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  1. hatter

    How Good

    Hey All, How far does everyone think the Terps can go in March. Depending on matchups I can see the second weekend with a slight chance of reaching the Elite 8.
  2. hatter

    Plus Membership Options

    Me too, just reupped!!!
  3. hatter

    Terps vs. Boilermakers

    That was some tremendous BBall in the second half, They keep getting better they can play into the second weekend in March. Ayala can play decent at the next level so that makes 3 ...at least on this squad now. Fun team to watch. I don't remember a Terp team that was filled with kids that can consistently hit 3's.
  4. hatter

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    Hello my friend, I wore your CD out.
  5. hatter

    Plus Membership Options

    Back in, it's been a while but I can't get enough of the plus content. Thanks!!!
  6. <p><p><p>Hey Woody - I too have lower box seats - 13 game plan in section 38. We should combine our seats to a 29 gane plan to keep them. Let me know. My name is Scott Maddrix smaddrix@hotmail.com</p></p></p>

  7. hatter

    Ritterpusch resigns!

    Sounds like that to me too, it's obvious that we pressing for AJ, he could be the first; Millwood to follow and then we trade for some bats. Hopefully Flanny can negotiate 2 things at the same time.
  8. hatter

    Ritterpusch resigns!

    If things click, sounds like if we connect early with a couple FA's it would give us the ability to trade some pitching prospects for some bats.
  9. hatter

    Ritterpusch resigns!

    You have to like the speed of this FO transformation. Flanny appears to have a direction and a plan!!!