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  1. But celery takes more calories to digest than it supplies. Same thing with team speed...
  2. So do I. With Blu Chase and Wings. Hot ones.
  3. My wife agrees with you. But to me that is like saying celery is our only caloric source.
  4. They hired a real catcher.
  5. I;ve heard it guessed that the Orioles will DFA Severino and look to outright him.
  6. Or you could look at the value of stolen bases and decide not to.
  7. Not at all. Are they signing multiple injury guys?
  8. weams

    They All Break

    Tillman never had a ulnar collateral injury
  9. weams

    They All Break

    Cobb out with groin injury.
  10. Thumb snapped back according to Dan Connolly. What injured player comp long term deal would you all offer now?
  11. Peterson does not need DFA or sneaking as he is on a minor league contract this year.
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