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  1. Orioles 2017 Top 30 Prospects

    Yes, good catch. He wasn't drafted (international player) which is why I didn't catch him.
  2. Orioles 2017 Top 30 Prospects

    Yeah. I'm not worried about relievers Not trying to convince anyone, just show some light, not that we don't already know it, about how horrifically bad we are at this. In all seriousness if my son were to be drafted by the Orioles I'd be both elated and very cautious about the instruction he's going to receive, and I am a bit curious if that reputation at all affects their relationship with pitchers they've drafted (i.e. Sedlock).
  3. Orioles 2017 Top 30 Prospects

    We all know that wins are a very flawed stat, but in this context I think they work well to show a point. Since 1991 (post Mussina) - that's 27 years of drafting - the O's have drafted 6 players that have come through their system and won 10 games for the Orioles. There are of course a few that came up here and were traded (John Maine was one I had forgotten about), but this is the Sensational 6: Rocky Coppinger (once) Erik Bedard (twice) Zach Britton (once) Brian Matusz (once) Dylan Bundy (twice so far) Kevin Gausman (once so far) So in 27 years of drafting the O's have managed to produce 8 seasons of a pitcher with double digit wins.
  4. Orioles 2017 Top 30 Prospects

    Hammel and Chen are decent examples but both were veteran players. As I recall with Hammel, DD saw something about his curveball that he thought would play much better outside of Coors Field. Chen was developed elsewhere. I'm not saying the Orioles get no credit for identifying them, but neither were developed by the O's. As for Britton, Calvin Maduro I believe gets credit for teaching the 2-seamer to him. And you're correct Rick that he's found success - in the bullpen. I'm talking about starters only, and If anything though he just strengthens my argument as he was yet another failed starter.
  5. Orioles 2017 Top 30 Prospects

    I understand your point, but ultimately there are too many examples of our guys going elsewhere and immediately thriving as opposed to the opposite direction. Who have we acquired that we helped? You mention Brach, which is valid, but he's also not a starter. Castro is another bullpen guy. We've done pretty well at finding help for the bullpen, but starters not so much. We found Miguel Gonzalez off the trash heap but it doesn't seem like we did much developing of him. Do you think it's false that the Orioles haven't been good at developing starting pitching?
  6. Orioles 2017 Top 30 Prospects

    I don't think my premise is flawed at all. Virtually every player that we've traded elsewhere and has thrived has mentioned an immediate change that their new organization has made that has helped them. For Bridwell it was altering the pitch repertoire, for Rodriguez it was a mechanical adjustment, for Arrieta it was just to stop messing with him and let him pitch the way he was comfortable. And that's just off the top of my head. BTW, I'm fairly certain the Mike Wright would be very effective if he got with an organization that could develop him. I don't see how anyone can look at the pattern of this team and say that we develop pitchers "just fine". I like Hunter Harvey a lot and he would be my #1 due to his upside. But if you ask me honestly, in my gut, I don't believe he'll end up being an effective starting pitcher here. I've followed the minors very closely for years and have become so jaded - I wonder what it would be like to root for a team where you could have some expectation that it could effectively develop starters. I say all this and I'm usually a pretty positive guy, but at some point the evidence just becomes too overwhelming, and all evidence points to the fact that the Orioles are incompetent at developing starting pitching. I hope that Tony's words are true and that maybe we have some coaches in the lower levels now that can help improve things, but at this point I'll believe it when I see it.
  7. Orioles 2017 Top 30 Prospects

    This may be an interesting development to follow. Frankly if I were a pitching prospect in the Orioles system I'd be seeking all of the outside help I could get. If there's one area where they've earned zero benefit of the doubt it's in their ability to develop pitching. I wonder how many kids that are drafted by us are aware of this and if it impacts the way they receive instruction from us.
  8. Orioles 2017 Top 30 Prospects

    List looks good to me. Obviously we'll all have some differences. I've pretty consistently kept Harvey at the top of mine and would again, he's got the highest upside of anyone in the system to me. Not at all concerned about DL Hall's poor GCL stats in very small sample size, but just worth noting that Harvey has basically breezed through everywhere he's been when healthy. Let's just hope for a clean year from him next year. Agree with RZNJ, would like to see some clarification on who changed Sedlock's delivery? This has to be an area where the Orioles have earned almost no benefit of the doubt.
  9. Deadspin Piece On The Terps

