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  1. TT: Predicting the Opening Day Roster

    Your projection requires that the following players be added to the 40-man roster: Colby Rasmus Danny Valencia Craig Gentry Pedro Alvarez With Britton on the 60 Day DL, there are currently 40 players on the team roster. Your projected active roster drops Jose Mesa Jr. That would mean that, assuming that neither Ynoa nor Trumbo is placed on the 60 Day DL, 3 players would have to be removed from the 40-man roster. Who are your candidates for removal from the 40-man roster? P.S. Neither Rodriquez nor Edgin are on the 40-man roster and, I believe, both are out of options
  2. Updated charts (see opening posts per links below) for Bundy's contract as reported by ESPN. The Opening Day Payroll (ODP) projection is now $138.84M. Last year's ODP was $164.3M 2018 Opening Day Payroll Chart 2018 $ Left to Spend Chart AL East Payrolls Chart
  3. Not for Opening Day Payroll. And, how do you project a team"s budget? Who sets the budget? Is the budget a maximum spending number or both a minimum and maximum spending number.? Is the budget firm or flexible? To me, In a vacuum (sans comparison to competing teams), team payroll figures have no value. It may be of value to publish year-end total payroll figures for each team. Perhaps, if I (or you) get enough "urging" from board posters here, one of us will undertake that effort.
  4. My projection is reflective of the Opening Day Payroll (ODP) which does not account for incentives. To match last year's ODP, the O's have $28.3M left to spend.
  5. Your gut may be prescient, but many on this board will then have their bowels in an uproar Even if the the O's make no further major league contract signings, they may add one or more of their minor league signees to the active roster at major league $(M).
  6. Updated charts (see opening posts) for Tillman's signing. The Opening Day Payroll (ODP) projection is now $136.04M. Last year's ODP was $164.3M 2018 Opening Day Payroll Chart 2018 $ Left to Spend Chart AL East Payrolls Chart
  7. Thank you, Frobby, for being the Bridge Over Troubled Water, the Purveyor of Fact, and the Pillar of Patience.
  8. from the MLB CBA ...Deferred compensation obligations incurred in a Contract executed on or after September 30, 2002 must be fully funded by theClub, in an amount equal to the present value of the total deferred compensation obligation, on or before the second July 1 following the championship season in which the deferred compensation is earned. For purposes of this Article XVI, full of the present value of deferred compensation obligations shall mean that the Club must have funded, for the duration of and without interruption in each year, the current present value of the then outstanding deferred payments, discounted by 5% annually. If the prime interest rate in effect at The J.P. Morgan Chase Bank on the immediately preceding November 1 is 7% or higher, the Parties shall meet and confer regarding this Article XVI discount rate and may, with due notice to the Clubs, amend such discount rate effective the next succeeding July 1. ...a Club may fund deferred compensation obligations in such manner as it elects, provided that: (a) the funding method used by the Club must be such that the amount(s) funded are exclusively for the uses and purposes of satisfying the deferred compensation obligation(s) being funded; (b)the amount(s) funded are maintained in the form of unencumbered assets comprising cash or cash equivalents and/or registered and unrestricted readily marketable securities, unless a Club obtains the Parties’ prior written authorization of an alternative form; and (c) such amount(s) funded are subject to the claims of the Club’s general creditors. Each Club shall certify quarterly to the Office of the Commissioner by January 31, April 30, July 31, and October 31 of each year (and the Office of the Commissioner shall provide such certifications to the Association within 30 days of their receipt) the manner in which its deferred compensation obligations that were required to be funded by the immediately preceding July 1 have been funded. In addition, upon each quarterly certification, each Club shall provide to the Office of the Commissioner all records relating to its deferred compensation funding arrangements, and the Office of the Commissioner shall supply any such records to the Association upon request. ===================================================================================================================================================== Hey guys -- as I stated in my opening post (as quoted above), I want to be able to easily compare the O's opening day payroll to that of the O's for previous years and to that of other teams. If you have different motives and prefer your calculations to those of the major websites -- be my guest. However, if you don't mind, I would appreciate it if you would please support your posts with facts, sources, comparisons to other teams and a justification as to why your calculations result in a total more universally useful than mine. Thanks
  9. As to salary deferrals, please read my explanation in the opening post. Per the MLB Collective Bargaining Agreement, deferred salaries are counted in the team payroll for the luxury tax computation (and other purposes) and must be escrowed before July of the following season. The reported 1st year deferral for Cashner is $3M.
  10. Updated charts (see opening posts) for Cashner's signing. The Opening Day Payroll (ODP) projection is now $134.13M. Last year's ODP was $164.3M 2018 Opening Day Payroll Chart 2018 $ Left to Spend Chart AL East Payrolls Chart
  11. Updated charts for Gausman's arbitration settlement. All arbitration eligible players are now signed for 2018. The Opening Day Payroll (ODP) projection is now $126.13M. Last year's ODP was $164.3M 2018 Opening Day Payroll Chart
  12. Updated charts for Schoop contract.
  13. Last year's opening day payroll was $164.3M Scenario Projected $(M) $ Left to Spend (M) No Change 164.3 30.2 MLB Average Increase 172.4 38.2 O's Average Increase 188.1 54.0 Same Delta as 2017 182.0 47.9 10% Delta 180.7 46.6 20% Delta 197.2 63.0 30% Delta 213.6 79.5
  14. Updated the projected payroll chart for today's 5 arbitration settlements
  15. Dictionary definitions: contend -- to compete with a good chance of winning competitive -- as good as or better than others of a comparable nature Peter Schmuck has repeatedly claimed that Dan Duquette's stated objective is to be competitive every year (however, I cannot find a supporting quote). If I discount the 2015/.500 season, the team has contended and been competitive in 4 of Duquette's 6 years.