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  1. Yes you could have. About 50 K Before you put him through waivers though.
  2. Ok. Enough politics for tonight.
  3. I agree.
  4. I would think.
  5. Secret. Monkey. Weekend.
  6. Atlanta has really stocked up on former Os. Good breeding. I guess.
  7. You know what Donaldson tells the kids. "Don't listen to your coaches or parents. Don't swing down at the ball to make contact. They don't pay you to hit singles. Put a little uppercut in that swing and give it a leg kick. That's where the money is. "
  8. Yeah, it's still early, maybe he'll warm up at the end of the spring like Nolan did last year to save his spot.
  9. Ah. Yes. Well, Jake had a high ceiling.
  10. I guess. It's not like he was looking as bad as Arrieta used to.
  11. It's a miracle. He also regained his home run stroke. Big hitter. Long.
  12. I would not venture a guess. Other than being given away, sent to the minors, and in a different organization with different trainers and different influences. And being forces to fight for his MLB life. Who knows how he accomplished what he has.
  13. I guess Garcia was not looking so good.
  14. Jason Garcia in to pitch. Hitting 95 on this gun. Polonco grounds a base hit.