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  1. ChuckS

    Oriole Draft Primer: The 11th overall pick

    Jonathan India seems like a safe pick. Average or better skills across the board. Advanced hitter. Has the glove for 3B and potentially SS. I would be happy with that pick. LHP Ryan Rolison (Ole Miss) is another one I like and seems like an Orioles kind of pick.
  2. I'm not sure it works like that. He's gotten his Spring Training innings at this point and then some. I think you can blame his April starts on missing Spring Training, but it's getting towards the end of May.
  3. Cobb is in Tillman/Ubaldo territory right now for his level of suckatude.
  4. There is going to be a team somewhere that can use an upgrade at one of their OF positions. Jones doesn't have to play center for the team he is traded to. More likely he is used as a LF or RF since that is where he has more value at this point.
  5. At what point do you keep putting a sub-.500 OPS Chris Davis into the lineup everyday in the fifth spot. At what point do you hit him 8 or 9th? At what point do you sit him 3-4 days a week? At what point do you sit him everyday? It's getting ridiculous. I don't care that the games don't matter because we are so bad. Morale still matters. Giving better players a chance matters. The fans matter. No one wants to see this. It's not good for anyone to keep writing his name into the lineup on a daily basis.
  6. ChuckS

    Watch Raffy hit a homer at 53

    Not sure how fast that pitch was being thrown but looks like a compact swing/short to the ball. This comment, as ridiculous as it may sound is not out of the question.
  7. If Cobb can finish the season with an ERA south of 5 that would be a minor miracle given his start. I'll take under 5.50.
  8. 12 beers an hour over five hours? I have my suspicions about the validity of this. Alcohol content aside, I don't believe a 190 pound man would be able to ingest nearly that much fluid over such a short period of time.
  9. ChuckS

    A handful of promotions (5/18/2018)

    I'm guessing Lowther would have been included with this promotion if it wasn't for the missed starts. So maybe two more quality starts and he follows Baumann.
  10. ChuckS

    Zac Lowther

    Looks like they want to build his innings back up since he missed two weeks. I bet he comes out in his next start throwing 5+ and looking dominant again.
  11. ChuckS

    vs. PHILLIES, 5/16 (12:05 PM Start)

    I can't imagine them playing this game, but it's weird they haven't PPD'd it yet. What are they gonna do? Play until 2 in the morning and then potentially again tomorrow at 12:30? That doesn't seem reasonable unless they already know tomorrow's game will be delayed or postponed.
  12. ChuckS

    Michael Baumann 2018

    Don't think I made that argument here. Age + dominance should equal a quick promotion though.
  13. ChuckS

    Michael Baumann 2018

    Alex Wells was 20 years old pitching in the Sally League last season. These guys are 22. Quite different. And the level of dominance of Lowther and Baumann......is on another level. Me calling for Lowther to be promoted to Double A is in part, hyperbole. I would be highly surprised if that happened. I don't think it's rushing them all. The three I mentioned are too advanced to continue pitching where they are.
  14. ChuckS

    Bundy velocity and farm system decline

    For sure. Stewart will play multiples seasons in the big leagues. Whether he is an everyday player or more of a reserve outfielder remains to be seen, but he's no Christian Walker.
  15. ChuckS

    Michael Baumann 2018

    We are at the 1/4 point of the minor league season. Time to promote these 22 year old bullies from baby ball. Lowther and Baumann at a minimum. I'd skip Lowther all the way to Bowie. Bishop can be sent to Frederick along with Baumann.