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  1. I'm not telling anyone how to raise their kids. I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest that if a kid can't handle a normal city atmosphere that it might be a good idea if they were exposed to that more. Or not. Just stay in the suburbs and avoid the city environment at all costs. I was really just comparing my experience. Me and plenty of my friends and family have been to the stadium dozens if not hundreds of times and have had zero issues involving our personal safety. There is perception and there is reality. There is also culture shock. Which I sympathize with. But only one way to get over that.
  2. ChuckS

    Ofelky Peralta 2019

    Another four shutout innings tonight. 2 hits, 3 walks, 5 k's. He's been able to get Sally League hitters out since he was 19 whenever he was in the strike zone so the dominance shouldn't come as a complete surprise. Looks like his command is much improved, so hope to see him in Frederick soon.
  3. Were you threatened? Did they put their hands on you? I'm not defending Baltimore, but you'll got approached by homeless/street people in every major city in America. Federal Hill where you coming from and around the Harbor are actually some of the safer areas of the city. I can't speak for others, but I've been going to games in downtown Baltimore since I was 6 years old and never at any point was in fear for my life. There are scarier things out there than getting approached by a panhandler. If it was so traumatizing to your son that he couldn't enjoy the game, I suggest exposing him to these types of environments a little more often. It's not healthy to live in a bubble.
  4. I was disappointed that Wilkerson got the call over DJ Stewart. It's hard to imagine they are playing service clock games with DJ since he's not very highly regarded, so maybe the FO just doesn't like what he brings to the table. I don't think his ability to play center (which is probably a questionable ability at best) is enough reason for a 27 year old org guy to get the call over a player who we really have no reason not to be evaluating at the major league level.
  5. ChuckS

    Bowie Baysox 2019

    I'm most disappointed with Diaz and McKenna out of the prospects across all of our affiliates. Diaz I expected to come out strong since he's repeating Double A. I guess the Eastern League is much tougher than the Texas League as now we have a sample of close to 200 at bats where he's been meh. His K/BB ratio is fine but doesn't appear to be doing much damage. Just one HR and three doubles in 65 at bats this season. McKenna was on fire in the AFL, but he's striking out in almost a third of his plate appearances in Bowie. He's at .186 .595 now. Looking forward to Hays' return.
  6. No way Hyde called that with the bases loaded
  7. What the hell was that? Why was he trying to bunt to begin with? Why on earth did Nunez not get down? Little league bad.
  8. ChuckS

    GrayRod 2019

    I feel like putting tags on recent draft picks of future no. 1, mid rotation, back end starter, etc. is fairly worthless. Way too much can happen from point A to point Z and way too many prospects with the TOR stuff never reach their potential or even end up in the bullpen. I don't see any reason why Rodriguez couldn't be a future no. 1 if everything broke right, but he's just as likely to settle into a middle or back rotation starter. Or injuries could derail him completely.
  9. I think he's done with third. It's too important of a position to be inadequate at. They don't even want Nunez playing there, who is a better defender than Mountcastle. I suggested to try him at 2B in Norfolk, but I have my doubts that he will be viable there. He should be able to handle LF.
  10. Bundy has looked better the last two starts and it seems there are less pitches clocking in at 88-90 than I saw in his first few starts. He's more consistently 90-92. If he can continue to spot his fastball that can play with his above average secondaries. As bad as he's been, he's probably still got the best overall stuff of all of our starters even with the diminished fastball.
  11. I think it's important to get this guy some reps in LF and potentially 2B, although I'm not sure he's a good fit at second. It's going to be difficult for him to break in at 1B or DH with Mancini and Nunez being young productive players and under team control for awhile. This is assuming Davis is DFA'd before 2020. If Davis is still on the squad there will be even more of a log jam.
  12. DSJ injured and out of the game. We could be seeing DJ Stewart as soon as tomorrow if the injury will require an IL stint.
  13. Are you certain he will not be sent to Bowie? Norfolk makes sense if they want him to get as many starts in CF as possible. But considering how he hit in Bowie last year and how conservative the FO has been with placements, I can see him repeating.
  14. Disregard. I thought you were responding to some discussion on Mountcastle that preceded your post. Nunez needs to stick to DH and maybe 1B.
  15. Has he played the OF yet? I thought he's been exclusively at 1B in Norfolk.
  16. I was more impressed that CD was able to foul a 98 MPH fastball straight back. Maybe he's seeing the ball a little better now.
  17. I was saying to give him until mid-May previously, but he's looked so bad I'm ready to make Rickard the primary everyday CF and call up DJ Stewart to play RF. Let Mullins get right in Triple A.
  18. Isn't Bishop before Hall in the rotation order? I think this was Bishop's normal day.
  19. Is that why you think Sucre is getting most of the starts? I figured it was because Sucre got more time with the pitchers during Spring Training. You would think it should be at least a 50/50 timeshare. Really, I'd like to get rid of Sucre so we could get Wynns or Sisco up here. We don't need two catchers with the exact same profile.
  20. Neither player has ever hit at the Major League level but both Sucre and Severino are plus defensively, so I'm of the opinion that I rather see the player with more offensive upside get the lion's share of at bats and that is Severino. In all likelihood, both players are backups at best but there could be a little juice in Severino's bat. Severino is only 25 with just 300 major league at bats so theoretically there is some room for improvement where as Sucre has over 700 at bats and is 31 year old. I'd like to see Severino get at least 2/3 of the at bats going forward and in a lost season where the younger talent should be featured it doesn't make sense to have a 31 year old career backup like Sucre being the primary starter.
  21. I don't think analytics are going to give us any specific advantage over anyone else. It's just putting us on a more level playing field since most other teams already have a modern analytics department. We still need need much better talent to overcome our deficiencies. Right now we have 5-6 players in our lineup on any given night that should probably be in Triple A or at best, at the end of a Major League bench.
  22. ChuckS

    Blaine Knight

    Knight to Frederick and Baumann to Bowie by mid-May. Arguments could be made that both should have started at those levels. The rest stay where they are for most or all of the season. I don't see GrayRod getting a first half promotion unless he is just putting up nothing but goose eggs and double digit K performances.
  23. Didn't look like a fringy outfielder on that play.
  24. ChuckS

    Rylan Bannon 2019

    Dammit. Free free to delete/combine moderators.
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