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  1. Just take them off the 40 man now then I guess.
  2. Why would you leave a pitcher on the 40 man and NOT call him up at this point? http://m.mlb.com/bal/roster/40-man
  3. I know PayPal works if that is an option. Thanks in advance.
  4. I like both of those sites myself. I'd be very disappointed if today's "modern front office" only had the data supplied by this quasi crowd sourced projects. I suspect that the real data won't be in our hands to play with until it too is outmoded.
  5. Because he hits so much.
  6. Three long years. I wonder if he will actually have a physical altercation by the end of it?
  7. I believe that he was not just lax in his paperwork. Unsupported.
  8. Ok. Did he have a prescription? Or was he just getting it?
  9. Also, regarding the PEDs. He had been caught before and was therefore on the testing protocol.
  10. I remember reading that he had not been involved with the Orioles the last two offseasons regarding nutrition, training plans, or workout and hitting drill coordination. But you are right. As I wrote the post it was unsupported. I retract without edit.
  11. They crush the Adderall. It is a very powerful PED. It also has good uses for youth with ADD.
  12. He also was not a poster child for Scott Boras at a battleground point in the union's stagnation in free agent values.
  13. Let's be real. He has lied about his workouts offseason now several years in a row. He was suspended for PED use when the Oriole were deep in the playoffs. This is not a good dude or a useful one.
  14. On another note, the Orioles have retained the right to appeal this ruling.
  15. Three runs and the loss today.
  16. I'll piggy back that. But third or fourth inning.
  17. And it will make your face like Josh Hader's. I'm certain Jill's not for that.
  18. That's hard to detect.
  19. Deca-durabolin, Testosterone, and Winstrol would work.
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