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  1. Excited for this. I think it was sort of in last year's CWS he kind of established himself as a Bleeping A 1-1 for this year's draft, and this year's CWS ran badly for Oregon State. There's still summer left to play for Baseball Championships, something we all hope he will be doing a lot of. I can see between the OSU upset loss and the mono his game still having some competitive edge to it in the final few weeks. If he's Michael Jordan-esque, Andrew Vaughn already being in High-A would be seen as a deep personal insult.
  2. I'm rooting for it. I don't know whether Grayson Rodriguez and Adley Rutschman have even met in real life yet, but I feel like for both of them a little taste of competition together would help them hit the ground running with the Keys next spring. It broadly falls into the same category of Means getting a cup of coffee last year like I'm hoping for Akin to soon, and Harvey is now. 2-pronged Sally dogpile now, 3-pronged Eastern dogpile with Hall next fall, and next offseason could even get legitimately interesting.
  3. A riff on the analytic state of the game I'm interested to see play out this offseason is Gerrit Cole's free agency. His results these two years in Houston at 27/28 are Cy Scherzer type seasons, and he'll be one year younger than Scherzer was when he got 7 x 30. With a year of youth and half a decade's inflation, it seems like he should beat it by some, but I have a feeling the market may hesitate, feeling like some of the outcomes are Astros intellectual capital driven.
  4. As a Statcast podcast listener, I've heard Petriello say a couple times the infield stuff was in development. I've never heard a specific target date for rollout though. It seems like the basic outfield framework will translate to the infield, though with shorter distances and fractions of seconds on the dirt, as opposed to the 40-yard dash type skillsets that are needed for the hardest plays on the grass. An infielder's 4 yards in 0.4 seconds to make a play will probably rate 5-Star just like an outfielder's 40 yards in 4 seconds for Range, but Arm (and Hands especially), I'm really curious to see what they come up with.
  5. I think the 3-batter rule and longer option periods next year will help some. The Norfolk Shuttle and its 29 counterparts have helped tilt the balance towards pitchers. Beane in Moneyball's observation that what's being attrited are pitcher's arms has begat "Dodger injuries" as teams have gotten savvier about conserving bullets. Players have learned to go along because it mostly works. It would have been glorious to see Hyun-Jin Ryu have some kind of '70's Gossage blowup about being IL'd with a "strained neck" a couple weeks ago, but I'm sure teams have also gotten really good about presenting to players how these kind of strategies can benefit them too.
  6. There's 2 weeks plus Labor Day left in Delmarva's season - if the Shorebirds are going to get him for the Sally Postseason, it seems like this upcoming week would be at latest the time to move him so he could have a little time to acclimate. Skimming Delmarva's roster, Ben Breazeale and Cody Roberts are the active catchers - neither looks like they have had that great a year, and the position seems to have been a time share (3 guys with 42/39/66 games played), so I guess that makes a move like this a little bit less of a tough ask in the clubhouse.
  7. Sets up the drama of trying for a "hidden no-hitter" in the 1st inning of his next start. I'm okay with innings conservation by mid-August 1st year out of high school, but think it will be interesting to see if they stick with that through the Sally postseason.
  8. I'd guess we get a little taste of the best of the batch in the second half next year. This could be the last month that nothing positive happens in terms of the enjoyment I hope to get from the major league club starting to have access to more talented players. Sept. 2019 - Akin Apr. 2020 - the sheer joy of a new season regardless May 2020 - the Mountcastle/Diaz winner June 2020 - the loser July 2020 - whatever current Bay Sock makes the AAA All-Star team I may be selling July/August 2019 Santander short if he can sustain Singletonian type things.
  9. Of course there will be tremendous demand for him across the game - the point is more that perhaps the 2021-2023 Red Sox are shaping up to be almost as inappropriate a spot for a regular MVP candidate's end-of-prime as the 2019-2021 Orioles were/are for Manny Machado's. They will still have Bogaerts/Devers/Benintendi though. 2021 is pushing it but I'll be disappointed if by the offseason before 2022 we aren't in position to be a valid bidder for a superstar to push the Rutschman group forward. Heaven knows we will have the payroll space.
  10. Cashner removed from rotation after compiling 8.00 ERA in 30 innings. The 2021 Red Sox don't control Mookie Betts, have a low ranked farm, and owe $130M to Age-35 Price, JD Martinez, Eovaldi, Pedroia, Age-32 Sale and Bogaerts. I think I think we'll be better than the Red Sox in 2 years. I would be entertained by Orioles fans going into full "We love you Mookie" recruitment mode in the year ahead. He's a year ahead of the Lindor, etc 2022 class that has a bunch of candidates for the Rutschman bookend, but it'll be a good sign if during next year goofing around with that kind of stuff isn't completely ridiculous.
  11. OrioleDog

    Keegan Akin 2019

    He's my half-educated guess to lead team in September IP. He's completed the minor league 5 months in each of the last 2 years, and I can imagine Starts 26-30 part of the org's goals for him this year. He'll be 25 by Opening Day and no health blips yet. It doesn't really make sense to me for what MLB hitters are like to stay unknown to him this offseason - I'll be more perplexed if he isn't called up.
  12. Franmil in Cleveland is the BEST real life Pedro Cerrano I've ever seen. I do understand a bit of a keener eye for Nunez's slumps as I think the burden of proof is still on him to show he can sustain as a cromulent MLB'er. It's only half the at-bats this year but Santander has already leapfrogged him in my mind as a possible cog in the next good team.
  13. That sounds right, and 2019 Karns IMO offered a better possibility of ROI if he had a Best Case kind of season than 2020 Villar would. I think we're seeing 2019 Villar having a Mid-Best Case kind of season without establishing any market value.
  14. Would it be too soon for Hyde to have Buck back to spring training for a day to talk to some of the guys?
  15. I was feeling that way too, but I just peeked at the next couple weeks and we have 13 straight Yankees/Astros/Red Sox games after this Toronto series. The Tigers open an 11-game homestand against the White Sox, Royals and Mariners... I half want to say the Tigers short term juju will be better because they did what most probably expected whereas Givens in the end didn't pitch well enough to become anyone's priority.
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