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  1. I don't know if i buy that from Pedroia, even Britton said it was even more frustrating to hear him say what he said because he's the leader of that club and they still threw at Manny.
  2. It sure looked like it, has Roch or anybody else said anything about it?
  3. Oh boy another mediocre OF....I thought Pedro was the Bourne replacement.
  4. TK is spot on. Dear god sell the team Danny boy.
  5. Regret? Not for any of those, nope. But i still am bitter over not having Harnisch, Schilling and Finley playing for the O's in the 90's
  6. Peter Gammons says the offer was 3/40 that Trumbo turned down.
  7. Massive overpay on Saunders.
  8. The longer MW goes without finding a team the more i see him coming back. Caleb ain't cuttin it as a back-up. Matty settles for a one year deal for around 10m.
  9. Does anybody trust DD in getting a fair package for Manny in return? I don't.
  10. Wait, were not on tapatalk anymore? O's hangout app? Im confused.
  11. I cant even log on to the mobile site.
  12. This signing wraps up the division.
  13. Yep i think its awesome what DD said. Everybody in baseball knows he's a d*ck. There's no way Buck would tolerate his behavior.
  14. And fourth place.
  15. I was thinking the same thing, time to get Fowler.