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  1. 25 of the top 51FAs have signed

    Jarrod Dyson on a one year contract would be a good signing and improve our defense tremendously. Sure he could be had at a reasonable price at this point.
  2. Touching 94-95 isn't sitting 94-95. 89-92 is a below average major league fastball and considering that is supposed to be his best pitch that is not very encouraging. He's going to have to have to some major deception going on for that to play at the major league level with average or worse secondaries and shaky command.
  3. So you dispute the report that he sits 89-92? Because that is not above average.....or even average velocity.
  4. This article is not very encouraging. Sits 89-92? I thought he threw a little bit harder than that. He doesn't seem to have a whole lot of confidence in his secondaries. Seems like he could be a fourth or fifth starter......IF he puts it together.
  5. Favorite Netflix Originals

    No one has mentioned Peaky Blinders. Prohibition era gangster series based in the UK starring Cillian Murphy with frequent scene stealing cameos from Tom Hardy. Season 4 just finished up. Probably my favorite show on Netflix.
  6. Is Davis Done?

    Well, he's not going to admit that his bat speed is gone and he's just guessing up there. His excuse for all of the called third strikes is that he's "trying to be too perfect". I don't really buy that. And his solution of being more aggressive earlier in the count is probably not the answer. Instead of being a .210 .310 guy he will be a .230 .290 guy. He needs to change his swing/bat path to the ball and I didn't see any talk of that. I'd put his moderate to significant bounce back chances at about 25 percent. 75 percent chance he is done IMO. And DFA by 2019 or 2020. I always thought this was a bad contract and he would be a negative WAR (DFA territory) for the last two years of the contract. But thought we would get good to servicable production in the first 4-5 years of the contract. Thought the huge drop off would come at age 33 or 34 rather than 31.
  7. Maryland at Michigan State

    Might have lost by 20 instead of 30 with Jackson and Bender. We were a borderline tourney team with a healthy squad. NIT bound now....at best.
  8. Norfolk roster: How is Dan doing?

    Good chance Hays and Mullins start in Norfolk and Rickard is a fourth or fifth outfielder in Baltimore.
  9. I'm more bullish on Trumbo returning to career norms in 2018 than Davis.
  10. When he's looking breaking/off-speed he's got no chance at adjusting and fighting off a good fastball. That is why you don't see the bat leave the shoulder. Vice versa when he is looking fastball and gets a breaking pitch you see the flaiing swings and misses. I don't have the stats to back it up but you see Chris watch the fastball go by a lot more than the breaking/off-speed pitch. It's a bat speed issue and he's just guessing at the plate with zero ability to adjust. So I think we are doomed unless he makes some major adjustments to his swing.
  11. Good post Frobby. I think there is a lot to be excited about from a positional standpoint. I worry about the IF. I wonder how a Beckham at 2B and Schoop at 3B alignment might work if we trade Manny before Spring Training on in July for a more capable defensive SS. Beckham seems like he might be a better fit at 2B and Schoop certainly has the arm and range for 3B. I'm not really figuring in Mountcastle. I think he needs another two years and Beckham and/or Schoop could both be on their way out at that point. SP is the biggest question mark but we really just need two guys to step up assuming Bundy/Gausman are going to be solid. Four quality starters is better than most teams have. Your fifth starter is almost always going to be a fringe/swing guy. Very few teams can boast solid SP 1-5. Akin's second half results in Frederick combined with he did in the Fall League make me optimistic and are more in line with the dominance he showed in Aberdeen. He could be a solution as early as 2019 along with Harvey. So then you have Bundy, Gausman, Harvey, Akin, + vet signing. Chris Davis' contract sucks but from an aggregate standpoint it should have little effect on us being able to use free agency to bolster the roster over the next five years since he's the only player on the roster signed beyond 2019. We could have a payroll under 100 mil next year with Manny, Jones, Britton, and Brach coming off which would put us in the bottom third of baseball.
  12. So What is the Plan for Starting Pitching?

    Arthur Rhodes was the # 6 ranked prospect in baseball in 1991 by Baseball America. Mussina was # 19. We had some uber-prospects in the early 90's: McDonald, Mussina, Rhodes, Hammonds, Pennington (lol). All ranked in the top 20 by Baseball America at some point.
  13. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I haven't been real active on this board over the last few weeks due to being tied up with other things and 115 pages is way too many to navigate through to see if it's been said already: But we really need to target a young major league ready (or close to ready) position player as part of any Manny package. So much attrition involved with young pitchers. You go all in on pitching and you could end up with nothing to show for it. I wouldn't even mind the deal being based around a promising 3B or SS with the pitchers being the secondary pieces. A young SP you can plug into the rotation with mid-rotation upside and then a more high upside pitching prospect paired with the infielder seems ideal to me. I have no idea which teams would be able to provide a package like that but maybe someone here can enlighten me. On a related note, why are the White Sox even in on Machado? Didn't they just get done unloading Sale for a bunch of prospects. Seems giving up a bunch of prospects for one-year rental would be counter productive to the path they have been on. They can't think they are in position to go for it in 2018. Can they?
  14. Stanton to the Yankees

    Lol. I knew I was forgetting someone. Furthers my point. The OF is already crowded. Stanton could be playing a good amount of DH, but definitely no room for another outfielder if this trade goes through.
  15. Stanton to the Yankees

    More pages than I feel like navigating, but if someone hasn't pointed this out I think this INCREASES the chances that they sign Manny. Stanton in RF, Hicks in CF, and Ellsbury (untradable) in LF with Gardner leaving via free agency. They won't be in on Harper but there will be a big vacancy at 3B or SS if they want to move Didi over.