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  1. Frobby

    Who is Mr. Oriole to you?

    In Massachusetts you could buy hard liquor at 18. Not sure about Maryland.
  2. Frobby

    Who is Mr. Oriole to you?

    When I was in college (1975-79), the drinking age in Maryland and Massachusetts was 18, but the drinking age in North Carolina was 21. I transferred from Brandeis (in Mass.) to Duke when I was 20, and went from being able to drink legally to not being able to drink legally. I can’t say it was much of a practical impediment, though.
  3. Frobby

    Fanfest 2019 update.

    Free parking at OPACY.
  4. Frobby

    Is there the hot stove radio show tonight?

    Melewski quotes Hess in more detail on this, and recounts the highlights of the Hess interview here: http://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2019/01/os-right-hander-david-hess-rode-one-big-pitch-to-a-strong-2018-finish.html
  5. It’s hard to argue with the NFC and AFC championship games yesterday. Both decided in overtime, both tied up on last minute field goals, both with some controversial calls here and there. (That non-call for pass interference on the Rams is one of the worst missed calls I’ve ever seen, if not the worst.) Really fun to watch.
  6. Frobby

    Brandon Hyde Article on The Athletic

    I thought your collection of quotes on various managers was brilliant. I’m completely with you. I really like what I’ve heard and seen about Hyde, but (1) let’s see how he actually does now that he has the job, and (2) at the end of the day, he doesn’t have a lot of talent to work with right now. I wish him the best.
  7. Frobby

    Orioles in the Hall of Fame Vote

    My guess is he’s going to fall a few votes short. Less than ten.
  8. Frobby

    Orioles in the Hall of Fame Vote

    He’ll get in. Time in the penalty box for being an a-hole.
  9. I really like Wells, but let’s drop the Maddux comparisons. Maddux already had pitched in the majors when he was a 20-year old. Wells will be 22 in AA this year. And Maddux did have more heat on the fastball in his prime.
  10. Frobby

    Anyone Following Manny?

    Also the poster child for win some (1st deal), lose some (2nd deal). Though the second deal may not be bad enough to negate how good the first one was.
  11. Frobby

    Anyone Following Manny?

    San Diego is beautiful and their farm system is stacked. I think it could make a lot of sense for both sides.
  12. Frobby

    Anyone Following Manny?

    True story: when I was a teenager, my mom told me she’d had my IQ tested when I was younger. I asked her what my IQ was. Her answer: “Not as high as I thought.” So that’s all I know about my IQ.
  13. Frobby

    Orioles in the Hall of Fame Vote

    Tejada is running at 1.1%, and therefore probably won’t be on the ballot after this year (threshold for staying on is 5% I believe).
  14. Frobby

    Major league payrolls dropped $18 mm in 2018

    The New England Patriots say hello.
  15. Frobby

    Doug Brocail is the Pitching Coach

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.mlb.com/157694588-dallas-keuchel-credits-success-to-coaching.amp.html Not much talk of analytics here, but Keuchel did give Strom a lot of credit for his success.