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  1. glenn__davis

    Sorry this loss is squarely on Buck

    Yeah, I understand that. I don't have an issue sitting him against most lefties, it just irks me when there's a run of them and Sisco rots on the bench so our other catchers can go up there and not hit. Susac even started a day game after a night game on Sunday, which is generally a big no-no for Buck. So like I said I don't mind him generally sitting against lefties, I just hate that Buck does it so religiously. He needs to play.
  2. glenn__davis

    Oriole Draft Primer: The 11th overall pick

    So he was undrafted, correct?
  3. glenn__davis

    Sorry this loss is squarely on Buck

    He hasn't really taken over as the primary catcher yet. Since Joseph was sent down Sisco has only started 2 of 6 games. I'm not trying to make excuses for him and Tony's concerns about he K-rate are legitimate, but he needs to play more often.
  4. glenn__davis

    Sorry this loss is squarely on Buck

    I don't disagree, I just don't think Trey is much better, although admittedly the times I've seen him there have been limited. He doesn't have a reputation as a great defensive 1B. I'm just saying I don't think substituting Trey for Davis yields significant defensive improvement. But getting Trey away from the outfield and replacing him with - you know, an outfielder - would certainly help.
  5. Sisco's walk rate is at 7.5%. That's just about average, isn't it? I'm a bit disappointed by his bat thus far, but he's had an adjustment period at just about every level he's been at. Unfortunately he's been given inconsistent playing time as Buck absolutely refuses to start him against lefties (because our right handed catchers have been doing so awesome) and we've had several steady streams of lefties. Gary Thorne mentioned last night that Chance never could have imagined he'd see so much playing time and I almost fell of my chair. He's on pace to start 71 games, though that number will go up as we face more right handers. With all of that said, as Frobby said, I expect he'll adjust. But he needs ABs to do so.
  6. glenn__davis

    Cafardo: Showalter losing the clubhouse

    The Frobby Jinx returns, lol.
  7. glenn__davis

    Sorry this loss is squarely on Buck

    I don't think Mancini is a better defensive 1B than Davis. But certainly we need to get Trey out of the outfield.
  8. glenn__davis

    The defense thread, 2018

    5/22 - Mark Trumbo misses a fly ball in right field that leads to a 3 run rally and a 3-2 Orioles loss.
  9. glenn__davis

    vs. WHITE SOX, 5/22

    In fairness he got 2 outs but Trumbo
  10. glenn__davis

    vs. WHITE SOX, 5/22

    But seriously, what was Sisco doing? Thorne said he was bluffing, but that was way too far off for just a bluff. Did he start going and Bobby Dickerson told him to stop and he just go hung up? That was weird.
  11. glenn__davis

    Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2018

    Oh good, a right handed starter, we're allowed to start Sisco. Going to miss all that production from Susac though.
  12. glenn__davis

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    Thanks for the insight. As a fan base that watched JJ Hardy do awesome tag work around the bag for years we certainly appreciate the value of it.
  13. glenn__davis

    Trey Mancini is not an outfielder

    And I've heard Jim Palmer repeatedly say that Mark Trumbo is a respectable right fielder. Even from the guys that should know better you gotta take it with a grain of salt sometimes.
  14. glenn__davis

    2018 AAA - Norfolk Tides

    I also have never understood the Chris Lee hype. How does he continue to get on some prospect lists? His hype has more legs than just about any prospect I've ever seen and with almost nothing to show for it.
  15. glenn__davis

    The defense thread, 2018

    Yeah, I'll certainly give Trey credit for making that throw when he needed to, but what was that White Sox player thinking on that single? Schoop almost missed the tag because he got the glove down so early waiting for the guy to get there. Just a horrible baserunning error.