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  1. The thread title implies @weams feels differently.
  2. No way! Not when the team ERA is well over 6 and Davis still on the roster. Plus, Trumbo is coming at some point...I'd let him dominate AAA...Has anyone really done that at Norfolk yet?
  3. I know there are only 30 jobs in the country, but I almost feel bad for Hyde watching this all year.
  4. I think @Tony-OH new favorite stat is EV. Maybe it's the buzz stat in MLB, but I can't read an article, twitter, watch MLB without hearing it.
  5. I saw the same quotes on twitter and respectfully disagree. The ball was right down the line and I think he was watching if it was fair or foul. No problem with it...
  6. Trade talk seems silly with a couple of cheap years ahead...
  7. I tried to plead with Directv that I was a suffering O's fan and to knock something off the $180 EI package....no luck yet. It's like watching a car wreck..
  8. ChrisP

    JC Escarra

    I noticed he was batting 3rd for FRE and did a search for him. 3-7 since the thread started..over .400.
  9. I missed Wieters signing a MiL (now ML) deal to back up Molina in STL. https://www.mlb.com/player/matt-wieters-446308
  10. Following the development of our minors and the coverage is what got me hooked on the OH in the late 90's and got me though the 14 years for losing. It's all cyclical. Unfortunately our wave at the top is shorter than others in my lifetime. I hear stories of '66-'83, but I was 5 in '83. Face value, it was disappointing to see some young guys sent to AAA/AA, but at the same time it's easier to swallow with ME running the show knowing there is a plan. It's all about expectations..keep'em low for now.
  11. The entire game for free on youtube, one day later? Heck, why would anyone pay DirecTV (other MLB) for EI? I'm not forking out $150 +/- to watch them lose 90+ games.
  12. Speaking of Garvey, can they catch a throwing like him?
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