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  1. The home run leader (Yelich) is one lean dude at 6-3, 195lb. Cody Bellinger also doesn't seem like a prototypical PED's physique.
  2. https://www.si.com/mlb/2019/07/08/cody-bellinger-christian-yelich-mike-trout-home-runs-juiced-ball-mlb-2019-baseball-trends
  3. We're just getting out of June gloom here in SoCal so doesn't really feel like it's even began.
  4. Notable Orioles who were Stanford alumni: Moose, Guthrie, Hammonds
  5. byrdz

    Trey is hurt

    Tis but a flesh wound!
  6. Well I suppose this is better than calling Bmore a horse sh*t city.
  7. The DOB's on these guys is making me feel not youthful. https://www.mlb.com/draft/tracker/all/team/orioles
  8. Elias sticking with up the middle positions: Catcher, shortstop, center fielder, center fielder
  9. Do you mean like Matt Hobgood clever? Yeah, so am I.
  10. They will pay him in Schrute Bucks.
  11. Interesting tactic by Boras. He'd probably be spending most of his first six years in the minors anyway. This way he makes more money while playing against better competition. Of course, this could back fire for the reasons already mentioned. There will definitely be a cultural shock. Japan was awesome when I visited but six years is a long time. Could get lonely!
  12. Ugh, the Orioles can't just be a standard bad team. Too bad we don't get extra draft picks or compensation for setting new records like these.
  13. Looks like this guy may go #1 in the 2020 draft. 🙂
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