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  1. OPs ESPN link has ranking archives going back to 2011. O's top 10 then: 1. Manny 2. Xavier Avery 3. Joe Mahoney 4. Ryan Adams 5. LJ Hoes 6. Dan Klein 7. Schoop 8. Givens 9. Brandon Snyder 10. Wynn Pelzer Not sure what I'd expect from a retrospective top 10 at any given point, but I think it's more than this. Maybe the one generational talent in the bunch is enough.
  2. Open in incognito/private window. EDIT: Oops, doesn't work with Balt Sun. Does with many other sites.
  3. Apologies if someone already did this, but I went over the schedule to see whether there was a single stretch of any 10 games with a winning record. There was one - the team went 6-4 from May 9-19 (doesn't fall into the ten game sets counting from opening day). That high point of the season was fueled by their 4 game winning streak May 9-12. Counting the green Ws among a red sea of Ls was possibly the worst 5 minutes of my own personal season. There was the single 4 game win streak, two 3 game streaks, and five two game streaks. Yes, that's a season grand total of EIGHT winning streaks greater than one game thru 9/17. That's just historically brutal. Worse than Cleveland in '17, Mondale in '84, or even Caesar in 44. On the losing side were streaks of 4 games (2), 5 (3), 6 (3), 7 (3), 8 (1), and 9 (1). Guess a nice 10 gamer vs NY, BOS, and HOU would round out this list, this thread, and the 2018 season quite appropriately.
  4. There's also the PR nightmare scenario where the team eats the contract and Davis goes on to find a moderate (or stunning) resurgence with another team. Currently, the team has only made one enormous miscalculation and a large portion of blame has fallen on the player. The money is spent either way, does the downside of blocking a prospect outweigh the risk of royally and very publicly screwing the proverbial pooch *AGAIN*? Laughingstock wouldn't begin to describe it. Not advocating any particular approach, just sayin...
  5. Yes, plus the team will be facing the small matters of cratering attendance for the (hopefully only) near future, abysmal TV ratings, and the inevitable ingestion of a certain 1st baseman's contract. Have to clean some house before the rebuild begins in earnest.
  6. Random fact - Ian Happ and Austin Hays were teammates and housemates in the Cape Cod league a couple of summers ago. * Source - vague recollection of TV segment on Cape league. ** Use of the word "fact" in no way implies that this is factually correct, rather only that I believe it to be true. As has been the case so many times in my marriage - and in my last marriage - differentiating "facts" from "things I believe" can only be achieved by people other than myself.
  7. And, barring the literal end of the world, at a time when they might remotely matter.
  8. I was under the impression that Peter hasn't been involved in day-to-day operations for years. Though it seems clear that PA retains veto authority, John has been the de facto owner for some time. Just my view from the cheap seats, I could be wrong.
  9. http://people.com/archive/a-painful-childhood-behind-him-houston-astro-glenn-davis-only-slugs-baseballs-now-vol-26-no-8/ (1986 article) Backs up what you say about his childhood. Also says he straightened up a bit when he moved in with a foster family. I had forgotten that he grew up practically Brothers with storm Davis. Then he met and married his wife while playing in double-a and he sounds like he turned his life around. Source for fight with Os manager?
  10. Glenn Davis is a born-again Christian. Doesn't drink, doesn't fight. He was out with teammates after a game, tried to remove one of them from a bad situation, and was suckerpunched from behind by a bouncer and had his jaw broken. None of this means he wasn't a bad person, but this is in no way evidence that he was one. He suffered through an incredibly medically rare nerve injury and got Bucknered out of Baltimore through little/no fault of his own. His name is rightfully a groan-inducing reminder of the worst trade in O's history, but let's cut the guy a break unless we actually know something damning. I don't post much here, but this has to be my 3rd or 4th time adding this perspective to this story. Not sure why I feel so compelled to defend the guy. Probably those unresolved daddy issues cropping up again.
  11. Surely he'll need 3-4 MiL starts to get into game shape. There's a reason for those 5 weeks of spring training games.
  12. Bias or not, it confirms that Buck's defense-first approach has merit. Gentry may be challenged at the plate, but he effectively hit a solo HR with a leather glove.
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