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  1. We get Tim Beckham...and its a good pick up

    There is no such thing as a pitching prospect. And they all break.
  2. Nick Delmonico Making His MLB Debut Tonight

    https://www.southsidesox.com/minors/2017/5/21/15670696/after-stepping-back-nicky-delmonico-one-step-away "I went to a dark place," he said. "Not many people knew I was prescribed this medicine, the troubles it was causing me. I had to get to a point where I needed to get help, I needed to get back to being who I was." The Brewers placed Delmonico on the team's restricted list. He had had enough — he knew he needed help. Delmonico asked for and was granted his release from the Brewers. Milwaukee farm director Reid Nichols said at the time, "With all the maintenance, we didn't feel like he was a major-league prospect. So, the work wasn't worth it. It was too much to deal with. There was a lot going on there."
  3. Sign him.

    And you can sign him back in a YEAR!
  4. Sign him.

    Think out what a haul he will bring now!
  5. They All Break

    Porcello out?
  6. They All Break

    Price done. Lester Out.
  7. Santander

  8. Santander

    Dan Connolly
  9. Name them all

    On a side note... https://twitter.com/realbenmcdonald/status/898678036186316800
  10. Toronto came back like we did the other day. And then they really lost.
  11. Going to Game Tomorrow Night - Have Question

    Who do you think codgered you?
  12. https://twitter.com/VictorRojas/status/898658526666539009
  13. Santander

    The Pitcher could use the defense. Plenty of offense in that lineup.