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  1. Is there a OH login for The Athletic?
  2. "flawless swing" is nice to hear.
  3. At least they have someone lined up for when Givens is traded his offseason. They might as well let him audition at least as the set-up guy. They can't give him the job now and have it appear Givens "lost" the job. It would hurt his trade value.
  4. ChrisP

    2019 Atlanta Braves

    and the Royals said "THANK YOU!"
  5. Before I knew better, I picked the Red Sox as a second team. I was 8 and it happened was 1986. They had a pretty pitcher (24-4- 2.48) and team (Boggs, Rice, Lynn, Greenwell, etc) that year.
  6. It's pretty much the same thing the past 10 years NostrOFFNYdamus.
  7. Lamar Sparks - High pick with speed https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=sparks000lam
  8. Not to hijack the thread, but his WAR is higher than all but 7 players on the Orioles in 12 games.
  9. The trainers to stay off the field. Few thoughts: 1. Dixon (Roster Bubble as #4 RB) 2. Jaleel Scott (#6 WR?) & Miles Boykin (Build on last week) 3. Gerald Willis (Future Playmaker?) 4. Inside OL battle
  10. 4-5 yesterday, but I'm disappointed in the overall line this year. (.247). He's 21 (w/1200 MiLB AB's!) and the stats look like he's been very mediocre the past year. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/jc-encarnacion-669792?stats=career-r-hitting-milb
  11. ChrisP

    OL Alex Lewis Cut

    Powers should win the job.
  12. ChrisP

    Dean Kremer 2019

    OH player of the day yesterday with another solid start.
  13. There's only a few thousand to pick from...hold on...
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