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  1. These are organizational guys and will have trouble ever staying on a major league roster even as utility men. I understand you follow the minor leagues super closely, but this is a little delusional. Wilkerson is 25 and was in A ball two weeks ago. Dosch is also soon to be 25 and has a career OPS of .724 in the minors. No power and lacks the speed to play anywhere in the IF other than third base/first base. I'm not saying these guys will never get a cup of tea, but I highly doubt they are being groomed in the sense that you put it.
  2. I can envision Mancini in left, Mullins in center, and Hays in right. Mountcastle at second possibly with Schoop moving to third. Mountcastle is not going to be on the left side of the infield and Mullins doesn't have the arm for RF. But all this hinges on us being in a rebuild. If we are not then I doubt all of these guys are still in the organization. Mountcastle and Hays will both be hot commodities at the trade deadline. We are looking pretty good from a positional prospect standpoint. Better than I can remember. No pitching though.
  3. Two top prospects with a three home run game in the same week. How often does that happen? I'm going to go out on a limb and say never. Not in this organization anyway. I was whole heartedly against Mountcastle getting a second half promotion to Bowie because of his age and inconsistent season last year in Delmarva, but looks like he is going to force the issue. I'm also ready to see him moved to 2B or LF. I don't see the upside to his development in delaying the move.
  4. Not sure how this can be assumed. If he looks good, maybe.
  5. He made some noise about not getting credit for the dirty work that he does (from the fans and media I'm guessing). But I haven't heard anything about him wanting out. The problem with Mahinme is that he has two bad knees. Health is not a guarantee or even a likelihood IMO. He's not someone you want playing starter's minutes anyway. He's more of a 20 minute a game type player.
  6. Moved into the starting rotation tonight. Went 4 IP, 2 H, 0 BB, 0 ER, 4 SO. Pulled after 64 pitches. They are really handling him with baby gloves, but he's been impressive at Delmarva. Maybe they start to build up his innings/pitch count a little bit now. ERA at 1.91 on the season over 28 innings. Roughly a 4 to 1 K to walk ratio. A lot to like here. May end up being the top pitching prospect in the organization by the end of the season.
  7. They are going to give Porter a max contract or a near max contract. I think that's a mistake. Too much to pay for a third piece who is a nice player, but not a superstar. The main problem with doing that is that Wall and Gortat are going to be free agents in two years and their replacements, including resigning Wall are going to cost a lot more than what they are making right now. Not going to have the money to bring them back and/or sign quality replacements. I would let Porter walk and spend the money on upgrading the bench. I would look at acquiring a combo guard who can back up both Wall and Beal. Oubre should be able to step into the starting lineup and you could bring Bogdonavich back as well and play them each roughly 25 min a game or go with the hot hand.
  8. I was curious to see what Sisco's home/away splits looked like this season: He has a .605 OPS in Harbor Park and .802 on the road. Norfolk truly is a place that bats go to die. Sisco really should not have lost any luster from a prospect stand point, at least offensively. 33/39 base stealers successful against him (roughly 15 percent CS %) is a huge problem. He needs to get that above 20 percent for me to have any hope of him catching in the big leagues.
  9. Way too soon to pass judgment, but he hasn't played the last two days. Injury?
  10. That's probably a worse-case scenario. Being around .500 and standing pat or worse, being buyers. And maybe the most likely scenario. Makes me shudder to think about it.
  11. That may be the case, but it's hard to imagine Hays still being in Frederick in the second half if he's OPSing around .900.
  12. The only other option to a rebuild is to continue signing overpriced past-prime free agents to try to compete because there is no immediate help coming from the farm system. If we are hanging around .500 at the trade deadline I pray to god we are sellers and we should certainly be moving Manny if he's not going to resign here.
  13. I think in the second half you will see Ring to Frederick, Hays to Bowie, and hopefully Mullins to Norfolk if he can get ever get back on the field. With that said, I wouldn't count Wilkerson and Rosa (organizational guys) as a reason for a real prospect to be blocked.
  14. There was a play in the second inning where Trey Mancini and Adam Jones kind of collided going for a ball that was grounded into the gap. That is Jones' ball and Mancini has to learn to back off on those. Mancini got in the way of Adam fielding the ball cleanly and the slow-footed Miguel Sano scored all the way from first base. There were two outs. The next batter was retired. May not go in the books as an unearned run, but it was a preventable run and ended up being the difference in the game.
  15. I admittedly thought that Ubaldo had better stuff and the fly ball pitcher, Santana would get lit up in Camden Yards.