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  1. Yeah, that's kind of along the line of what I was asking earlier. Obviously we still don't have much data on it, but I'm curious how your average senior sign does. I just have no way to easily research that.
  2. Mancini left after his junior year.
  3. Does anyone have any idea of who the "best" senior sign has been from the new slotting system? I feel like we've done pretty well with them - Wynns and Wilkerson have both worked their way through the system, and while neither seems likely to be a starter they both seem to potential reserves. And Breazeale and McCoy are off to good starts, though they admittedly should be at Aberdeen. Just curious how the O's stack up on these guys in comparison to other organizations, but that seems like way too much legwork for me
  4. I'd guess that the Oriole player is Lucas Long. But I don't know other teams' prospects enough to have any idea who the other guy would be.
  5. Release Ubaldo. Love him as a person, but it's astounding to me that he's still starting games for us. Bring up Lucas Long. No idea what the organization thinks of him but he's put up good numbers at AA this year. Maybe he can have a Chris Waters/Travis Driskill/Dave Borkowksi-like run.
  6. WHIP of 2 at age 22 in the GCL? Bust
  7. I don't think you're wrong. I just don't think I'm wrong either
  8. The rules state that not only must the league rule that the officials erred, but that the disputed action affected the outcome of the game. I think in this case, you would say that the Yankees did not score that inning, and thus there is no way to say this directly affected the outcome of the game. Obviously that is a slippery slope, but I do believe the protest would have a better chance of being upheld if the Yankees had scored that inning and went on to win the game.
  9. "Dylan, we value you greatly, but for the good of the organization we've decided to include you in a trade." "I understand. While I've enjoyed my time here, pitching at Camden Yards can be a struggle, so perhaps leaving such a hitter-friendly environment could help my career. Where am I going to?" "Colorado." "..."
  10. I remember our local radio station, WTTR in Westminster, would have a hotline that you could call in the morning to get the score of last night's O's games. That's how we got the results of the west coast games. And probably most of us remember calling a line to get the time, since pre-computer if your clock stopped there really was no way to check it.
  11. SeaBird, always faithful to defend the Yankees The protest will fail because a) protests pretty much always fail (only 1 upheld since 1986) and b) ultimately the play would not be determined to have a direct outcome of the game, as the Yankees did not score that inning. If they had scored and had won the game, I think that would have been very interesting, because intentional or not that was obviously interference.
  12. Again, Hays skipped Delmarva this year, started in Frederick, and has been in Bowie for around a month. Let him get settled in Bowie and finish the year there, it's already been a whirlwind year for him.
  13. Hays was just in Aberdeen last summer. He's had a fantastic season but he's barely been in Bowie a month. Let him finish the season there and come to ST next spring looking to earn a job. I agree he'd probably be an upgrade over what we have now, but I'm more concerned about him developing properly than I am about improving the ML club at this point. Yaz is one streaky hitter, he's been pretty nondescript the past few seasons both at Norfolk and Bowie so i don't think it's just a Harbor Park thing for him. But he does go on a roll when he's hot. He's 26 at this point. I have no worries about losing him, so sure, bring him up. The PR would be fun if nothing else. Long probably is the most intriguing to me, only because I'd rather see anyone other than Miley and Jimenez pitch right now. So sure, bring up Long. Find Willis Roberts wherever he is nowadays. Find Jose Mesa. Or Jeff Ballard. Or anyone other than Miley and Jimenez. But yeah, I'd like to see Long get a shot at this point, he can't do any worse.
  14. Man, he has just killed us this year. I know closers are going to blow games, but just some of his "highlights"... Being the final guy who blew the 9-1 lead to the Yankees. He obviously had some help on that one, but that was a killer. The blown save to the Rays a few weeks back where we actually had a decent road trip and came home with a little momenum, and he blows a game with 2 outs and none on by walking a guy and then balking him over. Tonight's game where the team battles back from an 8-0 lead, and he immediately gives it up. Just awful losses, and he was directly responsible for all of them. I know we're spoiled with Britton, but this is definitely an argument against the "anyone can be a closer" argument.
  15. LOL. Well I'm glad they're not getting carried away or anything