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  1. I am hoping the new leadership is moving away from players that strike out a ton and rarely walk. No need to spend any money to improve the team by a few wins unless you think you could deal him, but if there is a market for him he will likely be dealt for the Rays.
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    Speed and aggressiveness on the base paths make it exciting. Now we need to get the rest of the guys on board. 2nd inning, 1 out with Davis on 1st. Nunez bounces one slowly to right. Davis takes a few steps, looks at the ball and trots to 2nd. I would prefer running hard and looking at your 3rd base coach. That was a spot where I would like to see it pressed.
  3. I don't care anymore. I cancelled cable because it is a huge waste of money and the Orioles do not allow me to see in market games through MLB. I refuse to pay $100+ a month to just watch baseball so I have hardly seen any games. They are losing me as a fan and I was one of the most knowledgeable fans you would ever meet ranging from the franchise history to every player in the minor leagues. I root for this team to lose. Any other organization would not leave a lame duck manager with no contract nor would they let a departing GM control the biggest trade chips they have had in franchise history. Ownership provides no information in regard to the direction of the team which gives me little hope for the future. Every player is the same. Absurd BB/K ration at the plate. Who on this team actually can give a good at bat? No speed, no excitement. Just sit around and wait for a homerun and hope someone accidentally got on base. It's boring. My 9 year old asks if we are going to a game and the answer is no. He can get in free if we want to sit so far away that the players look like ants or I can pay to sit close to home plate. I just can't do it. My schedule is such that I can't plan weeks in advance and if my free night is a premium game then the prices are way too much. I am much better off just going to a Baysox game or investing in my kids college fund. The Orioles aren't fun anymore and truthfully we just got blinded by a few competitive years. 5 years out of 20 this team has been watchable and we are likely looking at another 3-4 minimum of bad baseball. I never thought it would get to this point but I just don't care. Complete apathy.
  4. I know we are going to hear Addison Russell but no thanks. He is just more the same of what we have in a guy who doesn't get on base and strikes out a good bit.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised that after no other team claims him the Yankees don't even want to buy him back and he stays with the organization.
  6. Don't worry, you will never have to pronounce it after today.
  7. Hold on. I think the O's made a mistake here. They actually traded for a player that walks more than he strikes out??? Doesn't that go against policy?
  8. Would the Yankees have traded away their international signing bonus slots year after year? Apples and Oranges...
  9. This is the reason I've been telling people I haven't been to many games. To take my family on a weekend and sit in decent seats will run me close to $400. Between Ubaldo, Miley and Gallardo there is a pretty good chance I might catch a "disaster start" and watch that money go up in smoke.
  10. I still think Rios is the fit. Injury plagued season which could be upside this year, needed speed, hits lefties fairly well and fits into our budget on a 1 year deal. A much better option than Gomes or Morse who are are riskier plays with less of a chance for a solid year. Just pay for a FA instead of using a trade chip to get a Marlon Byrd for 1 year.
  11. Agree. We can either spend or "do it like Tampa and Oakland." We do neither. We surely aren't doing it like TB or Oak. Do you think we would have traded away a Garza, Shields and maybe Price. No chance. Our farm system is horrible (not helped by the bad Bud Norris trade where we give up a .400 career OBP LF, a live young arm and a high draft pick) and the future in 16-17 looks a little rough. Not winning now and not planning for the future. No direction at all.
  12. Jemile Weeks as part of a deal to compete for 2B? Could be that extra player?
  13. I have a pub style hat signed by Chuck Thompson. I always remembered him wearing that particular style of hat and my grandfather had one as well. Chuck was signing at the local bank and my grandfather gave me his hat to get signed. An odd yet great piece since Chuck and my grandfather have long passed.
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