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  1. Daddy-O's

    Orioles all-23 team

    That will never stick.
  2. Daddy-O's

    Orioles Interested in Lance Lynn

    The Orioles get a comp pick at the end of the 1st round, correct?
  3. Daddy-O's

    Perusing the FA pitcher list...

    A number of posts in this thread state that the orioles will not spend the money on free agent pitching, and several others state that we should start the rebuilding process by trading away one year of control of one of the best players in the game. If the objective is to field a team that is capable of winning the pennant next year, and it should be, then an assessment should be made of what the Orioles have and what they need. From my stand point they have a solid line up, a strong bull pen and a pile of money coming off the books. The need is for starting pitching. Why would they not pursue two of the top free agent pitchers available, if they wouldn't significantly increase payroll? I know the easy answer is Angelo's won't do it, but I have not seen that to be true. I understand the difference between those who wish to trade Manny and those who don't, as difference in opinion of those who think we can compete next year and those who think it wiser to try and compete later. I believe both of those have merit, I am just tired of waiting.
  4. Daddy-O's

    What is everyone's idea for 2018?

    I am a short term (day dream) believer. The oriole have one more year of control of one of the best players in baseball, I say keep him and take a run at winning. Next years lineup looks solid at every position, if you believe in Hayes and Sisco. The bullpen is solid, the defense should be average or above. There is a small pile of money available from losing Ubaldo, Miley, Tillman, Smith, and Castillo. I say sign two top pitchers, Lynn & Cobb, and make a run at it. I really dislike playing for 3 years from now, because 3 years from now never gets here and if it does we don't recognize it.
  5. Daddy-O's

    That was special

    Stupid barren farm system
  6. Daddy-O's

    I just want to say this about Mancini

    Edgar Martinez
  7. Daddy-O's

    The Little Things

    After watching baseball for forty years I learned a little thing last night that I did not know. According to Buck, Jones runs home on that play in order to force the pitcher to throw home and thus breaking up the double play and allowing the inning to continue , better yet if he can get in run down and let the runners advance. I did not know that little thing.
  8. Daddy-O's

    The Vanimal

    Vance Vance and his Pitchin Pants
  9. Daddy-O's

    Davis likely to DL tomorrow

    Christian Walker?
  10. Daddy-O's

    The Nick Markakis Projection Thread

    For what it's worth, I saw pictures of the x-ray of his hand after it was hit. It was absolutely crushed, it had to take a long time to heal.
  11. I say we make a one day trade for Gutherie and let him pitch to Jeter.
  12. Sox Plan to Bring Back Clemens and Farve For Playoff Run
  13. Daddy-O's


    For what it's worth Shields gave up 5 walks in 6 innings.
  14. Daddy-O's

    How would you grade the offseason?

    I beleive a number of things were done for the long term health of the franchise, this off season. 1. The young nucleus of the team was kept intact 2. Two players just entering their prime were added 3. Draft picks were retained 4. Improved the ability to win now and become more attractive to free agents.
  15. Daddy-O's

    How would you grade the offseason?

    If we are comparing him to what other GM's accomplished this winter his grade goes up.