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  1. This makes me very nervous. I really hope Elias doesnt out smart himself. ☹️
  2. I believe they are changing it back to 15 days only for pichers next year. Also applies to minor league options. Batters will remain at 10 days for both.
  3. His first home run today was off of Eduardo Rodriguez.
  4. No blank check. I need to hear his plan and see him follow it immediately. I know it will be a few years to see results at the major league level, but i need to see the plan in motion...
  5. Not sure I understand the love for Cherrington. He did an absolutely horrible job in Boston. I want no part of him.
  6. I agree i would love to see Yaz called up! Why not?
  7. His hits have all be solid hits, either grounders to the of or line drives.
  8. This guys says the Yankees got a steal and didn't give up anything of value. i don't necessarily agree with him but thought I would share for anyone interested. https://www.nj.com/yankees/index.ssf/2018/07/why_yankees_trade_for_zach_britton_is_more_than_a.html
  9. This is a great post and I agree with most, but I wouldnt be so quick to get rid of DD. I would have a long coversation with him to understand his vision and philosophy before making any decisions on his future. If he shared my vision I would give him til the end of the year to prove himself, if he was even interested in staying. I would also want to talk with the mayor and governor to see if there were any ways we could work together to make a visit to the park as fan friendly and safe as possible. I went to the game Saturday and there were a bunch of things I would change to enhance the fan experience. Obviously the product on the field is the highest priority, but it will be a tough couple of years so need to get people to come to the games!
  10. Yuck. I want no part of Baez. Just more of the same - power with no OBP. Try to get Happ instead...
  11. I have no issues with that. I have no proof, but I highly doubt they did either one. Very frustrating. It goes back to the other thread. They seem to have no plan, they just react. You should not run a billion dollar investment that way. Not smart.
  12. Apples and oranges. The Yankees had much better teams, plus they are willing to spend the money to extend players. If the extension does not work the extra money is easily absorbed. That is not the case for us.
  13. I do not agree with this. The GM should be looking multiple years down the road and not just keeping their fingers crossed for the next season. Also, even though they made the playoffs the team had a ton of weaknesses that needed to be addressed. You also have to realize that there is NO WAY Britton could improve on the year he had in 2016 and get top value for him, especially after the return on Miller and Chapman and how much the teams used them in the playoffs. And if you are not extending Manny you have to trade him. Just to show I had these same thoughts back then here is one of a very few threads I started to discuss.
  14. Ha, a second too late. Story of my life!
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