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  1. Ok, they’re awake now...
  2. Incredibly passive crowd here. Small, and quiet. Maybe Mancini’s hit will wake them up.
  3. I’m at the game. Pathetic throw there.
  4. Frobby

    Joey Rickard

    Yes, Rickard is the OF-only version of Flash. Excellent point! Right down to his Rule 5 shoes! As to Wright, he’s a different animal entirely. Consistently below replacement value and yet somehow good enough (or tempting enough) to beat out the other marginal guys in our organization. A tribute to how bad our pitching has been the last several years.
  5. Frobby

    Joey Rickard

    Joey Rickard is the ultimate survivor. He does just enough to justify being on the roster, without being really good at anything. OPS: .696, .621, .713, .678 = .675 career. rWAR: -0.4, 0.8, 0.4, 0.1 = 0.9 in 3.1 seasons. Just a tiny fraction above replacement. And versatile enough to be useful on a team like ours.
  6. I think it was Tony who pointed out that Mullins simply isn’t hitting the ball hard. It’s kind of mystifying, frankly. It’s not like he’s incapable of making hard contact. He did it in the minors and he did it in his first month in the majors. So either pitchers have identified some weaknesses and he’s not adjusting, or he has just gotten himself into a major funk somehow. I tend to think it’s more the latter, because nobody’s this bad. In any event, he’ll be in the minors in 2-4 weeks if he doesn’t figure something out.
  7. Just thought I’d mention that the equivalent lot to the OPACY $10 lot at Nats Park costs $43. Orioles fans have it good.
  8. I spent about 10 minutes looking at Mason Williams scouting reports and he’s generally rated a 60 outfielder with plus range. I tend to give credence to that over “range factor” because of the many factors outside the player’s control that affect range factor. His advanced metrics at the major league level are below average, but the sample size is too small to really trust them (as with Mullins last year). So, I don’t really know, but I suspect any defensive downgrade from Mullins to Williams would be small, especially factoring in that Williams has a better arm.
  9. I’m already thinking relief.
  10. It’s hard to tell. Pitches weren’t routinely tracked in those days. I’d say Palmer had above average velocity but probably exceptional spin rate. As he alludes to in the article, his fastball seemed to rise (which really means, didn’t drop as much as other pitchers) and he was very adept at getting hitters out at the top of the zone (which was higher than it is today).
  11. I don’t know that we disagree. I don’t know if Williams’ range is as good as Mullins’, I just believe that, since he has always been primarily a CF, his range is probably better than Hays’. So if defense is that much of a priority, than Williams should be the replacement rather than Hays. If overall offense/defense is the priority, then I would prefer Hays, but for the inconvenient fact that he’s injured and hasn’t played baseball for a month. As to Williams, he has a track record we can look at. He’s been a .721 OPS hitter in the majors, which is a lot better than Mullins’ .590 (.348 this year). He’s probably a substantial upgrade over Mullins’ current level of play if you consider offense and defense combined. So there are only two reasons not to make the switch: 1. You believe Mullins is the better long term prospect and just want to show more patience in the hope that Mullins gets out of his funk. 2. You don’t want to jettison anyone off the 40-man roster just to make room for Williams, who may be better than Mullins right now but isn’t a long term piece, when Hays should be available in a few weeks (and won’t earn a year of service time if we wait until May 16). Do we disagree?
  12. Hays is likely to be a defensive downgrade from Mullins. If defense is the only priority (and I submit it shouldn’t be), then they should call up Mason Williams.
  13. Cleaning out his locker seems premature. Put it this way, I wouldn’t be making a downpayment on a house in Baltimore just yet if I were him.
  14. Or, they can draft Rutschman and just make do for 2019-20.
  15. Statcast rated this a four-star catch.
  16. The odds that Stewart would hit as bad as Mullins has so far are very close to zero.
  17. Remember it well. Vida Blue was a big deal that year.
  18. Yeah, I think that’s overstating it. I was one of the first people to say I didn’t like Sucre’s facial expressions and body language when the pitchers screw up or miss their spot by a wide margin, but I wouldn’t call it bullying. It’s like if Mike Wright was a catcher.
  19. Rich Hill’s curve ball was wicked but the brief period he pitched for us he couldn’t command it. It had negative value per the two measures tracked by Fangraphs.
  20. Stumbled on this today and it is pure gold. Maybe it belongs in the O’s history section eventually but hopefully folks will see it here and give it a read. Classic examples of how Jim Palmer remembers every pitch he ever threw. https://www.baseballprospectus.com/news/article/8883/prospectus-qa-jim-palmer/
  21. This is a good list, and like you, I’m a little stumped in the best slider category. I’m tempted to go with Palmer or Mussina, because how wrong could you be? Really loved Bedard’s curve, though. Certainly the best in the last 20 years for us.
  22. How does that work? My tickets tomorrow are good for both games? And people with tickets for today can trade them in for tomorrow or another day, I guess?
  23. Pretty solid outing yesterday. Hyde has demonstrated that he pulls starters pretty quickly, though yesterday, he pretty much had no choice with Cashner at 98 pitches through 5. That’s the most pitches any Orioles starter has thrown this year.
  24. Yeesh. Good information, but bad news.
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