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  1. Just noticed that mine were credited back to my account yesterday.
  2. The result wasn't good, but in the moment the Trumbo HR in the WC Game was pure awesome. I was at trivia during the game and went to the bar area during half time, and as soon as the ball left the bat the place went insane. In the moment I was like we can win this thing. Didn't happen, but man was it sweet. As much as I don't find any use for him anymore, the Reimold walk off against Cleveland was amazing. I didn't think we had a shot that game going against Kluber with Vance Worley, but to beat a damn good team like that in that fashion and to do it in a sweep no less reinforced this team could hang with anybody.
  3. This team has just exuded resiliency all season long. They've never gotten neither too high or too low, no matter how bad things got. As for those who argue they're not really in the playoffs if they don't beat Toronto, I wipe my you know what with comments like that. In baseball it's all about just getting that opportunity, because anything can happen. Once again, the Orioles will be one of those teams.
  4. They made the playoffs after being in it all season long. I think their mental toughness is pretty solid.
  5. I've got two tickets for tonight that I got discounted because I voted a lot for the All Star game. I'll be there even if the other ticket doesn't get used.
  6. Aside from it being people's right to cheer or boo, rightly or wrongly as they please, the better question is why would any Oriole fan want to cheer him? He was terrible as an Oriole, regardless of the reasons why, and if he hadn't been he never would have been traded. Aside from the healthy Cubs contingency in attendance, he's definitely going to get booed.
  7. <p><p><p>No reaction aside from yours sort of shows how Roy(al) Firestone still is. No big deal--I think I'll just put him on Ignore so I don't have to suffer through his fits of hysteria anymore. Thanks again.</p></p></p>

  8. I nominate this for post of the year, and every other award possible.
  9. If not Boog then why not McNally, or Brady, or Blair, or Belanger, or Mussina, etc.? If you're going to argue for Boog, by default you have to argue for a lot of other guys, and then it becomes overkill, kind of like the Orioles Hall of Fame. Manny will be a great test case though many years from now if he continues the way he's going, no matter where he ends up playing.
  10. Nationally, up until maybe recently, I'd say Britton fits the description, here at home, my vote is Hardy. People always want to dismiss him for the same reasons as Wieters and they did for Matusz, he isn't what he was or what they thought he should be, and they like to run down the contract. But, you can see it plain as day when Hardy isn't there how much the team collectively loses, offensively and defensively. It just isn't the same. He's one of the few guys at the plate who isn't trying to be something he isn't, he's not trying to mash home runs because that part of his game has decreased. He's trying to have solid at bats, he makes adjustments, he's willing to change his approach.
  11. Our record in one run games indicates to the contrary.
  12. The benchmark right now is Fulmer. If things hold as they are, he's not beating Fulmer.
  13. The best and most impressive thing for me is that he has kept the walks down as a starter, and by down I mean almost nonexistent. Granted these teams are facing him for the first time and won't see him again till next year save for Colorado, but at the same time he's gotten through the lineup several times over and still no walks. That was something Arrieta could never do if his life depended on it.
  14. Make a run, most definitely. But aside from an out of this world finish and the Orioles winning the division, he's not going to win.