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  1. Really? Rickard, yes. No one should be expecting much of anything from Joey Rickard. The other 2 definitely still have some upside though. I for one am looking forward to watching them develop, whether they pan out or not. EDIT - BTW, I had no idea that DJ Stewart had put up an OPS of .890 last year. Very SSS obviously, but didn't realize he had done that well with it. Looking forward to seeing him back up here soon.
  2. No reason to think that won't continue - other than the bulk of his peripheral stats and his general performance for the bulk of his career. I'd love Cashner to pitch to a 3.31 ERA for the remainder of the year, but there area plenty of reasons to think that will not continue.
  3. I think the return on the trade for that one was so poor that it really makes you not want to get ripped off on it. Even Braves fans were amazed at how little they had to give up on that one. Truly a headscratcher.
  4. Certainly has to be up there, but I think the injury tempered expectations for me a bit. He was probably the final straw that let me learn to not get too excited over pitching prospects until they're succeeding in the majors.
  5. Don't really think it would have mattered. Some guys come back fine after TJ, some guys don't.
  6. Well, it does work often. Most elite relievers are failed starters becasue their stuff plays up in shorter stints in the bullpen. But I don't think that's going to help Bundy.
  7. What's the 162-game season record for most losses in a 2-year span? Do we have any reasonable chance at that?
  8. Later in the year, sure. This was his first start though. Still building up.
  9. Tough start for most of the Norfolk lineup frankly
  10. Do you think anyone's coming to see those guys as it is?
  11. Didn't get to see the whole game, but seemed to me that Bleier got pretty lucky with some hard hit balls. The line may have looked good but not sure I was encouraged by that appearance.
  12. Kind of an unfair headline for Wotherspoon, no? I mean he wasn't great, but the headline makes it sound like he gave up the lead.
  13. Mullins has had some pretty nice ABs from the left side - hit a few hard grounders last night right at people. Keep sending him out, when he hits that hot stretch you won't regret it. The right side still looks rough though.
  14. Right. Neither one of these guys is likely to be part of our next competitive team. I do enjoy Sucre's mannerisms behind the plate though. He'll even throw in a wink at his pitcher every now and again. He's entertaining if nothing else.
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