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  1. orioles119

    Richard Justice on the O"S

    Well, I though this would be a thread about potential trades that are coming... not a tired narrative.
  2. orioles119

    Which outcome would you prefer?

    Let the losses mount.
  3. orioles119

    Austin Wynns to debut tonight

    Looks like a personal catcher to me.
  4. orioles119

    Who here has had enough?

    The more the losses mount up, the more apparent the need to change. Change is a difficult thing, but the output this season should shed light on what needs to be done for the long-term success of the franchise. In that light, I have not had enough.
  5. orioles119

    Orioles Claim Snelten

  6. orioles119

    O's said to be interested in Hanley Ramirez

    He's available?
  7. orioles119

    O's said to be interested in Hanley Ramirez

    This is a low pressure move. He won't cost much and honestly, someone like Hays needs to work out his issues in the minors. Getting Hanley means the O's can still bring up Mullins and/or Stewart when the time is right. I don't see an issue with this possibility.
  8. orioles119

    Will Bleier or Castro be optioned?

    Send Castro down with the purpose of stretching him out to start. That would be my plan.
  9. orioles119

    Say One Nice Thing About this Season

    David Hess
  10. orioles119

    Scherzer vs. Orioles: how many K’s?

    Paxton is $9800 while Scherzer is $11800 just for the record.
  11. orioles119

    Scherzer vs. Orioles: how many K’s?

    Costs too much.
  12. orioles119

    Scherzer vs. Orioles: how many K’s?

    That would be a feat, considering there's only 27 outs in a game (at least without extra innings).
  13. orioles119

    Trade Deadline Chatter Thread: Top 20 Targets

    4 players traded... Machado to Philiadelphia. Britton to Houston (lol) Brach to LA Angels Jones to Seattle
  14. orioles119

    20 wins or 40 losses?

    Looking like 40 losses before 20 wins this time. When we asked 10 or 30, 10 beat it out. So with the Nats tonight and the Yankees after that, it's more likely that the O's will lose 2 more than win 3. At this point, the more losses, the more the brain rust would realize that changes need to be made.