    Why not? He's not getting fired anytime soon, nor should he be. Unless he would want to be a coordinator at a bigger school I don't see why he'd leave. I don't know the details of his contract but he's here for at least a few more years.
  10. Deadspin Piece On The Terps

    Well it appears we'll just to have to disagree on recruiting rankings. I'm not saying they're not important, I just don't think they're as important as you seem to. Which is fine. Give me the right player in the right spot that the coaching staff feels they can develop into the type of player they need. Regarding the local scene, listening to local coaches they will universally tell you that last year's local talent was considerably better and deeper than this years. If all you're looking at are star rankings then I agree this may not be evident. But perhaps some of those "4 stars" just look better because the competition they're against isn't as good. Just a thought. I'm not an expert by any means, but I listen when the local coaches talk about such things. The one thing I will agree with you on - you're correct, "outstanding" is too exuberant of a word. But to me a top 25-30 class is still a good class for this program, and is an "acceptable" result given where we are. Frankly I see very little reason why a talented kid would want to play here. I don't care what OSU or UM or PSU are doing, we have zero chance of competing with them right now. Baby steps. Let's get to a point where we're more than a pick-em against the likes of Indiana and Rutgers. And without disrespecting anyone I can't imagine who would think this job is better than Miami. This program is basically irrelevant and has been for the better part of my lifetime. If DJD can build it up it will be quite a feat - before he moves on to greener pastures.
  11. Deadspin Piece On The Terps

    That would be a realistic expectation for the MD program most seasons, I agree. This is not most seasons. I think 7 probably was the absolute max anyone could have predicted with this schedule, and that would have assumed that we didn't lost our top 2 QBs and top defensive player.
  12. I agree with you in theory - the difference of course is that Manny is significantly younger than most on that list when they received those deals. Of course, he's also already had both knees operated on and has a lot of mileage on his body already. But in general I agree, and would have liked to have seen him traded last offseason.
  13. Put it this way - my 10 year old has asked for a Manny Machado Fathead for Christmas and I'm trying to talk him out of it - not that I don't like Machado, I just don't want it to be obsolete in a year lol. In all seriousness, I think Manny has legitimately enjoyed his time here, but I've also never really believed he has much interest in staying. He wants brighter lights IMO. I do think the O's are interested in signing him and would be willing to pay significantly to bring him back, I just don't see it happening at this point.
  14. Deadspin Piece On The Terps

    A lot of those 3 stars committed quickly and early. And as I'm sure you know recruiting rankings aren't everything. Regardless of the recruiting rankings, I think they got a lot of the guys that they wanted to get. Most were committed before the season, so any results from this year have had little to no effect so far on the recruiting class. Last year was also an extremely rich talent year in state, which the staff was able to take advantage of. This year the local talent is not quite so rich. A class between 25-30, for this program which has very little recent success and minimal fan support, is still outstanding. You're correct that it's not as good as OSU, Michigan and the like, but it's unrealistic to expect that. Maybe Urban Meyer could come in here and get kids like that to come to MD in the first 2 years. Maybe. But that's about it. Right now, MD needs to try to get to a point where a 7-9 win season is a good season. If they get there, they can start setting goals higher. I like Durkin though I'm not all in like some are. But he has to have one of the 5 toughest jobs in the power 5 conferences. Trying to build a program that very few people care about, in a division where you have 3 NCAA blue bloods - it's just not realistic to expect top 20 classes every year right now.
  15. Deadspin Piece On The Terps

    I wouldn't say recruiting has slowed much. It's simply that the class is pretty much full already. They've probably got room for about 3-4 more guys that they're saving for higher profile targets. This of course assumes no flips, but we know that flips will happen, they always do (both for and against). If they're able to pull off another Top 30 class that would be pretty impressive for this program. They desperately need help at the D-line positions - they have guys there that have talent that they are redshirting that hopefully will help improve this spot next year. And obviously losing both Pigrome and Hill was a killer. There is talent there. Whether or not this coaching staff is able to coach them up or not, I'm not sure. I like what Durkin is doing, but it's a tough task to win here.