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  1. 2018 New York Yankees

    Padres help Yankees get closer to acquiring Machado by taking on Headley’s contract for young inexpensive talent!
  2. Roy Halliday plane crashed one confirmed dead.

    Terrible news! Much respect for his talent and the way he handled himself as a player. Seemed like a good dude. RIP This might be a clue from hi twitter feed. Not much room for error flying low. https://twitter.com/RoyHalladay/status/925328575372423168
  3. The Red Sox sure have a secret weapon in that Shoop shoop ba-doop Shoop ba-doop Shoop ba-doop ba-doop ba-doop.
  4. baseball

    Interesting, thanks for posting these stories!
  5. Looks like he got off light for what amounts to assault with a deadly weapon.
  6. Please do not use adblocker on our site

    Would someone please post the steps used to whitelist this site in AdBlock? So at least the technical aspect to this issue won't be a barrier. I think I've gotten it working but others may be having issues.
  7. Trade him to the Cubs?
  8. Chris Davis' HR last night

    Mark Trumbo with the Golden Sledgehammer!
  9. vs. RED SOX, 4/23

    Yeah Gasman is def. not getting those close calls like Eddy.
  10. vs. RED SOX, 4/23

    Yeah I noticed that.
  11. vs. RED SOX, 4/21

    Pedroia livid after being spiked by Machado: "I don't even know what the rule is," Pedroia told reporters. "I've turned the best double play in the major leagues for 11 years. I don't need a bleeping rule." http://www.thescore.com/news/1285945
  12. Welcome to the new Board

    Crushed it! Looks beautiful guys. Already liking some of the awesome features!
  13. Now he will go on an absolute tear.
  14. And you need a history lesson. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boston_Tea_Party
  15. David Ortiz

    Ortiz's best skill is arguing every called pitch that doesn't go his way and never getting ejected for it. Actually, that's a Red Sox tradition, but he's the best at it. His second best skill is having the slowest home run trot in baseball. I'm surprised there's not a rule named after him to prevent this spectacle. He's also really good at not playing the field.