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  1. Maryland vs. Butler

    10.3 rebounds a game not enough for you? He's never going to be a big physical presence inside. That's not his game. But he mixes it up there just fine IMO. The handle is the issue for me. Way too many times where he loses the ball on the dribble drive.
  2. Maryland vs. Butler

    No. He's an NBA prospect. Whether you think he will be a quality player at the next level is certainly up for debate. A lot of people thought he could have gone pro after last year. I think he needs to work on his handle. He has the build and inside/outside game that pro scouts love. Prototypical stretch four.
  3. Maryland vs. Butler

    Missed the game tonight. But looks like everything was clicking. 9 of 20 from three point range. Cowan with 25. Wow! Dion Wiley played 30 minutes and probably had his best game of his career as a Terp. Freshman Morsell and Fernando both played heavy minutes off the bench and had nice games as well.
  4. That 10 mil or so in salary relief is also money you can throw in at acquiring an Alex Cobb or Lance Lynn. There are a number of mid-tier starters out there who could significantly improve our rotation. I think signing two of them plus trading Britton for a young major league ready starter to put at the back of the rotation would set us up nicely for 2018. I'm up for just trading Britton for prospects but I don't see ownership/management signing off for that. If we can get a major league ready starter plus a flyer prospect with some upside, I hope we take that deal.
  5. Baseball Prospectus: Top 50

    I'd be in on Cobb, Lynn, Chatwood, Vargas, and possibly Garcia and Chacin at those prices. Not unreasonable. There's no reason at all we can't sign two pitchers out of that group. One of Cobb or Lynn and any one starter from that next tier (Chatwood, Vargas, Garcia, and Chacin) would be ideal. Cobb and Lynn I think are clearly at the top of that second tier of free agent starters after Arrieta and Darvish, so I would be satisfied with getting one of them. Cashner will get more than 2/22 after what he did last year in Texas but that 4.61 FIP and 4.6 K/9 numbers are ugly. I'd stay away.
  6. Baseball Prospectus: Top 50

    Yes, but that is also a safe assumption. Those teams do tend to poach the premium free agents if history is any indicator.
  7. Orioles 2017 Top 30 Prospects

    Mancini too. So maybe there is hope for a guy like Craport.
  8. Orioles 2017 Top 30 Prospects

    I think the last few drafts have made a huge difference. If you just look at our first six rounds of drafting from 2016 and 2017 we may have hit on about half of those players, which is a much higher percentage than normal. Akin, Hays, Hanifee, and Myers (gone but gave us a starting SS) from 2016 and 2017 - good early returns on most of our top five picks. Several players from the 2015 draft (Mountcastle, Stewart, Mullins) are in the upper minors and on a trajectory to be impact major leaguers. 2013 gave us Harvey, Sisco, and Mancini. Our drafting has been very good over the last five years. Only reason our system is in decent shape considering the disregard for the international market and the hits the system has taken in trades to bolster the big league club.
  9. I would only be in favor of this if it was a one year contract and they traded Mark Trumbo. A Dyson, Jones, Hays OF with Mancini at DH is an alignment I could get behind.
  10. Orioles 2017 Top 30 Prospects

    I would say he showed a pretty good hit and power tool in Aberdeen. .302 BA .388 OBP. Three home runs and 15 doubles in 179 at bats isn't too shabby either. Similar numbers to what Austin Hays did there at the same age. Lack of position maybe holding him back? I remember reading somewhere that he wasn't going to be able to stick at 3B. I did also read a scouting report that said he had average or better than average athleticism so maybe 2B or OF is a possibility.
  11. Orioles 2017 Top 30 Prospects

    Also, I forgot to mention Jhon Peluffo. Held his own in Delmarva as a 19/20 year old and appears to have good control, a plus fastball, and swing and miss changeup. Seems to have the makings of a potential quality starter. He's gotta be ahead of guys like Dietz and some of those relief prospects (Liranzo, Peralta) as this point I would think, no?
  12. Orioles 2017 Top 30 Prospects

    Surprises for me are Stewart at 6 and Mullins at 10. Would have expected them to be flip-flopped, but seems Stewart is preferred based on the platoon splits. No other big surprises for me. Maybe Baumann at 12 given that he projects as more of a reliever and is already 22 years old. I was expecting Bishop and Hanifee ahead of him. The only surprising omission for me is Trevor Craport. Hit for average and moderate power in the NY Penn league which is typically dominated by pitchers, as a 20/21 year old. So I was expecting him somewhere in the 20-30 range. What are your thoughts on him? It seems we have a lot of promising relief prospects and current minor league starters who project as relievers, the ladder being a bit disappointing given the current state of the Major League team. Good stuff as always, and I look forward to the profiles.
  13. Baseball Prospectus: Top 50

    The writer predicts that the A's sign Darvish. That's laughable. Was there a sale of the team that I'm not aware of? Otani going to the Yankees would be sickening. Hard to believe that Cobb (30) is older than Arrieta (32). Seems like Cobb has been around forever and Arrieta just figured out how to pitch fairly recently. I don't see us in on any of the top 20. Maybe Cobb or Lynn if there price is reasonable but I doubt that given the lack of depth of SP.
  14. Maryland vs Stony Brook

    Won by 15. Just looking at the box score: Justin Jackson did some serious work on the boards (14). Bruno Fernando wasn't afraid to shoot. 5 of 10 shooting in only 13 minutes. 2 of 14 from 3. Yikes! Should be better days with Huerter and Jackson both being solid outside shooters. Wiley can hit at times too. Cowan was really shaky from 3 last year, so was hoping he could show some improvement there. Nickens has really fallen out of favor since his freshman year. Played just five minutes. Fernando, Wiley, and Morsell look like your primary bench guys. Maybe Fernando replaces Bender in the starting lineup at some point. Is Huerter the backup PG now (as well as the starting SG)? Doesn't look like we have any other PG on the roster with Trimble gone and Brantley transferring.
  15. 50 Days Until Tip Off

    I'm cautiously optimistic about the season. Jackson, Huerter, and Cowan (3 of our 4 best players from last year) are a year older and could take big steps forward. Front court depth court should be improved with Bruno Fernando and Josh Tomaic - and a full healthy season of Cekovksy. Will be interesting to see who the go-to scorer is this year because we didn't seem to have one when Trimble wasn't on the floor. Jackson and Huerter can light it up at times but are best when they are letting the game to come to them IMO. Jackson really needs to improve his handle. Then I could see him taking over games.