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  1. Davis, Machado, and Schoop should get to 30 (if healthy). Trumbo, Jones, and Mancini probably finish with around 25-28. I could see one of them breaking 30, but all three of them doing it is unlikely. Six breaking 25 is very possible.
  2. Spot on. That other teams will ignore this and look at him as the pitcher he has been previously is naive. Britton and Brach both likely have Mark Melancon (2016 value) right now. Those who are expecting a Miller/Chapman or even Kimbrel type packages are going to be disappointed. Of course, Britton being light out in his next three or four appearances could help things.
  3. You would think Ubaldo has to be on his last legs with this organization and Aquino can take his spot for the rest of the season.
  4. It it just me or has Schoop's defense looked better lately? I have nothing at all to support this other than the eye ball test. He seems steadier than he was earlier in the year.
  5. Schoop got yo-yo'd around between SS, 3B, and 2B all through the minors. It's not unusual for prospects to get moved around a bit. I wouldn't mind seeing him get some looks at 2B either. Let's see where he fits best. I agree with what Frobby said to an extent. The routine grounders to third are an easier throw than at SS. But he may not be able to make the plays behind and to the right of the bag the way Manny does. If the arm is an issue it's probably less of a liability at 3B than SS. If we resign Manny (and Schoop for that matter) that's a potential dynamite infield.
  6. Stewart would be a nice guy to get. I overlooked him. I rather a lower minors guy with some upside than Oaks though. Oaks seems very ordinary.
  7. Smith for sure unless we are eating a lot of dinero. I'd ask for Julian Merryweather - 25 year old pitcher in AAA with pretty good stuff. He was ranked outside of their top 20 by to start the season. Flying under the radar but would immediately be our best pitcher in Triple A.
  8. Fair enough. Here are some involving our relievers: Zach Britton to Dodgers for RHP Yadier Alvarez (21-High A), RHP Mitchell White (22-High A), and SS Gavin Lux (19-Low A) Brad Brach to Rockies for RHP Yency Almonte (23-Double A) and 3B Colton Welker (19-Low A) Darren O'Day + 6 million in salary relief to Arizona Diamondbacks for LHP Cody Reed (21-High A) These are nice returns and within reason, although I'm not sure LA would give up that much. I'm probably being too generous on their end.
  9. So all your trade proposals have been tongue in cheek jokes then? Cahill for Aquino is no more ridiculous than suggesting Darren O'Day (a salary dump candidate) can bring back two top ten prospects from an organization or any of the other various deals you proposed that aren't based in reality
  10. The problem is the value to cost. The closer to the majors they are the higher their value is so a team is going to be less willing to part with those guys. If we are set on acquiring guys who are major league ready we won't get the same value/upside back than with a player who is 1-2 years away.
  11. Ownership is IMO. Which is where the problem lies. You also have a possible lame duck GM and Manager situation which creates further doubt about making good long term decisions.
  12. If we are only targeting guys who can help us in 2018, then we've already lost these trades.
  13. Certainly. I would expect/hope Britton and Brach to each fetch 1-2 top 100 prospects.
  14. I think there is a bit of delusion going around on how much Britton or Brach can bring back. It seems like many of us want to ignore that Zach Britton has missed two months of the season due to injury and has been much more hittable (1.60) WHIP in his limited appearances. You don't think other teams are going to use that against us when bargaining? If this was the Zach Britton of a year ago and not coming off an injury, I agree we may be able to land a Miller/Chapman type package. But that's not the case. There could always be a team willing to overpay. I hope that happens, but I'm keeping my expectations in check.
  15. This is what Adam should be saying as a player who is invested in the team winning. The front office and ownership still needs to be able step back and make the best decisions for the long term success of the franchise. Can they do that?