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  1. Given our front office structure, maybe we're the team to give the College of Coaches another go. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/College_of_Coaches It even had an Athletic Director, Brady Anderson.
  2. OrioleDog

    Orioles Mount Rushmores

    I can't decide which announcer goes with Thompson, Miller and Palmer - any ideas for a 4th standout? Lowenstein was memorable, but not exactly in a chiseled in stone kind of way.
  3. OrioleDog

    Jones Trade Expectations

    Just saw Bruce mentioned as a comp for Jones's free agency, but I think he is also the most recent and relevant trade comparison. Bruce went from the Mets to Cleveland after the July 31 deadline. He had a 119 OPS+ with the Mets at the time of the deal and was earning $13M last year. There was no position change drama. He got Ryder Ryan. He was a 30th round college pitcher from the 2016 draft who was pitching relief in the low minors. I don't expect much talent back - Jones is not hitting as well as Bruce last year, is making $17M not $13M, and may need to change positions. I doubt he's a priority for any buyer before the deadline, though I'd love to be proven wrong. This transaction will be about honoring AJ as a winning Oriole and finding him an opportunity to utilize the rest of his Age-32 season chasing a ring somewhere, if that's what he wants. Free agency is probably not going to treat him any better than it has many other veterans with glittering resumes in recent years. Bruce was fantastic for Cleveland and ended up back with the Mets for 3/39 early in the offseason - a move that now looks sharp on Bruce's part, to have gotten while he could.
  4. They beat us to Ivan Rodriguez. Javy Lopez was not the same thing. The Tejada Orioles would have been a few ticks better with a little marginal extra for quality on that one.
  5. OrioleDog

    Kakes (Markakis) 2nd on OF All Star Voting in NL

    Knowing what a homebody Nick is, I'm pretty sure Atlanta will want him until Pache is ready, and be able to retain him - the only question is contract length. It'd be an upset for them to make the playoffs this year, but probably not going forward. Even if he makes 3000 hits, I think he'll more likely become the exception that proves the rule, but he may have an opportunity to make the gray area grayer sometime in the next 2-3 Octobers. It worked for Jack Morris.
  6. It's funny how perspective changes growing up. My first thought here was - oooh, Keegan Akin v. Jeff Ballard - would that be a good over/under for Akin's career? Then I go to B-Ref and see Ballard was below replacement for his career, which even understanding he was a flash in the pan, was not what I expected.
  7. OrioleDog

    What do we think of Dylan Bundy?

    He is the right guy for this, and a tactic I've seen before when small market clubs have to let franchise players go. Felipe Vazquez's extension coming about the same time as the McCutchen and Cole trades was no accident.
  8. OrioleDog

    What do we think of Dylan Bundy?

    I expect the Orioles malaise to damage the surface stats of the front four once we thin out the bullpen and trade Manny. Unfortunately, we can't sim past the last 95 games and go to 2019. They're all going to have to wear it more than they would on a better team, but at least they'll earn Buck nugget foxhole points while doing so. I deeply regret having Alex Cobb in AL Only. The bad patch did put to rest any Mussina daydreams, and now I'm resting on Boddicker as who I hope he can become, going for something like 15 WAR in a 5-year run, and someone you are proud to throw in October if the team is good enough to get there. I don't think now is the time to trade him - he needs to show MLB he can hold up for six months, and he'll still have plenty of club control if he has to become 2019's Manny. I already think downballot this July that negotiations on Britton, and possibly Givens/Schoop/Gausman if we cut deeper, are going to be a lot of water for leadership to carry. I hope Jones, Brach and O'Day find nice homes, but they'll be more like Jay Bruce last August - a steady regular at full ticket price won't get much back.
  9. OrioleDog

    Manny not in the lineup...

    Before the sick report, I was guessing the old school don't mess up my swing trying for knuckleballs thing. Maybe that is kind of a sick.
  10. OrioleDog

    Positive vibes only thread

    Heyman reporting Rodriguez signed for a little under slot. Fast sign and under slot seems good.
  11. OrioleDog

    Valencia should be cut

    I realize his flaws will most likely prevent him from being a quality big leaguer, but I hope to see Nunez get a solid month. He'll probably be horrifying in all the same ways Valencia is, but the bat is the key to him having a little value pre-arb, and I think he's the kind of hitter who needs everyday play for the game power to start to play. We're good at giving sluggers lots of at-bats to work through struggles, right?
  12. OrioleDog

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Just read Austin Riley sprained his knee and is going to miss a few weeks - if the Braves were interested, I think this nudges them towards a little higher bid. Their thin wildcard hopes are held back by a poor 3B situation, and if the year was going to run all sunshine and rainbows, Riley was going to be the solution for that. Now that's another month away, if it was ever going to be. Of course the Braves would need Manny to adult about 3B.
  13. My hope for how our bats get on the field for the next good team is that Mountcastle v. Mancini 1B defense is the battle, and loser goes to DH. Were I Mountcastle's life coach, I'd have him training his brain to beat the DH penalty, and to squash the automatic ballplayer complaints about the role.
  14. https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/american-league-draft-recap/ He gets a nice tout here, getting labeled a pre-injury 2nd round talent by the Fangraphs guys.
  15. OrioleDog

    Super Two

    That experience could come once one or two of the mainstays leave town. I agree he's good raw material though to escape the LaRussan SP or 1-inning guy dichotomy. His IP/game is down a little from last year - I hope it'll go back up. I think Games/IP could start to vaguely resemble HR/RBI, only as a more accurate barometer of true value, where 40/100 is a superstar.