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  1. glenn__davis

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Ravens games had a ton of empty seats last year. It was a major topic of sports conversation around the area. I don't know how they've done in their home games so far this year. The danger or perception of danger in Baltimore city is an issue. We can debate how big of an issue it is all we want but there is no question that some people don't feel safe or comfortable going into the city. For Opening Day/playoffs/etc there are bigger crowds, more security, and people generally feel safer.
  2. glenn__davis

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    It's like rain...on your wedding day.
  3. glenn__davis

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    I think it very much does to some people, and very much does not to others. I haven't seen any indication from Mesa or his representatives one way or the other, but finding the truth from the source itself seems to be an outdated model of information gathering these days.
  4. glenn__davis

    Things I believe the majority of our posters agree on...

    I'd make the following comments regarding the above... Regarding Brady, I know it's been popular to blame him for much of the troubles, but I think he's taken an unjustifiable amount of criticism. He strikes me as an extremely bright guy who has the ability to analyze his faults and learn on the job. Without question, though, his role needs to be more defined, he can't just be allowed to be this hybrid strength/conditioning/Co-GM type. Your 2nd bullet point certainly I agree with, but I would agree with that every year. I don't see why it would be any more important to have good drafts in the coming years than in every other year.
  5. glenn__davis

    Final series of the season. Will you be there?

    I really want to get out there with the family once more, unfortunately we have something going literally every day so I just don't think we're going be able to make it. Which makes me sad. Bad baseball is better than no baseball, though this year of all years certainly put that notion to the test. I'll be counting down the days to Opening Day 2019 very soon.
  6. glenn__davis

    Austin Hays 2018

    Thanks for the update. For some reason it's saying I rated this thread as 2 stars. I did not do that. I don't think I've ever rated a thread in my life lol.
  7. glenn__davis

    POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    I'd rather they have kept both.
  8. glenn__davis

    Carmona vs. Hall

    Round 1 goes to the 170 pounder from Canada.
  9. glenn__davis

    The race for Orioles’ MiL pitcher of the year

    Yeah, I mean you can make a case for the others, but given the Orioles' typical handling of this award I think Akin is the clear frontrunner here.
  10. glenn__davis

    The one that got away

    Most relievers are failed starters. The Orioles aren't unique in that. Frankly it's why I pay very little attention to minor league relief prospects. If you've already needed to be converted to the bullpen in the minors, chances are you don't have the arsenal to succeed in the majors. There are exceptions obviously.
  11. With the season soon to start the home stretch, Bundy has become the clear #1 for me here. Even if we had hopes for him being an ace I think we all at least expected a reliable #3/#4 starter, and frankly that looks very much in jeopardy. Two straight years of very inconsistent performances, and currently he's Tillman-esque. Not the good Tillman.
  12. glenn__davis

    Yusniel Diaz 2018

    I wasn't a big fan of him as the centerpiece. Certainly hope I'm wrong. Bannon has been terrible as well. Other than Kremer and Rodgers, most of the new baby birds have not been very impressive. Still very early though.
  13. glenn__davis

    Austin Hays 2018

    Honestly I love when prospects experience some failure in the minors. Failure is such an important thing to learn to overcome and I do think it's more difficult to do at the MLB level. As a parent one of the key things I try to teach my kids is not necessarily how to succeed but how to deal with failure. Sounds like Austin has the mindset to put a disappointing 2018 behind him and move on.
  14. glenn__davis

    Coaching Staff

    People keep saying this, but the previous 3 full time managers - Mazilli, Perlozzo, Trembley - were all fired mid-season, not to mention interim manager Juan Samuel was replaced mid-season.
  15. glenn__davis

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    Will be interesting to see if Buck bats him leadoff once he's here.