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  1. They deserve it after this year.
  2. I think Mullins is probably my answer to both questions. I don't know that I really "expect" him to bounce back more than anyone else, just that he's had success at the upper levels so you know it was there at 1 point. And if Sisco counts he'd still be in the disappointment list for me. Was hoping last year was just a bad mix with him and Buck, but he's still not hitting ML pitching. If he can't hit, with being a less than average defensive catcher, he doesn't provide much.
  3. I don't believe this is correct. I seem to recall most mocks had him in the mid/late 1st round.
  4. Dang it - the rare Athletic article that I'm actually interested to read and can't. Hobgood always seemed like a good guy. And I think Jordan's approach to draft him and save some money to spend on later picks was a sound one. Unfortunate that it didn't end up working out. I think his arm was shot from day one.
  5. Under the current agreement, assuming he accrues no playing time this year, you only need to wait a few weeks before bringing him up next year to gain an entire extra year of team control. There are many debates on the merits of doing this and whether it is worth it or not. As far as justifying keeping him in the minors, you could always come up with some reason. Want him to improve his plate discipline, want him to improve his defense, etc. It's pretty obvious at this point that Elias and Co. are basically just trying use AAAA guys this year to get through a season without having many potential future pieces earn service time. Whether that philosophy extends into next year remains to be seen.
  6. The great Drew Jackson is putting up a .658 OPS in the PCL.
  7. Eh - in an extreme pitcher's league such as the Eastern League this year that's not bad at all. However, it would certainly be a lot more encouraging if he was 21 and not 24.
  8. Think of it as "How do I provide excess value at my position?" Most players could play at least an average 1B, so in order to provide more value than other 1B, you'd need to have a great bat. Very few ML players can play a competent SS, so if you're able to play SS but also have a good bat, that gives you extra value compared to your peers.
  9. He was very productive last year, in a limited sample size. He hadn't been productive this year thus far, in an even more limited sample size. His minor league numbers for the past few years are very good. This is a guy who had to totally revamp his swing coming out of college. All signs are that he can hit and has a good OBP tool, though you never really know until they reach the majors. With everyday reps in the majors I think he can put up an .800 OPS and play a solid LF. But this year may just not be the year.
  10. Don't want to go OT on this thread but also don't want to make a "new" thread but...Ryan Ripken. Having a respectable season. He's too old and not a prospect, but I wonder if at some point they give him a cup of coffee just out of courtesy to the old man.
  11. Stewart's a good athlete and capable corner OF. Anyone who assumes otherwise because of his build should be ashamed of themselves (coming from a tall lanky guy). Really stinks if he indeed does have a concussion, he needs reps at the ML level. Hopefully we're not looking at another 2-3 weeks before he's back.
  12. He's been pretty solid since moving to the bullpen. He had 1 bad outing at Norfolk that inflates his ERA there. I don't really care if they call him up this year, but I'm not too worried about his stats at this point.
  13. Yeah, I think Rajisch did a pretty good job and made a lot of good picks...this doesn't appear to be one of them.
  14. Wonder how much of this is due to changed regimes, and how much is just the standard jump from A to AA. I've read many times that AA is the first spot where scouting reports and those types of pre-game discussions really come in to play, so some of this could just be standard.
  15. It begins this year. There is no 8/31 deadline anymore
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