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  1. Santander is definitely the type of player we should be looking to keep. I just don't see how Tavarez doesn't end up a waste of a roster spot by being on the team all season, unless Smith or Kim have to miss time. He's just not going to play and we have Rickard and Gentry to pinch run. Can also look at it from the perspective that there is no way you can have both Tavarez and Santander on the active roster at the same time, so need to cut bait with one of them.
  2. I agree. Don't see it going longer than that unless another injury to an outfielder occurs. It'll be no huge loss either IMO. I think we need to get out of the business of keeping Rule V guys with utility player or middle reliever upside at the expense of the big league club.
  3. .850 OPS against righties last year. It's amazing too me he couldn't do better than that on the open market.
  4. Kind of surreal that Pedro Alvarez could be starting the season in the minors. Has a guy coming off his year with his resume every been in a position like this? You would think he would have some type of opt-out and a team would scoop him up for their big league roster. He could probably hit cleanup for a bunch of major league teams on opening day........but he'll be in Norfolk apparently.
  5. Not sure how Ynoa ended up being a lock? I'm not really interested in the race for the final bullpen spot (long reliever). Nuno, Wilson, Aquino, Ynoa are all fairly interchangeable. 4-A guys we are getting excited about based on Spring Training numbers. They could probably pick two of them out of a hat and it would make little difference. Gentry's gotta make the team. He fills too many needs.
  6. Was there ever a doubt? He makes sense for too many reasons: Right handed, plus defender, platoon partner needed for Smith (Rickard is Kim's). I suppose we could have kept Mancini as the LH DH with Trumbo playing RF. This always seemed less likely given Mancini's options and likely needing a roster spot for Tavarez.
  7. Boston may actually overtake Cleveland. They are only half a game back. We may be better off in the four seed after all. Just want to avoid that second round game against Cleveland. Nine games left. Toronto has the tie breaker over us. We probably need to win five or six of those games to hold onto the three looking at Toronto's schedule.
  8. Everyone thinks the Blue Jays are going to take a step back. I'm not sure about that. There were + 93 and only won 89 games last year. They could still win 89 this year and only score +30 to +50 (assuming their offense takes a step back), which isn't unreasonable. Or.....Stroman and Sanchez could become bonafide aces and they could win more than that. They arguably still have the best starting rotation if Price misses much of the season (if not all of it). I still have it: 1. Boston (97 wins) 2. Toronto (89 wins) 3. Baltimore (86 wins) 4. New York (81 wins) 5. Tampa (76 wins).
  9. Adam Jones and Andrew McCutchen aren't the same caliber of player. If you want to imagine they are, that's fine with me. I put Adam in the same category as I do Hosmer. I don't think that's unreasonable. There are a half a dozen or more better players at their positions. Doesn't mean they aren't good players. There is nothing wrong with my logic. You're a nitpicky kind of guy, so I wouldn't expect less.
  10. McCutchen had a down year last season, but he has a career OPS about 100 points higher than Adam. He was not a borderline superstar having an off year. He was one of the best player in the game having an off year. I'm really not trying to knock Adam. I just don't think he's one of the best players as his position where as the majority of the rest of the U.S. WBC team, you could say that about.
  11. I'm aware of his resume. He wasn't All-Star caliber last year. Is he one of the top five center fielders in the game? I don't think so. A list I saw of the top ten CF going into 2017 didn't even include him. He's a very good player still. But no longer a superstar IMO.
  12. There is no better time to do it than March. It's an imperfect event, but there is no better way of doing it. I would try to find a way to encourage more starting pitchers to do it. Could guarantee to have them on a pitch count/routine that is consistent with what they would be doing in Spring Training. Other than Adam Jones and Hosmer (who ended up being key performers), the rest of the U.S. lineup was All-Star caliber. Sure, Harper and Trout didn't participate but there was still plenty of talent on the field. Just like to see a few more front line SP. Daniel Murphy was the best hitter on the NL last year and he couldn't get on the field. Paul Goldschmidt has been one of the best players in baseball over the last five years. Second in MVP voting in two of the last four years and he couldn't get on the field. There is certainly not a problem with getting positional talent to play.
  13. I think the old school way of thinking on good center fielders was that the best/fastest played way in. That's changing now, I'm sure in part to advanced data being available.
  14. I've pointed this out before, but I think if Adam played a few steps back he could go back to being one of the better defensive CFers in the game. He needs to play consistently at about 315-320 IMO unless there is some slap hitter up there. Ever see how deep Kiermaier and Pillar play? Real deep. And they are as good as it gets. It's not just the balls over your head. You can take a much better angle on a ball in the gap when you are playing deep.
  15. I wasn't impressed by Lee tonight. Decent sinking fastball. Shaky command. Shaky secondaries. I can't really tell the difference between his slider and changeup. That's not a good thing. They both kind of just float in there.