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  1. I seriously doubt it is what he wants to do, but there would be a lot of beauty in Mussina following him as analyst for the next quarter century. This seems like a step in letting go, but I hope he can hang in a part-time role at least until the next good team gets here.
  2. I think if we don't get one of these next two, speculation around the 21-loss record starts to build as a story next week. I believe April is when AAAA go-getters profile better, while they are on the adrenaline rush of their lives and some others are still getting into the swing of things. It was always likely there would be a major streak at some point this year. While we were steadily losing series to a basket of the other teams almost as bad as us - the Tigers, Giants, Rangers, and Blue Jays - I generally had a feeling that if we were playing teams any good at all with any heart, a streak was near at hand. Boston and Oakland started it - this series is the last breather for a bit. If these next two maybe push it to 12, the Padres, Indians and Rays are next - all solid or better teams fighting for real stuff. Standard disclaimer that nothing at the MLB level matters much this year, but I'd hate for Rutschman's cap tipping at Camden to also be like Fantastic Fans night.
  3. Woohoo! 2019 - the year AA call-ups are like MLB ones will be 20-25 months hence. I do draw a good bit of comfort from having the All-Star game starters at both A levels.
  4. For the 3-4 months of enjoyment during the draft run-up, there is a world of difference between #1 and everything else. Only there can you daydream about anyone, and daydreaming's an essential survival skill for the long winter.
  5. Scanning the standings/run differentials for how we've opened a bit of a "lead" for worst record, and expecting that surely we'd let in the most runs of anyone, it caught me by surprise to see Seattle has allowed 20 more runs than we have. They do have 4 more games played, so our average is a little worse, but there is at least one overall run prevention rival.
  6. OrioleDog

    Keegan Akin 2019

    Here's a nuance I don't have down pat - it wouldn't cost us an option in 2019 if we called him up and he stayed up, right? I think I may have found the favorite for "leads team in September innings pitched".
  7. I probably mentioned him as a stretch goal last summer, though I certainly would have expected to include Givens or Gausman with Schoop to try to reach that ballpark. Or perhaps more likely Gausman and Givens as I remember the Brewers interest in Schoop after already having Shaw and Moustakas surprising - most of last July I doubt I would have imagined them part of the Schoop market. Seeing Tatis atop that list and about to graduate reminded me of the "Pick 10 Guys" thread last summer when I think we debated Yelich v. Tatis as the last guy in behind 9 more obvious ones - those two guys are keeping that one interesting.
  8. In the spirit of enjoying the shiny new toy, I'll also note he'll bump up to #8 this weekend as Fernando Tatis passes 130 at-bats. They have him ahead of the downgraded Kyle Tucker, MLB wunderkind Austin Riley, and his 1-1 predecessor Casey Mize. Of the fifteen FV 60's they pass out, he's in the upper third of that grouping with Adell, Trammell, Hiura and Mize. Next year could play out as a quest to ascend the Wander Franco Mt. Everest of prospectdom. I'll be curious to see if Delmarva's success this year is an Adley magnet - in a vacuum he could probably handle getting his feet wet in Frederick.
  9. Debuts at #9 on Fangraphs fresh update to Overall MLB Prospect Rankings. The next four Orioles clump between 67 and 119, and beyond the Top 5 they have Stowers leap-frogging Akin/Lowther and all the other candidates for our third best pitching prospect. FWIW they initially give Stowers a 45 FV, and Gunnar just 40+
  10. It just hit me he could be to the next good Orioles team what Brian McCann is to this year's Braves - a team HOF'er with a second act in a reserve role. Diaz and Hays are the two clubhouse leaders for pre-FA regulars. With Mullins fading fast, McKenna bats right also before Stowers is a LHH OF for a future team. 2022 Nick Markakis v. 2022 Ryan McKenna - would you bet on Nick to hold the strong side of a platoon there? And if we just take Grenier's glove and bat him 9th, he'll need pinch hitters. Even if McKenna is way better than Nick after two more years as I hope he will be, a guy like Markakis could make a nice 4th outfielder behind those 3 starters. Agree playing time is all, and next year's 26th man helps a little with jobs. NL DH and/or 32-team expansion before it is too late for Nick are the bigger possibilities for hitters like him if they want to go on as long as they can. In the short term, Snitker gave a discouraging update on Inciarte's recovery the other day, so I think clear sailing to the All-Star break now.
  11. I'm perhaps overly armchair psychoanalyzing, but beyond injury, I can imagine him being bored and knowing the score. I'd rather he be fully healthy and crushing of course, but he and Mountcastle are the two high minors guys young enough and good enough that securing an extra year of club control could mean something. I'd hoped for a AAA MVP candidacy, but still predict he is beastly next year in spring training. I had senioritis pretty bad too back in the day.
  12. I hope the apparently close relationship between the front offices leads to a fruitful Givens trade - here is a contender's bullpen that's had a raft of injuries.
  13. No joy in Chapel Hill - Tanner Burns got the dream spot for Super Regionals, the deciding Game 3 to get his Auburn Tigers to Omaha, and the offense goes and puts up 13 runs in the Top of the 1st. https://www.espn.com/college-baseball/boxscore?gameId=391611096
  14. Hoping he'll revive a bit this week - at home and nothing but righties (not that he's been a platoon split guy). Ender Inciarte seems to be struggling with an Alex Cobb-like lumbar strain, but I think he'll be back at some point. Will be watching tonight's line up - yesterday wunderkind Austin Riley got Nick's regular #5 spot as he had a day off - every spot in the order is 18 PA/year.
  15. While I hope next year's Mountcastle/Diaz/Hays/Akin/Kremer batch will flash enough to get us out of prohibitive favorite for worst record in MLB 3 years in a row next season, Kumar Rocker's no-hitter is the kind of transcendent thunder bolt I hope some of the current NCAA sophomores provide in the CWS and going into next year.
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