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  1. Frobby

    Mike Baumann 2019

    Baumann threw three more no-hit innings today before finally yielding a leadoff hit in the fourth. He allowed no more hits until there were two out in the sixth. Then, with a runner already on base via a walk, he allowed back to back hits and got pulled with 2 runs in, and Steve Klimek came in and allowed a double so that Baumann’s final runner also scored. So, he ended up allowing 3 hits and 3 ER in 5.2 IP, but for most of the game he was pretty dominant.
  2. For home games 41-50, attendance was 214,686, bringing home attendance through 50 games to 874,304. As I expected, that was our best 10-game attendance stretch of the season, and I doubt we will surpass that in the remaining games.
  3. Those are paid attendance figures. Didn’t look like 18,000 people were there today.
  4. Seems like he’s a fun guy to follow. Hopefully he’ll rize higher than, say, Jake Ring.
  5. Safe to say he has “regressed” to his mean now.
  6. Another pitcher on the roster? I think I’d rather see Hays.
  7. Frobby

    Tanner Scott

    He’s a guy who will get many chances because his stuff is good, but I think he’s only got about a 25% chance of figuring out how to command it consistently.
  8. But, last I checked the offense was leading the league in runs/game.
  9. Frobby

    No Statue

    If this were a different franchise with a different history, I could easily see a guy without a ring getting a statue. But not this franchise at this time. Maybe if we go another 25 years without a title and some iconic player spends 20 years here. But I’m hoping our next title comes long before then.
  10. The big issue I have with the advanced defensive metrics is lack of transparency. I’d love to see UZR broken down into individual plays (that’s how it’s built, after all) and be able to see the plays that got a significantly positive or negative score. But it’s just a number on a spreadsheet somewhere.
  11. Yep, these are reasons for optimism with Santander. I don’t mean for my caution to be mistaken for lack of enthusiasm for the possibility that he’ll turn out well. I’m certainly hoping he will and liking what I’m seeing right now. I just want to see a lot more.
  12. I agree with you there. The new OF stats that statcast has developed that measure how good a jump an OF gets etc. are quite useful because they expose guys who make make a lot of catches that look nice, but who don’t really cover the ground that well.
  13. Plenty of time for moves. The all star break was extremely early this year.
  14. There have been significant changes in how UZR is determined. Whether those changes are improvements is debatable, I guess. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/instagraphs/2018-uzr-and-uzr-update/
  15. When a statistic doesn’t jibe with what you see, there are two explanations: what you see is misleading, or there is something wrong with how the stat is compiled. It’s foolishly stubborn to believe it’s always the same one of those two. Especially when you’ve got defensive metrics that disagree with each other.
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