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  1. I, unlike Frobby, always liked Parker
  2. 1.5 WHIP
  3. Beat the Red Sox. In Fenway. Two homers though.
  4. Beat the Red Sox. In Fenway. Two homers though.
  5. We love Dodger Stadium.
  6. Not unique at all. Unique to ever pitch well again after it. That's for sure...
  7. Well the bases loaded K looked fine. ~d thinks he may have texted Matt.
  8. Tony always liked him. I think he had a personal issue while with the Orioles and later the White Sox. He was young.
  9. I'm sure his friends and family give him that. He's not a professional MLB player to get the fan adoration, unfortunately. But then, that's not really love.
  10. Who gave you an infraction for saying that players should not be called Trash or Garbage?

    1. maybenxtyr


      I'm not sure. I lost my cool with the poster, so I deserves it.

  11. Four Strike Outs in a row and 93 MPH fastball for Tillman!
  12. But they kept O'Day. Vet.
  13. Yeah. Hate Crimes too. I don't consider Miggy Cabrera an awful piece of trash, because of the alcoholism. But I probably should.
  14. Front Page HHP
  15. No ball players are trash unless they are murderers, paedophiles, or wife beaters. And there is always one more year. Isn't there?