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  1. Mullins’ arm looks adequate. I’d rather have a CF who gets to the balls in the gaps than one who makes a nice throw after letting balls drop in. And I don’t need to have a contest as to whether Hays is a better RF than Mullins is a CF. I’m looking forward to having both of them out there.
  2. You’re right, it was Beckham who hit the bullet. I couldn’t tell if the ump got the call right on the CS or not.
  3. Observations from today. 1. Bundy did not have a good fastball. He sat 89-90, topping out at 91. Didn’t locate it well, either. HR came on a 3-0 count, two doubles came on 2-0 counts. His breaking stuff was very good, and if I’m not mistaken, 5 of his 6 strikeouts came on offspeed pitches. He threw about 93 pitches in 5.2 innings, and Buck removed him after he struck out a batter on a 91 mph heater. The last run he allowed was kind of cheap, and only scored due to a passed ball by Joseph and then a single allowed by Luis Gonzalez in relief. All in all, not a disastrous outing by Bundy but the fastball was very lackluster. 2. Mullins had a beautiful bunt single followed by a stolen base, and later a solid single to RF followed by another stolen base, this one not drawing a throw. He made a really good impression in the two games I attended. 3. Rasmus pulled a single to RF on a 100 mph fastball from Syndergaard. The dude has some bat speed. 4. The O’s botched a rundown between 1st and 2nd when Schoop took too long to throw back to Davis and then Davis missed the tag of the runner running past him. 5. Schoop hit a single that shorthopped the LF wall and ricocheted directly back to the LF. Most days, that’s a double. 6. In the 9th, with the O’s trailing 5-4, Hays roped a double in the alley on a really nice looking stroke, then advanced to 3B on a grounder to the right side. The O’s brought Santander in to pinch hit, but he struck out on three pitches. The 2nd pitch was well out out the strike zone and the third pitch bounced at his feet. It was a terrible at bat in that situation. 7. Brach wasn’t super sharp but did throw a couple of 93 mph heaters, so his velocity seems to be ramping up. 8. Valencia hit a long homer against a minor league pitcher, that hit the batter’s eye on the fly. Probably a 410-420 foot shot. Overall, the O’s couldn’t do much with Syndergaard, who pitched 7 full innings and allowed 7 hits. He was throwing 97-98 for much of the game but got a couple of strikeouts by taking a little off and getting swings and misses on 94 mph pitches.
  4. Mike Wright’s last shot

    4.91 ERA is nowhere near as bad as last year’s crew (5.70 ERA overall and 6.61 excluding Bundy and Gausman). Nor is it as bad as Wright has done in the past (5.86 career ERA). Truth be told, if we could be guaranteed a 4.91 ERA from Wright this year, I’d sign for it in blood. But I don’t think he’s capable of it against major league batters in an environment where he’s being asked to last 5-6 innings.
  5. NCAA OH Bracket

