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  1. ChuckS

    Response to Roch's Jan 1st blog on O's moves

    He advocates signing a stop-gap starter while also advocating trading Andrew Cashner. These ideas are in conflict with each other.
  2. ChuckS

    Response to Roch's Jan 1st blog on O's moves

    I like this snippet: * Find someone who’s qualified to oversee player development and scouting. At least both departments always would be on the same page, unless the person hired has a split personality.
  3. ChuckS

    Jean Carlos Encarnacion - 3B - 2018 #22 Prospect

    I'd be surprised if Carmona is able to break with a full season club considering his age and struggles in Aberdeen this past season. I suppose he could still "break out" in a repeat of Aberdeen. It'll be interesting to see how they handle the glut of SS's in A ball. I'm guessing we see Hall and Grenier alternate between SS and 2B until (hopefully) Grenier is promoted to Frederick at some point during the season. Grenier doesn't have a lot of room for error. Before we know it he's going to be a 23 year old and likely still never playing above A ball unless he really does a 360 offensively from what we saw this year.
  4. ChuckS

    2019 Winter Meetings

    I've always said a defensively capable RF on a cheap one year contract made sense. We have at best two outfielders who are ready to step in and play everyday in April 2018. That's Mullins and Stewart. I think common sense prevails and we see Mancini logging most of his time at 1B and DH next year. So we need to sign someone. Jon Jay makes some sense. Maybe Carlos Gomez if you think there is something left in the bat. If there is no market for Adam, I'm fine with bringing him back on a one year deal at 1/8 or less. Nick is going to cost too much. He'll get a 2/20ish deal. The signee will be a place holder until Hays and/or Diaz are ready to step in.
  5. ChuckS

    Roster thoughts

    I prefer Stewart in left. That's where he has played the most in the minors and likely most comfortable and he doesn't really have the arm for right.
  6. ChuckS

    Roster thoughts

    I expect Chris Davis to be a part time player to start the season and eventually released, if not before the season. Unless he magically has figured out how to hit a fastball again, I don't see them penciling him in there every day. What's the point? It's a sunk cost and even on a losing team it is demoralizing to the players trot him out there everyday, much less the fan base. I expect Mancini to be the primary first baseman and Trumbo to be the primary DH with Davis mixing in a bit at both positions until they've had enough. In the OF I think we see Mullins in center, Stewart in left, and a cheap FA on a one year contract in RF until Hays or Diaz are ready to step in.
  7. ChuckS

    A look back: top 10 prospects from 2011

    I do not remember Mahoney ever being that highly regarded. No. 3? He was a sixth round pick and always old for a prospect at whatever level he was playing at. A poor-man's Mancini.
  8. What's his value exactly? He's just another bullpen arm who can eat some innings. He doesn't blow guys away. I don't see him being a commodity on the trade market. Like in the rotation, we need bodies in the bullpen as well. Flip him at the deadline when teams are more likely to be looking for relief help.
  9. I don't see any major trades coming before the season. What's the rush? Like others have said, let these guys build some value. Cobb, Bundy, and Givens in particular are poised for better seasons than in 18. So they can be moved around the deadline. By then, you could also have prospects like Kremer, Akin, and Lowther ready to step in the rotation. We need bodies to start the season.
  10. ChuckS

    Machado Trade Revisited. What If...

    For even more context: After being ranked 32nd pre-2018, Kelly put up only a .773 OPS as a 23 year old in the PCL and had four hits in 42 at bats in his cup of coffee in the majors. I'm not crapping on the guy as a prospect, but I don't see him being vastly superior to Diaz.
  11. ChuckS

    Machado Trade Revisited. What If...

    Luke Weaver was not very impressive in his age 24 season with the Cardinals. Kelly and Young look like nice prospects, but Young was also 24 and playing in Double A this past season. Overall package looks like it is maybe a little better than what the O's got back, but not definitively. I think Diaz and Kremer compare favorably with Weaver and Kelly. Bannon could end up being a better prospect than Young with a strong showing next season in Bowie.
  12. ChuckS

    Give Sisco another Chance

    Even with his contact issues/bat speed being a major concern it's hard for me to imagine a scenario where Chance Sisco is not given another chance.
  13. ChuckS

    Who is #16-#20 Prospects

    Probably # 2. Tony and Luke are down on Wells and Baumann and list # 2 doesn't include either one of them. Really says something if DJ Stewart can't make the top 20. I know he had a poor second half, but wasn't he # 6 after last season? Biggest surprise for me is Adam Hall not making the top 15.
  14. ChuckS

    Brenan Hanifee - RHP 2018 #10 Prospect

    I thought he would be outside of the top 10: 11-13 range. Lack of quality secondaries and only proven at low A ball being the main reasons I did not expect him in the top ten. I would have expected McKenna and Akin ahead of him, but I like the upside if he can improve his slider and change.
  15. ChuckS

    Baseball Prospectus: Top 10

    Tate, Ortiz, and Encarnacion for sure. Hard to justify Encarnacion even sniffing a top ten given his horrid K/BB ratio at the lowest level of the minors. Fourth one's gotta be Akin or McKenna, which comes as a surprise but I'm not sure who else it would be. My guess is you have Ryan McKenna at 11.