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  1. weams

    ATTN: 2 P.M. AMA (Ask Mike Anything)

    As a staff member, I apologizes for your losses.
  2. weams

    ATTN: 2 P.M. AMA (Ask Mike Anything)

    We normally reserve downvotes here for trolling, attacking, or untrue statements. Personal attacks on posters or about players or management usually qualify. I get close when talking Don Hart.
  3. weams

    ATTN: 2 P.M. AMA (Ask Mike Anything)

    36 next month. It's been a hard life.
  4. Yeah! It's like the team has been sold! They could turn out to be good or bad. We don't know!
  5. weams

    Competitive Balance Draft Picks 2019

    Some say we should have.
  6. weams

    Reminder - Elias Presser Today at 11 am

    People laugh at me for alluding to Buck hiring Dan (which he definitely did not) but he INTERVIEWED him for goodness sake. You can't do that. Nor can you do the Flanabeatty Or Duquettagan. It just does not work. In business or in baseball. It only works for an ownership that is interested in securing information and decision making pathways for control. I've seen it. I've worked it. It's wrong.
  7. weams

    Reminder - Elias Presser Today at 11 am

    I will tell you, having watched Brady with the child fans at spring training, you would be hard pressed to find a better role model for athletic interaction.
  8. weams

    Brand New Grandfather =)

  9. I do not believe Cervenka would be drafted or be able to tick this season.
  10. How old is Grayson Rodriguez. Or D.L. Or Gilbert Machado!