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  1. Santander

    Where is Chris Davis in this situation? I don't see him retiring anytime soon and his contract is untradeable. Maybe he is so bad that he has to be DFA'd at some point and we can have an alignment like that. I don't see that happening before 2020 though. It's too bad prospect for prospect trades almost never happen because it would be nice if we could trade one of these outfielders for a young pitcher or at least a middle IF prospect. By most accounts, that is where Mountcastle will end up too so we probably will need to pursue some kind of trade. Regardless, the law of attrition tells us that at least one of our OF prospects won't pan out and the potential clog will clear itself. My bet is Stewart or Mullins, I'm just not sure which one. Maybe Mullins ends up a fourth outfielder type. Santander just looks like a big leaguer/classic slugging corner OF to me (I know that's not a great analysis) and Hays is as close to a can't miss guy as we have in our system.
  2. Santander

    Santander in LF, Mullins in CF, and Hays in RF with Mancini at DH/1B. That sounds much better.
  3. Projected 2018 Minor League Depth Chart

    A couple notable surprises: Mullins repeating Bowie. Reyes three-peating in Frederick. Lowther and Baumann are probably too advanced for Delmarva but there is certainly a log jam in Frederick. I would probably swap Lowther and Dietz. Dietz did not earn a promotion with his performance in Delmarva last year, IMO.
  4. Trumbo out 3-4 weeks

    Probably an upgrade to our offense against RHP with Pedro in there. Against lefties our defense will he improved. Santander/Gentry in the OF and Mancini to DH.
  5. This is pretty silly. If a team is willing to pay Machado 300 mil or close to it then that is what he deserves. We live in a capitalist society. The free market dictates what a player is worth not the player. You don't have to like it but you can't blame the player.
  6. He's an a-hole for putting this out in the press. We know players in all professional sports do this all the time and it shouldn't come as a surprise. But putting it out in the press puts that player (Machado) in an uncomfortable position and it borderlines on tampering. The Orioles organization and their fans have a right to be pissed off.
  7. Updates on Hunter Harvey

    Any chance he starts in Bowie? The Frederick rotation is going to be crowded regardless.
  8. TT: Looking at the 25-man roster battles

    It would make zero chance to put a guy like Mullins on the roster as a backup outfielder regardless of the fact that he needs another year of development time in the minors. When these outfielders are ready to come up (Mullins, Hays, Stewart, etc.) they need to be playing everyday or at least close to it. It's tough to put anything past this organization, they did bring Hays up from Double A in August last year to be a reserve OF for no apparent reason. Mullins wasn't OPSing .900 + in Bowie though.
  9. TT: Looking at the 25-man roster battles

    Really need to build Cortes innings up to give him a decent chance as a starter. Career reliever and never threw more than 104 in a minor league season. I don't know. I don't see it. I don't see Castro or Bleier as locks either. More like probable. Rodriguez could bump Bleier and the need to keep a second rule V (Mesa?) could bump Castro. Bleier's place is more tenuous. Terrible K rate and didn't throw a pitch in the majors before age 29. I think Wright is the fifth starter unless they sign someone else. Maybe Ynoa or Aquino if Wright implodes.
  10. How late can starters sign.

    I don't think teams should reward these players/agents for holding out to the point where it hurts their preparation for the season. These players need to lower their demands if they want to play. I'm guessing Arrieta wants a contract in the 100-120 million dollar range. He may have to settle for a 4/80 type deal, which still is probably going to be an overpay for whoever lands him given his age and decline last year. With Cobb and Lynn, these guys are slightly better than mid-tier starters (# 2 or # 3 starters on a good team) so with them it's a little more perplexing why they are being so stubborn. No idea what Boras is asking but they might have to settle for contracts in the 50-60 million range over 3 or 4 years. I think that is more than reasonable for the O's to sign Cobb or Lynn to a contract like that. Whether we are rebuilding or not, we need arms to keep us in games over the next few years for morale and that's not breaking the bank.
  11. I like the signing. .863 career OPS against lefties. There is a good chance he will get lots of at bats due to the need for a RH platoon partner for Rasmus and also the potential volatility of our 3B, 1B, and DH starters. Odds are that (at least) one of them can't hit their weight this season, so it will be nice for Buck to have a fall back option. Is he playable at 3B? I know he's going to be below average there, but does he kill us if he is playing there for 20 or 30 games out of the year?
  12. Dyson to sign with Arizona

    Dyson would have been a great sign at 2 for 7.5. Missed the boat on that one....again.
  13. MLB.com ranks best tools in the system

    Wells control has to be a 70, at least. If walking 10 batters in 140 innings isn't maxing out at the control tool, I don't know what is.
  14. Tillman back. Are we happy?

    3 mil is pennies. They can easily cut their losses. I just don't want to see him in the rotation past April if he struggles. The upside is that you get the Tillman of old at a significantly reduced price. We still need another starter.
  15. Worse contract-Hosmer or Davis

    It seems like another instance of a team bidding against itself. Who the hell else was even going to give Hosmer 100 mil? Like the Davis deal it seems like the team overpaid by about 50 million and 2-3 years for no apparent reason. Can you imagine if we were only on the hook for another three years of Davis at 70 million instead of 5/115? Still bad, but at least you see the light at the end of the tunnel.