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  1. I was at the game and didn't see any replays, but that looked like a single and two-base error to me.
  2. I guess this is actually old news, but I hadn't heard it until this week. After 18 years, ESPN's Mike & Mike morning commute radio show will be breaking up this November, with Mike Greenberg slated to host a morning TV show on ESPN, and Trey Wingo taking his radio slot on what will then be called "Wingo & Golic." Wingo is a very competent guy behind the mike, but I will miss the banter between Greenberg and Golic. I've been driving to work the entire time they've been on the air and enjoy the chemistry between them, though of course, they focus on whatever stories ESPN wants to hype that day, and the choices (which rarely involve baseball) often annoy me. Meanwhile, Greenberg reportedly is getting paid $6.5 mm to host his new TV show, as ESPN tries to fend off competition from FS1. Talk about a hard contract to live up to!
  3. I don't believe that 2-3 really good outings are going to convince anyone that he's going to be 2014-16 Britton over the last two months. He just hasn't been consistent enough. He's had 15 appearances this year and has pitched two clean innings (including one in the seven outings since he returned).
  4. I'll take it. He's not blowing me away, but he seems to be making progress.
  5. Don't you think we can get more production for $32 mm than we've gotten from these three this year?
  6. I'm just talking about the bullpen. As to Hays and Mullins, I think they're both probably another year away. Hays has played 25 games of AA ball, Mullins has played 42 (and no games at Hi A). I'm excited about both, but don't want them rushed to the majors just because we're desperate. I'd rather have them get seasoned against high level pitching and earn their way on to the roster.
  7. So, after a season in which the O's made the playoffs for the first time in 15 years, and Johnson saved 51 of 54 games, it was "beyond idiotic" not to trade him? You aren't living in the real world.
  8. I was at the game and thought it was kind of atypical for Ubaldo. He only walked one batter and, to my recollection, wasn't behind in the count much. He went after hitters, and they hit him hard at times, but they also had a fair number of hits that weren't hit well and found a hole. When the three-run homer was hit in the first inning, I was shocked to see the ball carry over the fence. It looked like a routine fly ball off the bat. On the flip side, the O's made pretty good contact off Fiers at times, but hit a ton of at 'em balls. I'm not saying this to imply that Ubaldo should keep his job. I'm just saying that to me, it wasn't a typical Ubaldo game.
  9. Ubaldo had a 4.73 ERA in 72 innings with Wieters, 5.77 in 57 innings with Joseph.
  10. The season is almost 60% over, so really you'd need to be at 17-18 to be on pace for 30. 15 is more on pace for 25.
  11. I think we have a serious problem with developing and evaluating pitchers. Where that problem originates and who is responsible and what can be done to fix it is beyond my competence. All I can say is, that problem existed long before Dan and Buck arrived on the scene. I don't think they caused it, but they've certainly failed to fix it. There are just way too many stories of pitchers who leave here and immediately improve to think that's it's just random chance.
  12. He's thread-worthy in his own right! Not only that, but you have to like Mason McCoy as a baseball name.
  13. It might be.
  14. Of course it will be lucky if he pans out. But this kid isn't just doing well, he is crushing this league. He leads in BA, OBP, OPS and is second in SLG. You don't see a .434 BA in 100 PA every day. So, I'm hopeful we've caught lightning in a bottle here.
  15. I did not interpret your first post above as saying he was playing against "a lot of" 19-year olds -- to me what you wrote implied that being 19 was typical for the league, and it's not. But let's not argue about it too much, because I understand what you're saying now. As to the question of what proportion of the "legitimate prospects" are 2-3 years younger, I'd have to do quite a bit of research to accept that. Obviously, as a senior sign, Breazeale is older than the average 2017 draftee, and is old for the NY-Penn League. And just as obviously, if a kid makes it to the NY-Penn League at age 20 or younger, he's probably a pretty good prospect. But there certainly are a lot of good 21-year old prospects in that league, like Sedlock and Akin last year. I think if you tried to separate "prospects" from "filler" you'd find more 21-year old prospects than 20 and under prospects in the NYP. But obviously, the criteria for separating them are somewhat subjective.