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  1. Corey Dickerson DFA

    Any package would be centered around Harvey and/or Hays. Maybe even Stewart and Sedlock/Mountcastle.
  2. Corey Dickerson DFA

    Go get him!
  3. Cashner signing

    Let's all cue Kevin Bacon... "THANK YOU SIR, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER?"
  4. Cashner signing

    He's a warm body... maybe they can get someone impactful still and have a semblance of a rotation past Bundy and Gausman.
  5. Call the date. Time and player.

    25 hours early!
  6. Cashner signing

    Now that we know how much McHugh will make this year after his arbitration hearing, maybe there's a trade there too? McHugh ($5m) for Givens?
  7. In on Lynn?

    Why not Lynn and McHugh? Rather have McHugh than Tillman at this point. They have the pen depth to get it done.
  8. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Salazar +?
  9. Orioles Acquire Catcher

    Joseph and Susac to begin the year at MLB... Sisco in the minors until June/July?
  10. Fanfest

    Can't wait for the Q&A!
  11. Slow Offseason around MLB

    Brach for Domingo Santana?