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  1. Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    Yes. Off the Cobb topic, but https://www.fangraphs.com/graphsw.aspx?players=9777,11493,1011586,1274&wg=2 A-Rod probably could have ragged on Machado this offseason about messing up his age-24 year. Arenado's probably just as good as Machado the next 4 years, but if I had to guess, the subsequent 4 will tilt Manny's way again. I say this thinking Arenado's probably someone with a fair shot at a 10-year regular HOF prime, but Machado has almost as good a shot at the 15-year inner circle prime. Especially if his psychobabble really plays, and excitement at getting to (finally) do all the A-Rod things fuels us this year.
  2. Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    Snow storms in the spring, and the Orioles get a good FA pitcher. Sounds about right.
  3. Justin Turner out with broken wrist

    The Dodgers will of course be fine in April/May. This could be a boon in June/July if upon return Turner has a setback or looks greatly diminished. If the time comes, as kingmakers we should of course send Britton to LA with Machado. Don't forget it only took Willie Calhoun for Darvish, so we might not even be able to get Buehler even for both of them.
  4. A Team Full of Machados

    And the Fangraphs piece on the whole experiment, where Koji Uehara and Bartolo Colon joined them in a 4-player league. https://www.fangraphs.com/not/dangerous-experiment-a-roster-of-25-adam-dunns/ My favorite tidbit is OOTP gave the all of the Gold Gloves to Dee Gordon, except CF, where somehow Adam Dunn got it. Better be careful there, Mariners.
  5. A Team Full of Machados

    Here is a boxscore of Adam Dunn v. Dee Gordon.
  6. Updates on Hunter Harvey

    I'm excited about him possibly being a good pitcher for us this year, but I think given his profile, SP5 is really pushing it and I'm pulling for a Devenski/Peacock style job at least to start out. The first couple times we'd ask him to do that, doubtless we'd be down about 7-1 in the 3rd inning, and that's fine.
  7. Trey Mancini: Role Player or Star?

    He'll be an interesting experiment to the 10000 hours of practice theory. Over the next couple years, he'll be one of the few young-ish ballplayers parked in LF, with more coaching and practice at the job than just about anyone. If he can get really good at the parts of the job that aren't just foot speed (which admittedly is a really big chunk of it), maybe he can push closer to average. It'll help if Willie Calhoun gets to become part of his peer group.
  8. Lance Lynn Signs with the Twins (One-Year Deal)

    Don't agree with this - Lynn is a one year rental while they wait for Pineda to heal and Gonsalves and Romero to finish developing. Mauer's a Chris Davis scenario and while Dozier's an asset, he's more like Schoop than a franchise player. Buxton, Sano, Berrios, Kepler, Rosario, Polanco are the core of that club and with triple rebuilders in that division, I wouldn't be surprised to see them push 90 wins/year the next few seasons. For rebuilding your market, the ALE vs. the ALC's triple rebuild is night and day.
  9. Could Davis and Trumbo start the season on the DL?

    Since part of the fabric of Oriole fandom is Lowenstein/Roenicke, I wonder if we could squeeze a little more out of these two in that way assuming enough of our young guys establish themselves the next two years. Earl says in Weaver on Strategy there are almost no players good at everything, but find ways for guys to do what they can. Even if the ship has sailed on both being effective regulars, there are steps on the way down.
  10. Moustakas signs with the Royals.

    Concluding with Adam Jones is going to take a lot of grace. Have to imagine Jones and Britton will need good seasons for QO consideration to become realistic.
  11. Could Davis and Trumbo start the season on the DL?

    Isn't it crazy how injuries nag in relation to player usefulness?
  12. David Dahl

    I doubt he's available - he's earned himself a pretty big doghouse in the org's eyes and is probably going to have to do some AAA to get back in their good graces and prove health, but he's a CF defender and Blackmon is a free agent after this year. Now if Blackmon re-signs, that's when their phone will ring a lot.
  13. Tanner Scott Prefers the Bullpen

    Developmentally, Scott and Hunter Harvey are just about twins to me. If they're good through Memorial Day and the team needs more good pitchers, things get awfully interesting. I'd be more cautious in a vacuum, but I think the Buck/Jones/Manny/Britton body of work has earned enough that I'm completely at peace with honoring it by giving the 2018 Orioles these toys to play with if they demonstrate they can help. I think Scott's ultimately a 1-inning guy, but if he thrives in his 2nd and 3rd innings, those two could even become a SP tandem.
  14. My 25-man roster prediction (as of 3/7/18)

    I'm open to that, but who is your benchmark? I heard last offseason Lindor turned down $100M from Cleveland, and think in general the player's willingness to sell FA years for their first tens of millions has been ebbing, as they watch the Trouts, Goldschmidts, Archers and Sales of the world get paid pennies on the dollar for their primes. Never mind how irritated they all are right now with ownership and front offices over the present FA situation. Cot's has DeJong on there now, and his Arb 1/2/3 years look priced at $4M, $6M, $9M. The club options on his first two FA years are at 2/27. If I'm Hays, I think I belong above the DeJong benchmark because DeJong is even more Orioles than the Orioles and no way is that kind of plate discipline going to play long term. I might get interested around 125% of that, but probably closer to 150%. A few years ago, this was the time of spring those announcements came like hotcakes, but that flow has slowed considerably.
  15. My 25-man roster prediction (as of 3/7/18)

    Regarding Hays, I think there could be a lesson learned from Schoop, who we are sad now will be a FA a year early. Hays isn't Kris Bryant or Ronald Acuna, but I think he's a higher rated prospect than Schoop was (my memory of Schoop's job earning was that we didn't think he had the upside to worry about it - happy to have been proven wrong there!), and trading Hays's April 2018 for all of 2025 is poor man's Bryant/Acuna type stuff.