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  1. Straily has allowed 16 ER's in 9 inn this month & 22 in 20 inn last month. @Frobby The numbers would look much better if you took him out.
  2. 17 of 40 have not signed including 8 of the first 13. I figure a lot of the 30-40 guys were longshots
  3. ChrisP

    Frederick Keys 2019

    Hall's and Baumann's K/9 is ridiculous. Sedlock might be the best story so far in the minors this year.
  4. I heard David Ortiz was in town and asked to be activated...to soon?
  5. Martin has a higher OPS than CD. If CD has a spot, Martin will as well.
  6. I'm in OK and didn't purchase the EI package to watch them lose 100 games. However, when they play the Rangers or Astro's, I am able to watch. I watched every pitch until the bottom of the 9th..seriously. My theory is that if they're winning a game like last night, I don't want to watch them blow it in the 9th.
  7. Why did we draft AR again? 😉
  8. I think they spent a lot of time on the West Coast scouting AR and stopped by Stanford while visiting Cali.
  9. Talk about a analytical article...nicely done.
  10. Here's my six....since the OP started it. G'n'R - Appetite for Destruction Metallica - And Justice for All, Black Nirvana - Nevermind Candlebox - Candlebox Live - Throwing Copper
  11. He could probably hit .170 in the majors, right?
  12. There has to be more pressure on LJ than almost any player in the league. I don't think there are many people outside the organization that think he'll be a long term successful NFL QB.
  13. Great day on the farm for pitching!
  14. This could certainly start a trend, but more importantly, it might change the pay structure in the MiLB.
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