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  1. Austin Hays

    Honestly I think once he saw Gentry go he thought that the "correct" play would be to defer and allow him to try to steal the base. I think when these youngsters come up they do a bit too much thinking and he didn't want to "mess up" the play. Or, as you mentioned, he just got the take sign.
  2. Are we a bad team masquerading as a mediocre one?

    The offense hasn't been great, but I don't think you're over-simplifying. This is simply the "human element" of the game that the numbers quantify. It has to be disheartening as a hitter to constantly be down by such large margins early in the game. Has to be. And I know they try to stay on an even keel, but constantly feeling the need to make up deficits is difficult. Maybe just as frustrating is scoring runs, only to then have your pitcher give it right back. I'm reminded of that game against TB where we battled back from a huge early deficit, and then the next inning Brach gave it right back up. They can say all the right things, but these things wear on you. There were issues with the offense for sure (which honestly mostly boil down to Davis and Trumbo), but I do believe the offense was at least partially affected by the horrible starting pitching.
  3. End of season top 25?

    Don't think I can do a Top 25 right now without doing a bit more research on the "lower tier" guys. But I'll happily put out a top 15! 1. Hunter Harvey - He's remained #1 to me through the injury, I don't think there's a player with higher upside than him in the system. 2. Austin Hays - The fact that he seems to have a defensive position just squeaks him past Mountcastle. 3. Ryan Mountcastle - Could be an elite power bat. Where will he play? 4. Chance Sisco - Solid if unspectacular season at Norfolk. Defense said to be improving. I'm confident the bat will play. Will the glove? 5. Keegan Akin - I liked the way he settled in after the tough start. 6. Cedric Mullins - Seems to be very streaky, even from his first season in Aberdeen. Love the speed/power combo though. 7. DJ Stewart - I don't think the ceiling is all that high, but I think the floor is. Good work with the revised stance. 8. D.L. Hall - Not panicking over his pedestrian start, but compare to Harvey's start and it's a bit disappointing. Hopefully the results start to matchup with the scouting reports. 9. Alex Wells - Love the numbers. Will the stuff play at higher levels? 10. Brenan Hanifee - Nice start for the youngster. 11. Anthony Santander - Not as high on him as most seem to be - bat seems like it's going to have to play up quite a bit. 12. Adam Hall - Really just based on potential/reports 13. Tanner Scott - Slowly showing improved command. 14. Jomar Reyes - The bat is there. Not sure about the head though. 15. Michael Baumann - Just a flyer. Big, strong kid. I like him.
  4. Austin Hays 2017

    I don't think it's a stretch at all. I don't really have a problem with them leaving Hays down if they think he's had enough this season and if they want to save some 40-man roster flexibility, but I have very little doubt that he'd provide more than Rickard does right now.
  5. Toronto - trap series

    Yeah, I mean I don't how we can ever have a "trap" series when we're running out a 6-man rotation, 4 of them are terrible and 1 of them (Gausman) is just now starting to get back to respectability. We're gonna have games started by Hellickson, Tillman and Miley. None of them are going to be easy.
  6. Are the Spankees starting to choke?

    I don't think they're choking, they're just regressing to who they actually are. They had about 5-6 guys hitting well above career norms earlier in the year, not to mention that the league seems to have figured out Judge a bit. Eventually they were going to cool off. Be interesting to see how they end the season. I know they've killed us at their place, so the series we have coming up against them in NY will be interesting.
  7. Have the O's figured out how to make Miley a winner?

    He is not good. He was awful yesterday but managed to luck his way through. Doesn't mean he won't have a bounce-back next year, but I have zero interest in picking up that option.
  8. Please, no talk of (S)nider.
  9. Fangraphs: Larceny

    He's been amazing. Obviously it's a small sample size, but if he legitimately was just a guy that needed a change of scenery and is able to man the SS position for 3 years, that's a pretty amazing and unexpected pickup to fill a giant hole. I was against the trade at the time but happy to have been wrong (so far).
  10. Roster moves in the next several weeks

    Yeah - "pennant race" is really an outdated term since the advent of divisions. Any team that's in the playoff hunt would technically still be in the "pennant race".
  11. Kevin Gausman 2017

    The WHIP is still way too high from his early season struggles, but he's brought it down quite a bit, and with another few decent starts his baseball card stats would be somewhat respectable. A pretty decent recovery after a horrendous start to the season. Would be really nice both for this year and more so for the future to see him finish strong.
  12. Updated Fangraphs Top 10

    No major issues with the list. I wouldn't have Hall so high before I see some results from him (that's just my general SOP) and I'm certainly not giving up on Sedlock already but I think that's too high for him.
  13. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/10

    Rajai Davis was in the grass. Is that legal?
  14. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/10

    Oh boy. Soft tosser. 2 hits max lol
  15. Chris Davis Has Cleared Revocable waivers

    Jay Gibbons was cut with a fairly large amount remaining on his deal.