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  1. glenn__davis

    Zach Britton is changing his name!

    As a fellow Carroll Countian (and North Carroll Countian at that!) how could you even joke about such a thing?
  2. glenn__davis

    The Better Than You Remember Thread

    Eric Davis was my favorite player as a kid, dating back to his Reds days. I was so excited when we got him, but I too don't remember him being THAT good for us. Maybe the best pure athlete I've seen in the Not Bo Jackson division. Stinks that he couldn't stay healthy. This was my favorite card of him as a kid - "Mr. Universe."
  3. glenn__davis

    Fanfest 2019 update.

    So I feel like I've asked this before but honestly can't remember the answer, how good of an event is this for kids? It seems like they do a lot of kid-targeted things, is everything pretty clearly marked and communicated where the kids events are? I'm interested in bringing my 3 down, I just want to make sure it's worth their while.
  4. From a parenting standpoint, going to be a tough few years. I'll try to explain to my youngsters a little bit about what "rebuilding" is and why we need it, but they won't get it and most of all they'll just recognize that the team stinks. So I'll do what I always do and find the positives - short lines at the concessions, easy entrance and exit to the park, many appearances on the Jumbotron with the kids.
  5. glenn__davis

    Bundy is Broken

    Yeah - wasn't it like, exactly the opposite the year before? I could be misremembering. What a strange case Bundy is. Even when he's not pitching well he still tends to get lots of swinging strikes and K's. But those homers, goodness (or mercy, as Gary would say). I think I at this point you hope that he can turn into a 3/4 moving forward and hope that he can gain some consistency.
  6. glenn__davis

    Rank the #1 Draft Disappointments

    Rowell for me, because Hobgood at least has the excuse of being injured. Rowell just wasn't good.
  7. glenn__davis

    M*A*S*H - TV show - Filming location in CA.

    I just watched that one last night actually. Alda is terrific in that one. Honestly I like all of the characters. They all do their part to make the show funny.
  8. glenn__davis

    A look back: top 10 prospects from 2011

    I follow the minors extremely closely and have been for about 10 years, and I have never in my life heard of Wynn Pelzer.
  9. glenn__davis

    M*A*S*H - TV show - Filming location in CA.

    Love M*A*S*H. Used to hate it when my Dad would watch it as a kid, until I got old enough to get the jokes. Have loved it for years now though, I've seen all the episodes multiple times and still watch it whenever I find it on TV. Shame about the location being destroyed.
  10. glenn__davis

    Cody Carroll - RHP - 2018 #26 Prospect

    He definitely didn't do anything to change my opinion of not being excited by minor league relievers.
  11. glenn__davis

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Ravens games had a ton of empty seats last year. It was a major topic of sports conversation around the area. I don't know how they've done in their home games so far this year. The danger or perception of danger in Baltimore city is an issue. We can debate how big of an issue it is all we want but there is no question that some people don't feel safe or comfortable going into the city. For Opening Day/playoffs/etc there are bigger crowds, more security, and people generally feel safer.
  12. glenn__davis

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    It's like rain...on your wedding day.
  13. glenn__davis

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    I think it very much does to some people, and very much does not to others. I haven't seen any indication from Mesa or his representatives one way or the other, but finding the truth from the source itself seems to be an outdated model of information gathering these days.
  14. glenn__davis

    Things I believe the majority of our posters agree on...

    I'd make the following comments regarding the above... Regarding Brady, I know it's been popular to blame him for much of the troubles, but I think he's taken an unjustifiable amount of criticism. He strikes me as an extremely bright guy who has the ability to analyze his faults and learn on the job. Without question, though, his role needs to be more defined, he can't just be allowed to be this hybrid strength/conditioning/Co-GM type. Your 2nd bullet point certainly I agree with, but I would agree with that every year. I don't see why it would be any more important to have good drafts in the coming years than in every other year.
  15. glenn__davis

    Final series of the season. Will you be there?

    I really want to get out there with the family once more, unfortunately we have something going literally every day so I just don't think we're going be able to make it. Which makes me sad. Bad baseball is better than no baseball, though this year of all years certainly put that notion to the test. I'll be counting down the days to Opening Day 2019 very soon.