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  1. Smith seems to be coming down to earth lately. His OPS is at .764 after today’s Golden Sombrero.
  2. You’re right, same length. But, to be clear, you are comparing a 19-game streak of .235/.316/.309 to a 19-game streak of .309/.377/.582? I don’t consider those “similar” at all.
  3. Much shorter. This was his best streak since 2017. Not that it’s anything amazing - just, better than nothing.
  4. That’s fair enough, but Ramirez doesn’t impress me. (I didn’t see today’s game.) His mechanics are inconsistent and he misses his spot way too often. Hopefully he’ll do better next time, though.
  5. Is anyone upset? But I’m not judging Davis or anyone else on what’s happened in his last 25 PA. I always said, before the season began, that Davis would get at least two months before the O’s considered cutting him. Right now I’m guessing he’s going to get longer than that; he showed enough life in his recent hot streak to buy himself some more time even if he slumps for a bit. Hopefully any slump won’t get too extreme or prolonged.
  6. Frobby

    Zac Lowther

    Five shutout innings for Lowther today, yielding five hits and no walks and striking out 8. Despite not walking anyone, he threw 92 pitches in 5 innings. Lowther’s ERA stands at 1.91.
  7. Sedlock is done today after finishing 7 innings in only 87 pitches, allowing 1 run (earned) on 3 hits and no walks and striking out 6. His ERA stands at 1.63. He’s having an excellent season so far.
  8. I’m not giving up on him, but he’s not close to being ready for the majors. His loss of development time is a real impediment to readiness even if he’s finally healthy.
  9. The fact that he isn’t very good also could have something to do with it.
  10. Yeah, it’s just a different game. Way more strikeouts and way more homers. A guy we might compare to McGregor wouldn’t have the same statistical profile he had. But there are still crafty lefties in the game.
  11. Defensively, or overall? Overall, by WAR there are several 3B who rank ahead of Brooks — Schmidt, Mathews, Beltre, Boggs, Brett, C. Jones. Defensively, it’s Brooks and everyone else. By Total Zone Runs it’s Brooks and then Bell, Beltre, Ventura, Boyer, Nettles and Rolen. But Brooks is waaaay ahead of everyone else. He’s at 293 TZR and Bell is at 174.
  12. The fact that he’s handling AA so far is encouraging.
  13. True. But I’d say that on the overall spectrum of promised benefits of sports stadiums, OPACY has probably been very good for Baltimore and brought people to that part of Baltimore at the perfect time, just as the Inner Harbor was getting developed. Overall, a very well executed and coherent plan by the City of Baltimore. Yeah, things like that used to happen there.
  14. Frobby

    DL Hall 2019

    This article is behind a paywall but you can read Law’s remarks on Hall before you hit the pay cutoff. http://www.espn.com/mlb/insider/story/_/id/26768868/law-scouting-notes-top-os-royals-yankees-prospects
  15. Frobby

    Drew Rom

    Adam McInturff of 2080 Baseball isn’t overly impressed. https://2080baseball.com/reports/drew-rom/
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