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  1. Dane Dunning's not ready but he's another good White Sox SP prospect, and if he was a third piece behind Giolito and Lopez, we'd succeed in completely recapitulating the Adam Eaton trade, and doing the most to stoke MASN rivalry fires.
  2. ZiPS projections

    Szymborski's hosting the Fangraphs Winter Meetings chat right now - he expounded a little. Phil 2:44 Jermaine Dye was a nice #1 comp for Santander - what are your hopes for him? Dan Szymborski 2:44 Dye would be a really positive result. Probably less than that. Somehow, the Orioles have figured out how to develop Mark Trumbos and nothing else. 2:45 Like they found a recipe for steamed limes.
  3. ZiPS projections

    https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/2018-zips-projections-baltimore-orioles/ Ours published today - some of the more notable #1 player comps at first glance: Santander = Jermaine Dye - this seemed promising. The pitcher ones were...horrifying. Gausman = Sidney Ponson Britton = Steve Kline I guess Tanner Scott getting Nolan Ryan cushions that some.
  4. I don't think Ozuna necessarily rules out the Cardinals. If the Marlins want OF, the Cards have Piscotty, Grichuk, Bader, Sierra, Pham, Martinez And if the Orioles want P, the Cards have Wacha, Reyes, Weaver, Flaherty, Alcantara Machado to Yankees speculation increased after they got Stanton, it isn't inconceivable Ozuna to Cardinals could do the same if they're looking to make Yadi/Carpenter's last few years the best they can be and maximize Carlos Martinez's prime.
  5. The best fit story mentions the Brewers as one of the only expected contenders in the bottom half of SS production. Ignoring that Arcia's their guy, Machado to Brewers for Hader and Davies would be a double reunion. Shaw and Thames on the Brewer corners are a lot more disposable if Manny would stay at 3B for them.
  6. Jacoby Ellsbury?

    Travis Sawchik at Fangraphs highlighted him today: https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/jacoby-ellsbury-and-the-nba-style-trade/ We've been saying 4th OF here, but he's actually 5th. Hicks's glove is the only one really fit for CF nowadays, and Gardner's ahead of Ellsbury too. Ellsbury's now more like another guy in the Seth Smith bucket, just with name recognition.
  7. Maikel Franco's in a buy-low spot and rumored in other deals - I could see him being the MLB "headliner". Though from Loin's starter that Machado would play SS, that suggests JP Crawford as a return centerpiece, inasmuch as my general impression is his uber-prospectdom is driven by him being considered a good SS. As a hitter he isn't too exciting down the defensive spectrum.
  8. Shohei Otani

    A substantial blow to the wildcard prospects of the AL's middle class.
  9. Connaughton article

    Has earned 4 Games Started recently and up to 20 minutes/game for a 13-9 team, which gives Portland the league's 8th best record at the quarter pole. Good for him.
  10. Non Tenders and Trade Aways

    Michael Pineda is in the same boat. Imagine both could land in the Wilson Ramos 2-year deal (1 to rehab, 1 to play) category.
  11. Shohei Otani

    Fangraphs did a reader poll in their chat the other day of what soft factor will mean the most, and keeping players healthy rated high. https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/which-team-can-keep-shohei-ohtani-the-healthiest/ They surveyed the last five years, and I was surprised to see it, but we were #1 at pitchers in a composite ranking of pitcher days on the DL and pitcher trips to the DL. Heck, we could show him the flag court for his left handed power, and maybe even be the only organization to give him a shot at CF. He'd probably have to settle for a Mychal Givens type pitching role if he wants regular at-bats.
  12. Shohei Otani

    I don't think so. From everything I've read, he's going to sign a standard player contract, same as Austin Hays or anyone else. That's why the soft factor of how much clubs will let him do what he wants to do with his talent is expected to play so big. You might be able to extend him early, but if his extension doesn't line up with Madison Bumgarner,Chris Archer type benchmarks, it's expected to be scrutinized ala the Braves in Latin America. I've read suggestions the degree of the Braves punishment was also intended as a warning shot across the bow to everyone not to get too cute here.
  13. Dan Duquette on O's Hot Stove at 6pm, Nov 30th

    Or maybe our Mike Fiers acquisition. I don't think Fiers is worth his own thread, but just saw his player note - an Astros reporter says the club will "surely attempt" to trade him before Friday's tender date. Fiers's final arb season next year to me feels a lot like Trumbo's two years back - a reasonable major leaguer who outlived his usefulness to his then GM, but could be of use to us. He's at least another option to sift through, and one there probably won't be much competition for.
  14. I suppose he is an okay placeholder insofar as some complementary skills to Mancini/Jones/Hays, and will earn the minimum in a year we need as many marbles as possible for pitchers. Other backup outfielders will make 10x as much without being 10x better.
  15. His Sprint Speed of 27.0 was MLB average, and he was a slight negative in Outs Above Average, so probably not a defensive specialist type.