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  1. royalstillman

    Elias' Brady comments (Connolly article)

    Good God y'all,what is it good for?
  2. royalstillman

    vs. D'BACKS, 9/23

    Another 2 pitch at bat by Adam.
  3. royalstillman

    Id have zero tolerance for Ubaldo today.

    Wrighting a wrong.
  4. royalstillman

    Mike Wallace a Raven!

    As long as we get a solid 60 minutes out of him.
  5. royalstillman

    One Hit Wonders

    Anyone mention Steve Stone?
  6. royalstillman

    O's fans rooting AGAINST the Blue Jays roll call

    Here.But I'm playing hooky if it's the Jays and Royals.
  7. royalstillman

    vs. RAYS, 9/02

    Sure am going to miss Chris.
  8. royalstillman

    vs. RAYS, 9/01

    Hunter,"And now the starting pitching is starting to scuffle."
  9. royalstillman

    vs. RAYS, 9/01

    And to think,Arencibia couldn't make our club.
  10. royalstillman

    vs. RAYS, 9/01

    For the fine career that Mike Bordick had,he sure doesn't provide anything insightful in his analysis."A nice play right there","that ball was in the zone","that was pretty impressive."
  11. royalstillman

    vs. RAYS, 9/01

    Another great at bat Matt.
  12. royalstillman

    vs. RAYS, 9/01

    Come on guys.They're just tired.
  13. royalstillman

    vs. RAYS, 9/01

  14. royalstillman

    Dan's Offseason Moves Part Four: Replacing Markakis and Cruz

    We also thought Wieters' bat would offset the loss of Cruz's production.
  15. royalstillman

    vs. Tigers 7/31

    Can't wait for July to come to an end.