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  1. How many times does an effective pitcher throw the pitch within 1 baseball's distance of his target? Christy Mathewson practiced doing that. When he was successful at doing it in games, he was praised for his "command". Watch the Oriole pitchers during the game and count how many times they are "successful at hitting their target". As to command, if a pitcher is ineffective, it could be blamed: on the "metrics" for bad targeting based on count and batter's strength/weaknesses and/or on the catcher for placing the wrong target and/or the pitcher's inability to "consistently hit his target" I'm betting the latter Few major league hitters are consistently overpowered by velocity or an "unusual" pitch. Athletic pitchers should be able to improve their command by effective practice techniques. So, the Orioles' current conglomeration of pitchers: is insufficiently athletic to benefit from practice regimens or the practice regimens are ineffective at or insufficient to improving their ability to command a pitch I'm betting on the latter. Can any of the Orioles Hangout staff provide their observations on the pitching practice regimens?
  2. You have to remove all "formatting" before copying/pasting -- best to prepare it in "plain text".
  3. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/07/an-underrated-waiver-pickup.html
  4. Here's my solution to the "competitive balance" issue: Universal and equal MLB minimum and maximum team payrolls. Institution of an international "amateur" player draft with rules patterned after the Rule 4 player draft. For domestic amateur and all international players, all "academies", scouting and evaluation data managed by the MLB with data and reports distributed to teams equally. Unionization of minor league players with the requirement that MLB negotiate with the union in good faith. Maintain existing revenue sharing and competitive balance draft pick awards (perhaps, with adjustments). ============================================================================== Payroll computation includes all players on the 40-man roster (with daily substitution allowance for those players on the 60 day IL). Payroll includes all salaries, bonuses, "incentives" and deferrals. These limits apply from from day 1 of the regular season through the completion of the World Series. Violation would require current season forfeiture,ineligibilty for the Rule 5 draft and in the following year, the loss of first 10 picks in the Rule 4 draft and zero $ for the international signing pool allocation.
  5. In my example, at that moment in the game, the score was Rays 2 to Orioles 1
  6. Brandon Hyde certainly disdains the intentional base-on-balls strategy. Through games of 7/1/19, number of IBB's issued: Orioles 3 Yankees 5 Red Sox 14 Blue Jays 17 Rays 19 EX: In tonight's game, as a "1st guess", in the Rays' 6th inning, I would have intentionally walked Garcia to load the bases and brought in Fry to face Kevin Kiermaier.
  7. I posted this on 12/1/17 when the O's first acquired Wojciechowski (and it's still true): ====================================================================================== If and when Asher Wojciechowski makes the Orioles active roster, he will set the record for the modern day Oriole with the longest surname. His 13 letter surname will edge out the current leader -- Arnie Portocarrero -- 12 letters
  8. https://www.baseball-reference.com/leagues/MLB/2014-starter-pitching.shtml https://www.baseball-reference.com/leagues/MLB/2019-starter-pitching.shtml RA/G = average runs allowed per game by starting pitchers IP/GS = average innings pitched per game started 2014 Orioles RA/G = 3.66 IP/GS = 5.9 2014 American League RA/G = 4.07 IP/GS = 6.0 2019 Orioles RA/G = 6.33 IP/GS = 4.8 2019 American League RA/G = 4.79 IP/GS = 5.3
  9. This says it all for me: https://tht.fangraphs.com/tht-live/remembering-gus-triandos/
  10. https://www.rosterresource.com/mlb-baltimore-orioles Per Roster Resource, Dwight Smith has 1 option remaining.
  11. Thanks for your response. You are the embodiment of an Orioles fan (fanatic). 😃 I appreciate your devotion to the O's and your contributions to my entertainment on this board.
  12. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/immoral immoral[ ih-mawr-uhl, ih-mor- ] adjective 1. violating moral principles; not conforming to the patterns of conduct usually accepted or established as consistent with principles of personal and social ethics. 2. licentious or lascivious. ==================================================================================== Really? atomic name; message board participant identifier 1. Over-the-top 😁
  13. Predecessor of St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Browns 1897 29-102-2 .221 St. Louis Browns 1898 39-111-4 .260 Predecessor of Oakland Athletics Philadelphia Athletics 1915 43-109-2 .283 Philadelphia Athletics 1916 36-117-1 .235 Philadelphia Athletics 1919 36-104-0 .257 Philadelphia Athletics 1920 48-106-2 .312 Predecessor of Minnesota Twins Washington Senators 1903 43-94-3 .314 Washington Senators 1904 38-113-6 .252
  14. OK -- your source was current; mine was not. The rule was modified as of 2019. Thanks https://registration.mlbpa.org/pdf/MajorLeagueRules.pdf Per Rule 10(c): (3) Assignment of Player. If a waiver claim is made, the contract shall be assigned in the following manner: (A) If only one claim is entered, assignment shall be made to that claiming Club. (B) If more than one Club makes a claim, assignment shall be to the Club with the lowest winning percentage among the claiming Clubs, without regard to the League of the claiming Clubs. During the first 30 days of a championship season (as determined by the date of the first game scheduled for either Major League in that season, excluding international openers), percentages of games won at the close of the preceding championship season, without regard to post-season results, shall be used instead of the current championship season percentages of games won. At all other times during the championship season, percentages of games won shall be based on the result of play through the date prior to the expiration of the claiming period. During the off-season, the final percentages of games won at the close of the last preceding championship season shall control, without regard to post-season results. If two or more claiming Clubs are tied with the lowest percentage of games won, the Commissioner or the Commissioner’s designee shall make the award (i) to the tied Club that is in the same League as the Club making the waiver request; or, (ii) if the tied Clubs are in the same League, then to the tied Club with the lower percentage of games won at the close of the prior championship season, without regard to post-season results. If the tied Clubs had an identical percentage of games won at the close of the preceding championship season, the award shall be made to the tied Club with the lower percentage of games won in the next prior championship season, without regard to post-season results, with any remaining ties resolved by continuing to examine the tied Clubs’ respective championship season winning percentages in each preceding prior year, until the tie is broken
  15. Per Rob Neyer, here are the rules on "waiver priority": "....If the club doesn't withdraw the waiver request, the player's contract is assigned in the following manner: (A) If only one claim is entered, the player's contract is assigned to that claiming club. (B) If more than one club in the same league makes claims, the club currently lower in the standings gets the player. (C) If clubs in both leagues claim the player, preference shall always go to the club in the same league as the club requesting waivers. There are other, more esoteric rules involved here. For example, during the first 30 days of the season, the previous season's final standings are used to determine claim order, rather than the current standings....." http://assets.espn.go.com/mlb/s/transanctionsprimer.html
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