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  1. What's his spin rate? 🙂
  2. All this talk of spin rate got me thinking about knuckleballers and opposite end of the spectrum. So I checked out R.A. Dickey and have to admit I was expecting much slower spin rate. Stephen Wright is in the same neighborhood. Kuckleball - 1530 Four Seamer - 1878 Eephus - 1002 😊
  3. byrdz

    Koby Perez named Director of Int'l Scouting

    Now they just need to replace the 7th inning song with something from The Jam.
  4. byrdz

    Koby Perez named Director of Int'l Scouting

    Not sure if any of this was mentioned before. This article lists some players Perez was key in getting signed. Also noticed the connection to the Cards when Elias was there. https://www.mlb.com/news/orioles-name-koby-perez-senior-director-international-scouting/c-302296312
  5. byrdz

    Koby Perez named Director of Int'l Scouting

    Like this move by Elias. Hope to see some really nice international activity! 😊 DD is free to go wherever he wants now. As badly as the BJ's seemed to want him at the time you would think they would find room for him now.
  6. Everyone's expected to give 💯, it's worth repeating over and over even though it should be a given.
  7. Boston Globe is reporting teams are calling about Bundy. I'm personally against trading him since his peripherals are still solid. Would hate to see another Arrieta situation! But wondering what everyone else thinks. Do you trade him? https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2018/12/al-east-notes-bundy-cobb-soria-rays-morton.html
  8. byrdz

    Ryan McKenna - OF - 2018 #13 Prospect

    Looks like a pretty sturdy dude
  9. byrdz

    Ryan McKenna - OF - 2018 #13 Prospect

    Is Brian Roberts a good comp for McKenna? Similar numbers and size in the minors.
  10. byrdz

    Ryan McKenna - OF - 2018 #13 Prospect

    Agreed, if I recall, Pedroia is also small.😊 He did show more power in the minors though.
  11. byrdz

    Will Mike Elias force Chris Davis to mainly be the DH?

    How's his fastball? 😁
  12. byrdz

    Waste of International Bounty. New GM. Discuss.

    Personally, I like the discussion, since we are seeing how Elias makes selections when given options. On a lighter note, Drew Jackson and Richie Martin are good baseball names. 😄
  13. byrdz

    Hyde: New O’s Manager

    Sounds like we will have a GM and Manager growing in new jobs. Should be interesting to watch.
  14. byrdz

    Elias Progress Thread

    Thanks for this sticky! Not a lot of time on my hands these days. 🙁