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  1. Parker Bridwell.....oh wait 🙄
  2. Just looking around at other teams that have competent starters pretty much makes me sick . Starters are like quarterbacks in the NFL if you don't have a good one you're gonna suck😏
  3. lololol our starters are awesome!!
  4. Except he's not coming up on a payday, he won't be a free agent till after 2018.
  5. Picking a guy up off waivers isn't being buyers.
  6. Are you telling me Fister is not better than Ubaldo?
  7. Mannys not being traded this year period. Trading him in the off-season is the only way we get a decent package.
  8. Three four five hitters 9 for 9 with 3 HRS AND 9 RBI 🤔🙈😤
  9. Tickets on sale?
  10. Sweet mother of pearl!😳😡
  11. They suck ass but I could be biased
  12. Only? That's quite lengthy for 9
  13. We got this
  14. Yep Jackson will fit right in lol
  15. IDK hopefully we're still in it when he gets back