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  1. $5k is his signing bonus, not his salary. But with that said, minor leaguers don't make much.
  2. If he turns out to be a dominant reliever I absolutely see that as a win. With that said, I'm not giving up on him as a starter either. As I've said elsewhere he's barely pitched in 3 years. Maybe being a reliever helps him ease back into it a bit. He's kind of an oddball for me - I have low expectations, but high hopes. Low floor, high ceiling.
  3. Can't speak for other organizations but just look at the recent draft trackers, the O's have routinely signed guys for 5K or 7.5k.
  4. Probably the biggest waste of talent in my lifetime, and the amazing thing is Strawberry probably isn't all that far behind.
  5. Right - how many outs there are isn't relevant, he just got the score wrong. BTW, the outfielder in question is Anderson Feliz in case you were wondering, since the tweet doesn't say.
  6. If you take the contract into account it's Davis no question. In terms of current ability to play baseball I think Straily is actually worse. Davis at least plays a passable defense.
  7. The team is terrible. They were always going to be terrible this year, and they'll probably be terrible for another year or 2 after this. Should not be a surprise to anyone.
  8. I'm pretty sure he actually is on the IL. The Ineffective List.
  9. I hadn't noticed this - is he hurt? No news from the organization (which seems typical this year)?
  10. I think you answered your own question. He's barely pitched in 3 years. The ceiling was there before the injury. He wasn't just going to jump right into it and be good again. For Harvey I'd want to see him get through a full season healthy first and then see what happens. Certainly understand the reluctance to place him high on prospect lists due to injury issues, but to me when we are talking ceiling the injuries actually work in his favor for that discussion.
  11. Both traded away for the immortal Travis Snider.
  12. I plan to start the "Grayson Rodriguez 2020" thread on the first day of ST next year just so I don't have to see "GrayRod" all year.
  13. Thank you both. Knew that date, just had never heard it referred to that way.
  14. Pardon my ignorance - what does "J2" mean?
  15. Don't worry, they'll be back when he has a strong 2nd half as he usually does. Unfortunately for him the 1st half of a season counts too. Another name from the past, Tobias Myers, is 5-1 with a 2.83 ERA as a 20-year hold in high A. The BB/9, K/9 and WHIP numbers are all pretty pedestrian so not too worried about that one just yet, but I'll still be keeping an eye on him.
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