    Duke with two 25-point wins this weekend. They’re dangerous.
  6. A few thoughts on the position players today: 1. Gentry walked in the first, advanced to 2B and was thrown out trying to score on a single where he never should have been waved home. He made a valiant effort to slide around the tag, but had no chance. As I mentioned, he also had a chance to throw a runner out at home but his throw leaked to the 1B side of home. 2. Jones’ homer was blasted, and probably carried 390-400 feet, aided a little by a breeze blowing out. 3. Santander hit a double in the LF gap that short hopped the wall and was really crushed. 4. Mullins got to show his speed three times, coming in on a sinking liner in the short RF gap, reaching on an infield single and then zooming around to score on what turned out to be a triple. The guy can fly. 5. Reyes came in at 3B late and had no at bats or fielding chances, but he’s an impressive physical specimen and looks to be in great shape. 6. Sisco had a clean single but struck out twice. Was overmatched once. Defensively he caught a runner who had rounded 1st too far on a throw home, made a semi-poor tag on a runner who slid under it to score (though the throw was head high), and had no chances on the one stolen base against him. He’s pretty good at receiving, very quiet back there. 7. Presley turned on a pitch and drilled a triple into the RF corner. It wasn’t well played by the RF and might have been only a double if handled better, but Presley showed good speed getting around to 3B. 8. Neither Sardiñas nor Vielma look like they can hit at all. Overall, it wasn’t much of a day with the bats, and the defense had its ups and downs. Two guys scored who probably should have been cut down at the plate, one on the throw by Sardinas and the other on a bobble by Marin in the 9th that forced him to go to 1B rather than home. And, a better throw from Gentry to the plate might have gotten a runner, too. Overall, I’m glad this game didn’t count.
  7. Alas, this is just a Thursday-Monday trip, so the only games I’ll see are today’s and tomorrow’s. Wright allowed a lot of hard contact today, I thought. Only one extra base hit, but he got squared up a lot. As mentioned, Jones caught two liners that were smashed and turned them into DP’s, and the other DP was on a hard hit grounder that was right at Valencia, playing 3B. The others weren’t hit too hard. Only Mesa allowed any hits (2), one of which was a swinging bunt that he fielded but botched the throw.
  8. Here’s a few thoughts on today’s game: 1. Wright was Wright. First inning, there was a botched 3-1 play scored as a hit, but it should have been an out. I couldn’t tell whether Mancini’s throw wasn’t accurate or Wright just dropped it, but he was there before the runner. The runner ended up on 2B but then got doubled up when the next hitter took off on a line drive caught by Jones. Another runner got caught misreading a liner to Jones in the third inning and was doubled up. Later that inning, a runner scored on a single to RF when Gentry’s throw was offline to the RF foul side, but Sisco caught the runner rounding first. So, Wright only got one out that inning, but the fielders/baserunners bailed him out twice. In the fifth, after allowing a single and a walk, Wright balked the runners over and then allowed a two-run triple. Typical Wright, he was rattled. The next guy hit a grounder to Sardiñas, who was playing in, but his throw home was head-high and Sisco didn’t get the tag low enough and the runner slid under it for the fourth run. Overall, not a sharp outing by Wright. He topped out at 93, I think. Joely Rodriguez came in with two out and his first pitch was clocked at 100 mph. He got one out to end the inning and that was all we saw of him. Mesa threw two innings and was sitting 90-91; I saw him hit 92 once. He threw mostly breaking stuff and it looked decent; he got one batter to look foolish striking out on an 82-mph pitch that was either a slider or a change. Mesa also botched a comebacker and allowed a stolen base that didn’t even draw a throw (Sisco bobbled it, but it didn’t matter as the runner was practically standing on 2B). O’Day pitched the 8th and struck out the side very easily. I think he faced three minor leaguers and they all looked helpless. Scott closed it out and didn’t have his good fastball or great command. He sat 94, topping out at 95, with his slider in the 85-86 range. He broke off about 2 good sliders but missed badly with several, including one that didn’t break and nearly beaned a guy. A run scored on a grounder to Adrian Marin at SS, who bobbled the transfer and had to settle for an out at first instead of trying to nail the runner at the plate. I’ll put some comments on the hitters in a separate post. I should add, my seats were beyond 3B in the upper section, but I spent 1.5 innings visiting with Bruce (vatech1994) who was sitting 5 rows behind home plate. He may have some comments on the pitchers from that vantage point that I couldn’t give from where I sat most of the time. Awesome seats for Bruce!
  9. A Team Full of Machados

    I don’t see the pitchers defending very well. Bumgarner might be interesting considering that he can hit pretty well.
  10. A Team Full of Machados

    Actually, this is kind of an interesting question. If you could put out a team of one player cloned at all nine positions, who would it be? I actually think nine Manny’s would be tough to beat. He can play the toughest defensive positions, he can hit with power, and he’d be quite intimidating on the mound. Trout’s the best player in the game, but could he play the left side of the infield decently? Could be pitch as well as Manny? I’d say no. Who would you put out there? Maybe Carlos Correa?
  11. Updates on Hunter Harvey

    I agree. The number of posts doesn’t necessarily equate to the wisdom of the poster or any specific post. I am glad Harvey looks good this spring. It makes no sense to put him on the OD roster — none. He doesn’t have sufficient experience to be successful for long, he can’t be expected to pitch a major league workload for a full season, and wasting a year of service time in these circumstances would be nuts.
  12. I’m in Florida now and will be at the games this weekend. I’m feeling good about the recent outings of Gausman and Cashner, and I’m disappointed to be seeing Wright today instead of Bundy. Tomorrow I assume I’ll get a first hand look at Tillman. In any event, I’m looking forward to seeing some baseball!
  13. Terribly coached game by Bennett, I thought. It’s one thing to remain calm, it’s another thing to be comatose when your team is playing like a deer in the headlights. My brother has a BS and a JD from UVA. You know what I’m going to say to him about this game? Nothing. I’m never going to mention it, unless he brings it up. How embarrassing. On the other side of the coin, what an amazing game for UMBC. I’m really happy for their players, coach, students and fans.
  14. It’s too soon to write off Tillman. But the end of spring training won’t be too soon, IMO, if he has two more starts like the last one.