probably shouldn't. But, if you let in guys like Harold Baines and the bar drops lower, you never know what could happen.
  6. ShaneDawg85

    Harold Baines.....Lee Smith in Hall of Fame

    I loved Harold Baines as a player. But, when I saw the news on the ticker I honestly thought it was April Fools or something. We could run off any number of players, as several already have, who should have gotten in at this point, or who never will but should. Harold Baines was a darn fine hitter for his period, before and after the steroid era. But, nice guy, clean player or not, off the top of my head I'd vehemently argue any number of players belong in the Hall before Harold Baines ever did.
  7. ShaneDawg85

    Week 13 @ ATL

    Glad to say I was wrong on this one, way wrong in fact. They really contained Ryan most of the game, and limiting Julio Jones to only 2 catches is eye popping. I didn't get to watch most of the game, but from the sounds of it, Marlon Humphrey really brought it and delivered.
  8. ShaneDawg85

    Week 13 @ ATL

    On paper should be a win, Falcons have underachieved all year and have a terrible defense. However, the prospect of facing Matt Ryan and covering Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and Mohamed Sanu is terrifying. I'm expecting the secondary to get shredded; if the offense shows up it'll be a shootout.
  9. I'd be curious to hear Schoop's take on what went wrong the rest of the season and what his mindset was. One would think that leaving such a bad situation and going into the thick of the playoff chase again would really have someone firing on all cylinders. Manny sure looked like someone ready to be in the thick of things, but Schoop from the start never seemed to grasp that he had been traded. We heard Roy's thoughts and his relaying of Schoop's comments, but not much else. Even if management hadn't made plans clear, he had to know he would potentially be on the trade block given the teams standing and his pending free agency next year. He didn't really show any signs that losing his buddy Manny impacted him, he arguably had his best stretch of the season in the 9 games he played for the O's after the Manny trade: 7 homers, 15 RBI's, 1.209 OPS. But, right from the start he just looked like a guy who was lost, the Brewers sure seemed to play him like that was the case, and it just never recovered.
  10. ShaneDawg85

    Roch: Decisions Still Pending

    While it's always hard to blame the coaches for anything without at the same time recognizing the majority of fault rests on the players, I don't see how it could be justified McDowell and Coolbaugh deserve to keep their jobs after the collective performance of both sides last year, and the year prior specifically for McDowell.
  11. ShaneDawg85

    2018 power outage

    In further retrospect, hitting home runs was about the only thing they did well. They were last in the league in batting average, on-base percentage, doubles, runs, walks, and second to last in hits. I suppose we could be assured that when they did hit the ball, it went out of the park. Oh, and they didn't completely forget that stolen bases were a thing since they finished 7th, 25% of which can be attributed to one player, Villar. Any way you want to slice it, it was a total and collective offensive failure. Davis was a big part of it, but he was Jupiter in the solar system of offensive failure of 2018.
  12. ShaneDawg85

    2018 power outage

    I'm honestly amazed in retrospect it was as many as 188, considering Manny was traded with over two months left in the season, same for Schoop and who took a long time to get going when he was healthy, the offensive black hole that was Davis, and everything else under the sun. Than again, it somehow doesn't come as much of a surprise that they managed to hit 188 home runs while at the same time finishing dead last in the AL in runs scored, and put up one of the worst offensive seasons in team history that wasn't part of a shortened season or prior to the DH.
  13. ShaneDawg85

    Adrian Beltre retires

    Wow, definitely a shocker here. Even approaching 40, I thought he would hang on for another year or two for a shot at 500 home runs. But, good on him for recognizing the best time for him to call it quits. Without a doubt, should be a first ballot hall of famer. On the list of greatest third basemen of all-time, he's right up there in that next level down from Mike Schmidt.
  14. ShaneDawg85

    How long does your blank check for Elias last?

    Have to say at least three years. W-L records matter to the heart, but we're going to need a lot more looking out from the head the next couple of years. This time in three years from today Elias and co. will have completed three drafts, pre-July 31 trade deadlines, rule 5 drafts, and everything else. If in that time the farm system and development side of things haven't improved or start producing better talent that's either ready to contribute or not far away, the analytical side hasn't improved, and fans generally don't see that the organization is genuinely heading in the right direction of sustained success, it'll be time to start looking at who can do it better.
  15. ShaneDawg85

    Reminder - Elias Presser Today at 11 am

    Right on the money with this post. A lot of people want to make Brady out to be this devil incarnate character for reasons, but even if he has had his own agenda or opinions on things, most of the negative views come from the system more than the man himself. If Mike Elias feels there's a place for Brady in the organization and Brady wants to be a part of it, I don't see why we should automatically look down on it. If he wants him around as an assistant, or strength coordinator, or paper pusher, that's his decision. If the next manager wanted Brady on their staff, I'd be all for it even though I doubt that's what Brady wants. I think he'd have the potential to be a respectable coach whether it was on the bases, defense, or even a hitting coach. The guy has value, it's just a question of if Elias wants him around, and if Brady wants it too.