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  1. Ump called two balls strikes on that at bat.
  2. It wasn't obvious to me at all.
  3. He has no clue right now.
  4. Should've been a 2 run homer.
  5. Ludicrous remark.
  6. Didn't this losing streak begin around when Rickard was activated?
  7. Yeah, that's horrible.
  8. This train whistle noise is super annoying.
  9. I know Mountcastle was 4th in the league in OPS before yesterday's play.
  10. That's not all on the starters. There have been some well pitched starts.
  11. Another disinterested play Manny.
  12. Davis with another WTF at bat.
  13. Key here is to be patient.
  14. I dunno, I think Manny kind of hotdogged on that play.
  15. Well, Asher's sure looking like a big upgrade today....