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  1. Schoop will play everyday next year... they just have a glut of infielders at the moment. Moustakas will most likely move on and Shaw will move back to 3B. If Schoop begins to lose playing time to the likes of Hernan Perez, that's will I'll worry for him.
  2. orioles119

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    The Royals are going to screw this up like it's 2014!
  3. Adam, is that you?
  4. orioles119

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    Can O's fans take up.a.collection for a down payment on a home in Puerto Rico for the brothers?
  5. orioles119

    vs. YANKEES, 8/01

    Nice little play by Beckham there.
  6. How often is Bowie on MiLB.tv? Considering a subscription for the remainder of the season.
  7. Put me in the camp in regards to caring about individual performances throughout the organization moreso than the overall W/L record. Like currently, I'm excited to see what Carroll and Valera can bring to the table at the major league level.
  8. orioles119

    Orioles Top 50 Prospects - Midseason Edition

    Also have to consider the #1 pick coming in as well...
  9. orioles119

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    This is what they have spent their $$$ on... New York Yankees Osiel Rodriguez, rhp, Cuba (No. 5 prospect) Antonio Gomez, c, Venezuela (No. 14 prospect) Denny Larrondo, rhp, Cuba (No. 43 prospect) -- $550,000 signing bonusAgustin Ramirez, c, Dominican Republic (No. 48 prospect) Mauro Bonifacio, of, Dominican RepublicJuan Carela, rhp, Dominican Republic -- $335,000 signing bonusMaikol Escotto, ss, Dominican Republic -- $350,000 signing bonusMarcos Cabrera, ss, Dominican RepublicDayro Perez, ss, Dominican RepublicRafael Severino, rhp, YankeesKevyn Camacho, c, VenezuelaMiguel Vargas, lhp, VenezuelaJesus Rodriguez, c, VenezuelaKevin Alcantara, of, Dominican Republic (No. 15 prospect) Jose Colmenares, ss, VenezuelaChristopher Familia, of, Dominican RepublicNicolas Garcia, c, Dominican RepublicD'Vaughn Knowles, of, BahamasStarling Perez, rhp, Dominican RepublicIgnacio Radney, rhp, Dominican RepublicTyrone Yulie, rhp, Dominican Republic
  10. orioles119

    Dan says "tear it completely down"

    Who needs closers when you got openers?
  11. orioles119

    Grade the Schoop Deal

    Villar has two years of control if that means anything.
  12. orioles119

    Tuesday's (7/31/18) Trade Deadline

    I would offer VVM the chance to start next year... come to spring training with the potential to play in the outfield as soon as 2019.
  13. orioles119

    Tuesday's (7/31/18) Trade Deadline

    If DD isn't renewed, would you trust a rebuild with Mike Rizzo?