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  1. Maryland at Michigan

    That last play just epitomizes the Turgeon era. It's stupid to not have someone guarding the inbound pass, especially when you have a guy like Fernando who can cause problems there. But OK, let's give him the benefit of the doubt and say that getting the extra defender makes it harder for Michigan to score. So you go that route - and somehow, guarding 5 on 4, you still allow a clean pass to at 92% FT shooter, with no one around him! How does that happen? I've heard some criticism of Bruno for fouling - Bruno had to foul, otherwise he's going straight to the basket with no one stopping him. What was Cowan doing? He was just short of half court with his back to the ball. I have no idea what that was supposed to be. Just a horrible play with horrible execution. I read elsewhere that Turgeon is now 0-24 in his career against ranked teams on the road. And I get that he's in a really tough spot now with the schedule, injuries and sicknesses, and I feel for them, but there is just no evidence that this team is ever going to have significant success under this coach. We start out good, then teams start to make adjustments and we look like we forgot how to play basketball. It happens over and over and over. Unfortunately he's not going anywhere for a while with his contract, but hopefully he can do enough to keep this program from fully falling into irrelevancy before he's gone.
  2. Ivan Bender Out for the Season

    If Morsell can just fix that jumper he could be a special player. Apparently they re-worked it pretty significantly over the summer and frankly it doesn't look bad, so hopefully he just needs some more time with it.
  3. Deadspin Piece On The Terps

    Obviously a week or so late here, but it was another really good signing day for DJD and the staff. The class is ranked around 20th, which really is pretty impressive given all of the on-field issues this year. The man (and his staff) can recruit, whether or not they can coach remains to be seen.
  4. Star Wars: Episode VIII

    It's Star Wars. It could have been a horrific movie and it would have made a bajillion dollars. Not that I thought TFA was awful. It was fine, I had no complaints. It did a good job bridging to the new characters and re-introducing us into the SW universe. But it definitely was running the risk of getting stale. To me at least, and I recognize that that's certainly an individual opinion. I was pumped to see TFA and Rogue One, and while I enjoyed them both, I wasn't quite as excited about this one because I just felt we were going in the same directions. I enjoyed this movie more than any SW since Return of the Jedi. Nothing will ever top IV, V and VI, but this one was really enjoyable to me. I don't think they burned it to the ground at all - I think they kept most of the important aspects of it, while moving beyond the same things that were great but that we've seen before.
  5. 27% international MLB top 100

    Angelos has a moral issue with the way the international system works. I don't think he's ever fully explained exactly what that issue is - I'm sure it has to do with the buscones - but it seems very clear that we're not going to be heavily involved in latin america until new ownership is in place. Just makes the draft (and not giving away draft picks for bad MLB talent) that much more important.
  6. Star Wars: Episode VIII

    VERY MILD SPOILERS BELOW..... - But without being too spoilery - it needed to be something different. That was the whole problem with TFA - it was fun, and it was Star Wars, but it was the same movie as Episode IV with different characters. Just perusing through a few quick reviews, it seems like the diehard SW fans - the ones who view it as a borderline spiritual experience - don't like it because it went in different directions. But that was the whole point. How many times in the movie did they mention the idea of needing to move on from the past? There were certainly a few things that were a bit hokey (the Leia scene that I won't mention but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about). And I can see and understand the criticism of the Luke character, but I didn't really mind it. All in all, I thought the movie was exactly what the SW franchise needed.
  7. Star Wars: Episode VIII

    Went tonight. Loved it. So much better than TFA in my opinion.
  8. Os requesting offers on Machado

    This is why some were pushing to deal Manny last offseason. It's doubtful that a club is going to give us a king's ransom for 1 year of Machado. It's just not worth it. I don't put much stock into "insider" info (including the national guys) because it rarely seems to be right. My guess is the offers aren't as strong as the Orioles feel they should be, similar to Britton. But they're kind of stuck now with the threat of him walking next year for nothing.
  9. Richard Rodriguez to the Pirates

    Someone go make sure wildcard is OK
  10. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Yep. This needed to be done last offseason, not now. I would imagine that they'll let some teams kick the tires, no one will give them anything near what they think they should get, and the scenario in your last paragraph will play out.
  11. What Christmas song do you dislike the most?

    Do you mean "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer"? I've never heard of "Santa...". This is an easy one for me - "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas". Stupid words, annoying melody, and the kid's voice grates my nerves. I actually enjoy Christmas music, but that one's always good for a quick change of the station.
  12. Star Wars: Episode VIII

    Episode III was pretty darn dark, maybe the darkest so far (not counting Rogue One). I'm interested in this one. I was a bit disappointed in Episode VII due to the common criticisms, but I did like the new characters it presented, so hopefully we can have a more original plotline here.
  13. Maryland at Illinois

    I believe there was a possibility of him receiving either a medical redshirt or some sort of hardship redshirt. Honestly I don't know all the details, I just recall reading something about that, and it seemed fairly optimistic that he would get it. But I don't know how likely he is to stick around anyway if he's not playing at all.
  14. Maryland at Illinois

    They were a Top 20 program in the 70's and early 80's, and for most of the 90's and early 2000's. For about a 3-decade stretch there, the only time they weren't a consistent Top 20 level program was during the Bob Wade sanction years. The AP released an article a few years back that rated every college program based solely on the amount of AP votes they'd received during the time of the poll. MD was 17th. This is a program with great facilities, great local talent, and historical success. It should not be a program that year after year is hoping to make the NCAA tournament. High expectations for this program are warranted. Obviously you can't assume it, but as a coach in this era you do have to anticipate it. If I put money on it right now, I'd expect both to be gone though. If Jackson doesn't leave it will be because he played poorly, which is something this team can't afford anyway. Ceko leaving is certainly not a non-factor. He provides depth and minutes in the frontcourt. Obi is not much of a factor this year, but could be more important next year if Fernando and Jackson do indeed leave.
  15. Maryland at Illinois

    Yeah - and then Jackson and Fernando will probably leave early, Cekovsky is gone, Obi isn't playing much and seems likely to be gone anyway, so we'll be left with Bender as our lone returning frontcourt player. That will be the excuse next year, with Sticks Smith having to start games as a freshman and us having no frontcourt depth. The beat goes on.