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  1. beervendor

    Could the leader we desperately need already be here?

    I was under the impression that Peter hasn't been involved in day-to-day operations for years. Though it seems clear that PA retains veto authority, John has been the de facto owner for some time. Just my view from the cheap seats, I could be wrong.
  2. beervendor

    Glenn Davis or Chris Davis?

    http://people.com/archive/a-painful-childhood-behind-him-houston-astro-glenn-davis-only-slugs-baseballs-now-vol-26-no-8/ (1986 article) Backs up what you say about his childhood. Also says he straightened up a bit when he moved in with a foster family. I had forgotten that he grew up practically Brothers with storm Davis. Then he met and married his wife while playing in double-a and he sounds like he turned his life around. Source for fight with Os manager?
  3. beervendor

    Glenn Davis or Chris Davis?

    Glenn Davis is a born-again Christian. Doesn't drink, doesn't fight. He was out with teammates after a game, tried to remove one of them from a bad situation, and was suckerpunched from behind by a bouncer and had his jaw broken. None of this means he wasn't a bad person, but this is in no way evidence that he was one. He suffered through an incredibly medically rare nerve injury and got Bucknered out of Baltimore through little/no fault of his own. His name is rightfully a groan-inducing reminder of the worst trade in O's history, but let's cut the guy a break unless we actually know something damning. I don't post much here, but this has to be my 3rd or 4th time adding this perspective to this story. Not sure why I feel so compelled to defend the guy. Probably those unresolved daddy issues cropping up again.
  4. beervendor

    Who's Coming Up Next?

    Wright for long man!
  5. beervendor

    Why Schedule Weekend Night Games This Early?

    Especially vs Final Four, right?
  6. beervendor

    Why Schedule Weekend Night Games This Early?

    Two words: T.V.
  7. beervendor

    Cobb Pitching Schedule?

    Surely he'll need 3-4 MiL starts to get into game shape. There's a reason for those 5 weeks of spring training games.
  8. beervendor

    Gentry's Catch-Sportscenter

    Bias or not, it confirms that Buck's defense-first approach has merit. Gentry may be challenged at the plate, but he effectively hit a solo HR with a leather glove.
  9. beervendor

    Cobb Pitching Schedule?

    You mean the date O's need a #5, or is that info regarding a start in Bowie?
  10. beervendor

    Cobb Pitching Schedule?

    Wouldn't mind seeing our shiny new toy tuning up in Bowie. Haven't seen anything announced - any idea when he'll pitch?
  11. beervendor

    2019 Oriole Life after Buck

    This offseason in the AL East notwithstanding.
  12. beervendor

    2019 Oriole Life after Buck

    Buck has often heaped praise on Ron Johnson throughout his time here. That said, I'd have to agree that Russell is the next manager-in-waiting.
  13. beervendor

    The Business side of signing Cobb

    Cobb's clearly not going to sell 280,000 tickets himself, but his presence - on paper, and in many of our hearts - turns us from a 4-th/5-th place team to at least contending for a WC. Simply being in contention late into the season has to be worth 5-10k per night over 24 Aug/Sep home dates. That's 120k-240k ($6-12MM using your $50/fan assumption). Also, his $14MM salary is incremental over the player he replaces. Now Cortez' (Cortez's?) league minimum is negligible, but he may have saved us signing some other hypothetical FA. Lots of conjecture, but if all goes well he could come pretty close to paying for himself. Not that that's the goal, of course. What number goes on the back of all those new "COBB" jerseys? (#53 in TB - that clearly won't fly here)
  14. These sorts of surveys are meant to compare prices across ballparks, not to represent what a family might routinely spend. A budget minded parent can easily enjoy a night at the Yard without breaking the bank. Even easier now with the free kids' (9 & under IIRC) tickets promo! Anyone might fairly believe Port Discovery, the zoo, or Dutch Wonderland a better value, just not me.
  15. beervendor

    Opening Day tickets are available

    Gone now, but good looking out.