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  1. There's no reason Mountcastle can't be every bit as good or better than Mancini in LF or at 1B. Mountcastle has a lot more upside at 1B IMO due to his good hands and experience as a SS/3B and should be at least as rangy as Mancini in the OF. I'm more worried about Mountcastle's walk rate than finding a position. I think he will be fine in LF or 1B.
  2. I suppose, but I don't see any circumstance where Mountcastle would be on the trade block anytime soon.
  3. I'm not sure I understand the point of this poll. In one sense it's Apples and Oranges. In another sense, it's not like we have to choose. We could keep both. I'm keeping Mountcastle because of team control and because I feel Mancini could bring back something in a trade. If everything was equal, I would keep Mancini. But it's not.
  4. Historically, how many deals do you really see before a week or so before the trade deadline? That's where most of the action is going to occur. There is rarely a lot of action in the first part of the month.
  5. All those teams you mentioned are still competing for Wild Card spots regardless of their division races and will likely be buyers. I count a minimum of 9 teams in the AL in playoff contention and 12 in the NL. Now all 21 may not be buyers. But that's 21 that almost definitely will not be sellers. So I think it may be more of a seller's market than first anticipated. Doesn't mean we will get a fool's ransom back for any of our guys, but I think there will be some interest in several of our players and we could end up being surprised with the return.
  6. ChuckS

    Means ROY?

    Brandon Lowe is a bigger threat than Vlad Jr. right now. Hype alone isn't going to win him VGJ the award. He's just been okay so far.
  7. Probably no card that I'm still using today unless i somehow linked it to my checking account. I can try calling them I guess, but there's not way I would still have that old debit/credit card information for them to even look up anything. I imagine this site operator would have record of who is paid up currently and who isn't?
  8. Who is tearing him down? Having reservations about his upside is not tearing him down. I think he's going to be a solid .800ish OPS player in the Adam Jones/Jonathan Schoop mold. I don't see him being better than that without improvements to his walk rate.
  9. I have no idea if my account is still being debited for membership fees, but if it's not I'd like to resign up so I can continue to support the site. I'm unable to check though CCBill Services because I don't recall any of my account information. It was so long ago that I set that up.
  10. I agree with Tony, that both Sisco and Severino should continue to get every day at bats. One doesn't need to come at the expense of the other. They are both young players who have shown some potential and need to be developed. We only have a handful of players now on the 25 that really NEED to be getting everyday at bats for developmental and trade value purposes. They are Mancini, Villar, Santander, Sisco, and Severino. Their at bats shouldn't come at the expense of each other, but at the expense of everyone else on the roster.
  11. ChuckS

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    Attainable sure. Would I bet on it? No.
  12. Most likely to least likely to be traded (of the viable candidates) IMO: Cashner, Givens, Villar, Bundy, Mancini. I'd put Cashner and Givens at >50 percent chance, Villar at =50 percent, and Bundy and Mancini <50 percent. For Givens it really depends on how he's pitching. If he can string together some nice outings and get that ERA under 4.50 I think that increases his chances. I do expect Elias to be aggressive (within reason) on pursuing trades.
  13. ChuckS

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    Bold prediction. That would take a .900 OPS the rest of the way. I'd be satisfied if he finishes >.750. My disappointment in McKenna is that I expected him to be hot out of the gate and force a promotion to Norfolk since he was repeating Bowie. Up until the last week, he actually performed better at Bowie last season.
  14. Throw looked pretty good to me. Villar needs to let the ball travel.
  15. There aren't too many other current major leaguers with his batting profile. Tim Anderson (CWS) .317 .342 .491 (.832) 7 BB's and 59 K's in 241 at bats. Very Mountcastle-ish. Yoan Moncada - also on the CWS has 21 BB's and 88 K's in 286 at bats. .304 .357 .528 .885. That's probably a best case scenario for RM. If you look at David Dahl's (COL) away splits, he's putting up a .768 OPS with a terrible 7:1 K to BB ratio. So it's possible to have some success with a terrible walk rate, but the upside is going to be limited unless he can start walking a little more and/or striking out a little less.
  16. He got pulled from his game in the GCL today after 2 at bats. He was DH'ing. A little odd that he is rehabbing there rather than one of the higher affiliates.
  17. I think some fear that the high BA won't be maintainable with such a low walk rate and that Major League pitchers will take advantage of his over-aggressiveness. Even if he becomes a .280 hitter he will barely be pushing over .300 OBP at his current walk rate. His slugging percentage will really have to be through the roof to be anything better than an average hitting first baseman, so it may be important that he can stick at LF.
  18. Maybe he is hurt. Otherwise, his performance is a huge concern. 22 SO's and 23 BB's in 39.1 IP in Frederick. Yuck.
  19. Not so sure about that. Right now, Knight is a 23 year old with a below average fastball who is getting lit up in Single A Frederick.
  20. ChuckS

    Keegan Akin 2019

    I think we'll see him in Baltimore after Cashner is dealt.
  21. Agree with this. If he keep it up next season, then maybe he's got some trade value to the point where it is worth moving him.
  22. I think they like to have LF as an option. Rutschman and/or Sisco could be getting a lot of time at first base in a couple years and we still have Mancini and Nunez on the roster. Add Severino and that’s five people for three positions by 2021 if Mancini isn’t traded. Four in 2020. This is all assuming Davis is released. You could theoretically have an OF of Mountcastle, Hays, and Santander next season with DJ Stewart mixing in.
  23. Probably the week after the All-Star break for the league as a whole. We may not make any trades until closer to July 31 though. I don't see another team going after any of our pieces aggressively enough for a trade to occur in the first half of the month like we saw with Manny last year.
  24. I said at some point next season and I fully expect Akin to get some starts this season and probably before rosters expand. Bruce Zimmerman will be 25 next year and the rest of these guys (Lowther, Kremer, Wells, and Baumann) 23-24. They do not need a full season in Norfolk if they are pitching well.
  25. I also expect some of these guys to be in Norfolk before the end of this season. No reason for them to languish in Norfolk if they are pitching well there. Also, I don't expect us to have a whole lot of options on the big league squad. Cashner will not be on the team and Bundy may also be traded. These Double A pitchers will all be 23-25 next season. It will be time to start getting them big league experience.
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