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  1. 5 Orioles prospects poised for a breakout in 2018.

    Nice write-up. Hanifee and Sparks are the two that stand out to me. Would be unlikely for the last two "to break out" considering they are unlikely to be on a full season club in 2018, no?
  2. Satander walks, has serious power, and seems like a capable corner outfielder. I have him behind Hays, but ahead of Mullins and Stewart. Same age as Mullins and a year younger than Stewart. Like to see him get close to a full season in Bowie (maybe finishing in Norfolk) next year after he gets in his 45 days in Baltimore.
  3. Dylan Bundy 2017

    I would give Bundy one last start to go out on a high note against a weaker Tampa lineup and potentially finish the year with an ERA under 4. Then I'd shut him down. The last start can go to someone else.
  4. We should move to the NL East

    Blue Jays then? The Jays have signed some decent starters. More so than us in recent years.
  5. We should move to the NL East

    Well......the Red Sox and Yankees certainly have never had problems signing starters to play in the AL East. This is overblown. If you pay them. They come. I'm all for restructuring the divisions, but that's another conversation. I would have us in the Southeast Division: Orioles, Nationals, Braves, Marlins, Rays.
  6. Chance Sisco: 'I'll Be Ready' When Orioles Call

    My favorite thing about the home run? He turned on a 95 MPH fastball on the inner half and put in the right field seats. This was supposed to be one of his deficiencies (pulling a good fastball). The raw power has always been there.
  7. I doubt Manny is traded. If he is, it's likely our 3B of the future is coming back to us in that trade.
  8. Which Orioles Free Agents Will Return In 2018?

    Well, I hope any talk of picking up Miley's option is done with as if it was a reasonable thing to do to begin with.
  9. Which Orioles Free Agents Will Return In 2018?

    Tillman should get a minor league deal with incentives. If he requires a major league deal, I'll pass. You don't want to be stuck with him on your roster if it's just going to be a repeat of 2017.
  10. Which Orioles Free Agents Will Return In 2018?

    Rather go 2/24 on Marco Estrada who is coming off a poor season than give Miley 1/12
  11. Which Orioles Free Agents Will Return In 2018?

    The thought of bringing back Wade Miley back at 12 mil is stomach churning. There are plenty of guys in the minors who can pitch to close to a 5 ERA and not go deep into ball games for the league minimum. Tyler Wilson has a career 5.02 ERA. Mike Wright is at 5.86 (bad - but not a huge difference). I'm not saying these guys are our only options, but if the goal is mediocrity let's not spend 12 mil for it.
  12. End of season top 25?

    Hanifee is only 19. You saw how the organization treated Wells this year, keeping him in Delmarva the whole season. The other three could certainly finish in Bowie if they are dominant. Sill looking at late 2019 or 2020 at the earliest that any will make an impact. I could see Akin making it to Baltimore next season and some of the fringe guys like Long and Hess. Not a lot of immediate help on the horizon for sure.
  13. Connolly: Just swing the damn bat Davis!

    This is correct. Trumbo doesn't have any value. In fact, he has negative value given his contract and performance. He (unlike Chris) is tradeable though. Just have to take on another bad contract back. An overpaid, underperforming pitcher most likely. That at least unclogs the jam at OF/1B/DH. There will be no such match with Davis unless we are eating the majority of the contract.
  14. Connolly: Just swing the damn bat Davis!

    The big question is, how bad does Davis have to be to get benched or DFA? How many years of hitting near the Mendoza line and striking out 50 percent of the time will it take? I agree that making significant changes to his swing is probably not realistic. I don't see this ending well. I would not be surprised if he's benched by 2019 or 2020 and released before his contract is over.
  15. Connolly: Just swing the damn bat Davis!

    I don't think this is an approach issue. Chris Davis cant catch up to a good fastball unless he is looking for it, so when he's looking off speed the bat isn't coming off the shoulder. Vice versa when he is looking fastball that is when you see those horrible whifs on the off speed stuff. He needs to change his swing before he changes his approach. This isn't going to get better as he ages.