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  1. MARCH 17th - MARCH 19th (All Non-Televised Games)

    His fastball is always very hittable. Even when he's on, he doesn't look particularly good. And then suddenly you look up and he's in the 7th with only 2 runs allowed. He's always had a knack for that. Anyway, lucky or not, certainly seems to be an improvement over the previous start. that's not a line-up full of scrubs he's going against today.
  2. MARCH 17th - MARCH 19th (All Non-Televised Games)

    Thanks. They're not exactly going out on a limb regarding our pitching. Of course, their guys could be Jim Hunter types. You know, with every out by their guys being great at bats and just getting unlucky. Just wish I could see it. This is the rare ST game that I'm actually mildly interested in
  3. MARCH 17th - MARCH 19th (All Non-Televised Games)

    Thanks. Was just wondering as all I have to go by is GameDay. No walks, good. No strikeouts, not good.
  4. MARCH 17th - MARCH 19th (All Non-Televised Games)

    How so? Can you see the game?
  5. What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    Eh. Just too hard to tell without being able to see the game. 2 doubles on "fly balls". Could be legitimate or could be bloops. Need a reporter in the field. I'll volunteer!
  6. What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    Just going by GameDay it looks like they're squaring him up pretty well, tough to tell just based on that though. 90-91 for him isn't bad. He seems to fluctuate about 6-7 MPH from game-to-game and even inning-to-inning. One of the more inconsistent starters I've seen when it comes to velocity.
  7. What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    I don't think there's any way he gets 10 if he's a bad as last year. I do think he gets a few looks at the start of the year regardless of how he does in the spring.
  8. My 25-man roster prediction (as of 3/7/18)

    The SB just isn't that big of a weapon anymore. Not that it's totally irrelevant, it's just not a priority for me from a catcher. Far more important to me that a catcher knows how to work with pitchers to call a good game and keep guys from getting on base in the first place. Between Sisco/Wynns/Susac, I have no idea who is best at that. I know that I've been underwhelmed with both Wieters and Castillo in that department.
  9. Maryland - Baltimore County Makes NCAA History

    Purdue also nearly lost as a 1-seed to Western Carolina back in 1996. That was one of the first tournaments that I followed closely and I remember watching that game. IIRC correctly the Western Carolina star player had a pretty good luck to tie the game at the buzzer and it rimmed out. What an awesome story for UMBC. They had a great chance to win last night as well, just missed on some wide open 3s. Between UMBC and Coppin State's upset of South Carolina in 1997, Baltimore now has 2 of the biggest NCAA tourney upsets in history.
  10. Heels Thread

    Always nice to see UNC ousted. Now let's get Duke and Kentucky ousted and we can have ourselves a nice tournament.
  11. Projected 2018 Minor League Depth Chart

    I had forgotten all about Branden Kline. I feel like he had surgery like 5 years ago (I know that's not correct, just saying that's what it seems like). What's the word on his health? Is he considered any kind of prospect at this stage?
  12. D.L. Hall 2018

    Yes, you're being greedy I'd just like to see him have a good season and get through it healthy. Not going to be panicked or even concerned about his numbers in a handful of innings in the GCL last year, but it is worth noting that Hunter Harvey made that league seem like child's play in his first season there.
  13. TT: Looking at the 25-man roster battles

    Jose Morban was another confusing Rule 5 pick. I know he was pre-DD so he doesn't apply, but - had no good MiL numbers, did nothing here, and then did nothing in our MiL system after his Rule 5 time was up.
  14. To many people, sure. There are many people out there though with a blissful lack of self-awareness. Honestly I wish I were one of them. I really have no issue with Buck going public with it. He knows these guys a lot better than we do. Will be interesting to see how Mountcastle responds this year.
  15. Big Bundy start today

    I don't think they'll be doing that at all, unless there's legitimate reason to believe he is injured.