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  1. TK is spot on. Dear god sell the team Danny boy.
  2. Regret? Not for any of those, nope. But i still am bitter over not having Harnisch, Schilling and Finley playing for the O's in the 90's
  3. Peter Gammons says the offer was 3/40 that Trumbo turned down.
  4. Massive overpay on Saunders.
  5. The longer MW goes without finding a team the more i see him coming back. Caleb ain't cuttin it as a back-up. Matty settles for a one year deal for around 10m.
  6. Does anybody trust DD in getting a fair package for Manny in return? I don't.
  7. Wait, were not on tapatalk anymore? O's hangout app? Im confused.
  8. I cant even log on to the mobile site.
  9. This signing wraps up the division.
  10. Yep i think its awesome what DD said. Everybody in baseball knows he's a d*ck. There's no way Buck would tolerate his behavior.
  11. And fourth place.
  12. I was thinking the same thing, time to get Fowler.
  13. Exactly, short of Mike Trout Buck isn't moving Jones from CF.
  14. Sarcasm followed by sarcasm.
  15. I get that you want us to win a title but what i don't think you seem to realize is its really really really hard to do. Just ask the Cubs.