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  1. glenn__davis

    Austin Hays off to slow start with bad approach

    I think Austin's going loco with all the time off lol. Needs to get back on the field!
  2. glenn__davis

    Renato Nunez the likely Machado replacement

    Most definitely - but while he was bad, I never saw him physically flinch away from a routine ground ball. Paredes looked like a 5-year old just learning to play the game. I'd never seen anything quite like that at the pro level.
  3. glenn__davis

    Renato Nunez the likely Machado replacement

    He can't be as bad as Jimmy Paredes. I'll never forget when he botched a fairly routine grounder, and the slo-mo replay showed him physically flinching away from the ball. So far he's the worst fielder I've had the "pleasure" of seeing.
  4. glenn__davis

    Renato Nunez the likely Machado replacement

    .914 OPS on the road this year, .611 at home. Slugging .515 away, .311 at home. Now some of that includes his time in the Texas system - I don't know how to remove that from the results, I'm sure others do - but the bulk of those results are from his time here. Harbor Park is a killer on our hitters (and should be kept in mind as we evaluate our pitchers as well).
  5. glenn__davis

    Rylan Bannon

    Interesting comparison to Lowther.
  6. glenn__davis

    Which Positions Should We Be Targeting?

    I mean I'm usually a BPA guy as well (and will always remain so when it comes to the draft itself), but the fact is that we certainly have strengths at some positions right now and weaknesses at others. For trades I'd be targeting SP, middle infield, catcher. Those would be the main areas I'd target. SP - I don't care how many you have, you should always be looking to acquire more SP. Middle infield - We have no one of significance in the upper minors. Grenier and Adam Hall are probably our best prospects here, and neither are sure things and both are still several years away. Catcher - I'm far from giving up on Sisco, but yes, I'm very concerned about him. The high K-percentage and high swing-and-miss percentage is very alarming. I don't think Buck did him any favors with his playing time, but it's not good that he's needed to be sent down twice. Plus, you can never have too much catching depth.
  7. glenn__davis

    TT: Orioles get Haul for Machado

    I think this sells Tillman pretty short. He was much better than a 4/5 starter for a 5-year run or so.
  8. I'm not gonna lie, I kind of like the Dodgers. I almost feel dirty in saying that as I'm and East Coast guy through and through and they're a big market team, but something about that blue with the white lettering on the hat is such a clean look. I was 7 years old in 1988 when Hershiser went on that crazy scoreless streak and they won the Series and that's one of my earliest baseball memories.
  9. glenn__davis

    Britton Trade Expectations

    What good is a boat going to do us? (Sorry, had to :))
  10. glenn__davis

    Machado Trade Expectations

    And what was their source for that? Writers on Twitter, I'm sure. It's a snowball, man. This guy hears it from that guy, who read it on some website, who has a source in the front office, who reports it back to the first guy. It's silly. Like I said, it certainly sounds like Manny is going to the Dodgers. But nothing's a lock until the ink is dry. Wouldn't shock me one bit if at the last minute a guy in a sweater vest busts onto the scene and Jim Ross screams "OH HAIL NO!! IT'S ANDY MACPHAIL! WHAT'S HE DOING HERE!!"
  11. glenn__davis

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Anyone who believes any sports deal is a "stone cold lock" prior to an official announcement, quite frankly hasn't paid much attention during the age of social media. At this point, it sounds like Manny PROBABLY is getting traded to the Dodgers. PROBABLY for this Diaz guy as a headliner. None of it is certain until it's announced.
  12. glenn__davis

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Quick request for weams/Tony/other mods.... If a deal is made official, can we get a new thread started so we don't need to keep following this one?
  13. glenn__davis

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Not to derail this wonderful thread, but I've said for quite awhile that social media would ultimately be the downfall of this country. I've seen nothing so far to dissuade me from that opinion. It can be a great thing but we just don't know how to handle it correctly.
  14. glenn__davis

    Mike Matheny fired

    Love Matheny, in particular his Matheny Manifesto as it relates to youth sports. Have followed it almost to a "T" as a dad and coach. I don't think he'll be unemployed for long if he chooses.
  15. glenn__davis

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Zero stock. When a verified source reports that a deal is DONE - not nearing completion or at the "10-yard line" - that's when it's worth paying attention to. Just a bunch of guess work up until then.