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  1. Would Yankees have traded Mariano Rivera?

    We are not the Yankees. We cannot afford to pay $11M+ for a relief pitcher. I like Britton, but if we can get some top notch starting pitching prospects for him we have to trade him!
  2. I agree completely with this. Trading Gausman is not an option - you don't trade someone at their lowest point, but we can't continue to throw him out there to lose games we are winning 9-1 and 5-0. I am not sure if he has a mechanical problem, an injury, or a mental block when getting a lead. We have a shot to make the playoffs this year and we can't wait to find out. Move him to the pen and see if he can get his act together. He could be a force in the bullpen. In the meantime give his starts to Asher, Ynoa, or Wilson. If he does get his act together we can always put him back in the rotation like Ubaldo last year.
  3. Make your best offer to Chris Tillman

    I hear you, but I hope not. Bundy showed some really good stuff his first few starts. Really hoping he can be something special. I know with all the injuries it is asking alot but I think Bundy can be a #1.
  4. Make your best offer to Chris Tillman

    Am I the only one that isn't sold on Tillman? I don't think he is better than a #3, so I would offer him that kind of money. Our real hopes are in Gausman and Bundy. If they don't pan out we are in trouble.
  5. Buck Showalter Discusses Wild Card Criticism

    One thing I don't see mentioned is the roster construction. Why would you need 15 position players for one game??? That boggles my mind. Wouldn't you stack the roster with pitchers for this exact scenario? This is the American League, how many pinch hitters do you need for one game?
  6. Would you trade Machado?

    A lot of good discussion. Let me ask this - would you trade him this winter, next winter, or at the trade deadline in 2018? I personally think you do it now as you should be able to get more back and why delay the inevitable.
  7. Would you trade Machado?

    Nobody is really answering the question given the 2 assumptions. You have a good offer on the table. You KNOW that he will NOT re-sign. Do you trade him? Also, in addition, what kind of offer would it take to convince you to move him under those circumstances?
  8. Would you trade Machado?

    Before answering, please assume the following: We attempt to extend him this winter and cannot come to an agreement. There is a good offer on the table. I would be trying to trade both Britton and Machado this winter, assuming Machado wont take an extension and there are good offers for both. I would want major league ready players in return, or very close to major league ready. I am not trying to rebuild, but keep the winning going while also planning for the future. Britton will never have higher value and we would get more for Machado trading now then waiting til next year. Here is an idea from the Astros, I have no idea if this would interest them or not. Alex Bregman Lance McCullers 2 top 10 prospects And to be clear, I am asking what YOU would do, not what you think Angelos/DD will or will not do.
  9. Orioles inquired about Melvin Upton, Jr (BlueJays)

    I am intrigued by Scott. I hope it isn't him. Would be fine with Stewart. Not even sure who Murphy is, so I guess I would be fine with that too.
  10. Orioles inquired about Melvin Upton, Jr (BlueJays)

    Hey weams. In your opinion, who do you think the orioles will send with Ubaldo? I am hoping nobody too good...
  11. I am not an expert by any means, but I like this pick.
  12. Let's get Upton AND Gordon

    I saw this on MLBTR, but it is the writers opinion based on what Roch reported. Not actually a comment from Roch. I tend to agree with him, but not directly said by Roch. "Also per Kubatko (tweet), Duquette will use some of the money budgeted for Davis on other players. However, the club probably will not spend all of it this winter. To me, that seems to rule out a pursuit of Justin Upton or Alex Gordon."
  13. 5 Reasons Why Signing Jason Heyward Makes Sense

    Good to know weams. I thought I was the only one!
  14. 5 Reasons Why Signing Jason Heyward Makes Sense

    I don't understand all the love for Heyward. I mean he is a good ball player, but no way I would give him the years and money being suggested here. He has ok stats, 10-15 HR, 20 SB, .350 OBP, but has not had an OPS over .800 since 2012. Is this the kind of player that is really worth $20M+ per year for 10 years?
  15. Orioles Fans Who aren't Ravens or Terps fans

    I was born in Baltimore, but moved to NJ when I was 4 years old. My father was a diehard fan of the Orioles, so I ended up following them as well. I am also a Caps fan. Since there was no football team in Baltimore at the time, my dad did not really follow anyone (he hated the Redskins). I loved the Bears in 1985, but decided I should follow a local team so I could watch them play every week, so I gravitated towards the Giants. And although my dad was always a Terps fan, I feel no allegiance to them. I went to Rutgers, so follow them, even though they have never been that great. So not sure how me not being a local sports fan would taint my absolute love for the Orioles. I used to have my grandmother send me the sports section of the Sun so I could see what was going on (before the internet). I used to be able to get 1090 on a clear night if I was lucky. I still remember listening to Steve Finely getting thrown out at the plate against the Blue Jays in 1989. What a heartbreaker. Pretty much the only games I ever saw were against the Yankees, which grew my hatred for them. I was so grateful when ESPN started showing MLB games cuz I got to see more Orioles game. I think not being a local fan demands you to be an even more die hard, especially before the internet or extra innings. Also, when I wear my Orioles shirts I don't get high fives from people but weird looks and questions as to why I would like them? It stinks that I only get to go to games maybe once a year if I am lucky. Trust me, there is no one more die hard than me about the Orioles!