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  1. bagman

    vs. ASTROS, 4/02

    I love my Os but this team is not a good team. This is going to be a long painful year.
  2. bagman

    If the Ravens Lose to the Bengals, <BLANK> should be fired.

    Fire Harbaugh and Ozzie
  3. bagman

    vs. TWINS, 5/24

    I don't know how Buck gives Hardy that last at bat with Kim available. Starting to lose faith in Buck. The real problem is the starting piching and if it is not addressed this team is going nowhere. It is sad when a guy that doesn't even have a full year starting at the major league level is leading the rotation.
  4. How about Dominic Brown?
  5. bagman

    Okay so WHO do we spend the money on???

    This is the track I would take plus signing D.Young as the DH.
  6. bagman

    Would you have signed Nick Markakis for 4/$44M?

    I actually voted yes to 4yrs. I don't care if he is not worth the last two years in baseball production. He is worth more to me as a fan. My point is, very few if any players that sign after 30 live up to those contracts and it doesn't matter to me depending on the player, and Nick was one of those players for me. I will feel the same way about Jones when that day comes.
  7. bagman

    Would you have signed Nick Markakis for 4/$44M?

    Can you name a single player that signed a long term contract at 30 years old that was productive for the entire contract. It doesn't happen. Nick was one of the faces of the organization and you overpay for that sometimes. Another question should be, will his replacement be as productive for the next four years? We can only hope. Even if we offered 4/44 he still may have left for ATL. All I know is my 9yr is heartbroken and the Os just got worse today. Maybe tomorrow they will get better.
  8. Listening to MLB on XM tonight to Tony Larussa make a case for Alan Trammel and Jack Morris. Don't remember who was hosting the show but he had Larussa recount a story he had told about enjoying watching Trammel during fielding practice how perfect his form was and then taking that into the game. And he mentioned that Sparky would bat him anywhere in the lineup and he always produced. For Morris he brought up that he pitched in an AL hitters park, wanted to finish games (175 complete games) so would pitch to hitters to conserve pitches which probably inflated his ERA and effect his SO rate, the biggest knock on Morris. Of course he emphasized his big game performance. He also said the sabermetric people need to look at more than just the numbers, and he wasn't discounting the importance of the numbers just that it is not the only thing that should be considered. He finished the interview by saying he would give up his HOF spot if it meant both of them getting in. I didn't realize Morris had 175 CG in 527 GS, as comparison: Mussina - 536 GS, 57 CG Shilling - 436 GS, 83 CG Glavine - 682 GS, 56 CG Maddux - 740 GS, 109 CG I know CG are not everything but I found it interesting and wonder how that effected his ERA and SO rate.
  9. bagman

    Sunday Night Baseball vs. Yankees 4-14

    Whatever. What is there about the Yankees to talk about. Maybe they should talk about their "program" and how players that they pick off the scrap heap are revived once they get on the "program".
  10. bagman

    Sunday Night Baseball vs. Yankees 4-14

    That's right Kruk you don't know. Stick to what you do know like wilting at a Randy Johnson 99 mph fastball.
  11. bagman

    Sunday Night Baseball vs. Yankees 4-14

    Kruk talking out his ass, surprising usually knows his stuff. "Besides Markakis, Jones and Weiters they are all expendable". Comical, but what should we expect from the Yankee Network part II. If you want expendable look at the current Yankee lineup minus Cano and maybe Youklis.
  12. bagman

    ALDS Game 3: A New Hope: Orioles & Yankees

    HGH is a wonderful thing. Just ask Derek Jeter.
  13. If they lose it is on Buck. Horrible. He shouldn't be using Wolf for more than 2 innings either.
  14. I agree with this 100%. The man is a Yankee and that is the end of it for me.
  15. He is a Yankee and he made that choice. One of my criteria for being in the Orioles hall of fame is you have to be an Oriole at heart and if you are a Yankee you fail my test.