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  1. Anyone know a specific place in the Fredericksburg area?
  2. Maybe he can get Wade Miley to mentor him.
  3. vs. BLUE JAYS, 4/19

    Would be nice for Alvarez to actually hit something.
  4. vs. BLUE JAYS, 4/19

    Bad call on strike 1 to Hardy.
  5. vs. RANGERS, 4/14

    . Hope for your sake it was the 6th inning.
  6. vs. RANGERS, 4/14

    Only 5 more to go til we are back at .500
  7. vs. RANGERS, 4/14

    Anyone know if Alvarez's bat has made it from Pittsburgh yet?
  8. vs. RANGERS, 4/14

    Not our night obviously.
  9. vs. RANGERS, 4/14

    Need some runs here to have a shot. We aren't going to score 3 in the 9th. I hate losing. Especially back to back games. Don't care if we did start 7-0.
  10. vs. RANGERS, 4/14

    Of course it hits the pitchers hand and goes right to Odor. Why wouldn't it? B
  11. vs. RANGERS, 4/14

    Just that kind of night. Ball 4 hits the knob of the bat.
  12. vs. RANGERS, 4/14

    Os are waving the white flag. McFarland warming.
  13. vs. RANGERS, 4/14

    What an upsetting game so far.
  14. vs. RANGERS, 4/14

    Let's get the runs back. Hope Andrus and Odor both make errors this inning to cost them.
  15. vs. RANGERS, 4/14

    So is this game.