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  1. It's also refreshing to win an extra inning game, granted I'd rather have not blown the game necessitating extra innings in the first place. As if you couldn't tell, if the game went into extra innings in 2018, the Orioles were going to lose, based on their 4-9 record. But, it didn't start that way. They won their first three extra inning games of the year, but won only one the rest of the season, and not a single one after June 22.
  2. If there's one thing that is so instantly refreshing about this team so far, it's that they don't just roll over and die. They've only been in three one run games, but so far they're 3-0. Last year's team just felt like no matter what the circumstances if it was close and late they would lose, as evidence by their 12-29 record in one run games. This team isn't very good, but if you're going to lose I'd rather see them go down fighting than just saying screw it.
  3. But does he most remind Rick Dempsey of Rick Dempsey?
  4. But was Mullins on the 2019 Orioles computer home screen banner? Because just like Chris Tillman, you're nothing and not part of the future if you're not on the Orioles screen banner.
  5. Out of curiosity I had to look up where getting to 2500 career hits exactly would put Nick, in my mind I thought that had to be close to the top 100 all-time. Wouldn't you know, 2500 would put him 14 behind the current #100 in baseball history, Jimmy Ryan, who last played a game in 1903. There's only one other active player aside from Nick within striking distance of reaching 2500, and that's Robinson Cano, who needs 16 hits to make break the threshold. Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera have already well passed the mark. Forget 3,000 hits, it's going to be a few years before we start talking about someone even getting to 2500 career hits.
  6. Well can't say I'm surprised by the lack of runs scored in Tampa Bay.
  7. One thing for sure, dude has enjoyed playing in Boston this series. Two home runs, six RBI's, a couple of walks thrown in. Let the hits keep on coming.
  8. I mean, at least he didn't walk anybody today.
  9. I hadn't realized this until looking at Baseball Reference this afternoon, but the Orioles are at 6th in the AL in strikeouts offensively. I mean they're still near the bottom in walks and on base percentage, but considering some of the hitters on the team, I just as soon figured we'd have whiffed a lot more.
  10. His signing was less than a million, absolute chump change for a starter or a reliever in today's market. It was a buy low move that can still prove beneficial because, once again, it's April 10. You're not convincing anybody that Karns signing was a joke, because it wasn't and still isn't.
  11. Jim Hunter said more than once the difference some team speed can make with getting in some insurance runs. Now granted, Jim Hunter is 9 times out of 10 the captain of the optimism boat, but honestly, I can't say it isn't evident. Villar, Martin, Mullins, Alberto, they scored more add-on runs based on speed alone than any point I can recall in the last 6-7 years. Team speed is obviously pretty irrelevant if you can't get on base, but if they can, it'll be a lot more fun to watch.
  12. They did. When they introduced Mike Elias to the media and sat with him for the duration of the press conference. That's all they needed to do, that's all any halfway competent ownership should do.
  13. No competent ownership is going to have a press conference after the first losing streak of the season. Hell, plenty of incompetent ownership's wouldn't even do that. Baseball is a 162 game season, if ownership, no matter how good or bad, gave a press conference each and every single time something went wrong, I think I'd find another team to root for because that's incomprehensibly stupid and overkill. You hire your GM and manager for a reason, and part of that is to be the voice and spokespeople for the organization, and frankly, they're who I want to hear from.
  14. I was thinking the same thing last night while flipping back and forth on the game. Every time they showed Hanser he was bouncing around like a kid in the candy store, and into every moment of the game. It's a long season, and yes based on his career he probably isn't going to be more than a utility player, but good on the man for bringing some enthusiasm and passion to a team that sorely lacked it last year.
  15. ShaneDawg85

    2019 Boston Red Sox

    Well to be fair @MooseMilligan they've already done it before. They won it all in 2013 and followed it up with a last place season after injuries wrecked everything.
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