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  1. OrioleDog

    Orioles Sign Alicides Escobar to MiL Deal

    Esky Magic to cushion the blow of Esskay stopping production? Guys like Escobar battling Rule V picks for a job on full-on rebuilders is baseball circle of life magic. At the end of these two years, no one in Oriole fandom should ever have to wonder about "what is a replacement level player" again.
  2. OrioleDog

    Hyde puts his own stamp on spring training

    For a Baltimore Springsteen fit while waiting for better baseball, I think it's got to be Hungry Heart. I know some say we took a wrong turn and just kept going at the end of the last era.
  3. OrioleDog

    Anyone Following Manny?

    I think next week begins the zone of hitters not caring about the overlong (for them) spring pitchers need. If I had to guess one to finally resolve this weekend, it is Keuchel, unless his buyer wants to risk 2018 Alex Cobb kind of things. I kind of joked to some friends that I guess maybe something happened to Francisco Lindor, but mostly I give him kudos for getting the jump on the rest of established star position players on how to get out of Spring Training. No calf muscles involved, but same kind of time dynamics with Machado and Harper, who probably imagine they are good after 50ish spring PA's, and they can still get them even if they sign 3/15. What's going to change next week is the furor as everyone will be in camp, and this is a lot juicier than reserve outfield battles.
  4. OrioleDog

    MLB and Union talk major rule changes

    With a now 3-year old, this is how I've grown to live almost my whole sports-watching life the last few years - there's just no time. I'm a UVA guy, and the time savings with Bennett's style are even greater. We don't drive much and rarely foul - our games are routinely over in 1:50 real time. I've got my finger on the fast forward button just waiting on the dead ball whistle after 16/12/8/4, give it the 1st level speed-up on free throws, substitutions, video reviews etc., and can threaten half an hour in the best of conditions.
  5. OrioleDog

    Hyde: "I won't manage to the save stat"

    I would be so entertained if Hyde and Givens made statements about coveting Wins. I think it's a beautiful bit of cosmic balance that if ace relievers said they wanted stupid Wins like they used to want Saves, it could nudge them towards higher overall leverage. We manage to keep a game to 3-3 after 5 or 6 innings, Givens should be stomping around like Kimbrel in the 8th inning of the wildcard game. The rare instance we're up 3 with 3 outs to go - it's a learning opportunity for Scott, Pop, etc.
  6. OrioleDog

    Zac Lowther

    The odds are against it, but would be nice to go 3-for-3 on Hall, Rodriguez and Lowther having successful developmental seasons. That would thicken up the Oriole content in the back half of next year's Top 100's. A good case scenario on next year's industry lists is probably something like: 15 Rutschman, 25 Hall, 30 Diaz, 35 Mountcastle, 60 Rodriguez, 90 Lowther, with a possible wildcard if Elias can find one more piece with Top 100 potential out of the Givens/Bundy/Cobb trade cohort. That and 2020's first rounder are how I see the nucleus of the next good team. I'm already starting to glom on to Francisco Lindor (FA after 2021) as the capstone when we're all the way back. I guess Machado could have an opt-out around there, but I don't think he's really a shortstop.
  7. OrioleDog

    Zac Lowther

    The Fangraphs guys liked him enough to put him on their "picks to click" predicting next year's Top 100. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/picks-to-click-who-we-expect-to-make-the-2020-top-100/ It was my first opportunity to read their full write-up, which highlighted him as one of those guys with lots of extension waayyy down the mound to help his FB effective velocity play up.
  8. OrioleDog

    Orioles Sign Eric Young Jr to mil deal

    Nice SB success percentage for a high volume guy....baserunning mentor for Mullins?
  9. OrioleDog

    Wieters and Rutschman

    Fangraphs released their BOARD update kicking off their prospects week, and they have Rutschman as the sole 55 on their tough scale. They have just 10 other guys at 50's, including most intriguingly to me, Andrew Vaughn at #3, a bad body (Frame minus in their parlance), right/right first baseman from Cal. That must be one stupendous bat. Not that the worst record for next year is in the bank thanks to Marlins, but I did notice their 2020 board has two Georgia Bulldogs pitchers at the top.
  10. OrioleDog

    Orioles sign Nate Karns

    On the Connolly: Rotation or Reliever?, Elias: Either One exchange, it'll be interesting to see how far we push blurring those role lines as we rebuild. I think the world will always give a few dominant aces, but do think in the next few years even middle class pitchers like Cobb and Bundy will start feeling the effects of team pitching management. I think the best case for Karns is something like 2017 Brad Peacock.
  11. OrioleDog

    Ten for 10 years

    It's a possibility sure, but the hit tool is king.
  12. OrioleDog

    Ten for 10 years

    At 10 guys, I've got Vlad, but for discussion's sake, I'll say you're crazy if you're putting Eloy or Tatis on. My last two on were Yelich and Bregman, and as I guess Roy related to us how Frank put it to Bobby Grich, it's all projection until you do it at the major league level. Vlad's consensus 80-bat is a genuine rarity, and he's 2.5 years younger than Eloy. Tatis is Vlad's age, but may not hit.
  13. OrioleDog

    Ten for 10 years

    Trout, Acuna, Soto, Vlad, Lindor, Bregman, Harper, Machado, Betts, Yelich First 2 Out: Correa and Benintendi Albies young enough but not good enough, all the other 26+ year olds it is too long. Thinking about pitchers, the thought that hit me the most is in a parallel universe, the answer might still be Jose Fernandez. Nola and Buehler were the first guys I thought about - everyone else better than them is down to their last few years of excellence. I'm open to Forrest Whitley changing my mind on this in about 2-3 MLB months.
  14. OrioleDog

    Frank Robinson has passed

    I think you are right and some of why is starring for two teams. Mays on the Mets, and Aaron on the Brewers happened, but only as a garnish. Cal's 12 WAR behind and Jeter another 20 behind Cal, but probably occupy bigger places than Frank in most consciousnesses.
  15. OrioleDog

    Orioles sign Nate Karns

    It's probably #1 with a bullet on the early spring training interest list. Can he keep up the milestones with the rest of the healthy rotation regulars? The relatively innocent sounding elbow inflammation at the end of last spring followed by out for the season is a puzzle.